Dizaster & Adam22 review Cassidy vs Goodz battle
One of the biggest battles of the year took place a few weeks ago and just went live on youtube. Today I had battle rap god Dizaster pull up on me so we could discuss the results of the battle.

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Proy Esclasis
    Proy Esclasis

    Soon as I saw Diz trash ass I knew he was gonna hate 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  • Sam Wise
    Sam Wise

    Dizaster beat Cassidy and goodz beat Cassidy

  • Amob Status
    Amob Status

    This nigga Diz just dissed Worcester. The second biggest city in new England? FUCK THIS CLOWN!!!!!

  • Andy Ramirez
    Andy Ramirez

    Cass gay that’s my ex name

  • ReelLifeBassFishing Alex Reyes
    ReelLifeBassFishing Alex Reyes


  • Matthew Quint
    Matthew Quint

    Cassidy used to be dope but battle rap a hard place :)

  • Ahmad Hch 963
    Ahmad Hch 963

    Real battle rap fans agree 100% with y'all

  • B Solo NJ
    B Solo NJ

    Man this discussion should be left to brothers that know the culture and know real rhythms and hip hop! Dizaster is wack! He's washed!

  • Your Mother
    Your Mother

    Dizaster seems different he's very calm everyone didn't like the wild dizaster but I rather have the wild dizaster

  • Your Mother
    Your Mother

    How you the hustler but looking like the customer lol

  • BuG Eyes
    BuG Eyes

    All the battle rappers that say goodz won, which is a high %, I think are just backing up goodz because they dont want to look weak and lose to a guy who just comes in their and does his thing.

  • Jonathan Evans
    Jonathan Evans

    Was Cassidy's first round actually good tho? He had a 15 minute first round and half of it was garbage. Goodz clearly won 3-0 in the minds of any hardcore battle rap fan that knows how to actually judge a battle . It wasn't even close

  • Goons Gang
    Goons Gang

    Not even gonna watch this!@#

  • Goons Gang
    Goons Gang

    Cassidy wooped Disaster & Goodz

  • Dad Gummit
    Dad Gummit

    The Dynamics of Cass vs Goodz is like Diz vs Cass and in Cass vs Goodz Cass is playing the Diz role that's why it's so crazy Diz is seeing it this way

  • So what now
    So what now

    Nah Cassidy won. And I don’t even like him.

  • Victory Winner
    Victory Winner

    Dizaster destroyed Cassidy I don't care what anyone says and now goodz destroyed Cassidy bad to cass sucks lol

  • Myname Ismyname
    Myname Ismyname

    Diz spit facts. It’s a different game. I’m the biggest Cas fan but his style is outdated in this era .🤷🏾‍♂️

  • YungDonKizon

    Is Adam even a battle rap fan? This is a real question. Never seen/ heard of him mention battle rap within my 10 years of being a fan. To me, this is the first time

  • harleyrider916

    Just because a style is new doesn't mean it's better. Sometimes the simplest things work all the time. It's like BB King playing the Blues like he did. He didn't play a shitload of notes but the few notes he played could move your soul every time and people never got tired of it. he never shredded or did these immaculate and fast runs up and down the fretboard as Steve Vai or Eddie Van halen would. Sometimes rappers and critics overthink or over analyze things. Sometimes the simple shit just works...bottom line. Cass stayed in his lane and outshined Goodz, however Goodz had the crowd staged for him.

  • chris generette
    chris generette

    Cassidy had punchlines Those kind of bars go over everyone's head at first that's why when you watch it again everyone is changing there mind

  • jfraz1992

    Cassidy didn’t kill diz y’all overhyping it Cassidy won but barely, he didn’t say anything remotely crazy except the diz imitation, when they first battled he was booed just like the Goodz battle

  • Ahmad Harrison
    Ahmad Harrison

    Somebody tell where the hell did Adam 22 come from? And what has he done for hi-hop?

  • Miguel Alvarez
    Miguel Alvarez

    Yeah let's ask the guy who Cassidy bodied who he thinks won..🤔🤔

  • 'K MAN.
    'K MAN.

    Perfect example of what no constant prayer can do to your mental😳😳😳😳😳.

  • William Stancil
    William Stancil

    Y'all funny as shit in the comments Cass clearly got did dirty 😂😂

  • Gino Foogle
    Gino Foogle

    cass is gassed up too much... he is really not that good.

