Megan The Stallion Dumps Moneybagg Yo in a Freestyle (or did she?)
Megan Thee Stallion and Moneybagg Yo have been going through it publicly. Last night might have been the nail in the coffin although Moneybagg Yo might still be optimistic. Let's discuss
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  • young sharmuta
    young sharmuta

    fuck moneybaggyo he a clown

  • 1 Bloodysage
    1 Bloodysage

    Yes sir


    He said he was scared

  • Ninasky Antonioli
    Ninasky Antonioli

    Now Moneybagg doing interviews talking about he gave Megan 4oe, her dog. And they were actually together, but no longer are. Megan has never claimed him publicly or said he gave her 4oe.

    • edylc one
      edylc one

      She did at his bday party in Memphis

  • Jendbff Lyndbdn
    Jendbff Lyndbdn

    Does anybody even care about Megan anymore like I’m pretty sure she’s gonna fall off

    • Ninasky Antonioli
      Ninasky Antonioli

      You care because you clicked on this video with her name on the thumbnail.

  • Sabrina Yasmin G
    Sabrina Yasmin G

    “Oh hell naw” 😫😂😂

  • GT Extra
    GT Extra

    They broke up B4 this trey songs shit it’s clear smh

  • Rich_Recluse

    digging this far in ppls private business has gotta be a sickness!

  • Daniel Phantom
    Daniel Phantom

    Check my music Out 🔥💯‼️❌🧢

  • Fadelikekobe 2
    Fadelikekobe 2

    No one has the balls to bring up the trey songz video to moneybagg face lmao



  • M P
    M P

    Welp on one interview he said this, that aint my bitch she wasn't never my bitch. Everybody know I been with my baby mama for 10 years.

  • Dallas WorldStarNews
    Dallas WorldStarNews

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  • Now I'm Gonna Starve
    Now I'm Gonna Starve

    Adam this is not good content

  • J.G W
    J.G W

    The result of not being attached to the hip hop community. This is not rocket science they're friends with benefits. Stick to country, edm and Nascar.

  • ZoMfChildish

    Unless they playing us all, Getting all bags and talk..😌

  • J Major
    J Major

    Should’ve asked Moneybagg about his opinion on Dolph and keyglock

  • Pilucci Luccinassi
    Pilucci Luccinassi

    MoneyBagg don't give a fuck about no Thot Bot... The Sea is full of Fuck Fish!

  • Jordan

    Jo Numper

  • Very Hush Hush
    Very Hush Hush

    Adam you said you're assuming that Moneybagg Yo wasn't happy about the Trey Songz thing, but in doing that ur assuming that they were or are together! He made it clear on his Snapchat that "she was never my bitch", he said he's had the same woman for 10 years (her name is Whitney Hooker)... MOB Radio and Tasha K broke it down...

  • HBIC !
    HBIC !

    This interview was before the trey songz video and she has another interview with angela yee saying that she is single


    - IF she did dump Bagg, its because she musta caught him w a spanish or a white girl & she ALREADY felt it coming. she said "fuck dat... ima break up w him 1st begore he turn my ass into "Meghan Tha Heffa" 😝😝😝 U REALLY THINK MONEYBAGG GIVE A FUCK BOUT DIS BITCH. SHE WAS ON BAGG'Z SCHEDULE TO B DUMPED. she did the SMART thing to do. lotta other bitches woulda got PLAYED.

  • Cee Cee
    Cee Cee

    If anyone in a relationship that's for publicity it Quavo and Sweetie. They do not seem genuine to me.

  • Cee Cee
    Cee Cee

    I didnt ask him cause I was scared.. I 🤣🤣🤣 least u honest Adam.

  • HotRod TOPIC
    HotRod TOPIC

    I figured he had a play in the questioning lmao


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  • Rico Skino
    Rico Skino

    Bagg gone woop adam ass 😂

  • Marquise bryant
    Marquise bryant

    Why do it matter money bag fuck already. Trey having left overs lol

  • Amanda Cayuga
    Amanda Cayuga

    She was wearing his ring forever, then freestyled she ain't got no ring on her ring so it's clear. Leave them alone.

  • Tyler B
    Tyler B

    Sounds like MoneyBag mad his girl is a bigger star and more talented. She is getting big press and im learning about him from a break up video shows who has a better reach.

  • Zeek Musiq
    Zeek Musiq

    Meg can't handle that Baby Momma pressure 😂

  • Rubey J G
    Rubey J G

    Shes Not Even That Hot lol

  • Paul Massey
    Paul Massey

    Megan out giving french montana head in the hospital

  • Paul Massey
    Paul Massey

    That 1M subscribers lookin clean af, been here for a grip and I'll still be here at 10M keep up the hard work my man.

