We Hooked Up With Trisha Paytas (Epic Vlog!!!)
in today's vlog Lena and I went to Trisha Paytas' house and we filmed some heat for the world to see go support these strong women
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    Her voice man... am i in hell?


    This can't be true.. *puts down food* Yeah I don't feel well...

  • $ecret$quirrel

    😂I. Don't like u Adam I watch anything wtf wrong with u

  • $ecret$quirrel

    😂the internet is a a lie

  • $ecret$quirrel

    Don't catch feelings Adam long as u paying that $ everything is ok don't worry bro yes ya girl loves u 😂😂😂😂

  • $ecret$quirrel

    I show ppl this video sometimes to be like yo look at this dude!!! 🤦🤦

  • ThatOnedude

    wasn't she with moses like for 4 months prior?

  • Kessler J
    Kessler J

    Ur kid finna get bullied

  • Kessler J
    Kessler J

    The kid is gonna see this

  • jwalkrr

    "do you guys like have guns??" Adam: yeah yeah, on me rn my dawg ready

  • mohamed adan
    mohamed adan

    bruh imagine x was still alive and he saw this shit.

  • S. N.
    S. N.

    You guys are embarrassing af ... poor kid

  • Devon Olsen
    Devon Olsen

    Yall suck leave them alone rope gang for life and god bless there kid already got more money and clout than all of you commenting I think it would be lit to have them as parents honestly lmao most of us have far worse.

  • Nayops 20
    Nayops 20

    I feel bad for the kid


    Damn bro its been a minute who else was a fan when he would interview small artists and bmx

  • Jake Turner
    Jake Turner

    No idea who this woman is

  • Und3fined Gaming
    Und3fined Gaming

    if you just said the n word ... you definitely get the pass

  • VanessaLov3

    I don’t See how this couple thinks it’s normal to just have threesomes like that especially with that women being pregnant 🤰 that is so strange to me. That girl seriously does not have a brain. And that guy is so disgusting. 🤮

  • Treasure LA
    Treasure LA

    Aren’t u like hip hop lmfao

  • Miami Mouse
    Miami Mouse

    Damn, this ain't it ☹

  • Joshlyne Chapoose
    Joshlyne Chapoose

    Lena was so cute with her bump! 😩❤️👶🏻 🤰🏻

  • Lola Rodriguez
    Lola Rodriguez

    Her tounge look nasty😂 why tffff would u have a 3 some with a legit bipolar

  • Ryan long
    Ryan long

    Trisha is so disgusting

  • Splorp Ploo
    Splorp Ploo

    Why are you such a douche you sound like Logan Paul lmao

  • Jamie Reid
    Jamie Reid

    Feel so sorry for the child. Like my heart actually hurts.

  • informed Traveler
    informed Traveler

    Don’t let this distracted you from the fact that 7 dudes ran thru that before Adam got her pregnant

  • informed Traveler
    informed Traveler

    If my mom got tested for stds every week I would kill my self

  • Def Leppard RockBrigade
    Def Leppard RockBrigade

    LMFAO @ 5:36

  • Dannyo

    Adam22 looks like he spray paints his head lol

  • Pate Futch
    Pate Futch

    Isn’t this the girl that old dude dates that’s in David’s videos ?

  • Pate Futch
    Pate Futch

    She Scrogged Aron carter?

  • Allan Wakefield
    Allan Wakefield

    Total sick fks ! Kids done. Late term abort that now :)) pls

  • sky

    I feel bad for their child, imagine everyone bullying him/her at school because of this.

  • Uncle Nature
    Uncle Nature

    This is sick behavior

  • ღ L i s a G i r l ღ
    ღ L i s a G i r l ღ

    And Lil Xan your friend??

  • Stephanie Nielsen
    Stephanie Nielsen

    Saw this on the hub😬

  • Dene Stone
    Dene Stone

    What a Low Rotten Thing To Do.

  • Taylor Lee
    Taylor Lee

    Can I hook up with y’all next lolll

  • Hegelian Detective
    Hegelian Detective

    So you're who pornstars go to, when they either get STDs or get pregnant?

