Cringing with Lance Stewart
today i take a look at Lance Stewart's first music video for the song "Lost"and gave my thoughts

  • Dave_Novakovic

    Tell me Lance's face, cringey videos, clickbait and weird attitude, doesn't look like he's a child predator. You can't

  • ZNyaTurretZ


  • TheSilverphoenix88

    His voice is more nasal than Kermit’s

  • TheSilverphoenix88

    I’ve heard better pitch and vocal range from a dying queef

  • Otis McHale
    Otis McHale

    Dude he lives about 10mins away from Philly.

  • 2k God
    2k God

    Bruh he did his best tattooed bitch

  • Zac Coss
    Zac Coss

    His grandma live in Philadelphia

  • Itsyaboy 420
    Itsyaboy 420

    This is probably the best thing I’ve watched with what Adam had to say about Lance’s song 😂 this song is hard to listen to but this man said funny damn shit

  • Jake

    You should do the lance interview

  • smd8o8

    Yah Adam u da man. Fuk lance. Wtf is he thinking. Come to Hawaii I got mad gas for u

  • The Beast
    The Beast


  • Battlefront 2 is great
    Battlefront 2 is great

    It sucks that his girl already got with someone else like immediately after they broke up.

  • Kevthegreat

    Lance steward - “Shit prank”

  • Jonathan Films
    Jonathan Films

    I think he lives in New Jersey

  • Mask

    You should cringe with the garbage with some of the garbage face tat "rappers" you use for clout. Do it before you make 'em OD though, I know you aren't a fan of when people make fun of your boy XXXdeadtacion.

  • renee richards
    renee richards

    Pretty sure he's in Jersey

  • Novanity Insanity
    Novanity Insanity


  • Tate Tuma
    Tate Tuma

    Lance loves like 1 hour from philly

  • Tyler Hathaway
    Tyler Hathaway

    He's not even funny he's stupid an his videos are too

  • Imran Majeed
    Imran Majeed

    F you you are an asshole

  • Mr ST
    Mr ST

    Yea he lives in an area of New Jersey that is relatively close to Philadelphia

  • ׂ

    His voice doesn't sound bad because you haven't seen the genius interview

  • BLACK rose god
    BLACK rose god

    He lives in new jersey

  • Mayjick

    I'm glad you showed me this, I found a couple hours of the best laughs of my life watching the Lance breakup shit

  • Davo Quijada
    Davo Quijada

    I fw Lance Stewart !! Best vlogger no 🧢 but he’s not made for rapping

  • bobby j
    bobby j

    there's no fruit in the world that i could compare the shape of lance's head to

  • KiLoCODM

    U dont heav right to say any thing to Lance cuz its hus first song and stfu man u couldent even get better song so stfu man get some help

  • Aziel Madera
    Aziel Madera

    Haters have some dignity that is his first song

  • BoomCherry_YT

    He lives in Philadelphia

  • Christian Kennedy1115
    Christian Kennedy1115

    You should probably react to Slipknot Unsainted and or spit it out

  • Qt Drew21
    Qt Drew21

    He lives close to philly he lives in jersey

  • Matthew Gabriele
    Matthew Gabriele

    How you gonna defend this tone deaf mans voice? He sounds like ass, lyrics are ass, visuals are ass. You’re way too nice for a tatted up bro

  • Cameron Brady
    Cameron Brady

    Dude it's his first song stop dissing him

  • Lily Alyssa
    Lily Alyssa

    i don’t understand how someone can be so rude and disrespectful. i get it it’s not a song you like but it’s his first song give him a break. you making unnecessary comments and getting so offended by the way he does things is just plain stupid and dumb. i don’t know you can just go pack on someone who’s a much better person then you. not trying to be rude but i just don’t understand.

    • Lily Alyssa
      Lily Alyssa

      and i get it it’s your thoughts but sometimes you should keep them to yourself because you don’t know how harmful they could be towards the other person.

  • Tim King
    Tim King

    Douche bag 101: sleeveless hoodies, ripped jeans, and yeezys

  • therealmoreno

    8:09 sorry for my lack of knowledge y’all lmao but why is it offensive?


    Lance needs to get outa Philly with this skirt shit.

  • Yeeboi gaming 2855
    Yeeboi gaming 2855

    Stfu yall niggas dumb asf🤣😂😂😂

  • Nash Hanna
    Nash Hanna

    Everything about this song is terrible his voice sucks, the lyrics are garbage and the flow is painful

  • Edot TooTact
    Edot TooTact

    Lance lives in New Jersey

  • Nick P.
    Nick P.

    Yo this dude needs to shut up u literally have less than a million subs and lance has 5.3 mil, you cannot talk shit about him unless your better than lance. So shut up.


