Why We Decided To Get Back Together
family channel vlog: uzload.info/fun/mYaZl6rc0aaY0ac/video
in today's vlog I made up with my girlfriend Lena and then hit the store to interview TK Kirkland but ultimately just ended up talking about our relationship for a while.

  • Krista Buckpitt
    Krista Buckpitt

    I love your love ❤️

  • Moll Tidwell
    Moll Tidwell

    I love them as a couple

  • Gary Poppins209
    Gary Poppins209

    Anyone else find it extremely awkward how Lena never looks away from Adams eyes when they’re talking ? 👀

  • Cherri Cakes
    Cherri Cakes

    I just don't like how he cheat on her haha and how she lets him its kinda sad

  • BalKanPluG

    Dammit, Adam. Is Lena sick? Got the Corona out here, man! Have some respect.

  • Lily Martinez
    Lily Martinez

    Adam its time for that next step dude😌 💍

  • Big Ptm
    Big Ptm

    I'm tired of these same adds Everytime. I get it, Biden and Trump both suck off China? I wish we could get rid of both of them and start over.

  • Lee ONeill
    Lee ONeill

    the tits on it

  • Ashton Wiebe
    Ashton Wiebe

    Adams kid is fucked.

  • Destiny Pineapple
    Destiny Pineapple

    I used to really doubt their relationship and think Adam was just an asshole. However, after watching this video I understand their relationship dynamic. You can really tell they love each other.

  • emma

    Why tf is everyone hating on Adams shit if u don’t like it don’t watch...obviously

  • Gary Hall
    Gary Hall

    Keep trying Adam You Can Do It!!

  • Merchant of Truth
    Merchant of Truth



    Lmk if u need me to raw dawg lena LMK

  • Benjy

    Damn her voice is deeper than his

  • JoJo Gets head
    JoJo Gets head

    Nice porn vid

  • Patricia Shy
    Patricia Shy

    I agree with you Adam. How do these woman wipe their Ass? Besides other things with 💅

  • The debt collector
    The debt collector

    Dude she got back together with you because you have money wake the fuck up and listen to tom Leykis

    • Edith Obodo
      Edith Obodo

      Nah it’s cos He doesn’t want you.

  • Mattyice

    Lena’s breath smells like dingle berries.

  • Cierra QueenPin Clark
    Cierra QueenPin Clark

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 🙃 enough said. 💨

  • tyler marcantel
    tyler marcantel

    Acrylic nails are great for back scratches my girl gets em done but not super long

  • Anthony Karpe Buy It
    Anthony Karpe Buy It


  • Gooseneck Gaming
    Gooseneck Gaming

    Didnt know yall seperated

  • Bork_on_my_spork

    Girls poop and fart? Why did no one tell me?😂😂

  • Vince Rodriguez
    Vince Rodriguez

    poor girl for sure this kook is milking money off of all things this young girl will milk him and be gone soon as she matures and ge3ts smart

  • Lou Lou82
    Lou Lou82

    Great news n love U Lena, Ur good together :-)

  • OG scotty Blynx2
    OG scotty Blynx2

    What' a bunch of crap

  • Tara STracuzzi
    Tara STracuzzi

    What show was she on? I want to watch whatever it is

  • Samlovesmusicc

    3 nuts😭

  • Amy Hankinson
    Amy Hankinson

    Get married! Love you guys!

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith

    3:20 lmfaooo

  • Nicholas Legee
    Nicholas Legee

    Why do I get notified about this garbage? How is it in my you tube? Go away Adam42.

  • Dana Rose
    Dana Rose

    Almost break up.... let’s have a baby!!! 😂

  • leon reign
    leon reign

    Fuck uberhoney. That ad. Cringe

  • The Snake Trap Sessions
    The Snake Trap Sessions

    Create memories... not babies.

  • Angel Nuñez
    Angel Nuñez

    So coincidently at 4:20 secondsyou start talking about smoking weed in your interviews and to be honest that’s one of the main reasons I started following you because you would interview rappers famous people and all while medicating which I find to be absolutely stunning. So yea hopefully you can get a better place

  • Double X
    Double X

    *Yooo Adama²², "I know You don't Like/Get along" with Ma Man Kellz.. If U CAN get that Interview done with Kellz, I will 4eva Be Grateful to U. No cap!!* *Plus, U Got what You wish fo (The View) 😜😜😜👍* 💸💵💴

    • kai vasey
      kai vasey

      I feel like I just received brain damage reading this

  • Valerie tinaco
    Valerie tinaco

    Doenero100 killed Adam on ig and Twitter I don’t blame Adam for blocked him it was lit😂😂

  • ChadillacV

    So annoying

  • Elphs

    Lena's used as fuck, Lol major L if u get her prego u a bitch dawg

  • Versatility

    Stop trying for a kid, grow the fuck up first before destroying a kids life



  • Michael vick
    Michael vick

    Make sure you get that prenup

  • Spencer Godfrey
    Spencer Godfrey

    hahahahahah classic

  • The Rodriguez Twins
    The Rodriguez Twins

    Loving the vlogs man

  • smoothice4

    U got any job openings???