  • Outlawz10BB

    All I can say is Yuuuuckkkkk🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • ßäh -_- πäjî
    ßäh -_- πäjî

    No wonder I never did like Adam y'all busy doing demonic shit 🙅🔥💯

  • Brian Gaede
    Brian Gaede

    Adam don’t let us down again please

  • kiko johnson
    kiko johnson

    Yall really that mad that they like to fuck? Waaay too many Karen's and newly sober Kyle's on here lmao

  • Darkling Moth
    Darkling Moth

    No judgement from me, but this kind of seems like the type of thing Adam probably shouldn't have shared on the internet.. but hey do whatever you want as long as everyone is safe about it.

  • Pastademiks

    only make iphone vlogs, way more fire tbh

  • Mrs.Italy D
    Mrs.Italy D

    How can I come and be apart of y’all’s triangle?

  • Ashley

    Damn and their really gonna have a daughter jesus christ..... good luck to them when's she's 16 and probably catching all sorts of STD's lmao

  • OopsWrongWhole

    She is so gross

  • Rodk Vic
    Rodk Vic

    One day will see... why are y'all assuming their child would WANT to see this? 🤣

  • JP

    7:36 bruh “best behavior”. Best behavior my ass🤣

  • kai vasey
    kai vasey

    If my parents did this to me it would be hands on sight I would turn into a damn octopus that's how fast I would be punching lmfao like we could be fighting at night and they would think its daytime I swear on all the gods 💀😂

  • Josue Tostado
    Josue Tostado

    Everyone are literally such haters in these comments lmaooo

  • Raymond Larson III
    Raymond Larson III

    Looking super happy. Happy looks good girl.

  • xcarraski

    Lena so overated

  • Joe loves
    Joe loves

    Hi Adam, just subscribed. I have enjoyed the no jumper Chanel content for some time now, and the adam22 has some interesting content that I have been recently made aware of. By the way congratulations to you and Lena both on the upcoming birth of your baby.

  • BPShoot P
    BPShoot P


  • Steve Syahs
    Steve Syahs

    6:56 Y'all too busy judging to notice the dido. Side Note: I appreciate the fact, that you both are confident enough with each other to include others at times. That actually takes a lot of communication, honesty and openness to maintain that, without causing issues. Kudos. I have no question your girl will be just fine in life.

  • Nico Nick
    Nico Nick

    welcome the the new orld order where this is normal and casual everthing is fucked society is ending....

  • Nico Nick
    Nico Nick

    I feel bad for that baby growing up. gunna have some real problems if not cared for. society is completely fucked i hate how casual they are about all this ita disgusting. growing up in shithole la with shit people and parents he's gunna be born brainwashed.

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez

    Adams been wanting to smash Trisha..

  • Louis Alexander
    Louis Alexander

    A bunch of people who never been in a threesome in these comments lol

  • Geoff /// M Nelson
    Geoff /// M Nelson

    Unsubbed here a lonnnnnnng time ago. Came back after I heard this on h3h3. Was trash content and it's only gotten worse

  • Déjà Vu
    Déjà Vu

    Lena is hot asf. Sweet bod👌🏾

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith


  • Dale Power
    Dale Power

    Anyone else still trying to pretend like this didnt happen?

  • Tariah Sprouls
    Tariah Sprouls

    People in the comments talking bad about their parenting Bc they have sex mean while children are literally being beaten to death by their parents and what are y’all doing for them? 😴

  • Ban Nsabin
    Ban Nsabin

    Funny how everyone is commenting and claiming some morale knighthood shit but you come here to watch for what? If you don't like how he's living his life you can click off

  • CezaMVO

    This is next level gross, no standards, morals, decency, at all. Some lines shouldn't be crossed.

