My Dame Dash Interview went Viral - Reacting to The Hate
My Dame Dash interview went live. Let's discuss the fall out.

  • No Jumper
    No Jumper

    we're on live stream listening to your music right now, let's do this!!!

    • right? -
      right? -

      you sorta fell off too ngl

    • CeCe Rider
      CeCe Rider

      @Yo Breeo 💯

    • Paid In Full
      Paid In Full

      I'm trying to do a interview

    • Yo Breeo
      Yo Breeo

      Didn’t Dame apologized months ago to hov tho ,I would’ve pressed him on that . Cuz it looks wild and crazy , he saying jay ain’t shit ....yet u apologized this year to him . Taking bout principle , explain that

    • ab holloway
      ab holloway

      Your gonna end up like vlad tv

  • Cleve Clark
    Cleve Clark

    You’re a culture vulture

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • malichi male
    malichi male

    Adam u really have no clue about black culture/just because a black guy is bold does not mean he does not get a haircut/ bold black people still need to go to the barber shop/ also u saying u payed for the interview is very misleading people your getting payed now off of your review for that interview so why not pay down the interview when u are going to make more than $500 off of the aftermath of that same interview/ mannn did not realize how clueless u are about black culture when u been around the culture sooo long

  • መታመን ለራስ ነው!!!!!!! መታመን ለራስ ነው!!!!!!!
    መታመን ለራስ ነው!!!!!!! መታመን ለራስ ነው!!!!!!!

    All Ethiopia people dame ok my dame!!!!!!!!

  • Present Breathe
    Present Breathe


  • Steve Fulton
    Steve Fulton

    I’ve commented on every social media platform you have lol Ima put it out there u way better than vlad TV ADAM ADAM ADAM 22 22 22 fuck Christmas I just want to pay my hospital bills ✅✅✅🔥🔥🔥

  • Tiffany Fudala
    Tiffany Fudala

    Im not gonna lie i kinda hated on adam22 at 1st. I just thought he was trying to hard for fame, subscribers, and views and just going over the top with the three some with his gf. That should be kept private but thats just my opinion. Anyways after all said and done hes a great interviewer, seems really chill, and a good person. His show is so much better then i gave credit for or maybe the show just got better. Anyways keep up the good work🖒

  • Ned Slanders
    Ned Slanders

    You’re a fucking scumbag

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson

  • yo mamas papas
    yo mamas papas

    Your only 10 years older, your 35 dam near 40 dude. Lmao dam near a kid wtf hahahahha

  • Heath Marcum
    Heath Marcum

    When I seen dame interview adam. 1st thing I thought Dame was feeling out adam for all the inside info so he could start up his own thing similar to no jumper

  • Dylan Tweed
    Dylan Tweed

    Review more interviews , please & thankyou

  • Young Grump
    Young Grump

    I love the consistency Adam


    Adams slowly joing the circle of ogs

  • ale kee
    ale kee

    "I told Dame Dash I don't wear condoms"..... you God damn legend.

  • StrangerOf The206
    StrangerOf The206

    Adam your clout chasing is showing.

  • Foam killer
    Foam killer

    Adam22-The 2019 Karrine Steffans

  • GrandSir

    I dig No Jumper and Adam22, but Dame Dash is my dude 4life. Because you got an hour from him and a surprise call from O.G Daniel, you're a rockstar! Discussing money that's between the two of you is crackheadish

  • marc deris
    marc deris

    You are a whole clown/culture you make 10,000 off a vid and complain about spending 500 to do it...nobody should do your corny show for free

  • Kelly Morgen
    Kelly Morgen

    So let me get this straight, Dame charged $500 for an interview?

  • Jay 617
    Jay 617

    Yea nigga pay your dues n our culture lame

  • Jimmy

    You do realise you've entered yourself into the hip hop canon with the Dame Dash interview, right?

    • fer prz
      fer prz

      How so? Gives him clout. All platforms have interviewed him.

  • Abstain Films
    Abstain Films


  • Big Alex
    Big Alex

    u tryin to play dame dash but u only played urself homie..👎

    • marc deris
      marc deris

      Facts....dude is a whole clown...rocnation must have called him..what a pussy

  • Getting Jacked
    Getting Jacked

    Nothing wrong with dame charging him at all

  • Joe Hunter
    Joe Hunter

    That whole Interview was classic.

