Tay K pleads Guilty to Aggravated Robbery

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  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Raviana Manual
    Raviana Manual

    Please do another interview on him please


    Rot in jail

  • Korg Meek
    Korg Meek

    Adam needs to realize tay-k making music just leads to more of the "culture" that landed him in prison and families without their father. it's a cycle, yeah he might have an original style, but he's a scumbag that needs rehabilitated. and the families need justice for their father. 55 years is a good amount of time. seeing as he robbed probably twice that much from the time those families would have had with their father

  • Dillon the Kid
    Dillon the Kid

    I just want the goat free 😩😒

  • Ashley Tucker
    Ashley Tucker

    I love the "I don't wanna look like a thug in hopes I get either not guilty or a lower sentence in court glasses"


    Post to never say guilty

  • Lil Jaybands
    Lil Jaybands


  • Kendra Rodriguez
    Kendra Rodriguez

    Call Tay k 2

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson


  • chops yang
    chops yang

    I don't feel bad for this kid, i feel bad for the man who lost his life, i feel bad for his father having to grow up without a father. You hope that nothing too negative comes out of this? are you kidding? so you don't want this idiot to be held accountable for his crimes? I can't understand why anyone would have sympathy for him seeing as he has done irreparable damage to so many with zero remorse. You would think that this idiot would've learned his lesson with his first few tangles with the law but nope.

  • Barry Ryan
    Barry Ryan

    Free Tay-K

  • Zachary Hooper
    Zachary Hooper

    adam "i'll wait for the cops to give their perspective" 22

  • Andrew Cervantes
    Andrew Cervantes

    Free the foo who killed x than too !

  • BoolProductions

    If he killed those people he a piece of shit Fr

  • Og Scherm
    Og Scherm

    For you to say best wishes for a murderer you have something wrong with you. If he killed your friends and assaulted your grandpa you would not be saying I hope he gets out. Wtf is wrong with people I swear

  • Petey Haterton
    Petey Haterton

    "Best wishes". Unreal.

  • Brio

    rip tay-k

  • nobody cares
    nobody cares

    Don't drop the soap nigga 🤣😆😂😆

  • arco iris
    arco iris

    Adam it's okay, I'd prefer this...don't continue to poison your body with the coke and the mollies, the xans the ativaaaans.

  • Drew Ott
    Drew Ott

    U make 10 racks a stream and u need merch sales to “keep the lights on” bruh

  • quick schweezy
    quick schweezy

    you hope nothing too negative comes out of this? perhaps something like a dead father because this youngin going braindead rampage?


    Nothing says street cred like reading out court documents in a vlog LOL

  • Tom LeBeau
    Tom LeBeau

    Would love to watch an interview with him in 10 years time and hear his answer to “was it worth it?”

  • Thomas Reagan
    Thomas Reagan

    Your videos have gone down hill. fuck, Adam. Come on.

    • Remza

      Look at the comments and view numbers. His channel is so trash now bruh.

  • IWillNot DownloadYourVirus
    IWillNot DownloadYourVirus

    Who cares

  • Luis Vsqz
    Luis Vsqz

    Send him for life

  • jrichmond75

    N you pathetic scumbags idolize someone like this😂

  • Klif lord
    Klif lord

    If u commit a crime & someone dies, u still get charged for murder

  • Gabriel Marquez
    Gabriel Marquez

    Ice Poseidon made Adam 22

  • Lewis

    Adam u r dumb as fuck for this one , still trying to give the benefit of the doubt to someone up for 2 murder cases

  • deku 1017
    deku 1017

    If I was him I do death penalty fuck that

  • Shah of Iran
    Shah of Iran

    Adam looks like a clown

  • hubert philippic
    hubert philippic

    What’s y’all favorite tay k song?

  • nukishere 1400
    nukishere 1400

    I was like can't he just paid his self to get out or his family or something

  • Robert Merrick
    Robert Merrick

    Time to do time! Damn killer.

