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  • jatoch

    2:35 thats why yb is tha goat


    Much dank ain’t even had to do shit this already bad on its own😂

  • The Gibbs
    The Gibbs

    9:39 2nd and Navy in Skate 3

  • Matthew Bridges
    Matthew Bridges

    The first tune on this post gives me hope that there is some genuine hip hop still out there!

  • A. T.
    A. T.

    Brian Pumper probably smashed more chicks than any dude in these Comments. Lame or Not. I was in TGI-Fridays in Ladera Heights back in the day and some random Thot was Tongue kissing him inside and they just had met. She wasn’t bad looking either. Lame or Not, he pulls em in LA and Video tapes them 😂

  • Roll Urowno
    Roll Urowno

    What’s with the hate on Gia, she is a fucken Boss!

  • skoot gun
    skoot gun

    Dis niggas a hater

  • Robert Francis
    Robert Francis


  • m.ali shabazz-el
    m.ali shabazz-el

    I feel sorry 4 this young brother am not here 2 make fun of him he need help an a good mentor in his life i hope he finds his way

  • O.G HLEE Records
    O.G HLEE Records

    Mike from Hempstead. Dude was always a weirdo. But atleast he made it out.

  • andre christian
    andre christian

    I love everything about this video. I mean i did my research so I only learned a few new things but shit i love the way you put this together!

  • caleb jordan
    caleb jordan

    Miss da old Adam

  • Tanya Algren
    Tanya Algren


  • Cashmoneyben30 gaming
    Cashmoneyben30 gaming

    Bro I’m 15 and I would whoop that kid

  • Burner Mack
    Burner Mack

    “You might really be on ebt tho” “I’m not.” “Ohmybad”

  • Burner Mack
    Burner Mack

    I love lil Tracy he’s like lil b he’s fuckin so cool and I love him

  • J KoL
    J KoL

    Nyjah is a punk.. But Jereme would get absolutely ragdolled if they scrapped lol. My man 5'8 135lbs talm bout "violence throws off my energy" lol

  • Reagan Baby
    Reagan Baby

    Hi my name is a screen name I made when I was 14 and I moved to LA to sew pre-made stuff onto other pre-made stuff and sell it from a Jansport

  • Reagan Baby
    Reagan Baby

    Going to tell my kids this was Occupy Wall Street

  • Mr X
    Mr X


  • Tim Osman
    Tim Osman

    This was a good podcast until he started spreading the Democratic propaganda and narrative

  • ann left
    ann left

    You need him on your show. Pleeeeaaaseeee

  • Tonya Sinola
    Tonya Sinola

    Major Dumbing Down Here Bruh... Spiritual Choppa Helping With The Great Ascension. We're Slowly Waking Up. I Wanna Be Just Like Him When I Grow Up.

  • Arianna Arianna
    Arianna Arianna

    😳😳😳 the pumper dance

  • KnowAmmo

    Damn and now he got a drake feature , they really up now ... RIP KETCHY

  • Matthew Bridges
    Matthew Bridges

    I would pay any amount of money to see Caines reaction to this video 🤣

  • Richard Trento
    Richard Trento

    EBE WHO?

  • Dario Castro-lopez
    Dario Castro-lopez

    23:14 she got robbed and he laughed in her face

  • Russell Miller
    Russell Miller

    Lol “I get my first vision of Drake” homie takes fanboying to another level

  • Kazakhstan Bomber
    Kazakhstan Bomber

    Russ the type of nigga to pay other dudes to jump people getting manicures, thas low

  • Stephanie Windler
    Stephanie Windler

    Uggghhhhhh. The fact that you didn't buy that kids candy is gross. Yikes

  • ScarfaceRampage

    Adam 20-jew

  • ScarfaceRampage

    Crazy how he got merked by some lil nikkas



  • Ric D
    Ric D

    5:00 damn camera man take this old mans hand before he falls and breaks every bone in his body


    theres still time to delete this adam if u delete this we will pretend like it never happened 😭😭

  • Reagan Baby
    Reagan Baby

    what would you do if your son turned out like this

  • emilio perez
    emilio perez

    For someone who's homeless he's managed to keep his jewelry that fake ice can still blind any young woman to be pimped by a bum.