  • Jason Gill
    Jason Gill

    Never trust the so called white man. Never

  • Jason Gill
    Jason Gill

    This dude gives me vlad vibes. Straight caucasian fake jew culture vulture.

    • mike time
      mike time

      Adam literally tells the world he gets paid off clout chasing and says it every time he does it.

    • Shots

      you must be new here

  • Jason Gill
    Jason Gill

    They hate a man with a ruling class mentality who speaks like a real man. Most people in life are simple minded and they have a slave mentality.

  • keona3157

    U used the 500 as a ploy to go viral u should be glad he didn't tax your ass more

  • Michelle Mitchell
    Michelle Mitchell

    If dame put on hos thinking caps amd stop asl other niggas for they hater ass opinions he be ok

  • Tsc.ConsultingInc. Mr.
    Tsc.ConsultingInc. Mr.

    Get to the point

  • Pablo Acosta
    Pablo Acosta

    I do interview for 20 👍😎

  • Mr majestyk2 Woke
    Mr majestyk2 Woke

    Vlad Jr ....

  • Phillip P
    Phillip P

    Dame aka Fake it 2 you make it.

  • Phillip P
    Phillip P

    Adam 22 ain't paying unless he knows he can make much more times more. Lame played himself.

  • E. N. Randall
    E. N. Randall

    You trying to hype yourself up! It wasn't that great of an interview. He made you look stupid and SHUT YOU UP!

  • E. N. Randall
    E. N. Randall

    You ain't shit... Culture Vulture

  • Kaysha

    500? Hmmmmm


    Dame beggin' for change??? $500 though???


      @pistol pete Frfr, homie - #Dame lame AF fa even doing the interview w/ this culture vulture. Homie straight disrespected #Dame in the post interview discussion, and #Dame even did a second one wit dis buzzard. #Thirsty #Dame your legacy is worth more than $500 - #Dame might be smoking a little something more than cannabis - ⛄!!!

    • pistol pete
      pistol pete

      It's a culture vulture fee. Fuck him !!

  • Vince Williams
    Vince Williams


  • trod3693

    You talking like you and Jay-Z are homeboys. You wit Jay-Z on the regular, or you just a fanboy? Everyone has their experiences and unless you lived that life through his eyes shut your mouth and keep doing interviews.

  • Max Wehrle
    Max Wehrle

    Video has a thousand views: it went viral!!!

  • tim Souls
    tim Souls

    Lol this guy is separating himself from dame so he don’t get caught up in hova revenge , this his don’t black ball me pitch 😂😂🤣

    • Michelle Mitchell
      Michelle Mitchell

      @Bee R. a sucka ass nigga wanna stay mutual but benefit off their beef

    • Bee R.
      Bee R.


  • Jijuane

    Tryina double the reach huh? Way to stretch content

  • CodingPhase

    This niggas a fucking culture vulture... smh

    • pistol pete
      pistol pete

      Why do you think Dame charged him that $500 culture vulture fee?


    It took you three Fourths of the video to stop saying wow he really said jayz ain’t shit without adding anything


    $500 a day x 7 days = $4500 a week $4500 a week x 52 weeks = a $234,000 toward payroll, expenditures etc.

  • numba one stunna
    numba one stunna

    You suck just accept it

  • 80's Baby
    80's Baby

    But Dame only talks about it , when people ask about it. But real question , why Dame look like a catholic high school girl (Choke No Joke Chiggy Choke No Joke)

  • HBK T Breezo
    HBK T Breezo

    Yooo Interview Lil Duke from YSL

  • Mercer County Lyricist
    Mercer County Lyricist

    You did a great job. You weren't imposing or disrespectful in your demeanor & accepted dame for who he was.

  • A 1
    A 1

    Bro you petty.

  • Gstylz

    Raw dawggg

  • Zach Furry
    Zach Furry

    "Jay Z aint shit" Nas said it first boys!

