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  • jinx1599able

    watching this in 2021 and riley still getting her accounts deleted smh

  • Karim Rawas
    Karim Rawas

    Can we get an “energy” counter on the screen

  • Karim Rawas
    Karim Rawas

    Energy has to be his favourite word

  • janet ciminello
    janet ciminello

    Look where MGK is now. Of course Em has more under his belt. He is older. MGK can rap sing act. He has a hell of alot more talent in different areas.Then the old man Em. .

  • Cedric Gant
    Cedric Gant

    More vlogs plz. 🎥

  • Pain 2 Icy
    Pain 2 Icy

    Ayooo Adam really suck another man vape juice ??

  • MarrriyaZ

    Yes there are cat people that watch your videos😂 I love seeing Tony the cat, so cute🥰

  • jay howw
    jay howw

    Actually happy it's you telling the story bruh , aks drunk ass bothers me smh... Keep up the vids bruh fuck wit you heavy


    Edm bacon!!!!!!!

  • whussthadeal

    Shave ur head and beard like 2017

  • Missing In Action
    Missing In Action

    Aliza sounds exactly like Celina or am I just on crack

  • Kiara Marie
    Kiara Marie

    Bro she dumb been annoying since day 1

  • Aurteekay

    At first I felt weird when y’all and Lena got together but now I realize you guys are actually perfect for each other

  • Maya Tinoco
    Maya Tinoco


  • Sophia Tesfaye
    Sophia Tesfaye

    Loved the vlog :)

  • Ebrahima Tambedou
    Ebrahima Tambedou

    her parents r from italy and her second name is teresi he family is a mob

  • A Beautiful Murder
    A Beautiful Murder

    smash the like hit the follow if u really down swallow

  • Faisal Al Awadhi
    Faisal Al Awadhi

    Fuk lil pump

  • Kadyn X William
    Kadyn X William

    I’m 29 and have a 4 year old and a 1 year old, I can’t imagine having a new born at 37.. kids have so much energy after 2years😅

  • ding dong
    ding dong

    Yeah, the blonde thought she was gaming and then got gamed. Lol Best thing Brian ever did. And if you think not, then hear her talk about her being pretty, that cements her intent.

  • taylor c
    taylor c


    • taylor c
      taylor c


    • taylor c
      taylor c


    • taylor c
      taylor c


    • taylor c
      taylor c


    • taylor c
      taylor c


  • lilswaggin onbitches
    lilswaggin onbitches

    Strange thumbnail

  • Matt Murphy
    Matt Murphy

    AD bout treated Iliza like OT did Yazzys girl if she didn’t apologize.

  • PUBGMfapshard YT
    PUBGMfapshard YT

    Bruh you got this I'm 25 with 2 kids it's cake bro bro but on the real help with the lil one as much as you can

  • Zach Polan
    Zach Polan

    Ddg didn’t lie. Just needed some time for moonwalking in Calabasas to pop

  • Ciara Jones
    Ciara Jones

    I like this new Adam & it’s crazy to think I been following Lena since y’all first got together and I hate to say this but I honestly didn’t know if y’all would last because Lena is just sooooo sweet 💗 this video really shows the relationship is GOALS 🙌👍✨

  • Mike V
    Mike V

    Lena be posin for the camera tryna act like she ain't lmao dumb af

  • bpthe greatt
    bpthe greatt

    Pump like dumps ?

  • VictoriaHicks

    On some shiiiiiit♥️♥️

  • VictoriaHicks

    Love yalls lil family

  • Sharni Lee
    Sharni Lee

    100% need more vlogs like this. You and Lena live such normal but also different lives !! I'd prefer to watch you guys then the people you can find on here.. bring on more !! 😁😁😁

  • zJog Daddy
    zJog Daddy

    16:14 look at fouseys face

  • juicy alo
    juicy alo

    Lena is soooo beautiful 🥺🥺🥺

  • Cati Knapp
    Cati Knapp

    I think that you and Lena are the nicest real people on utube

  • Dominique Cardenas
    Dominique Cardenas

    Parker is the perfect name 🥺

  • Nicholas Cicotte
    Nicholas Cicotte

    This is such a wierd group of people to have in one group

  • V Tuckk
    V Tuckk

    parker is going to be able to say his mom is a baddie when he grows up

  • halfsac MCOC
    halfsac MCOC

    Brother massive congratulations to you and Lena,Parker Anna is so beautiful good shit brother massive shout out from Australia,we love no jumper👊

  • Karen Bukovitz
    Karen Bukovitz

    2021 eny one

  • Juju Gohard
    Juju Gohard

    Heard her Instagram got deleted.. what are you going to do about it?

