Celina Powell on Smashing 6ix9ine, Faking Offset Pregnancy
Celina Powell came on the podcast with stories to tell. Here she goes into a couple of wild ones about 6ix9ine and also tries to justify what she did to Offset and Cardi B

  • Manny Clav
    Manny Clav

    Where the hell is that accent from?

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  • Tee M
    Tee M

    She's lying lmao.. clearly because she's decent looking and not fat people are going to believe her It's a shame that if you're decent looking people will believe whatever you say about f****** a guy... This is outrageous Ladies take note if you're pretty you can make so much money not even showing yourself by just saying you're sleeping with a celebrity laughing my ass off this world is screwed

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    Brown_and_Curly_ NE_Girly

    Yo this is the saddest person I have ever seen... she’s like a child frozen

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    Elijah Ashman

    Puerto Rico we gotta do better.

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    Maria Sandhar-Cruz

    🤦🤦🤦🤦girls like this out here ruin the way ppl see girls

  • Billy Grayson
    Billy Grayson

    She’s a walking talking gonorrhea

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    corryn couture

    Disgusting 40 seconds into the video I'm done!!! Stop making trash famous

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    Nicki Nasrin

    I’ll let you check the CHAT out for a little bit...lmao why do white people talk like this 😭

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    See Ya Later

    Still not verified dirty bitch

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    Flip Pope

    1:52 that 69 impression

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    willaorwon't I

    She's the millenial version of Superhead.


    She gotta have some type of std

  • Brianna Phillips
    Brianna Phillips

    She fucked 6ix9ine but can’t be a stripper? 😂😂 girl..

  • K Breezy
    K Breezy

    he took out the cheef keef getting a 13 year old pregnant

  • GB

    Somebody marry that woman!

  • I

    Was 6ix9ine's nut rainbow colored?

  • Dustin Z.
    Dustin Z.

    Ak got cucked by 69 😂

  • John Spivey
    John Spivey

    Ak LMAO taking hoes too mall sheesh im be the only. 000000, nigga spending change on thot nigga the game different af

  • Zatie

    I wish people understood that doing shit like this is going to be around FOREVER. Good luck finding someone who wants to be with you after they see this & God forbid you ever reproduce & your poor kids see this shit.

  • Round 1
    Round 1

    ewww ak an 69 are blood brothers 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Unknown User

    Funny how everybody hates her

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    Marz_00 •

    Whoever gets this girl pregnant deserves to neck

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    Marz_00 •

    Jesus Christ she’s all laughing and shit like tf .. shit weird

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    Jesús Malverde

    This chick is a joke

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde

    This video really fucked up Ak’s career, I don’t think I could ever see him the same, he’s a super simp clout chaser

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde

    Never do this again Adam

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde


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    Pamela A

    This bish is nasty!

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    Who tf you got a range rover? how do you make money? 💀💀

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    Best video NoJumpers had in a minute

  • ᴊʙ

    shes so special

  • ᴊʙ

    lets pray for her soul

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    Walking desease

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    How the fuck she got a Range Rover tho

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    Justin Jones

    Had to put on a condom to watch this

  • Deon Mason
    Deon Mason

    This is the best interview ever. Thank you for calling a bitch out on her bullshit. Is she really too dumb to understand the light she’s shown in?😂😂

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    Melanie Johnson

    Just nasty

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    Wtf 😭

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    Ayoo 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Why am I here

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    firebeats firebeats

    Why are they giving her fame this world fucked

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    These comments got me dying 😭

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    She yucky , oh my. 😐💯

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    Hopefully this girl gets her head right. Sad.

  • Stewy

    This world is slowly turning into idiocracy, smh...

  • That Boi
    That Boi

    You are a grown ass man this shit is just embarrassing man get your shit together

  • saabstorage

    Adam is a Savage lmaooo this is actually sad

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    Justmiss jamey

    She tells waaay to many stories and different versions of them.

  • Yung Beanz
    Yung Beanz

    Nah she must have sum type of std

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    Mashaaa 209

    She's disgusting real talk our generation is fucked

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    Mike de Rooij

    Man, knowing how much nut she swallows you would expect her to be like 500 lbs .

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    Borntobelucky 02

    She's dumb as a box of rocks. I feel like I lost 50 i.q. points and got gonorrhea listening to her...

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    This bitch is just sad

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    S/o to dirty dom vlog squad. Lmaoo Adam petty for that 😭😭😭

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    Samuel Gauthier

    Broo shes just straight up stupid, what she says makes no sense😂

  • Thugger21

    I bet six nine is very happy he wore a condom now lol

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck

    Wtf is this trash Adam ????? You could round up some homeless with more interesting stories and personality than this.

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    RM Food Reviews

    why she saying a.k

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    Ricardo Gonzalez

    Nasty bitch 🤢

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    Flexo Bando

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    Fresh Start Fitness

    Soon this chic gonna run out of niggas. Then she just gonna be some baggy pussied,broken ass piece of trash like she deserves.

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    Son Goku

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    Aubrey Graham

    Is he being like vlad ? With the clips

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    Two Directions

    Imagine wifing this girl up. . Nahhhhhhhhh

  • Linda B
    Linda B

    Rappers sleep with MILLIONS of random ass women and they get CELEBRATED. A woman does the same thing and she gets called a Thot/Hoe/etc. Hypocrisy at its finest! LOL

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    good life

    Straight fucking trash

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    Jessie Cee

    Does she have special needs? There’s a few screws loose amongst other things

  • HH

    she is flaunting sex as a defense mechanism because of her low self esteem..i feel very sorry for her.

  • LiveSoundDreamer

    She sounds like the new Kat Stacks! 🙈

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      Marie Antoine


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    Bruh whenever she interrupts Adam I got triggered 🙂

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    At 6 minutes in I could tell she's tweaking

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    This girl is nasty it’s gross how girls really are

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    Even Bill Cosby hit that in his prime

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    Lmaoooo akademiks got exposed af

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    Lol AK talks about simping, and he doin petty ass shit!

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    i'm glad my reality has no girls like this in it

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    This is why I want a son

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    Hey? did 69 went out with you celina Powell

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    Couldn’t imagine the diseases this bitch got 😂 smh

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    Shaheem Brooks

    Lol popping in these streets lol uea popping tht pussy in them streets

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    Slum Lordz

    Adam “so you didn’t want to miss the opportunity on 69 nut” lmfaooo

  • Pat Graham
    Pat Graham

    I'm just putting 2 and 2 together here she said "I got ran up on in Miami" and then said she wouldn't talk about b/c her lawyer and then they start talking about offset and how her homie and her met up with the migos in Miami and her friend said "we had a bad experience with them in Miami" AKA Cardi's goons probably gave her a case of the beats for the whole "offset got me pregnant" story she made up...This bitch is dumb if she thought she was being low-key.

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    Neglekt Official Channel

    Adam hilarious as hell.

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    Beorge Dush

    "You're a fucking L you dumb bitch" lmao hahahaha XD

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    Whens interveiws with rappers gunna start again i fap to the pornstars and shit i could give 2 fucks about their life story

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    Bro she’s a skeezer

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    ak's credibility is ruined now 😆

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    Ok wait this is disgusting I'm leaving to go watch porn.

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    Who's the other girl?

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    Why Adam why. She’s a clout chaser loser

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    Yall call her a thot but act like yall wont smash if you could 😂😂

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    This is just depressing