  • Mollyee 2017
    Mollyee 2017

    Shut the fuck up once you’re 18 you’re a grown ass man he wasn’t not ah kid

  • Fartgun Modding
    Fartgun Modding

    that lean look fake ngl. too liquidy

  • billny thehighestguy
    billny thehighestguy

    Billy the dead kid

  • billny thehighestguy
    billny thehighestguy

    He stole a half brick and got killed for it. He did it to himself. Talked about guns and didn’t have one when they came for him. So he died. But he stole he set himself up.

  • Johnny's Boxing Empire.
    Johnny's Boxing Empire.


  • Mikeyjfox1

    I hate an "energy" ass nigga. Notice how this idiot can't handle when the topic isn't about him or if he isn't the one talking for 5 seconds

  • calubv

    You should play roobet

  • dire12343

    Looks like he works at Spencer’s hahahahah that’s tight shit!!!

  • David Moomoo
    David Moomoo

    Why is UZload sending me this.

  • TheTurk56523

    THE GAPE MAN!!!!!!

  • Joshua Newburger
    Joshua Newburger

    Video not too long. dont worry

  • og pokemon legend review
    og pokemon legend review

    They gave 180 days to one of em imma get back 4 bands in 180 days then 💯

  • T Fias
    T Fias

    I don’t know how I ended up here, but 5,000 WOMEN???! Omg that’s excessive

  • Mook Wop
    Mook Wop

    Close that back door

  • Stupidlysmart420

    This video made nashua look so corny

  • Stupidlysmart420

    Bro all these rich kids making nashua look like theres a bunch of fake gang bangers

  • Greatest Times
    Greatest Times

    I think fuesy might be telling the truth drake might be shady like he did with xxxtencion copy his music

  • Imrano Static
    Imrano Static

    2 years later... He's still not on Ellen

  • Chicago East Side News
    Chicago East Side News


  • Karlie Redd Fan
    Karlie Redd Fan

    It's hard watching a mentally ill person on drugs being exploited

  • I’m stupid, but
    I’m stupid, but

    10:48 we gettin way higher than y’all🤣

  • Steele smoove
    Steele smoove


  • Rabid Hog
    Rabid Hog

    Xanarchy gang is gonna beat team 10 into the ground

  • Poop Newman
    Poop Newman

    My only hang up with the guy,is the fact that he comes off like he's the Creator and Breeder of these Trendy Strains...He needs to Rep and give more props to the people who are actually doing the work.

  • Laurence Glawson
    Laurence Glawson

    Nah, couldn't subscribe after you trying to push your bullshit merch.

  • Antonio Gutierrez
    Antonio Gutierrez

    Yo wtf is wrong with fousey.... he said I looked at him right on his eyes .... grrr! I'm hungry.... n drake dont even kno he exists.... Lmaol fousey is like one of them nikas da keep on high skoo behind the fine females lol...

  • Sammy Ward
    Sammy Ward

    Dude is crazy for real needs help

  • Anthony Short
    Anthony Short

    She messed around with someone. I believe that..

  • bill riley
    bill riley

    my dauther name is also aliza

  • Aaron Meyase
    Aaron Meyase

    Big 14 is bhad dad


    Ketamine is next

  • The Kid
    The Kid


  • TheEjBeast

    I respect that position. Nobody is dogging you for having a low follower count but he uses it as a gauge and dislikes the entitlement of some people that he feels like wants something without giving or proving anything. Eagles fly with eagles.

  • WolffPacc PM
    WolffPacc PM

    He’s really right tho girls want a ugly bum now aways

  • kaylee diamondz
    kaylee diamondz

    Ok zaddy not going to chill with dummy’s with whip it’s lmao

  • Derek Zhou
    Derek Zhou

    Racist son

  • Kurt Halloch
    Kurt Halloch

    This guy robbed the bank in life getting this girl...she is a sweetheart ..all around..good for you bro

  • Gihantha Ratnayake
    Gihantha Ratnayake

    So god betrayed and made a fool out of

  • J U N O
    J U N O

    You a bitch for this video

  • Danielle Lynn
    Danielle Lynn

    This made me laugh so damn hard 🤣


    Do more Vlogs like these

  • Tosh Vickers
    Tosh Vickers

    Aliza dont got shit on lena even after a pregnancy and c section. No bitch does....... I love her btw