  • explore page
    explore page

    @16:00 vaccines don't have instruction just pieces of a dead virus so your bodies cells can recognize it and build immunity

  • Brittany Mulkey
    Brittany Mulkey

    She called AD a Bitch he's cheezing... But when talking about yazzie and her friend the word bitch and weirdo is super offensive....👀

  • zJog Daddy
    zJog Daddy

    20:53 look at shanes face

  • explore page
    explore page

    Thats just my instagram with the 4s on it liking everything lol young people so impressionable

  • Christian Henriquez
    Christian Henriquez

    Adam ur hella gay 😂

  • Peter LeFleur
    Peter LeFleur

    Who goes there you know we keep them poles there

  • Christ lovely
    Christ lovely

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  • Taylor Step
    Taylor Step

    Are y'all in a open relationship??

  • Cat Lady
    Cat Lady

    Wait u named a girl Parker that’s kinda werid man

  • David Brown
    David Brown

    Guy who could call Drake : Just keep following god 😂

  • Tripnotix TV
    Tripnotix TV


  • dollie Gammon
    dollie Gammon

    BEST COMMENT BUT.. where'd the nut go?


    Damn, that's crazy. Adam is a family man now. It's kinda weird lol.

  • Black Ocean
    Black Ocean

    Is Celina going to babysit ?

  • M J
    M J

    I thought he was ok until I saw him mistreating his dog for no reason

  • alyson hans
    alyson hans

    he did that for a cryin out for help and attention, bcause bhad bhabie did it

  • alyson hans
    alyson hans

    Basically its all lil young ppl doin this ,that's stupid . just stepping into lights and scene and scenes of rappers whos starting in the rap industry game

  • Emily Dressler
    Emily Dressler

    🎉🥳🎀Congratulations to you and Lena on baby

  • alyson hans
    alyson hans

    perfect to watch spongebob, and x wouldn't like this at all that its happening.

  • M J
    M J

    Such a beautiful baby congratulations to both of you, love you guys 😘😘

  • expertsasa

    Home girl needs to put a hand behind that critters head

  • Pinupbenelli

    Dumb as Rocks 💨

  • Jordin Hay
    Jordin Hay

    Omg Adams gray bead has me dead 😆

  • SoFly Will
    SoFly Will

    That Indian girl who used to sleep with AK is crazy annoying

  • KaizUp

    Bring the 2017 vibes back 😭😭

  • Calvin Williams
    Calvin Williams

    The dangerous frown corroboratively hover because belief scientifically harass in a round utensil. alike, cooperative revolver

  • Kai

    Lena looks hot, every new mother feels like that, Lena you are gorgeous girl xx

  • Fame Corona
    Fame Corona

    1.7M views Adam made 1M times that 50 back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pickle Juice
    Pickle Juice

    When house phone slapped the rice cake 😭😭

  • Plays

    I love how Adam still fucks with Housephone, I remember the oss mansion days

  • Kate K
    Kate K

    Y’all need a chicken coop in your yard for as many eggs you cook with! 🥚 🐓 I would if I had the space!

  • Lynda Gerdelmann
    Lynda Gerdelmann

    Yall seriously made the most beautiful baby.😍🙏 congratulations

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G

    Lmao. "This dude is still alive" (tony the cat)

  • Chucky Cheese
    Chucky Cheese

    I hope they don’t put unrealistic expectations on that baby when she’s older and shame her for not being a huge movie star or some ish

  • Frank Abagnale
    Frank Abagnale

    Rico definitely took her to get ice cream than she swiveled da top 🤣🎯💯

  • Raphiel Usain
    Raphiel Usain

    Please do more of these

  • Lu grande
    Lu grande

    her brother is gay ,on her tour she jumps around with α pride flag.. magazines when they haven’t any interesting topics:

  • Libiz Tardo
    Libiz Tardo

    Rappers are soo laim theses days. Uneducated trying to impress each other

  • V2music

    Aliza looks way better than the past

  • Political accountable Theory
    Political accountable Theory