  • J Hermoso
    J Hermoso

    cass 2-1! HANDS DOWN!! gtfoh

  • King Kha
    King Kha

    All you battle rappers trying to sell the Goodz won narrative but it doesn't fly anywhere else but with y'all

  • King Kha
    King Kha

    No one in your own comments agree with did I tuned in for honest opinion and the hate is real...

  • King Kha
    King Kha

    Disaster hating its 😥... Good was being goodz Cassidy was being cassidy and its ok for goodz and not cassidy... Foh

  • jrcolacola

    Cass took the L period

  • Gibar Judah
    Gibar Judah

    goodz paid people to boo.

  • bignardo95

    Goodz got in Cassidys ass. Cassidy thought straight rappin would do it for him. Having bars means nothing if you can't flip your style.

  • Alfredo Arana
    Alfredo Arana

    I waste 30 minutes n 13 seconds of my life on trash talk n hate crazy 😵😵..

  • Skee Nyce N Wavy
    Skee Nyce N Wavy

    Disaster DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT HIP Hop or the Culture

  • Art Of Money
    Art Of Money

    “you still livin with your pop and your mom In your room under the covers on your bed Tryna cover your ear so you won't hear your pop poppin' your mom” -Cassidy

    • Supreme Ameen
      Supreme Ameen

      That Shit Trash🚮


    Cass boring. Play this shit💥 Soundcloud.com/spaceboy86

  • Random Uploads
    Random Uploads

    Cass beat Diz. Straight up. I'm a Cass fan and wanted him to whoop goodz ass. But he lost to goodz. We have to get over it.

  • Javid Kirnon
    Javid Kirnon

    Someone tell Cass stop crying man up and take that l

  • greengator

    Who's your next battle DIZ?

  • Brian Bransfield
    Brian Bransfield

    You can tell diz just was in a fight look at his hands.

  • Reefy_ino Enterprise
    Reefy_ino Enterprise

    On god!!!! Cass is the best battle rapper hands down 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🌍🌍🌍💯💯💯💯🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍💯💯💯💯

  • Infamous Score_ Sнaĸυr Grimy BX Beatmaker
    Infamous Score_ Sнaĸυr Grimy BX Beatmaker

    At least invite avocado

  • mfpv_detroit

    Yall need to stop Cassidy eat diz and goodz ass up the UZload comments section of the Battle reveals who wom salty ass Clowns

  • Ant Nee
    Ant Nee

    Why do Diz have 2 permanent black eyes doe ???

  • Ant Nee
    Ant Nee

    Battle rappers need to appreciate the fact that when Cass gets in the ring a shines a huge light on battle rap for ppl that dont normally pay it much mind...

    • Slim Charles
      Slim Charles

      What does it matter if they're only watching for Cassidy? Those fans shit on every other battler, they don't care about anyone else

  • Christian Peters
    Christian Peters

    I think its a clearly 3:0 for Meidi

  • KIKIDUB503

    Cassidy's bars went over their heads and he is the simple one. Salty much. lol

  • KIKIDUB503

    Diz is still salty about his loss to Cassidy.lol

  • j bizz
    j bizz

    This dude looks like the darker/tatted Gary V 😂

  • JBiz80

    I know a lot of y'all don't want to hear this coming from Diz, but tell me what Diz said that was inaccurate.


    Cassidy still got niggaz talking

  • 7205buttas Goodinson
    7205buttas Goodinson

    He mad he lost to cass. I been watching battle wrap forever and cass definitely won

  • J w o n B o w l I n g
    J w o n B o w l I n g

    What you expect dizaster to say...but he's def not as simple as goodz y'all bugging. #realitycheck

  • FlixxHD1

    Culture Vultures

  • Jamel Jones
    Jamel Jones

    Everything goods said was a lie Tell me I'm lying n he had Boo tickets

  • Jamel Jones
    Jamel Jones

    Y'all so slow Damn rejects

  • Bebo Jenn
    Bebo Jenn

    Diz the fact that this your sec interviewing about Cass you lost...n everybody else takes this L

  • sean jean
    sean jean

    I like Dizaster but Cassidy clearly beat you!