  • ogkosmo kush
    ogkosmo kush

    Tom macdonald

  • Journull Music
    Journull Music

    Fucking fake lying bitch

  • Cama Andre
    Cama Andre

    Why tf she talking like that

  • RC Racing
    RC Racing

    Legend say that Adam 22 Will like this comment

  • Nate Olsen
    Nate Olsen

    Lena: *excited about trying to get pregnant* Adam: can we talk about how hard it was being away from me for so long

  • mangreater37


  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez

    Adam looks like he’s 40

  • Manuel Iniguez
    Manuel Iniguez

    I see Josh has got you on the Js

  • TT

    I love these 2 together. They are totally friends in my head... 😂 please adopt me as yr human pet. Ox

  • Very Hush Hush
    Very Hush Hush

    I love you two together!

  • TaylzFuego 2fire
    TaylzFuego 2fire

    She stares in his face so close & fixated that it makes me feel clusterphobic . Look like she tryna count his pores. Idk I like my personal space so sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable to watch lol 😖

  • Beatin The Banks Fishing
    Beatin The Banks Fishing

    So ready for you to hit the mil on this one !! Congrats in advance man

  • Max Pitt
    Max Pitt


  • Fillatron

    why u have to do my mans like that 3:19

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith


  • gpt1984

    Studio city, burbank, or north hollywood...new recording studio/no jumper dispensary...I can feel it comin..get it, adam...youre welcome, 🤣

  • Birdo Shmokes
    Birdo Shmokes

    Adam12 lol

  • Ella Cruz
    Ella Cruz

    I just need someone who looks at me like lena looks at adam♥

  • Tyler Letendre
    Tyler Letendre

    Cause if they can afford it Adam 22 cause idk they wanna I guess lol ye


    get Dan Pena

  • Big Andy
    Big Andy

    when only fans stops paying the bills

  • Scarlet Cold
    Scarlet Cold

    It's called the american dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

  • Maverick *
    Maverick *

    Almost 1 mil subscribers 😎💯

  • Katelin Jenkins
    Katelin Jenkins

    Lol I think the REALLY long nails aren’t for me , but I agree with Lena , let the girls express themselves lol

  • John Wolfe
    John Wolfe

    wow were all so shocked adam22 clicked baited us. do anything for the clout

  • UMGッ

    There two broke up for like 5 mins

  • Drip fatigue
    Drip fatigue

    Your girl bad asf

  • Sydnee Paige
    Sydnee Paige

    Lena is the cutest ☺️

  • Emily Dressler
    Emily Dressler

    Love you both!!💖

  • Gav

    So like what happens when their kid finds Lena on pornhub?

  • Mike Hayes
    Mike Hayes

    Adam12 😂😂😂

  • jamaicawaka

    the pants are slowly slidin off adams legs and onto lenas , theres a new sherriff in town i can tell

  • Alex Adamson
    Alex Adamson

    Because you never even broke up.

  • 1oftherealistouthere

    she was missing the money 100

  • Jimmy C
    Jimmy C

    You guys are so cute you can see the real love in yalls eyes

  • Eddy127

    Oh yes lena was in the reality house I want to see it

  • Tony Don
    Tony Don

    "Our brand new channel" *Her name on it* Simp shit.. getting played and set up.

  • Eddy127

    2k until 1milll

  • Mr. Ray Barker
    Mr. Ray Barker

    Getting close to A Milli ☝️👀

  • supreme

    Why the fuck are yall arguing on a vlog, theres alot of tension between you two

  • Elijah Ashman
    Elijah Ashman

    Clout Baby


    more vlogs!!!!

  • Matt Sharp
    Matt Sharp

    Why do i feel like the whole "break up" was a cash grab for theyre kid??

  • Whatz Upper Ent.
    Whatz Upper Ent.

    Going to read the comments make me realize how today's generation are so fucking dumb. They never broke up he was joking/clickbaiting y'all. He even said in the last video when he told his gym trainer and was like "if young don't believe it how is this clickbait gonna work?" People literally comment before they even wat h the video... This generation are morons.... 😂😂😂😂💀

  • pinchinpennies

    they don't seem to relate..

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    Damm look at that body. Way to go adam. She hella sexy with a bomb personality

  • Broadway Biz
    Broadway Biz

    I'm happy for you guys

  • jslimpb

    She carries herself like a teenage girl. He gonna have problems

    • Carly Nicole
      Carly Nicole

      jslimpb she’s more mature and established than you are.

  • Rock Lee
    Rock Lee

    Yo Adam can you pls try and get an interview with Azizi Gibson!!!

  • Da Plug
    Da Plug

    Aweeee y’all lil niggas tryna have a baby ♥️♥️♥️♥️ love y’all

  • TripleOJesus

    my bm was the same way nd it took like a year for her to get prego so be ready for that every month fam lmfao

  • Ben Coffman
    Ben Coffman

    Didn't believe it for a second Adam jeez.

  • *Candice *
    *Candice *

    Wait, is Lena going/went on big brother?

  • Lex Prinz
    Lex Prinz

    Lena your the cutest

  • Bleep Bloop
    Bleep Bloop

    bruh just put a ring on it