I Bought Celina Powell's OnlyFans... And 6ix9ine Was On It???
today i take a look at Celina Powell's OnlyFans and give my thoughts. If you enjoy, subscribe and follow me on Twitch! www.twitch.tv/adam22


  • adam22

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    • joseph charles
      joseph charles


    • Polowooski Woow
      Polowooski Woow

      I live in Vegas how can I play @adama22

    • Yeayea

      It makes me sad that you are promoting these games/websites where you play to win money. These are always deceptive and known to take money from people.

    • R.i.p Arthur morgan
      R.i.p Arthur morgan

      @Torrofor Thewin i wouldn't do it you could make a 1000 and lose all of it

    • Karl

      Why are you trying to feed your fans to a scam? WTF dude. You are garbage

  • alyson hans
    alyson hans

    i understand what hes talking about and you both know that info. and you both love each other and adult videos and scenes. you both love each other and no one else. we're all humans.

  • Spazz Out
    Spazz Out

    If you confess with your tongue that Jesus is Lord and you believe that the father raised him from the dead you will be saved.

  • Spazz Out
    Spazz Out

    Look up Kevin Gates cousin humma truck feeling like Tony

  • Spazz Out
    Spazz Out

    Look up Kevin Gates cousin humma truck God is my rock

  • Spazz Out
    Spazz Out

    Look up Kevin Gates cousin humma truck blasten off

  • Spazz Out
    Spazz Out

    Look up Kevin Gates cousin humma truck welcome to Indiana

  • Jose M
    Jose M

    His wife Walked In at perfect time


    Have you got shares in only fans by any chance?


    The Ho' n region... there needs to make a shirt with this on it in some way or another.

  • KnowasMariJk

    ITS X

  • KnowasMariJk


  • Dime

    Just seen all I need to see for free on Google no thanks. And her sucking that eggplant was the most awkward bj I've ever seen.

  • Dime

    I will never for the life of me understand why Celina is famous or why anyone likes her. She's so gross

  • $ecret$quirrel

    And dat was no nba player I don't play for the nba my dude!!!

  • $ecret$quirrel

    Yep dats just ya girl only yours 😂😂😂e


    The hoen region then clips pokemon lmfao

  • Koyo Media
    Koyo Media

    the hoenn region lol! that was a good one

  • Homeboy Reacts
    Homeboy Reacts

    i assume only fans was just an app not a website lol.

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    this guys is so f###### boring 👍 Amen . Why does he sound like the Son of Howard Stern 😂🤣😂.

  • TheChuMag

    she's the younger crazy version of larsa

  • Short Films
    Short Films

    You should buy mr thc's only fans its called mr and mrs

  • Get 2 TheSafeZone
    Get 2 TheSafeZone

    The Hoenn region

  • Joho

    This rappers are top 3 biggest simps. Following their lord and master Drake aka Simp Sensei . Hundreds of women and they pick the scum bucket of buckets

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson

    She tried to get with X lol

  • Juju

    We need a review for Aliza!!!

  • Karsten Østergaard
    Karsten Østergaard

    She belongs to the streeeeetz

  • Jesse Calvert
    Jesse Calvert

    Hahaha! Adam reading her comments is hilarious! 😂



  • Michael Smolik
    Michael Smolik

    I thought that person was one of them transmans o didn't know she had a real meat sandwich I figured it was celinas egg plant you seen

  • John T Leyva
    John T Leyva

    Shes doing it for attention that's how shes keeping her name out there witch is bring her more money

  • 580 TWIST
    580 TWIST

    So is roobet legit

  • Rayan Huss
    Rayan Huss

    My Dad is subscribed to her only fans

  • jules winfield
    jules winfield

    band aids look funny when they're over tattoos lol

  • Randy Orton
    Randy Orton

    Celina s*xtape is worth it. Not the best but not the worst.

  • FDreviews316

    7:45 , you’re telling me celinas making more than 45k a month ?!

    • Amanda M
      Amanda M

      Some people touch a mill a month

  • Vuribo

    Tory lanez is the ultimate coward man

  • kaden atyim
    kaden atyim

    Amateur films/phone camera is way better than professional cameras Adam.... pro cam films are way too old school/not natural

  • Shao9ine 13
    Shao9ine 13

    I seen the actual video of 6ix9ine not just the screen shot


    roobet is not available in my region :(

  • Alex

    she’s so nasty lmfaooo

  • Miihsz Gomesz
    Miihsz Gomesz

    Here's lil pump??

  • Allan Cottrell
    Allan Cottrell

    Stop Tryin to get hits an likes of 69 in the title ur better than that Adam Allan C. From Cincinnati..

  • Yng Hazel
    Yng Hazel

    The meat sandwich?!? 😂😂

  • AC 777
    AC 777

    A22 is so over all he talks about is C P and 69 plus his most recent post is 3 months old .so fake

  • Lina

    *Louiscr4ck* on iNsta got my account fixed without any inconvenience he's truly a professional hacker

  • Lina

    *Louiscr4ck* on iNsta got my account fixed without any inconvenience he's truly a professional hacker

  • Allegra Vigil
    Allegra Vigil

    This video is sooo funny

  • Koron Redding
    Koron Redding

    We need one for malu

  • Lue zher
    Lue zher

    ADAM stop ust posting only fans reviews your turnin into a creeper \

  • Here's Tha Thang Skeiuup!
    Here's Tha Thang Skeiuup!

    I agree with Adam about the porno quality. I didn't pay. I saw some shit on xvideos. It was pretty boring and lame. Just my opinion. Not hatin' or slut shamin.'

