Da Baby's Security Almost Killed Someone! Lil Xan vs Lil Jumex BEEF
In today's news we discuss many different incidents including Kodak Black's legal drama, Da Baby's security almost putting some dude under the ground, Lil Xan and Lil Jumex beefing and much more. Let's go!

  • Aesthetic Virtuoso
    Aesthetic Virtuoso

    Some of your videos have 1million plus views some have 140k how tf does that happen

  • Vice Richter
    Vice Richter

    lookin like yung Jay-Z! xD 4:40

  • Vice Richter
    Vice Richter

    knowing lil xan, his dumbass probably doesnt even have one in the chamber xD 😆😁🤣😂Bet 5 bucks he mixed .380 rounds with 9mm in that piece and it wont fire lmao.

  • deen khan
    deen khan

    More videos like this 🔥🎖fuck that news shit with AD

  • Prometheus Castles
    Prometheus Castles

    This dumbass Xan says that Jewmex burned bridges. Hahahahahaha

  • delriocarriedo

    All these rappers starting to get politically woke are just going off of what the popular idea is. Democrats have historically and currently just pander to and keep people dependent on government. Republicans want independence. Not a good look to just follow the leaders offset.

  • X̶ Music
    X̶ Music

    2020 where they have a great song 🤚

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Unsai ‍
    Unsai ‍

    lil saku harassed crod

  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez

    When you realize jumex is better than lil xan

  • mark

    no comments of Jumex oh okay

    • X̶ Music
      X̶ Music

      mark Fr :/

  • sabbaby brina
    sabbaby brina

    2:50 was a female artist who goes by lilsaku she was accused of messing around with underage boys. Yee.

    • Unsai ‍
      Unsai ‍


  • Thefreshprince ofbelair
    Thefreshprince ofbelair

    Offset look like jar jar binks yo

  • BikeLife

    I love right away he comes back with a comment about trump when at no point did it have anything to even do with trump....

  • Mitch Murray
    Mitch Murray

    What's the background music

  • Luis Vejar 23
    Luis Vejar 23

    smh i know what happened. lil xand ex supposedly tried to seduce sadcrod, and a kid named romance planet was getting support from jumex, and they were supposed to hang out but supposedly the romance planet kid went to hang with her ex

  • Emery Booker
    Emery Booker

    Security wouldn't be getting lawsuits if they just hold people down like security is meant to stop a person from advancing not to beat the shit out of them. At no point should any security individual be bawling a fist up or kicking some one in the head on the ground. If you don't want to get sued use professional, not six or eight people that you know from back in the day that are just big and intimidating.

  • Big Piff
    Big Piff

    Lil Jumex😂😂😂🗑boys gotta stop using the “lil” corny af

  • Andre Barros
    Andre Barros

    "if he deserved the beating" yah man, because fucking 6'5 & 300lb securities cant put the 1 dude in the ground and restrain him.

  • Add Name Here
    Add Name Here

    "Somebody was killed , but it was just a bystander" wtf bro? Adam fo real bro?

  • Ryan Says Rawr
    Ryan Says Rawr

    I don't want xan and jumex to beef, I love them both and DONT want to pick a side

  • Maya W.
    Maya W.

    Ugh, Offset’s spelling of slavery is making me cringe.

  • Skyler Polk
    Skyler Polk

    lil xan cannot use the word jit

  • Motor Noise
    Motor Noise

    Cheetos vs chex mix

  • David Chavez
    David Chavez

    Lil xan vs jumex... so scary. What are they going to do yell at each other. I bet it's going to be as legendary as the 2 pac biggie beef.

  • Mall Grab
    Mall Grab

    Watching jumex and xan go at it would be like watching two gay sloths on ketamine clapping cheeks

  • viper Gonzalez
    viper Gonzalez

    Unsubing all this is trash man

  • Northwest Living Co.
    Northwest Living Co.

    Good shit Adam 22...

  • TheSnoozeFox

    Bro when you are in the industry like Xan you are SURROUNDED by pedos

  • FPScanada

    lil xan: 'I blew up in THE GOOD OL DAYS" smfh

  • 808Preme

    Who tf listens to Junex that industry plant wannabe Lil Peep fuck outta here

  • Auxlan

    sadcrod is a part of SBS i talked with him on dm before he seems very shy

  • PhotoSmith Photography
    PhotoSmith Photography

    Can someone tell me what’s the frame at 5:15 shows that’s been spliced in there a la fight club. Take a look. It’s at approximately 5:15. Thanks. Be cool to know.