  • Antonio Mack
    Antonio Mack

    They are trying to sale RECORDS PEOPLE 😒 Its called promotion...

  • Gali Garcia
    Gali Garcia

    bcz i was scared 🤣🤣i feel you haha love that ur so honest

  • cojo5500

    Megan....a massive star 🤔 🧐...not yet bro

  • Glowdeine

    No one gon say shit about Adams eye


    Seems like it was all PR! When they first announced the “rlshp” she was on the RISE! In terms of social media following..she passed him up. They both are talented artist, but she’s now on a bigger platform somewhat. He’s not doing international shows, she has! Whatever it was, don’t seem to been serious

  • breadstickzzzzzzz

    What kills me is that no one seems to care a Stallion is a MALE horse. Yall be saying built like a Stallion you talking bout a MALE horse lmao

    • Keyon Cossey
      Keyon Cossey

      Come to Houston we Got all the thicc Girls

    • Cee Cee
      Cee Cee

      This has always puzzled me as well.

  • Itz Slapz
    Itz Slapz

    No cap def starting to not like yo vids, you act like he ain’t got a bag like Megan ain’t shit but a lip bopper

  • Lewy Charlemagne
    Lewy Charlemagne

    they both "doing their thing" u heard them b4 G

  • Jeremy

    This seems to upset you for the fact it wasn't your scoop.obviously it Would've been great for you to have that info in your interview,But this is a full on adamTMZ2 video.

  • Steve Fulton
    Steve Fulton

    Ima put it out there u way better than vlad TV ADAM ADAM ADAM 22 22 22 fuck Christmas I just want to pay my hospital bills ✅✅✅🔥🔥🔥

  • irunthangs247

    Bitches come n go

  • J47 NZEN
    J47 NZEN

    Fuck Memphis fuck moneybag yo

  • Cho Tv
    Cho Tv

    Adam LAME AF 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Javonne Jackson
    Javonne Jackson

    He wasn’t dicking her down like he was supposed to

  • NL8

    Adam u such a lost soul fr 😪 All you do is live in this WORLD. you need to try to find ur higher self . Try to get time to urself , Idk why u entertain this world fr , Ik u get money from it buh gaw damn bro u such a lost soul fr . U too deep into dis matrix

  • Justin Boylan
    Justin Boylan

    They fuck with each other heavy , they both move heavy so a real relationship ain't possible if they both wanna be at the top and happy. They just "good" until otherwise lol labels are played out

  • Phenomenon1783


  • joe Ventura
    joe Ventura

    Adam man love shows. I'd love to be on check my music

  • Theresa Carroll
    Theresa Carroll

    He posted something on ig along the lines of “I’ve been with the same girl for over 8 years don’t believe everything you read blah blah it’s all hype”

  • Uqqz

    Damn Bagg goin our saddd😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • o b m
    o b m

    tbh .. ion really care about their status cause it’s nun of my business . if they together or if they not has nun to do with me , at least that’s how i feel about it .

  • mrlithium

    Why is Dame Dash face plastered all over that website ?

  • BRE

    I don't think theyre trippin on this too much. Took one listen to All Dat and even Meg said in her verse they both got extra side tings and they don't trip. Rapper shit.

  • David

    Money who

  • Michael Surrett
    Michael Surrett

    Adam "I was scared" 22

  • Krystal Mead
    Krystal Mead

    Why are you gossiping about others relationships? 🙄

    • Kj Hall
      Kj Hall

      Krystal Mead maybe because he is a journalist and it’s his job 😂😂😂

  • Samantha

    He literally said it was a publicity stunt lol

  • Lowkey Legends
    Lowkey Legends

    Fire ass music right here 😈😈 Guaranteed

  • Kenneth J.
    Kenneth J.

    these niggas fall in love w/ these chicks just to get embarrassed later on #lovenothotties..

  • Listen Up
    Listen Up

    I am m from the bay area but I'm white though.. 😂 🤣 😅

    • Kolsify

      Let a playa play 😂

  • OG BriefKase
    OG BriefKase

    Megan ugly tho🤷‍♂️

    • Pluto Star
      Pluto Star

      She basic asf without the makeup

    • OG BriefKase
      OG BriefKase

      HardLiquor45 😂🤘🏼

    • HardLiquor45

      OG BriefKase she fine asf . You just a little dick nigga

    • MKR Nation
      MKR Nation

      @Crazy Lane just beacsue you're ugly as shit doesn't Make her. Keep ya own insercuties to yourself

    • Crazy Lane
      Crazy Lane

      Good gawd she ugly!