  • Here's Tha Thang Skeiuup!
    Here's Tha Thang Skeiuup!

    LOL. I love how he casually says "sucking this big cock" after saying "meat sandwich" and "eggplant" like a hundred times! 😂

  • Here's Tha Thang Skeiuup!
    Here's Tha Thang Skeiuup!

    Her videos that people pirated to xvideos will make you realize that pornstars actually are more talented actors/performers than you think; at least when you compare. They weren't good.

  • James Eissler
    James Eissler

    Bruh these people create fake drama to give these people more clout 😂 haters make you famous... t

  • Elvis Sinatra31
    Elvis Sinatra31

    I think Adam secretly loves tekashi.

  • Nice Material
    Nice Material

    Adam22: when your girl is your stylist... 'ooh grow your hair out' Nah, don't. Why are you tryna look like every white kid in Brooklyn?

  • Liza Scorps
    Liza Scorps

    Best onlyfans reviewer. The least corny 🌽

  • nic mih
    nic mih


  • Remington Wallace
    Remington Wallace

    Hoenn region homies s/o massive W

  • O.o


  • Therese Revello
    Therese Revello


  • Marina Suzette
    Marina Suzette

    6ix9ine been daddy. 😩

  • Marina Suzette
    Marina Suzette

    I feel Celina on a spiritual level bruh.

  • KevinCuterant

    wtf is a henchwomen???

  • nunu bizez
    nunu bizez

    I lived in vegas, for ten years, in the 2000sthat’s like a job for so many hoes, blackmailing millionaires and celebs by sleeping with them...but social media wasn’t big then like it is now

    • Witch's Brew Views
      Witch's Brew Views

      this I believe... Trisha paytas in the early days of youtube was sleeping with several older rock star guys and 80s actors around Hollywood. Shes confirmed many times of things going on in the "groupie" or escort field before social media.

  • Pojntsuam lubkuamuag
    Pojntsuam lubkuamuag

    Pab tiv ta kuv thiab os kuv tiv ta koj lawm nawb os

  • Pojntsuam lubkuamuag
    Pojntsuam lubkuamuag

    Pab tiv ta kuv thiab os kuv tiv ta koj lawm nawb os

  • DanaMarie Kendreth
    DanaMarie Kendreth

    Omg how gross. I'm sure the people want you to join her only fans page. Ok, u just said about her ruing peples lives & families so the best thing to do is join her page, have her do your shows & give her the attention to keep it going. Huge....sic Adam. I bet u can't wait until your daughter sucks eggplants for cash on video! Adam22 grow up


    Why did adam say Weiner 😂

  • Matt dame
    Matt dame

    Celina powell aka marylin monore

  • Arman_ ee
    Arman_ ee

    he said how many wieners am I gonna see? LMAOAO

  • sNOW Man
    sNOW Man

    Adam.....dude wtf up with the eyeliner bro?? Bro u looked wrecked!

  • Miked Up
    Miked Up

    The meat sandwich? Did he call the V a meat sandwich?

  • Million Bill
    Million Bill

    Subhanallah audubillahi minashaidani rajim. 🙄🙄🙄

  • Backshot Barbie
    Backshot Barbie


  • Larissa Zavala
    Larissa Zavala

    He always roasts the helllll out of her haha

  • Racheldoll16

    These men cheating on their wives DESERVE to be exposed. The fact that they KNOW about Celina and what she does.... that’s just what they get. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Liu Kang Yo Ass
      Liu Kang Yo Ass


  • Sweetest Bitch
    Sweetest Bitch

    I fuckin love Adam😂 so funny and real as fuck💯🖤🤙🏻

  • Jordy V
    Jordy V

    I love Lena’s pink fridge in the background 🤣💓

  • Gabriela Carrazco
    Gabriela Carrazco

    the meat sandwich

  • Goose

    1:04 She looked so much better right there...

  • Smiles 95
    Smiles 95

    What does your girlfriend do on Onlyfans?

  • Orla Lolo
    Orla Lolo

    Celina is that girl your not ment to like , but cant help but like 🙈😂

  • N0DA

    Did anyone else notice that snoop follows jimmy 🧐

  • BrxkenS0ul

    Where do u get a African American eggplant? 🍆

  • Unapologetically Critical
    Unapologetically Critical

    “That is a red ass.” -adam22 💀💀

  • hip hop Daily news IND they were not famous
    hip hop Daily news IND they were not famous

    She made it

  • Gdub559 TM
    Gdub559 TM

    6:28 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Adammm you A Fool

  • vvalix vvalid
    vvalix vvalid

    that ass is redd

  • Ash Mej
    Ash Mej

    Do black chyna's


    You where not friend's with xxx tentacion before he was locked up💥 Adam!



  • Julia Werder
    Julia Werder

    I love Celina Powell. She owns who she is and what she does. I love her confidence and humor.

  • floridas finest
    floridas finest

    2020 katt stacks

  • Steven Castro
    Steven Castro

    Shout out to all my homies from the hoenn region 😂

  • Kim Moss
    Kim Moss

    That Pokémon reference at 2:08 is gold 😂

  • Juan Zavala
    Juan Zavala

    Shout out to my homies out there in the HOENN Region lmfao my brotha. Pokemon Go

  • Bmxicans 360
    Bmxicans 360

    0:34 got me laughing rip we miss you x❤️

  • B Lee
    B Lee

    That eyeliner gay

  • Dreahn Williams
    Dreahn Williams

    At this point the streets belong to her

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