Lil Wayne's Daughter dumped YFN Lucci bc of an IG Comment
we gonna talk about the drama between Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci today boys

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Margaret Bennett
    Margaret Bennett

    Regina tho 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • bee gee
    bee gee

    She grown dude nu can’t even pronounce her name go to bed dude

  • Taryn

    “You know who has that problem? Me” 😂😂😂😂 I’m dying I love Lena

  • arcadeMcfly

    Maya Bijou!!

  • t swerdna
    t swerdna

    I feel dumber

  • Matt Sena
    Matt Sena

    "I thought I was getting robbed briefly but I realized it's just the cleaning lady" you kill me

  • Jonathan E
    Jonathan E

    Title got me 💀

  • Anthony Heckman
    Anthony Heckman

    Adem 22 is falling off. Man gets like no views no more.

  • Mr. Crickinyaneck
    Mr. Crickinyaneck

    Adam22 i dunno if you will see this or not but you should really check out trapout kidd with trapout ent super flame bro

  • Leeann Witt
    Leeann Witt

    Lol oh well🤪🎶🎤🖤

  • Ap Whyte
    Ap Whyte

    Yo Adam u know anything bout TAY Ks case ?? 👀🤷🏽‍♂️🤞🏽

  • Torrance Roc
    Torrance Roc

  • Yimire

    Look there is this guy on SoundCloud that I wish was bigger, and his SoundCloud name is TrapGod, Check out TRAPGOD on #SoundCloud

    • Yimire

      Just check him out please


    Lena Watching my wiener 😂

  • Gavin Masker
    Gavin Masker

    Do a pouya interview again 🔥🔥

  • kace1k

    Boosie a dumbass fr. He got no respect

  • Ted Beeziase #ThoGang
    Ted Beeziase #ThoGang

    Fuk you. .. I love Maya Bijou

  • Trillo Mane
    Trillo Mane

    Shes 20 hes 28 hows it weird

  • Lilpeepee

    Make a podcast

  • Damarco R.
    Damarco R.

    Adam why u cut that hair off?

  • Back Pills
    Back Pills

    Adam can you make a video of you reacting to Australian rapper

  • Deja Frazier
    Deja Frazier

    LMAO I had to watch why she broke up with him then to see why compared to other stuff she should of broke up with him over remind me of me I do understand it's the new generation but she have a beautiful mom that will teach her so nae this is just my opinion but I still love who u are I did crazy things too when I was young broke up with my boyfriend over gum and should of broke up with him for hitting me lol I was dumb boo and u might go through more but that's what makes us stronger love u nae forget what people feel.

  • Some Fookery
    Some Fookery

    Wtf is wrong with adam22 like open relationships mean that both genders are allowed to have sex with opposite genders but obv he only brings girls in the bed let’s be real

  • Meechie Moreno
    Meechie Moreno

    Lol 😂🙃

  • LaWanda Relford
    LaWanda Relford

    Learn how to pronounce her name right smh

  • t perkins94
    t perkins94

    Hey get her name wouldn't want anybody mispronoun cing your name. Why wht ppl so caught up in hip hop anyway can't even get the story str8

  • Branden Thompson
    Branden Thompson

    He a lil Wayne fan but say the girl name right. She said Regina, 🤣😂

  • Alex Bennett
    Alex Bennett

    YFN is wack man

  • Ronnie Young
    Ronnie Young

    K heresay is the rap name

  • Patrick MacVane
    Patrick MacVane

    I just think it depends on the standards you set with your partner. Although I dont think that reaction is really needed when it was an upside down smile emoji. I think it's because she is young and doesn't have much relationship exp

    • Abe S
      Abe S

      Well I can't blame her when everyone be so fake nowadays you can't know what's real or not. A Lot of people nowadays are just so damn selfish will lead you on making you think you're the only person then finding out later they were just keeping you around as a backup incase it don't work of with the person they really want. This new dating games are really having a negative impact on people cuz look around you and all we see is just divorced parents, baby mamas, deadbeat fathers, and single men who refuse to get married or have kids because of the financially risk involved. What I find funny tho is how woman be wanting dudes like YFN, Fetty Wap ,and Future who have dozens of baby mamas thinking they'll be the one to change dude then when that don't work they think having their baby will then get surprised when said dudes do them like they did them other baby mamas.

  • James Hickman
    James Hickman

    Lmao Adam you so funny

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore

    His bitch is wow dayroom who breaks up over a upside down smiley

  • 멘붕

    3 minutes of talking about YFN Lucci 7:37 of adam bragging about his sex life. this man uses every single topic under the sun as a segway right into having a threesome. creepy old guy pervert dude we get it, move on.🗣️what-would-freud-say❓

  • Cloud the boy
    Cloud the boy

    Adam stop breaking up with your hair. We miss it

  • off3nc3

    Eyy look it's the STD riddled skinhead still trying to stay relevant , gtfo you pleb

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee

    maybe she doesn't give head .