    • pistol pete
      pistol pete

      @Zach Furry I've heard ether 1000 times. Once again, nas never uttered those words

    • Zach Furry
      Zach Furry

      @pistol pete you must have never heard Ether

    • Zach Furry
      Zach Furry

      ​@pistol pete nah but Dame did and nas said similar, you dumbfuck hahaha

    • pistol pete
      pistol pete

      Nas never uttered those words

  • Alley Mask
    Alley Mask

    Lmaooo most of the time when people say “he ain’t shit” IS speaking about one’s character n morals lol Adam was shocked by that n he only thinks the term “he ain’t shit” is always spoken as a competitive/he’s lesser than” kinda way. Lmao mind blowing

  • Shinobi

    How much did you pay dash for the interview or how much cut does he get from the video ?

  • Rakeem H
    Rakeem H

    All this interview dame dash talk about being a owner and you trynna say what you think he wanted the $500 for when it’s clearly in yo face what he wanted it for he SELFMADE and his time is VALUABLE think about you don’t see too many dame dash interviews nowadays because he a og who really giving out game and game ain’t free

  • Defintion Of A Hustler
    Defintion Of A Hustler

    I don't respect this shit... No matter how much you gave him you talking shit after he leave #fuckthisshit

  • GURB

    what happened to you lol, this content... making me fall asleep!

  • Ghostt Ronde
    Ghostt Ronde

    Jay is still trash bars trash message trash voice trash flow trash Just trash

  • The Buzz Inc
    The Buzz Inc

    Adam you need to stop lol dame dash has done way more than you for the culture you’re making yourself look like a culture vulture tbh

    • cort reynolds-bolan
      cort reynolds-bolan

      the culture! wtf does that mean? theres my lil bumble bee, hahahaha

  • Five0deuce

    All the broke mfs in this comment throwing shade on dame will never amount to the mogul n businessman that he has been over decades so your opinion means shit go back to your slave 9-5 before u throw shade on someone successful like him

  • swEET noTHINGS irobot
    swEET noTHINGS irobot

    Next vid : Me reacting to me reacting to dame dash interview .

  • DjSonnyKorleon

    I think Dame appreciates the rawness and entrepreneurial spirit of Adam and the show he hates the Hip Hop machine and he doesn’t respect DJ Envy bcuz he is a worker for that instead of owning a station

    • pistol pete
      pistol pete

      Because it's so easy to own a station right? If Dame owned anything, he wouldn't be begging people for money

  • DarkskinDrake

    What do you think Adam was thinking when Dame mentioned the Annunakki?

  • Louis IIX
    Louis IIX

    If you want a Jay Z interview to respond to Dames commenta let me know ...maybe we can work something out

    • Infinite Warfare Pullin uP
      Infinite Warfare Pullin uP


  • Peter Mickens
    Peter Mickens

    Dame, you lost alot of respect from me for doing that interview on No Jumper. You waited until you sat in front of Adam22 to speak on Jay?!? Jay's a snake....but fuck you for selling us out on this topic homie with Massah.

  • jim one
    jim one

    If it went that viral you should consider signing to his network instead of talking all that shit about him right now

  • jim one
    jim one

    You sounding like a culture vulture right now...I really did like the interview and the way you ran it but you slipping right now..also dame looks younger than you Ian suprise that he is that much older than you

    • Jason Gill
      Jason Gill

      Well black dont crack but white does.

  • jim one
    jim one

    So what if he asked for 500...he deserved it...he put light on your show and he is a legend coming in the hip hop culture so you have to pay your dues body

    • jim one
      jim one

      @pistol pete Exactly and it was cheap too..he gave then a break on that...dude is all over the net because of it ..everyone now talking about him

    • pistol pete
      pistol pete

      I keep telling everyone, it was a culture vulture fee.

  • Octavio B Morales
    Octavio B Morales

    Dame charges all culture vultures for an interview

    • Luna The god
      Luna The god

      Octavio B Morales lmao

    • Octavio B Morales
      Octavio B Morales

      @Shots and "vibes" are yours

    • marc deris
      marc deris

      Its only right

    • Shots

      culture vulture is your favourite buzzword I see

  • swygfry ryrfghuf
    swygfry ryrfghuf


  • swygfry ryrfghuf
    swygfry ryrfghuf


    • marc deris
      marc deris

      The viral vid made him 10,000

    • Robb holmes
      Robb holmes


  • MansaKemwer

    Shit, give me $500 for an hour conversation and I’ll tell you we’re Jimmy Hoffa buried!