  • dagerdickboy yo
    dagerdickboy yo

    Lol this gen stupid yea kill your babys it's ok

  • golden bird
    golden bird

    Duck you Adam you are saying it's cool for a woman to murder a child duck you #prolife

  • DECK-eM J
    DECK-eM J

    Offset an idiot if a woman gets raped she can still have an abortion there’s just a time limit u dumb fuck. Baby can’t have a heartbeat so I’m gonna say within 5-6 weeks of being raped she should know if she pregnant and get an abortion....dumbass celebrities who speak before they think

  • PiixelOG

    why did lil xan call him a jit LMFAOOOOOO

  • josh

    Wasn’t Jumex a fan of lil xan? 😂

  • D R
    D R

    Adam deserves 1 mil followers

  • LiL Zophen
    LiL Zophen

    Facts i was meeting a famouse artist and im not gonna say his name but he put his arm around my waist i just took the photo tho no disrespect to him he is a cool dude

    • Jessica Pawlowske
      Jessica Pawlowske

      Nigga who?😂😂

  • Kabob L-Brewster
    Kabob L-Brewster

    That gun dealer shit is bullshit. No legal or illegal gun seller is going to come out say they sold guns to Kodalk. You act like dude getting killed is nothing then say you say you hope these to dumb fucks don't get locked up. You're shit. You also justify someone getting put in a coma. What the fuck is the matter with you. You're obviously fuck for that face tattoo, you're also a horrible person.

  • JarHead SS
    JarHead SS

    His jacket look like a Whopper wrap from Burger King lol

  • David Machado
    David Machado

    How tf is he gonna try an take up for women’s rights when he is literally the first person to call a girl a hoe for dating more than one guy over a time period of a year I’m boutta say sum to dis mans rn 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • David Machado
    David Machado

    Boi what that’s crazy I literally went to school with Cj Pearson that mans a bitch I deadass almost beat his ass in school for talkin shit about my girl callin her a hoe an shit. Boi deadass told me if I touched him he’d sue me bro lucky the principals be suckin his dick or I’d be gettin sued rn

  • hndmedwnz

    Also misspelled "misspelled" lol. It's one word dummy. Your illiteracy is slavery.

  • 7ustyn

    Don dada, top shotta.

  • Pad Miklzn
    Pad Miklzn

    What do u call Lil Yachty on amfetamin? Speedboat

  • Larry Clark
    Larry Clark

    kodak really just keep fucking up smh

  • Larry Clark
    Larry Clark

    jumex sounds like something from minecraft

  • Leeann Witt
    Leeann Witt


  • Murda1

    Jumex is a emo ass nigga he is so hut he beefin wit lil xan for clout

  • DM94JAK

    Haha lil xan blew up back in the good ol' days of like 2 years ago hes such weirdo ass loser

  • Localsonly Artist
    Localsonly Artist

    Xan better not fuck with sadcrod or jumex they better than him and sadcrod only has one song out right now

  • Devn

    just gonna say offset had to be mad bc it isn't slavery. yeah she has to have the baby but she isn't owned by anybody else. Yeah it is fucked up but there has to be a word other than slavery for it.

  • Tony Thomason
    Tony Thomason

    Bruh... the number of babies killed is insanely higher than the number of people killed by police. Also it’s already illegal for a cop to kill someone without reason. Yet not illegal to murder babies. Offset is tripping 😭

  • GBRL

    so that's the "beef" nowadays, aruguing on twitter bout' some weird pedo shit.

  • Scott MrConservative
    Scott MrConservative

    Offset,.lost all.respect, bitch made

  • Lil Abner
    Lil Abner

    Adam, abortion ain't the move , idc if it's a women's choice , there is life in her and that's not something to kill off .

  • Anon User
    Anon User

    How to become an industry plant? Asking for a friend👀

  • seb murph
    seb murph

    Rape abortion cases are at like 1.5% of all abortions, what an idiot, using this as a case to keep child murder legal. Writing this, I know nobody will give a fuck, just, what an idiot.





  • Percocet

    Young Bliing

  • Puyear Prod.
    Puyear Prod.

