is Kylie going to leave Travis Scott to "Experience More Men"?
the gossip blogs claim that Kylie Jenner is going to leave Travis Scott because her days of experiencing other men aren't quite over yet. Let's read and discuss

  • Jay Westeidddee
    Jay Westeidddee

    Hopefully more light skinned Mexican men. . . Shoot, I been crushing on Kylie since sixth grade.

  • Willy Lala
    Willy Lala

    i made this video just for adam scott

  • CyNaK Klaygo
    CyNaK Klaygo


  • Beautiful Strange
    Beautiful Strange

    If she does leave him to experience more men just would make her a whore like the Kardashian’s.

  • xRomxn

    Why tf are these in my sub box

  • MrBentlarsen

    Adam stop posting about travis

  • phiphi _tours
    phiphi _tours

    Fabulous video

  • Alan

    I wonder if she actually knows how to do anything

  • Billy Chode
    Billy Chode

    Travis fans acting like they sad if they break up

  • Laszlo Official
    Laszlo Official

    Hmmmmmmm i know this sounds strange but i kinda know what she is about...

  • chromegnats

    She wants to play the field... of dicks.

  • Mohammed Aref
    Mohammed Aref

    Notice how Adam always says “ok” or “alright” at the start of every video

  • Badgurlbeauty

    omg kylie is worth $800 million wtf

  • Charlie Samaluna
    Charlie Samaluna

  • Uavk Soarrow
    Uavk Soarrow

    Yo imma be honest, I don't think Travis would give a shit, in that GQ relationship video travis barely knew shit about her.

    • Morgan Carroll
      Morgan Carroll

      Uavk Soarrow LMAO I remember that. 😂 Their relationship looks like FWB.

  • Racks

    Travis ain’t giving her that good dick

  • DonBonJovi 214
    DonBonJovi 214

    adam u pathetic bruh... if yall remember old adam22 you can see right thru him, he sold out as soon as he got the chance.... YOU ARE CRINGE NOW ADAM

  • Zach Flores
    Zach Flores

    I hope travis can make some epic shit now that he got that devil off him

  • Zach Flores
    Zach Flores

    This shit was inevitable like thanos

  • Fuckoff

    Lmaoooo Adam why in the fuck are you reporting on this? 😂😂😂


    I don’t give a fuck about this but, cool advise.

  • Space

    Nobody: UZload thumbnails: 😯

  • kayxlyn

    shit is so fucking lame now😂 you a trap celebrity gossip channel now congrats this is the content we’ve been waiting for

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis

    God damn adam! You have the cringiest thumbnails!! quit making those retarded faces. It's fucking terrible

  • Pablo Sanchez
    Pablo Sanchez

    No surprise here, Travis ugly af

  • Colton Wuchner
    Colton Wuchner

    Later bbn

  • Kaz Da illest
    Kaz Da illest

    People arent loyal are you surpriesed. Longevity impresses me more than anything people are so fickle 🤣

  • IfYouKnowYouKnow


  • unjaraka

    What unreliable sources are y'all getting this from lol???

  • Next Up Sounds
    Next Up Sounds

    She’s the man in the relationship 😂😂

  • Mr RightNow
    Mr RightNow

    somebody tell kylie she can come to panama City beach n experience another one right now

  • Holly Brooks
    Holly Brooks

    No. She’s taking her time considering her sisters have been married a bunch of times lmao

    • Morgan Carroll
      Morgan Carroll

      Unicornlover Films That makes sense.

  • Brice kelly
    Brice kelly

    Perhaps she wants to go back to Tyga thatd be dope

  • Shannon

    Maybe don’t have kids with someone if you don’t think your ready to settle down

  • Locoman TV
    Locoman TV

    Damn this is a full blow GOSSIP page

  • Noah Bailey
    Noah Bailey

    Its funny to me that adam talks like hes just a regular person 😂 like hes not a celebrity lmao

  • Official Donny Grimm
    Official Donny Grimm

    It's just post partum depression

    • Morgan Carroll
      Morgan Carroll

      Official Donny Grimm I don’t think so.



  • Arnold Avila
    Arnold Avila

    Not to be a dickhead but imagine the type of album we would hear out of Travis if Kylie leaves him 😯

    • Nawras Nesh
      Nawras Nesh

      @Jaden Bird Damn I'm a fucking prophet

    • Jaden Bird
      Jaden Bird

      Its gonna happen now😔

    • Nawras Nesh
      Nawras Nesh

      Kylie is not for him. It's just his turn hit. One day she gonna leave him just like how she left Tyga.

    • Zach Flores
      Zach Flores

      @BIG CHIVO you trash nigga 🤣


      Same trash that always comes out

  • the other one 818
    the other one 818

    Run Travis run.

  • Cayla Thomas
    Cayla Thomas

    whooooo caaaaaares !!

  • Devon Aragon
    Devon Aragon

    If your girl was a pop start and fucked over 100 groupies, you would probably want to go experience women before you settle down with her.

  • that lad
    that lad

    Ten mins on skinny & now now this ,,bro you fell off ,bye

  • Santi Gutierrez
    Santi Gutierrez

    "with men of the opposite sex"

    • Morgan Carroll
      Morgan Carroll

      Santi Gutierrez Lol, I caught that too.

  • Broden

    Only dropping a comment bc he told me to Oke bye

  • Purrpsmoke

    So Kylie Jenner is 19 and Travis was 25. When they started dating. FBI ??