  • Culprit Films
    Culprit Films

    Adam, Dame just like white people Nd don’t Fuck with Joe

  • Entreprenuer Jones
    Entreprenuer Jones

    Need a foxx a million interview

  • Entreprenuer Jones
    Entreprenuer Jones

    You need a boosie & weebie interview

  • Roman

    It's funny how Dame talks so much about having morals and was comfortable being business partners with a snake like Jay-Z for so long

  • mhvichy

    he said the driver and a haircut to say. the money doesn't matter..

  • Rodrick Johnson
    Rodrick Johnson

    Dame Dash is so f....k....g bitter right now I remember the time when he belittled every one around him now look at em the question of the day is how many people that’s against the Jayz power move would trade places with him in a heartbeat despite the betrayal

  • Greg

    You got him high !! Lol

  • CAPO100G

    Adam a culture vulture


    comment as part of liking commenting and subscribing eh..

  • Tim Porche
    Tim Porche

    Why would he even sit with you. Who the fuk are you a CornBall jew. Gtfoh

  • LivSimple

    Bro, you had to know an interview with Dame about this was bound to go viral....Dame been sayin’ this about Jay for years.🤣🤣

  • Damon Dickey
    Damon Dickey

    Dame is clearly bitter Jay-z left his dumbass for being a clown. I like how he comes on here saying it's not about him he is all about his friends then proceeds to spend an hour talking about nothing but himself and taking credit for everything in hip hop and fashion and movie culture lol. Dame newsflash nobody is checking for you so STop trying to act like your running the industry. you simply don't matter once Jay left lol

  • Phillylive215

    Not many ppl can say they made $500 for talking shit for a hour...sounds like a win to me.

    • Urban Interpreter247
      Urban Interpreter247

      Exactly!!! People are so superficial and lost in the sauce, its amazing!

  • Toots the Godmommy
    Toots the Godmommy

    Kanye said the same thing about Jay-z on the Big Brother song.

  • Jamel Williams
    Jamel Williams

    I think dame was delusional for a second. My theory is that he thought that the culture was turning on jay. “Now is my time to attack ” type of attitude.

    • moepalmer410

      I didn’t think he was, I completely got what he was saying

  • Duane John
    Duane John

    that man gave you probably yourr best interview ever...and you taking about $500?smfh

    • j.p.

      moepeezy okay... then say best interviews for people coming for specially business. he said best interviews... not your favorite lol. some people actually come to see a good interview that your everyday person/music fans will like😂

    • moepalmer410

      j.p. It was so many jewels dropped from a business perspective but then again Dame is for the business minded people

    • swygfry ryrfghuf
      swygfry ryrfghuf


    • j.p.

      uhh, not even close lol. not even top 10 interviews lmao but to each their own i guess

  • W A
    W A

    Hmmm.... Choke No Joke says Dame has issues with his own people. Dame tells DJ Envy to shut up but freely discusses Roc with Adam22? 🤔 Choke is right.

    • moepalmer410

      I’m like Dame, Choke talk about some girls

    • Elijah Ashman
      Elijah Ashman

      W A because I think envy started with that shit Lmfaoooo. He should’ve let bulid up into it he would’ve got great answers like adam22 but we all have different approach to things.

  • Jig Mendoza
    Jig Mendoza

    Adam $500 So Fucking What... You should’ve gave him a couple stacks. Your interview with Dame is doing numbers, stop being a culture vulture

  • Flo Blogs
    Flo Blogs

    The Annunaki is what Dame mentioned re: the god thing (i think)

  • Chris T
    Chris T

    Lol the “TTD incoming” in the chat at the very end was epic...

  • Khaos Oldboy
    Khaos Oldboy

    Dame got no wounds bro

  • PB Williams
    PB Williams

    Shouldn’t have mentioned the 500...

    • cort reynolds-bolan
      cort reynolds-bolan

      best part of the critique!

  • GOG Music
    GOG Music

    I get that this guys podcast is popular I just hate when we let outsiders dibble and dabble in hiphop as they please

  • Dennis Hodge
    Dennis Hodge

    Adam u my guy and all but is this really necessary???? This dame dash hes to big for this corny shit!!!

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