  • HazletonsHottest

    isn't it easier for YFN lucci to just not comment the smiley. And the upside down smiley means like damnnnnnn, you making me uncomfortable in a good way lmfaooo

  • xd memes
    xd memes

    I hate all these rappers putting random ass letters in there name


    I dont fux with that boi but his lil chica straight trash for that

  • Michael Lance
    Michael Lance

    Adam let a bro smash yo h-

  • Billy Bust Inside
    Billy Bust Inside

    It’s like a “my Minds blown but not quite blown more like “damn that just happened cool”

  • Noir Zero
    Noir Zero

    Big flex ? 💀

  • moto toad
    moto toad

    Wow you're really out here covering the stories that matter. This is some important shit. I'm glad I watched this, idk how I would've gotten through the rest of the week without this. 🤣

    • Daniel Bostick
      Daniel Bostick

      You clicked the video?

  • 7 7 7
    7 7 7

    Damn adam, always gossiping promoting trash music. Cringe

  • FlightSchool 101
    FlightSchool 101

    Thiis man said hes tripped out by Lucci (a grown as man) dating a 20yr old but Adam is always on live with 20-22 yr olds trying to talk them into 3sums with his girl 😂😂. Hypocrite

    • Firas Abouzahr
      Firas Abouzahr

      FlightSchool 101 that was 100% not his point dumbass 🤣 he said it’s trippy that lil Wayne is old enough to have a daughter dating another rapper... way to legit take it completely out of context

  • water guy
    water guy

    Yfn = Young fuck niggas

  • Rashon G
    Rashon G

    Wow what a life Adam leads... tryna turn my shit poly lmao

  • Michael Mathew
    Michael Mathew

    maybe theres somthing behind the scenes we dont know of

  • Nbruder

    Hey Adam22 why are you reporting on bullshit clickbait articles that only brain dead morons give a f*ck about.

  • AMG Cartel
    AMG Cartel

    1:05 its Not “REGINA” its ReginaE

    • Andrew M
      Andrew M

      its a fuckin retarded made up name who gives a fuck how you say it

  • J.H.P Music
    J.H.P Music

    1:05 niga its Reginae.. Not fukin regina.. 😒

  • Smiley Montoya
    Smiley Montoya


  • Rex Ontop
    Rex Ontop

    80% of dudes don’t do that typa shit when they have a girl bc it’s disrespectful

  • MyAncestorsBuiltThisCountryNotWhitePeople

    Adam is not a real Wayne fan, if he was he would’ve said her name correctly lol

    • Firas Abouzahr
      Firas Abouzahr

      682Deano bro Wayne’s music got nothing to do with his daughters name🤣 to be a real fan is to be a true supporter of his music

  • run to niko
    run to niko

    So LTP is bi Adam ??!?

  • SauceNoFlex

    Reginae got that bag. Think about all the money she will get later in life from her dad. Anybody who is smart would knock that chick up lol. I would.

  • Stav Miguel
    Stav Miguel

    He really speaks facts my girl and I are on the same level with openness. Our life has never been so laid back and legitimate. My girl will call girls out for me when I miss them.

  • Stav Miguel
    Stav Miguel

    Trap Lore Ross on this shit asap.

  • The GOAT
    The GOAT

    Nigga u smashed maya bijou? Im gonna go kill myself rq ill be right back

  • Ms. L
    Ms. L

    Anybody else see that episode of 1000 ways to die where the slutty gardener girl choked on a cucumber?

  • Ryan eM
    Ryan eM

    For your own safety, don't underestimate that cleaning lady.... please 🙏🏼

  • Chicho Johnson
    Chicho Johnson

    She a spoil ass RAPPER daughter fuck her!YFN lucci do you!

  • Eric Erock
    Eric Erock

    You and Lena should hook up with the cleaning lady

  • Iron Lung
    Iron Lung

    Adam ain't letting another dude hit lena in front of him ,even if hes hitting another bitch at the same time,polyamorous my ass

  • Drew Guapo
    Drew Guapo

    I used to be a Joe Biden fan until I saw how he actually acted lol dudes a weirdo and a creep


    I’m convinced Reginae & Regina are two different names

    • Deaundre Williams
      Deaundre Williams

      They are tf Lmfao one is pronounced Re - gin - aye and the other is pronounced Re - gen - a.

  • Zach Shackelford
    Zach Shackelford

    Wild what this channel has turned into

  • Stressed Panda
    Stressed Panda

    You let the little shit slide then you gotta let the big shit slide and no sis uh uh

  • Vctry

    She look like a city girl. PeriodT

  • kardiak 530
    kardiak 530

    My man adam should definitely look into LEGAL pimpin' im just sayin if ur havin 3somes almost every night it wouldnt be too hard to put a wig on a 🐖 u dig?

  • Joe DidIt
    Joe DidIt

    now he will talk mad shit about piping her down if she wasnt that jealous or they seperated in peace he might not talk that slick about her so she isnt really doing herself a favor

  • chicken chocolate
    chicken chocolate

    Relationship goals 💯💯Adam and Lena

  • chicken chocolate
    chicken chocolate

    Lmao pettyy.