  • Nach Yahawadah
    Nach Yahawadah

    Damn I knew he was gon be a hater

  • Jersey LTD
    Jersey LTD

    Why is adam talking about battle rap...and with diz...talking about a cass battle. Gtfoh

  • adesugba adedapo
    adesugba adedapo

    this comment section shows america is full of stupid people. i watched the battle..how can you say the guy who got booed won..this industry niggas bring their shity fan boys to battle rap and they poop everywhere...CASS IS TRASH. he's been TRASH SINCE THE CAR CRASH!

    • Slim Charles
      Slim Charles

      They really believe what Cass tells them

  • D.T

    Over 200 likes 😂😂

  • King Vinny
    King Vinny

    Cassidy be like “Jack at Jack in da box and Jack EYES GREW!!” 👀and his fans like “Bars is back! That was the best shit I ever heard! Holy shit! He’s too complex for this crowd!” Meanwhile I’m just laughing cuz it was the most trash/indirect shit I ever heard 😂 like wtf does Jack gotta do with Goodz?

  • greenjurrell

    Cass knows he lost

  • greenjurrell

    Cass got embarrassed

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown

    These salty ass clowns😂🤣😂🤣😂 cass won hands down...goodz is trash

  • xXUsualxSuspectXx

    Is Diz saying the culture is corny now?

  • Mason Major
    Mason Major

    Have never seen a rapper with more riders than Cassidy

  • Noel Roman
    Noel Roman

    Diz say Cass raps about random shit but that's what Diz does.. Tf. Salty ass victim.

  • Benny Blanco
    Benny Blanco

    Bars is back ! Stop hateing just kus y’all got no bars step ur bar game up


    Cassidy fans are hilarious

  • Donnie Trowell
    Donnie Trowell

    Adam I like you, your very entertaining. However, Cassidy is not super famous. If he was super famous he wouldn't have taken the battle. He may be super famous in the battle rap community but not in the mainstream. After I'm A Hustler came out he enjoyed a nice little 2 year run in the mainstream, but once that hype died down he fell off the face of the earth in the mainstream eyes. This nigga made a dang song about condoms and that song was top of the line grade A1 trash. So trash in fact that niggas stopped wearing them for awhile because we was embarrassed by the song. I guess Cassidy is responsible for a lot of babies being made during that time. Battle rap is offering his biggest checks right now so he has to take those battles in order to stay relevant.

  • Danny D
    Danny D

    I've been watching battle rap since the scribble jams back in the day, and I still say Cass beat Goodz. I also say Dizaster beat Cass.

    • greenjurrell

      Danny D stop it

  • Dara Cureton
    Dara Cureton

    I'm not watching this shit what did goods say that was hard to write

  • immortal being
    immortal being

    Goodz payed the crowd to boo second and third..goodz admitted it to shine.

  • Eternal Sin
    Eternal Sin

    Cas beat diz fuck is he talking for

  • Weetra27 _
    Weetra27 _

    Disaster is irrelevant

  • Poundz978

    Crazy how people think Goodz won and Diz Lost! WTF

    • greenjurrell

      Poundz978 cass got embarrassed

  • Texas Vet
    Texas Vet

    The Cassidy stans are all this comment section 😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️

    • greenjurrell

      Texas Vet I think it’s cass himself

  • Will C
    Will C

    This interview over first 1.47 my guy said cassidy fans average they like easy shit does anyone listen too goodz rap literally he has the weakest sorriest style out of battle rappers I heard n my life plus he suuuppppppper simple lmao I admit he ate casd round 2 but cass fans liking easy shit like goodz a bar king dude barz been for 2nd graders deadass dis need to stop 🛑

    • greenjurrell

      MAROBOY G.G.C 1100 cass got pissed on

  • not

    Diz u trash Cass washed u

  • Julius Johnson
    Julius Johnson

    Cass reminds me of Charlie Zeneloff tell me I’m lying

  • michael atencio
    michael atencio

    Cassidy lost 2-1. Not even debatable. Goodz fucked him up.

  • Jimmy Mac
    Jimmy Mac

    People really think Cassidy beat Goodz and that Cassidy wasn't getting smoked in in the first battle before they went to the parking lot. I loved Cassidy growing up and bumped him everyday but if u think he's a good battler nowadays your delusional

  • Malaki727

    Cass beat diz the 2nd battle in small room. Dont forget he lost in the big room. The 1st taping

    • King Vinny
      King Vinny

      Malaki727 oh you right af bruh my bad I thought you sayin Diz lost in the big room

    • Malaki727

      @King Vinny that's what I just said . Small room cass won. The 1st one in big room diz won

    • King Vinny
      King Vinny

      You have it backwards bruh. Diz was killing him on stage so Cass got the venue shut down so they could go battle in a garage and Cass could bring 50 people with him to go crazy for his shit.