  • Jay Prosper
    Jay Prosper

    You know we in fucked up times when someone wishes a murderer beats his cases "to get back on the street to keep making music"

  • TheSimpsons Guide
    TheSimpsons Guide

    They just charged him with Murder. He's gonna be gone. He's gone from the world. Such a talent, leaving behind a huge legacy

  • robert treevis
    robert treevis

    He found guilty

  • Stephen Rodriguez
    Stephen Rodriguez

    2017 vlogs were the best

  • Oskar Munk Madsen
    Oskar Munk Madsen

    For everyone asking about the MGK video. Adam basically said that MGK was trash and corny and that he is too old to make songs about drugs. Also that trippie redd probably was the one behind the whole flow of the song because it didnt fit MGK in any way.

    • arco iris
      arco iris

      lol...but Adam isn't too old to be hanging out doing drugs with barely-legal adults when he already knows how shitty that road gets... DEF biased. Wish I hadn't missed it

  • Edo James
    Edo James

    Let’s go baby, fuck this robbing killer

  • Brian Gaede
    Brian Gaede

    Let him rot in prison

  • Ben Ballin
    Ben Ballin

    Adam I love your channel, but please read or look into this things. It is clear you are making a quick video, and didn’t even read the article beforehand, you are a media outlet, and you should try to be a little more accurate. Don’t be Alex Jones...

  • King

    Fuck TayK and anyone defending him. Hes a cold blooded killer and deserves to be behind bars

  • moon man rx
    moon man rx

    hes fucked

  • Travis Campbell
    Travis Campbell

    Fuck Tay K 💯💯

  • AK Machedae
    AK Machedae

    Tay k is fucking innocent he didn’t kill

  • M Maqsoud
    M Maqsoud


  • chris martinez
    chris martinez

    Tay k very hard! my neck is very hard!

  • PSSYslayer 39
    PSSYslayer 39

    It’s a wrap like Saran

  • Cho Taylor
    Cho Taylor

    Bro look stupid as fuck in that thumbnail.

  • Shuaib Ahmed
    Shuaib Ahmed

    Pepe hands for Tay-k y :(

  • Omeezy Irizarry
    Omeezy Irizarry

    Adam you that dude. A huge inspiration. Thanks

  • Billy Bust Inside
    Billy Bust Inside

    The jury is gonna here his guilty plea than automatically find him guilty of all other charges his lawyer is a goof

  • Billy Bust Inside
    Billy Bust Inside


  • FPScanada

    *SKIP* *PEPE*


    free tayk!!!!!! free pimpyz !!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Orozco
    Matt Orozco

    No jumper records...💀💀🤣

  • kingcinemattic

    Tay-k looks like an idiot in the thumbnail lol

  • stuntmancr3w

    This kid is a garbage human being and his music is ZZZ 😴

  • EpCapalot

    Lil tay gettin buff

  • dxcjw

    Let’s face is he ain’t gettin our for 20+ years

  • David Orange
    David Orange

    He’s dunzo


    Free tayk

  • Jacob Schwien
    Jacob Schwien

    What’s a couple lives when u got bars?

  • zagrebačka zločinačka organizacija
    zagrebačka zločinačka organizacija

    I downloaded the "the new sing fom MGK and Trippy Red is trash" video can i upload it without gettin striked by adamduceduce

  • Nate Robinson’s Boxing Coach
    Nate Robinson’s Boxing Coach

    How the hell Jeremy Lin win a ring but tay k still locked up #freetayk

    • Zen.

      He doesn't deserved to be freed, separate his music from what he did and he would be like a common murderer. You wouldn't want a normal person freed if they did the same thing so don't think TayK is any different.

  • zagrebačka zločinačka organizacija
    zagrebačka zločinačka organizacija

    Adam duce duce lets do a mma fight i put 10k and you 10k the winner takes the 20k and the pay per view mulla

  • Spicy Jim
    Spicy Jim

    Fuck skip pepe

  • Raleigh Sloman
    Raleigh Sloman

    Why tf is it free tay k when we have comethazine

  • More Boost
    More Boost

    What happened to Mgk trash video Adam I man I fuck with you but you cant deny talent look at these rappers you give attention to. You obviously have a bias opinion and you can't doing what you.