  • Ellen Jane Tafoya
    Ellen Jane Tafoya

    Can I work for you Adam pls

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia

    Travis a ugly nigga and his music trash😂 too much autone and his fan base FAKE AF and it’s faxxxxs idk what made Kylie go with Travis... oh wait it’s his money😂💀💀💀🚫

  • Coby De Laveaga
    Coby De Laveaga

    Adam is my favorite UZloadr hands down

  • Coby De Laveaga
    Coby De Laveaga

    “U leave it with a sitter, let the kardashians play with it”

  • Miko Swavey
    Miko Swavey

    Adam needs to watch the note book 😂😂 just playing #Nojumper gang

  • Turpentine M
    Turpentine M

    you spread more fake news then cnn

  • BLVCK Tony
    BLVCK Tony

    Hope so Travis can get child support off that bitch lmao

  • brandon

    Ms sicko mode LMFAO i almost spit my beer out

    • Edgar Juarez
      Edgar Juarez

      brandon you ain’t drinking no beer

  • Minding my business
    Minding my business

    Let's just hope Jordyn doesn't steal Travis from Kylie too.

  • cubonenineO


  • JasonDrvmz


  • Matt Knight
    Matt Knight

    What has nojumper become 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • - iGotWhateva
    - iGotWhateva

    Travy boutta take her ass to Jerry Springer

  • Drew Snacks
    Drew Snacks

    You got to be a complete moron to actually believe this garbage

  • Drew Snacks
    Drew Snacks

    You guys believe everything smh, she just posted a pic of travis on her instagram yesterday, use your head don’t be mindless

  • Toks®

    What is this?...😕

  • sahara

    Shouldve thought about that before she got a kid

  • Hal Miller
    Hal Miller

    He’s ballin like a pornstar, with No Rubber

  • Ny'Geal

    After the video, For anyone seeing this please checkk out my music video for my single “Loner” 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Robert White
    Robert White

    Get that dna test for that baby stormi ijs

  • Matthew Sauer
    Matthew Sauer

    Travis and Kylie are still cool just go on their Instagram

  • Romario Rofina
    Romario Rofina

    Why does the media put pressure on them splitting up.

  • плюшевый

    Kylie I'm here bitch, I didn't own a Grammy this year too

  • 2kTrapseason n
    2kTrapseason n

    I like what I doin Adam Keith from Holland

  • Pauly Ghee
    Pauly Ghee

    She loves tyga 😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Gleason
    Jonathan Gleason

    Do any of y’all have brains? Read some random article and believe it🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Lando VanGogh
    Lando VanGogh

    I’m 100% for Kylie breaking La Flame’s heart so he can give us beautiful depressing music again👍🏾

  • slow mazda
    slow mazda

    Travis is ugly, it was bound to happen

  • Damarco R.
    Damarco R.

    In that case trav better take his LaFerrari back 🤣

  • Meechie Moreno
    Meechie Moreno

    Lol that’s dumb if that news is true she has a kid what fucking women says hmm my man isn’t experienced so ima stop my family I started and go hoe it up that’s really fucking dumb 😂

  • CptnXClp2

    I love how everybody swept the fake baby thing under the rug. Is that guy still her bodyguard? Like enough traditional bs celebrity news speak on the real shit!

  • Sparkkie804

    Kylie just wanted the baby to use it as an accessory smh

  • EyeCon33

    Love the hair transplant adam looks good on you

  • Rye

    Are you kidding me Adam??? All a kid needs is to be rich and famous? Yeah thats way more important than a family life.

    • Morgan Carroll
      Morgan Carroll

      LaQueens I think what he meant is that the child won’t go hungry as a result of having a broken home/family, unlike other kids.

  • Alex emolas
    Alex emolas

    Travis needs to clap them cheeks one last time 🍑🗿🧞‍♂️✊

    • LoonyLemming

      Lmao Why the stone head and Genie emojis tho

  • I Love LARS
    I Love LARS

    Alot of stuff happening in the Hip Hop community but he talks about Skinny and Kylie. Wtf Adam22.

  • ron baer
    ron baer

    3:50 starting to see the light

  • Creativity Unlock
    Creativity Unlock


  • A Dot
    A Dot

    Adam is getting HELLA DESPERATE lol

  • Kid Kash
    Kid Kash

  • Richard Evans
    Richard Evans

    He will go sicko mode if she dips

  • Mychal James
    Mychal James

    I doubt Travis gives af about her money tbh

  • Gohan S.239
    Gohan S.239

    Adam jhon grandmaison

  • Anastasia Robinson
    Anastasia Robinson

    I love that Adam doesn’t just talk about rappers.. he’s a pod caster let him cast!

  • Wayne Sweeney
    Wayne Sweeney

    dirty skank....

  • ale kee
    ale kee

    You're a fucking herb for this

  • Zezto

    Travis about to make a whole album

  • Yo Breeo
    Yo Breeo

    They have a kid ..I doubt it

  • Alandria Gilliam
    Alandria Gilliam

    Y’all literally believe ANYTHING these people say . All into these people’s lives and not even know exactly what is going on in their relationship.

  • Wasted Years
    Wasted Years

    U cant be the baddest chick in the game when your 90% fake!

    • GOOD JOB
      GOOD JOB

      Wasted Years and a oop🤣🤣🤣

  • Firas Abouzahr
    Firas Abouzahr

    That’s a W for Travis... get tf out while you can my g

  • Lilsuperskurr Phlex
    Lilsuperskurr Phlex

    how do you even believe these are real relations bra don't be stupid

  • Rare Art Records
    Rare Art Records

    she finna need to experience mans i been putting work on skassks since before most yall niggas was even tadpoles swimming around ya dads bollocks id give her a right shellin' hit me up insta kylie if you checking comments and that finna dick you down

  • cactus ed
    cactus ed

    Friends with benefits

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