NBA Youngboy Sentenced. Was It My Fault?
NBA Youngboy recently got caught up and the judge tried to implicate me. Let’s talk about it

  • Andres Torres
    Andres Torres

    He's gonna be playing some NBA in prison 🤾

  • ibotibo

    Basically you’re a whiteman culture vulture fed



  • kimeko greene
    kimeko greene

    U a lil bitch bui

  • News Now Utah
    News Now Utah

    Adam been a rat


    celina called him angry lil boy

  • Fi Lahk
    Fi Lahk

    he talk too much. u gonna get bent in the pen one day boy. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. snitch

  • Andre Salazar
    Andre Salazar

    Yes, Adam! #duh #ThatsObvious

  • Maria Sanchez-Virto
    Maria Sanchez-Virto

    U cant say rip to da dad who died but u say rip to all these stupid ass soundcloud rappers that die to bars and shit xD like wtf this shit so fucked

  • Yktwin Best
    Yktwin Best

    Bro this nikka just snitched I’m youngboy?

  • ESFitnessSavage

    "Youngboy" looks like he went to the barber and said "I wanna dope mushroom cut"

  • Ttm 87
    Ttm 87

    Through 2 sources, the cops called Adam over this will be the last time line. And Adam originally said he was scared of what NBA Youngboy is capable of doing. NBA will confirm this once he’s released. Then Adam tried sweet talking nba’s lawyer acting like he’s not scared of NBA and that they’re “cool” those tattoos don’t make you look tough Adam. Honestly you would be an easy lick irl tbh.

  • Kella Kell
    Kella Kell

    Listen to Kell ft Gambeeno- Drove Myself Krazy (DMK) by Kell Roberts on #SoundCloud

  • Chase Elgin
    Chase Elgin

    Shit he’s free😂😂😂

  • emroy mcdonald
    emroy mcdonald

    Next: some random guy died at my pop up shop Adam: anyways check out the next pop up SMFH

  • Bradlee Grinde
    Bradlee Grinde

    Cuz y’all wanna use ad blocks I gotta watch dub ads fuck yall

  • Big rob Double 00
    Big rob Double 00

    Thst ain’t right

  • Chapo x ABK
    Chapo x ABK

    1milly on da way

  • Le'Andre Brown
    Le'Andre Brown

    Wow... I guess being a father don't mean shit to adam22 when it comes to rapper.. SHAME.

  • Sonam Lama
    Sonam Lama

    You ADAM pussy.y u scared?that’s clear threat and u kno too.he is warning you and now u r saying hi his is not like that bla bla coz u r pussy more fan 🖕🏿Adam pussy

  • Bree Blanchard
    Bree Blanchard

    You a bitch nigga yea that's ur fault

  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra

    9:11 lmao he ain't anything close to the best

  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra

    Hes locked up cuz of him lmao wtf

  • Andre X
    Andre X

    When killers can barely shoot they use a dangerous AIM!!!!

  • G. Perez
    G. Perez

    Who know his release date

  • sinom olawale
    sinom olawale


  • Derrick Khan
    Derrick Khan

    Humble yourself lil bro,, you got a fam to feed,, free youngboy,, lil bro

  • Ahniya Course
    Ahniya Course

    Hell yeah it was your fault💯💯

  • Case Vermaire
    Case Vermaire

    Steady clout chasing

  • Miriam Israel
    Miriam Israel

    Damn! Poor guy may he rest, and condolences to his family.

  • T Zander
    T Zander

    Dam dog no respect. "some random father died or something" but "nba getting arrested someone tried to take his life" the fuck? The main difference between the two of em is you get bigger reporting off one of em. Fucked up.

  • Omar Stevo
    Omar Stevo

    We watching you in Chicago and Louisiana

  • Omar Stevo
    Omar Stevo

    Your time is coming Adam

  • Omar Stevo
    Omar Stevo

    It’s your fault Adam fuck out of here

  • Omar Stevo
    Omar Stevo

    Adam you’re a fucking snitch

  • Slim BoSS336tv
    Slim BoSS336tv

    Both u and Vald are hip hop police💯

  • xGenGamingTV

    “Some guy ... some father that was at work”??? A little respect

  • Cody Barricks
    Cody Barricks

    Yo y'all west coast people just don't understand our mentality it's the dirty man people respect people we need a south-east media channel like y'all just don't realize plus Louisiana is horrible with the laws an shit so he grew up with that you don't talk about nobodys business and as a man you don't put something on UZload or anywhere publicly that would incriminate another man and his money or his career bruh you wack as fuck now for this tryna bash youngboy .. you could have edited the clips out where the bashed that man but nah you knew what you were doing so dont try to flex man.. youngboy would pull up on you fr just like Boosie said people don' beef in Louisiana they die

  • Eli Tooblessed
    Eli Tooblessed

    Adam is wack af he swear he cool tho

  • Doodoobutter

    idk about this one adam. smh ima still fuck with your videos but this seems like some odd stuff to post.

  • Anthony Corleon
    Anthony Corleon

    adam22 is from new Hampshire he probably is a rat, has he ever been to prison out here, where's his paperwork, what's his credential, anybody who makes youtube videos and makes a living off rappers is suss

  • Kilo Mr. 1000 Grams
    Kilo Mr. 1000 Grams

    💯 💯 💯💯 💯🔥

  • Havier xo
    Havier xo

    this some bull shit

  • trust none
    trust none

    U cant have no police contact

  • poky8390

    Got locked up cause that mean under bite

  • Miguel Lozada
    Miguel Lozada

    You b snitchin

  • Jonathan E
    Jonathan E

    B smooth in the city. Way too many clowns

  • Let's Elevate
    Let's Elevate

    Adam your just like those gossiping bitches lol😭

  • Theis Johansen
    Theis Johansen

    adam FUCK YOU. dont fuck with nba im gonna getzz youzzz

  • jager bopp
    jager bopp

    Whos the rapper that got into it wit yb?