  • Ben B
    Ben B

    “that’s what the media does” you are the media

  • rosiecheeksandfreckles

    how do yall miss that she said in "all dat", "i got n word he got bitches we dont trip tho" she literally said that they have sides????

  • Jason tackett
    Jason tackett


  • kmart014

    Fuck this post BH


    How da hell did s.. cheated on... And then she breaks up..

  • i is Alamo
    i is Alamo

    If u look at the latest news above adams head you get ur answer lol

  • HB TheVlogger
    HB TheVlogger

    Adam is lowkey The new Jesus

  • Andy Miles
    Andy Miles

    SO YOU DID HIT A MILLI!! 🎈 🎉 #cong🐀z

  • Band Tana
    Band Tana

    Why y’all acting so surprised she the same hot girl summer like she said Ain’t no taming me I love my Niggas Equally 😂😂😂😂

  • Tack tackk
    Tack tackk

    Y’all remember 2-3 months ago when 50 cent clowned Megan and called her a thot that you should only pass around. And bagg defended megan saying she aint no thot. That shit aged good like wine. 50 is a veteran over the veterans.

  • Noah Beezy
    Noah Beezy

    She cheated on him because he cheated on her Bout a month back he kept tweeting about “rumors” while he was accused of cheating So she did the same and literally copied and pasted his “can’t believe these rumors” tweet Eye for an eye lmao

  • Michael Escarcega
    Michael Escarcega


  • Deacon Mack
    Deacon Mack


  • Lerry Ocean
    Lerry Ocean

    Adam “pillow talk” 22 Heyyyy gurlllll

    • Bash Francis
      Bash Francis

      Lmfao 😂 bru!!

  • Nick Bagz
    Nick Bagz

    50 Cent was right

    • Ku Yi
      Ku Yi

      @Dyvon Shipp he told m yo to get the strap

    • Dyvon Shipp
      Dyvon Shipp

      What 50 say?

    • Levi Flames
      Levi Flames

      Nick Bagz word

  • maddog1

    you gotta use a masterball to catch megan the stallion

  • not your papi
    not your papi

    Moneybag shouldn’t be getting a L trey songs can take any girl moneybag yo got money but he kinda ugly.....

    • Saquora Potter
      Saquora Potter

      not your papi kinda ugly lol

  • ANT

    Well, she and a lot of her followers did tell y'all they on they hot girl shit. 😂 I think everyone can understand what that means. The jokes on Moneybagg Yo for tryna mimic Hov, thinking he got a Beyonce. 😂

  • Mi Vida Brazy
    Mi Vida Brazy

    oh fuckin well ,charge that bitch to the game!

  • Suh Dood
    Suh Dood

    Show the video

  • Rae Bonafide
    Rae Bonafide

    Shes NEVER!!!! Yours its just your turn..’learn then game nigga

  • Chance Da Great
    Chance Da Great

    this relationship is so fake bra it was a clout move they didn’t really fw each other 😂

    • Jae Browne
      Jae Browne

      Eh idk bout all that i feel like they could have had a bigger artist do this over money bag yo shes a mega star hes b list still put up numbers but idk bro

  • Sosa Bodies
    Sosa Bodies

    I doubt moneybagg gaf😂

  • Lilmark x Lilclip
    Lilmark x Lilclip

    You not gone get a response out of yo he to thurl

  • OG Loc
    OG Loc

    congratz on the milllie

  • Lilmark x Lilclip
    Lilmark x Lilclip

    Congrats on one million subscribers

  • tw0.bush1ngs

    Until he scrolls down the next story above his face saves you watching this whole video

  • Plex Global
    Plex Global

    Hot 97 interview must’ve been first for the manager to decline any relationship questions this time


    Meg the stallion has a penis...

  • ChiseSosa

    It was just his turn lol

  • ZOZO

    Meg the steroid horse ain’t even fine tho... big ol bitch looks like a dude😂😂😂

  • Double X
    Double X

    She's *SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO UGLY..* *Think I'm Cappin?? Go to Hot 97 UZload channel and Click Community (They posted it 1week ago) and You'll Know what I Meant* *She's poppin only cuz of Her weak 'ASS B00TY'* *BTW, Stallion Mean Man Horse*

  • Sasuke Jewett
    Sasuke Jewett

    How do you meet adam .do i show up to the bicycle shop ?

  • ShonContra

    Saw that coming the minute they got together. Niggas giving out that prometh/codeine dick ain’t keeping no thick chick like Meg...r u kidding me?!😂😂😂

  • Sergio Barboza
    Sergio Barboza

    Adam more worried about money bag yo’s relationship than he is

    • Ryder

      Sergio Barboza u worried more about adam than he is

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