    He lives in Jersey and that is his first song so stop being mean its hard

  • 215 Joe
    215 Joe

    Lance lives in South Jersey which is, in most parts, not far from Philly.


    new york love sign

  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia


  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia

    Really more jate

  • Md Nur Luqman
    Md Nur Luqman


  • xkobiez

    Well lance isnt a singer he might think he is good but hes terrible my dog is better😜


    The song is cringy but adam reacting and roasting him is more cringy hahahaha

  • Daniel Jay
    Daniel Jay

    Ahhh my ears 😭😭😭

  • Camron Samples
    Camron Samples

    it's funny that you use his vid for the cloud you don't have lol

    • d6i -
      d6i -

      Camron Samples for the “Cloud” 🤦‍♂️ 😂 dumbass

  • Our Pranks
    Our Pranks

    Why do I want to punch him so hard till he deletes the song.

  • Bryan Lopez
    Bryan Lopez

    Yo leave him tf alone it’s his first song and so what I would like to see y’all do it

  • goxde

    Brush it’s his first f*cking song give him a break

  • CountrySide 59
    CountrySide 59

    its his first ever song made so cant say shii

    • CountrySide 59
      CountrySide 59

      MrJuicyBoyMan make me kid

    • Used 2
      Used 2

      TMx Clan nah stfu.

  • Nic Carlile
    Nic Carlile

    I hate this guy, totally forgot he was a person until this vid tbh

  • Christian Inchima
    Christian Inchima

    “Who wrote this song for him? Probably the same person that ripped those holes in his jeans”😂😂

  • Drifting_Away

    Watch Lena break up with Adam just to see if he’ll do the same thing as lance

  • Coty Parsons
    Coty Parsons

    He lives in New Jersey. 😂😂

  • Ashleigh Barnett
    Ashleigh Barnett

    jacob satorias's dad

  • Jesse Raber
    Jesse Raber

    Fucker adam

  • Jesse Raber
    Jesse Raber

    Fucker adam

  • Jesse Raber
    Jesse Raber

    Fucker adam

  • WeeDzz

    This song is just as bad as your camera FPS xd

  • Faze_ Ronnie
    Faze_ Ronnie

    Well I’m in the hospital now ears bleeding shit thanks peace of shut lance song

  • Nate Mendez
    Nate Mendez

    Actually a good video by Adam

  • Corban Hoffman
    Corban Hoffman

    yeah he lives near philly

  • Joe Pridsam
    Joe Pridsam

    Lance lives in Philadelphia

  • Megan Mac Innis
    Megan Mac Innis

    He lives like 1 hour away from philly

  • Marco Hernandez
    Marco Hernandez

    You the man Adam! 🙏🤘

  • Easy-E than
    Easy-E than

    He lives near Philadelphia

  • Zachary McAvoy
    Zachary McAvoy

    You pause the video to much for me to listen to anything

    • Austin Oberreither
      Austin Oberreither

      Zachary McAvoy you didn’t miss much the video and song is shit

  • b

    Can someone pls explain why the bridge part is offensive? I’ve been sitting here trying to figure it out 😂 pls someone dumb it down for me

    • Cardo

      Bri Bri he just looks like a douche lmao

  • Joshua Garcia
    Joshua Garcia

    Bro he didnt but work into that song

  • TMKSXXSLAYER44 Connell
    TMKSXXSLAYER44 Connell

    Fuck u dude u try to make a song like this with this much meaning

  • curry 30
    curry 30

    Nigga not like u making the song so don’t hate because you not u can’t sing😂

  • mariano falcon
    mariano falcon


  • J LL
    J LL

    #lancestewart 🤣🤣🤣

  • J LL
    J LL

    #lance stewart

  • Harrison Salinas
    Harrison Salinas


  • Tara Chrisp
    Tara Chrisp

    Overall it sucks 💀🤣

  • Sty Morris
    Sty Morris

    That song was ass

  • boof kush
    boof kush

    Like if this is cringe

  • Vanity

    Never again

  • Shawn Shike
    Shawn Shike

    Who’s this guy? Not lance 😂

  • Benson Schmidt
    Benson Schmidt

    Ur a dick bro

  • Im Chase
    Im Chase

    Voice: lvl 8 Video skills: lvl 1 Lyrics: lvl 2

  • Zzz Lll
    Zzz Lll

    U don’t dislike lance but ur talking shit

  • Zzz Lll
    Zzz Lll

    This dude a hater

  • landon dinkins
    landon dinkins

    he cody co now

  • Corey Jackson
    Corey Jackson

    Type up tinny bashing on yt

  • Bubba Yubba
    Bubba Yubba

    He lives in Philadelphia he didnt go all the way to Philadelphia he lives there 😂😂😂😂😂

  • GHOST 2003
    GHOST 2003

    Finally someone that makes a video bout this someone with a big voice 😂

  • The Beaner quema
    The Beaner quema

    Get lost 😂😂😂 one hour later I’m lost I’m lost 😂😂😂


    He had someone that does make music and they do good at making music

  • yuson her
    yuson her


  • luis andrade
    luis andrade

    Adam straight facts bros !

  • Brody Tingley
    Brody Tingley

    Lance lives like 30 min from filly

  • Johnnystoned12 Johnnystoned12
    Johnnystoned12 Johnnystoned12

    Turn this gay song offff

  • RavageRaps

    *When you have no one to record for you*

    • i liek fortnite poggers
      i liek fortnite poggers

      Yo wassup man big fan