  • Matt Graham
    Matt Graham

    this felt like i just watched a porno on yt lol

  • Sage Daze
    Sage Daze

    This ain't it adam

  • Melissa Fritts
    Melissa Fritts

    I dont understand why ppl think shes not supposed to be sexually active just because shes pregnant. It doesnt matter who and how many ppl she gets it in with, its life 🤷‍♀️

  • Nicole Nutter
    Nicole Nutter

    Why is everyone so mad i just dont understand the outrage

    • Tigger and Piglet
      Tigger and Piglet

      Because they have no consideration for their unborn daughter. By banging T.P, they vicariously make their daughter's first achievement one based on sex with an ex-escort whose probably high outta her mind

  • Thanos Prime
    Thanos Prime

    Imagine having a baby to realise that you are still pay check to pay check on a porn career.

  • Emperor Constantine
    Emperor Constantine

    What a clown

  • Jazlyn Staton
    Jazlyn Staton


  • 800 subs with no videos
    800 subs with no videos

    it’s like Adam is making this video tryna convince himself that what he did was ok...

  • Zyyy

    I dont wanna have a daughter..🙄

  • ItsYaBoyCris

    Damn... Lena so pretty 😍

    • ItsYaBoyCris

      Damn.... Dominoes 😛😛😛

  • LeN mC
    LeN mC

    They should be arrested for child abuse for the amount of shit this kid is gonna take from other kids.

  • Jes R
    Jes R

    Baby isn’t even born yet and they’re already shitty parents. Poor kid.

  • miah hartley
    miah hartley


  • conor mcclung
    conor mcclung

    Adam Lana changing the game , content before baby during and after , you know how dope that is , people need to catch up with the time’s , 2021 bitches take note of these two , ahead of the game , all the way from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Janine v
    Janine v


  • Lyn za
    Lyn za

    if u gotta record urself stating ur std free online bc of ur life style.. u need a a new life... that is just wow nasty... what r u out here makin ur girl do.. that is not a man.. provide for her.. this is just sleazy but then trying to make it seem ok.. when its the furthest from anything being ok.. she is pregnant u whacko ..

  • Lyn za
    Lyn za

    buttttttt trishas been on line stating she has the herps for year n crying about how much the meds cost.. shes since deleted those vids but i always been on to her channel n i saw her post those bids yrs ago...this is tru.. adam man u must be hard up for material.. mega yikes this id didnt even get many views for the risk

  • Brooke Charland
    Brooke Charland

    this fucking video quality is just amazing like what camera do you have cause I'm bout to buy whatever the fuck it is

  • Brayden Bordelon
    Brayden Bordelon

    wasn’t she wit jason nash at the time lmfao🤣😭

  • The JBurke Project
    The JBurke Project

    I feel like you guys missed the big picture here. This is Hollywood. They are literally pornstars. Would you click on it probably not but is it there to click yes. Lastly I repeat this is Hollywood. Nobody asked for y’alls opinion hiding behind a smartphone. Also his kid isn’t gonna worry about shit. He/This child is going to have trickled down wealth not exposed to the daily struggles . Therefore he/she won’t give a fuck about what their parents did to make money only to realize the did do something!

  • emma joyce
    emma joyce


  • Mtrap _t
    Mtrap _t

    Lol N word?

  • Lil Lolo
    Lil Lolo


  • xxdjarkxx

    Miss the vlogs way more then that new shit you on

  • Sergio Lizarraga
    Sergio Lizarraga

    Haters going to hate but like u one day ur going to tell ur child how many girls u had to do to get u an good education...#usdadsknowbest

  • Aaron Rodriguez
    Aaron Rodriguez

    This sh1t was on the hub I thought it was fake but seeing this vlog got me shook

  • Mc Kool Aid
    Mc Kool Aid

    It probably burns when he pees

  • Red Ruby
    Red Ruby

    Who else came from pornhub

  • P J
    P J

    If my parents did this shit to me I would commit seppuku

  • P J
    P J

    I just saw that on pornhub and broke out the trusty Nauzene

  • Lil Scars
    Lil Scars

    I could be the next big thing.. juice told me I have legend status

  • Lil Scars
    Lil Scars

    SoundCloud is lil $cars

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