  • Bob Boberson
    Bob Boberson

    Rapper- on probation Rapper- violates probation Rapper- sent back to jail Rap fans- 😯

  • Pay Dro
    Pay Dro

    Adams father is not proud of him cuz he interacts w black ppl that’s y he downplayed the fathers life

  • Gucci


  • Gucci

    yeah he is you scumbag police nigga

  • LWN_Valiant

    Rip that dad tho fucking weirdo didn’t even say rip he was like ok yea he died so next story I feel really bad for yougboy like buddy

  • YNG Hendricks
    YNG Hendricks

    One of the best young "musicians" of our time? Youngboy? Musician?! Hell nah, you got no clue

  • purp

    I clip that for a reason

  • Lilgus84

    Couldn’t make it in the real world. Back packs off of everyone else. He’s a video paparazzi. No skill set. Loser in every definition.

  • lml6.6

    The real victim is the father that died....

  • Nuro Visuals
    Nuro Visuals

    Use this as the R.I.P to that father button! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Nuro Visuals
    Nuro Visuals

    Lol Adam king of click bait.

  • JoeDubs 33
    JoeDubs 33

    Wtfk @Adam22 you have to give us a month heads up at least before you come to Chicago, we fuck with you hard on the Southside my dude, Damn Bro..🤘🏼✌🏻🤝mad love B

  • Amy Shaw
    Amy Shaw

    Fuck dat gurl dat said youngboy was a kreep. And you shoulda stayed ya ass outta it. Ion give a fuck if his lawyer come ta ya or not.

  • THE 20s
    THE 20s

    Come on Adam thought u knew we don’t do no paper work

  • J.R. Elgran
    J.R. Elgran

    Rappers going to learn stop helping these culture vultures.

  • badkid Kingston
    badkid Kingston

    Fuck u bitch its ur fucking fault bitch

  • sergio cod god gaytan
    sergio cod god gaytan

    You a snitch free young boy

  • Michael Duke
    Michael Duke

    Listen to my music for a follow🔥

  • Mason Alt
    Mason Alt

    All you do is talk with no meaningful impact on anyone

  • Laszlo Official
    Laszlo Official

    Adam you start to disgust me. For real. You became such a bitch... how? It feels like you sold X.

  • TurtleTv Inc.
    TurtleTv Inc.

    same thing happened to yungeen ace when him & his brothers got shot

  • RXK LayLow
    RXK LayLow

    Love big bro

  • Naqur Bean
    Naqur Bean

    Rip to the guy but I’m happy my boy only got to serve 2 months he gotta tread lightly but I know for sure my boy finna get out a better man foreal he gotta separate his self from the fuck shit

  • Joey Jack
    Joey Jack

    Free NBA young......stop hating on tht man....tht man is bless.....thts 100. ....fuck these haters....

  • Scar Chest
    Scar Chest

    Fuck dungboy

  • New Harris
    New Harris

    Why when someone die nobody held responsible just cause they celebraty they all should be held responsible just like if it was anybody else nevermind who they are an what they got ppl is ppl a life is a life that can't come back


    Man Fuck that nigga that got killed it wasn’t youngboy fault blame that nigga that tried to kill nba 🤷🏾‍♂️get off his dick

  • Turnup Dj
    Turnup Dj

    He in there for 2months

  • Wahey

    Pretty fucked up a father has died because of these wannabe gangstas trying to be something they’re not. Rip 🙏

  • Pat Leal
    Pat Leal

    Bruh, I've seen multiple videos where you blatantly are following the model of asking people about trivial matters such as, criminal histories, drama and etc for the views like Akademiks/Saycheese/etc low-key giving people a voice to nark on others or making them admit things... this is what the cops do as well.

  • Ryno Art 88
    Ryno Art 88

    I was on house arrest for 13 months. After 3months u can get passes 2x a wk. As long as I had Xbox live, my tattoo gear and some drank. That shit flew by. He'll be done in no time.

  • The Real Hung
    The Real Hung

    Adam does say uh every other word anymore

  • Anime tv 101
    Anime tv 101

    I think next time some one say something about young boy just just cut that part out, cuz they using that as proof. And him going to jail over bullshit like this is not worth a video you can make more content without using his name

  • TheLoveBelow1000

    So Much For Your Youngboy Interview

  • Tshitenge Lomingo
    Tshitenge Lomingo

    Fucking fed


    The internet has turned people into mindless zombies


    Shut up old fart

  • Kentrell goulden
    Kentrell goulden


  • Jfighter 11
    Jfighter 11

    Can u please do a video on Jaystation exploiting Erika’s death

  • Cheryl Long
    Cheryl Long

    Watch what you say lie

  • Cheryl Long
    Cheryl Long

    By lie

  • Matyes FIlms
    Matyes FIlms

    This nigga snitching 😂😭 he even did it in the voice 😢🤣

  • Ricofigueroa!

    Everything is your FACKING FAULT

  • michael hightower
    michael hightower

    Free youngboy

  • Slickk

    You think u know wtf going on

  • The official Ratchet Timez
    The official Ratchet Timez

    Since you want to ask that question Adam 22!.. fuck yeah it’s your fault ,you instigated the whole situation

  • Leeann Witt
    Leeann Witt


  • derrick rendon
    derrick rendon

    You can't be around firearms or other convicted felons when on probation thats how it is.

  • Twin Glooks
    Twin Glooks

    💯yes it was

  • RobloxNewsNetwork

    Some father that was at work. But if he as a name you would put respect on him. Smh adam