  • Teelaire

    Not sure bout laws in whatever state the crime was in. But in most states if someone dies in any way during the act of a felony crime, you get charged with 2nd degree murder. For example even if you rob a house with your friend, and the home owner shoots and kills your friend, YOU get the murder charge. Pretty wild man

  • Scarldex

    Free TayK 🤟👇👌🖐🖕🤙👎✌️🤞✋

  • IG LuckyFetus
    IG LuckyFetus

    Prayers to that 21 year old kid's family, especially the children who lost their father over some fcuk shite🙏

  • RM808

    ay im a young producer just trying to make it everyone go check out my beats if you fuck wit em click that sub button as I will have hard beats posted daily. BTW FREE TAY K

  • Fancy

    fuck tayk

  • Skys High
    Skys High

    It’s like being patient for something then at the end with all the time waisted nothing changed

  • infantrywagon

    I’m def not a lawyer but I know when someone gets killed in or during someone who’s knowingly committing a felony wether you pulled the trigger or not you’re just as guilty. Maybe not all states idk

  • James Piechowski
    James Piechowski


  • KHole

    Tay K is more trash than Adam, and Adam is from New Hampshire

  • ParryHotter

    Lets be real he ain't getting out and doesn't really deserve to be Hopefully this gives all these studio gangsters a wakeup call gloriflying a life that ends up like this

  • SpinItFruit

    Should I do a segment on This ?

  • Sunset Mavericks
    Sunset Mavericks

    Niggas be just trying to make money off of each other

  • Sunset Mavericks
    Sunset Mavericks


  • Cloutcobain Twigg
    Cloutcobain Twigg

    Lets just face that tay k prolly more violent now than when he was out

  • Edwin Garcia
    Edwin Garcia

    Why do y’all want this guy out 😂😂😂

  • Edwin Garcia
    Edwin Garcia

    One of the biggest starts of last year?? lol he was poppin 2 summers ago my guy

  • Dirty Dishless98
    Dirty Dishless98

    “I really hope nothing too negative comes outta this” tell that to homeboys kids who don’t have a dad anymore

    • Petey Haterton
      Petey Haterton

      My man said "Best wishes". Adam seems like a logical dude, that was straight clown shit.

    • Deejay Dynamic
      Deejay Dynamic

      Dirty Dishless98 exactly what i was thinking...

    • Christian Joseph
      Christian Joseph

      Dirty Dishless98 for real

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  • Ju3lz 19
    Ju3lz 19

    But i did the Case, bitch i lost the race.

  • A J
    A J


  • Purd

    Tay K looking like Malcolm X in the thumbnail

  • Elijah Ashman
    Elijah Ashman

    School was very hard

  • Jr Gomez
    Jr Gomez

    Big L for deleting that video 🤣🤣🤣 why he so mad at mgk is that the rapper Lena and her homegirl had a 3 some with

  • Devon Hutson
    Devon Hutson

    Shiiiiiiit he might be done for

  • emptye00

    That's the only defense he has. They know he was there and know he was gonna jack the dude. And when you're committing a felony and it leads to the death of someone, you're automatically guilty in the murder too. Cuz had you not committed the first crime, they wouldn't have died. The kid is done. He'll die in prison.

    • On Citas
      On Citas

      Exactly, so how can he be guilty of the robbery and not the body?

  • TheInfiniteFlow

    Fuck Tay-K. Mark was my brother I'd known him since 6th grade and he would've been 26 this September. My brother's gone and mother fuckers are still saying free tay-k. Fuck all of yall. Tay-K or someone involved with him shot and killed a creative mind. They wanted to steal his camera equipment, he was a photographer.

  • morgan roocroft
    morgan roocroft

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