  • Israel Iacob
    Israel Iacob

    Dizaster is crazy how the fuck he know Hip Hop Cass busted Goodz ass #period I'm from the Golden era of Hip Hop I know battle rap mufo's like Dizaster is why Hip Hop has taken a dip. Goodz was scared Cass called Goodz pussy, bitch, soft, tapped his pockets and and disrespected his daughter, when Goodz clearly said vs Tay Roc he'd never let a niggah disrespect his daughter in front of him Goodz ain't say shit. Dizaster don't know rhymes nor the culture how he isn't from the culture what a joke all this sticking together for the little man Cass got'em period plain and simple the Atlanta crowd was trash they don't fuck with lyrics down there Cassidy speaks the voice of the streets and as of now as far as battle rap Cass own y'all. Cass had you shook too Dizaster u a weller lyin ass wack rapper fake mc's like you is the reason the game is where it is now no mic skills! Can't rhyme over a beat no originality build ya skillz like KRS ONE said rappers talk too much shit but can't back it up with lyrics BUILD YA SKILLZ!

  • Wiesda Naweer
    Wiesda Naweer

    Dizaster haters: - Diz never said Cas doesn't have barz. He said it's just basic and simple. And that's true. Every phrase started with a word that rhymes with the last word of the sentence. Very easy because it makes you remember easier. - Diz didn't get 3-0'd by his own style. The whole battle got given to Cas because of the Diz impersonation. An impersonation is not a style. And just doing 4 barz impersonating Diz doesn't win you a battle, at least in my book. - Cas thinks he's the best. If you are the best, on the top, you can only fall. Right? You can't climb higher than the highest. So Diz talking about the room to grow, is very true. - 9:18 Diz admits in this interview that Cas did better against him than against Goodz. "create an environment like what he did with me". Honestly, if anybody is salty, it's all you guys. I see people talking about the house of HipHop and the culture but you're just a viewer on UZload who's never been into the house of HipHop or even bought a ticket. Diz loves the culture so if anything, he's more disappointed in Cas than salty. Just be real about it. Cas didn't get smoked or zipped up, Goodz just did a little better. Which was expected because he battles more often. I hope this cleared some things up. Keep watching battles ya'll. Peace

  • Dirty4andahalf #60secjokes #Godspill #GSA
    Dirty4andahalf #60secjokes #Godspill #GSA

    At 19:56 Dizaster Lies No one Says Nothing To Set You Off Real Battle Rap Fan Know You Are The Eminem Of Battle Your Always Angry And You Beat Up Math Hoffa

  • E dubb 414bound
    E dubb 414bound

    Diz is still butt hurt we don’t even know goodz real name...NBS

  • Loke Wavy
    Loke Wavy

    Let's not forget, Cass had a ghost writer in the Diz rematch

  • N C
    N C

    Diz sounds more bitter than an unbiased pundit. Do better


    I Thought Diz Was Dead!!! #CassWakingTheDeadUp

  • Unruly Masses
    Unruly Masses

    Coming from someone who Cass slaughtered🤔No thanks

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson

    Disaster is a vic. He's a true hip hop weirdo 🌊🏚🔥

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson

    Somebody please educate me on how Cass lost to Goodz. I'm sorry I don't see it🌊🏚🔥

    • John Thompson
      John Thompson

      So the pocket tap was poor body language? I guess🌊🏚🔥

    • John Thompson
      John Thompson

      @greenjurrell 😑

    • greenjurrell

      John Thompson look at cass body language he got embarrassed

  • Cappin With the Crew Podcast
    Cappin With the Crew Podcast

    So nobody acknowledges that Diz beat Cass on stage and Cass’ people ruined the battle so he could try again the next day 😂 So apparently that’s a win because the second battle they both were trash🤦🏾‍♂️ Goodz and Cass are aren’t lyrical they just talk loud 💀

  • Crime Boss
    Crime Boss

    Im here to say rap has to many excuses and fake shit fake sounds fake real sounds real as far as battle rap Cassidy voice says it all that’s a voice and when you can relate to a voice the voice win ⛏⛏⛏⛏⛏⛏