    Someone needs to tell Denzel Curry to wipe the sides of his dirty ass mouth

  • Billy Zorchman
    Billy Zorchman

    Damn! Xan vs Jumex... This generation is in turmoil! PLEASE! Let's end Wack on Wack crime.



  • Jesse Luciano
    Jesse Luciano

    i love how they all go ya cant be 30 plus and rap but 80 percent of these dudes under 25 CANT RAP lol

  • Juke Fast
    Juke Fast

    whats the instrumental playing in the background

  • glxssy

    Idc about the hate I'll get. Fuck that scumbag Kodak.

  • Gage Byers
    Gage Byers

    Offset its misspell not miss spell. Also if you could learn proper grammar I bet people would take your arguments a little more serious.

  • 101Rax

    Please do a Jumex interview

  • AlteredState98

    Offset misspelled the word misspelled, while apologizing for his misspelling.

    • Cupcake Monster
      Cupcake Monster


  • The Green Smoker
    The Green Smoker

    Lil Xan blowing up in the good old days? Bitch there is so much wrong with that statement.

  • Avoyd

    5.15 there's a split in the clip and an image I wanna know what it is lmaoo😂😂

  • Orion Crofut
    Orion Crofut


  • Srblazealot

    ya no one important just an innocent bystander.

  • Triforce Goon
    Triforce Goon

    Yooooooooo Here's my comment Hope it helps lol 👊👍✌

  • Amph G
    Amph G


  • Jhigh Tutntup
    Jhigh Tutntup

    Oh man , I thought you were going to say Da baby security almost killed Lil xan...

  • Thereal Slawbeasil
    Thereal Slawbeasil

    Adam is the man


    Miss the days where everyone could stop mixing in politics and all the bullshit that comes with it into music and entertainment.

  • Kevstone TV
    Kevstone TV

    the way you say the N word and other sware words are comedy material

  • Keith Remedy
    Keith Remedy

    Offset dumber then a box of rocks. Celebs should stay out of politics foreal y’all got nothing in common with the average citizen. Funny cause the highest paid person in Entertainment is a Trump supporter. Everything is not as it seems y’all. Y’all been duked and lied too and bought into just cause your favorite celeb does. Anyone who’s got any knowledge about history knows that the Democratic Party started and funded the KKK. Those are facts you can’t change facts but you can not bring it up and brainwash people. Yes the party that is accused of racism is actually the party that got the black vote too pass. This party also had one very important figure one of the most important people in recent history. Martin Luther King JR was a Republican. Either way if you want me to school y’all I’d tell you Democrat or Republican is two sides of the same coin. Corrupt period. Anyone that goes against the powers that be gets marked for death or career and platform gets shamed and destroyed.

  • outherefilms

    You don't have to keep the child, theres a thing called adoption.

  • Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez

    Get a interview with da baby

  • James Hickman
    James Hickman


  • Emily

    make a podcast with diego

  • isaac 2tall
    isaac 2tall

    Free Kodak kinda knew this was gonna happen with all the good music he been releasing also I thought he get locked up cause the sexual assault thing but this even worse

  • isaac 2tall
    isaac 2tall

    Everyone- why Kodak even arrested Kodak-" my brother just washed me down with bleeeeaaach"....." Hit that lick in maryland"......... and many more lines 😂😂😂😂


    "A woman's right 2 choose" murder? You can call it whatever u want murder us murder & abortion is killing more black babies than all other colors combined, But hey stay blind & dum

  • Dylan Peacey
    Dylan Peacey

    Jumex is trash

  • soulstice

    lil jumex is truly the shitty industry plant version of lil peep

  • Brandon Lara
    Brandon Lara

    Lil xan is a moron. The good ole days!!! How much more stupid can you get? SMH!!!!!

  • Ski J Windøw
    Ski J Windøw

    Jumex is way better than lil xan #JUMEX💚💚💚

  • cinnamontoastbonnets

    Fan probs didn't get crazy. Dababy seems insecure af

  • cinnamontoastbonnets

    Lol Xan on dope. Of course he hangs out with shitty people


    I hope all the gangster rappers get locked up for good so they can’t affect these kids anymore


    Why do you only cover artists that rap about being drug addicts and murdering people ?

  • Trooly Xaen
    Trooly Xaen

    H E L I K E D H O W H E S M E A L T C O L O G N E ? ( "Weird Fan By Da BABY") LMAO

  • Cremate My Remains
    Cremate My Remains

    Kodak is just to hood for his own good 😥

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