  • curtamo

    That ig vid literally gave me a boner the other day

  • Patrick Clery
    Patrick Clery

    She was probably trippin about some other stuff. You know how couples explode over petty stuff when they really have something else on their mind

  • Womens Whork
    Womens Whork

    Maybe it’s cuz Wayne and boosie had beef. Idk if that’s still a thing. She goes hard for her dad

  • zane love
    zane love


  • Khal Netherfields
    Khal Netherfields

    i love that open relationship, its so intelligent, ive had it like that most my adult life, and jealousy is insecurity and it is the root of all evil. having said that, i should have paid more attention because having more than one girlfriend means they can all leave you at the same time, and guess what happened to my stupid ass one day.

  • knighty

    cleaning lady too scared to come in bc she heard adam talking about threesomes 🤣

    • curtamo


  • Bailey D
    Bailey D

    Honestly though, she probably felt that comment made her look dumb. I get it I guess.

  • Maktown TV
    Maktown TV

    Reginae Carter's father is Lil Wayne.... the shit Lil Wayne raps about is 10x worse than what YFN Lucci was doing on instagram... a "like" really doesn't mean shit... they have BOTS that auto-like shit. This chick (Reginae) was prolly just LOOKING for ANY reason to dump his ass. - @MakellBird from Maktown TV

  • Carlos Meza
    Carlos Meza

    It’s all fun and games until Lena asks you if she can get piped by another man

    • Lady Tsunade
      Lady Tsunade

      But adams bigger than more than half of the guys out there

    • ScottyFox

      What about if Lena wanted skinnyfromthenine pipe in the 3 mix, would Adam be down with that ? 😂

    • Sickle the kid
      Sickle the kid

      Anthony Cano he said the same with lil xan 😂😂

    • Anthony Cano
      Anthony Cano

      I've heard him say that ak could smash his girl for the culture.

    • Stav Miguel
      Stav Miguel

      Yea,then you just start making money off it so its a win win in your favor. Best make her earn her keep.

  • fadethechannel

    Well he had her when he was like 14 or 15, so....

  • Fat Joe
    Fat Joe

    She is pretty tho . But I don’t know anything about her . Oh well moving on to better things.

  • J Stevenson
    J Stevenson

    It’s an awesome moment in a relationship when you fuck another woman in front of your lady, and she asks you if you’re having a good time.

  • Patrick A
    Patrick A

    It's kinda like rofl hey Adam but what if it was a guy would you let her fuck other guys in front of you?

  • winter

    I would use the upside down smiley to be like “excuse me, what the fuck” 😂😂😂

  • runescapeiwatchvids


  • Yoboydrew

    Imagine fucking lil Wayne's daughter idk to be proud or scared as fuck😂


    Hey rappers if u need beas for ya next project/mixtape check my channel and website👌🏽💯🎹

  • TrapKing Productions
    TrapKing Productions

    You a lucky man Adam, You got them Maya Bijou cheeks.

    • Jimmy Bonez
      Jimmy Bonez

      I was pissed. Maya Bijou 💯😤

  • Ericksbeenon

    anyone else think its weird how they hook up with chicks and its all good yet what if it was the opposite way around?

    • Ericksbeenon

      Ted Beeziase #ThoGang what an idiot instead of wasting time writing all this back u could of just gave me an example, it’s not that serious dumbass

    • Ted Beeziase #ThoGang
      Ted Beeziase #ThoGang

      @Ericksbeenon you're just difficult for no reason . what else would it mean if it pertains to your comment? Your last response clearly proves you understood what my "no" meant .. Get off the fukkin gas

    • Ericksbeenon

      Ted Beeziase #ThoGang what’s not weird about it ur “no” answer can mean anything, need more context

    • Ted Beeziase #ThoGang
      Ted Beeziase #ThoGang

      @Ericksbeenon did you not ask a question?

    • Ericksbeenon

      Ted Beeziase #ThoGang no what?

  • Johnny Lotto
    Johnny Lotto

    That makes Wayne YFN’s Eskimo uncle

  • michelle bowling
    michelle bowling

    So Adam your fine watching Lena fuck another guy

  • Janne Heino
    Janne Heino

    The relationship is all ig? Lmfbo ppl are sad. There used to be a time that relationships were between 2 people, and were more than pictures in internet.. Hilarious shit..

  • Carisa Marie
    Carisa Marie

    You just said "I'm happy for my wife" ohhhhh did you get married finally 💎💎

    • Ted Beeziase #ThoGang
      Ted Beeziase #ThoGang

      Pretty sure he called her his girlfriend the whole video

  • C W
    C W

    He deserves better


    Porn $tar

  • Brandon Hyden
    Brandon Hyden

    Just because there FAMOUS doesn't mean they don't go thru same problems everyday normal people do # PRAY FOR THE BEST

    • Abe S
      Abe S

      @Jay M Would you still wanna be rich if it comes with fame tho? Like everything you do and say will be used against you. TMZ will be keeping tabs on everyone that knows you and who you're dating. You can't hide anything as it would all be put on blast the next morning for the world to see. Rumors would be spread with many being horribly not true yet not matter what you say everyone will believe that shit.

    • The Gonzales Family 909
      The Gonzales Family 909

      Brandon Hyden -they’re (they are) the there u used is the wrong one.

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