The Adam22 Show #17: Steven Crowder vs Carlos Maza
in today's episode Jamie Kilstein and I discussed a bunch of stuff including the Carlos Maza vs Steven Crowder thing that has been taking Twitter by storm.

  • Thumper 1968
    Thumper 1968

    Steven Crowder is just speaking the truth and you would be hard pressed to find him saying something he can’t back with facts.. facts don’t care about people’s feelings so don’t get butt hurt when your wrong...

  • Josh Gregory
    Josh Gregory

    Is that kratom?

  • Sable Ann
    Sable Ann

    Carlos Maza is a hypocritical whinny crybaby

  • Leeann Witt
    Leeann Witt


  • briannxx

    Claiming Kanye is mentally ill fuck this guy

    • Skev Beats
      Skev Beats

      bipolar is a mental disorder.

  • briannxx

    He’s such a virtue signaling little snake

  • Blickymane

    This dude cool

  • Mc Earl
    Mc Earl

    This dude is a clown. He’s not into “make America great” and Donald trump is pretty much a racist? Lol. I guarantee more of the phony democrat politicians are secretly racist and pre 2016 rappers and black people loved Donald Trump and he’s done more with more people than pretty much any politician has. If he ran as a democrat and held the same beliefs and policies I bet everyone would have different opinions of him. People are far too tied to one side or the other. Edit: ok I’m changing my opinion. I don’t think he’s quite that bad, I think what he’s doing is being overly pandering to the type of people that will call him an alt right Nazi if he doesn’t openly and often say bad things about trump. The same people that probably made him want to kill himself.

  • starvalentinobeatz

    Carlos maza is breeding an entire generation of anti-voxxers

  • Bass player fisher Chill
    Bass player fisher Chill

    The Thing is it never had anything to do with being called a queer and don’t gay people call themselves queer? Vox just wants to shut down Steven Crowder because he debunks their videos so now they are using to use the word queer as a way to get him kicked off

  • JordanjamesX

    Wow two white privileged men who have no understanding of discrimination talking about it. Both of these white men are NOT GAY! So what does these white straight men know about homophobia? These men are extremely privileged and also very ignorant.

  • 47

    It’s beyond refreshing to know there’s people out there that have different opinions than me but can still openly acknowledge the scum from BOTH sides of politics. At the end of the day, Democrats AND Republicans would rather play dirty ball together than not be playing at all, we the people need to stick together especially when we disagree on something!! Fly Eagles fly!!!! 🦅🦅

  • D.T. VonSchatten
    D.T. VonSchatten

    If you can mock 1 type of person, then you can make fun of all types of people. Otherwise your a hypocrite.

  • Brayten Gahimer
    Brayten Gahimer

    I subbed for the backwoods.

  • J. McNally
    J. McNally

    It would be interesting if u had Steven crowder on the show .

  • Adamoftheeast

    Lol Adam said rap is honest. Those damn honest.😂

  • twitch7771

    Carlos Maza refers to himself as gay every chance he gets. Why is he getting upset when people describe him the way he does himself?


    Adam22 show could legit be in top 3 podcasts on yt next to jre & HBwMikeTyson

    • Kabob L-Brewster
      Kabob L-Brewster

      Nope. He isn't even close.

  • Khum Dhan
    Khum Dhan

    There is no way that dude is straight

  • Earl Seagrave
    Earl Seagrave

    Y'all should stick to stupid-fuck rapper interviews, it's more your speed.

  • Fleon Trotsky
    Fleon Trotsky

    Crowder doesn't dismantle shit. If you ever take the time to look into any of his "debunks", there is always at the very least one fundamental flaw to be found. People are too lazy to fact check motherfuckers on youtube and thats why scumbag shills like Crowder can host 'comedy shows' bankrolled by conservative lobbyists to spread as much disinformation as possible.

  • Ryan Dawson
    Ryan Dawson

    Anti free Speech vox .

  • Derty Tranch
    Derty Tranch

    I still can't believe crowder would use a word like "queer" after he got so offended by the use of the words "shill" & "autistic" during that Chad Yousef debate. Kind of inconsistent.

  • J

    The shirt says socialism is for figs and has a picture of a fig. It's in reference to che guevera getting killed on a fig farm. The shirt has nothing to do with f*gs.

  • deez nutz
    deez nutz

    Best show I've seen by you Adam. Good topic. Much respect

  • Robert Newton
    Robert Newton

    False it’s actually socialism is for figs youtube even said that’s what the shirt says also his Twitter name Is gay wonk he has said he him self is gay an he’s Mexican he also said he has a lisp carlos said it about himself but crowder says the same thing it’s omg you can’t call me what I call myself

  • Man Drew
    Man Drew

    Click bait

  • Jake Miller
    Jake Miller

    I am glad that the comedian genre on UZload defended a man who threw them under the bus. That moment on Rogan is infamous and it is good to see Kilstein moved on from that.

  • Austin Novak
    Austin Novak

    Much love from an og from the bmx oss days. Love this type of convo, this is what the country needs instead of polarizing each other. Lotta respect for you Adam. Keep killing it man 💛

  • Ghojirah Beats
    Ghojirah Beats

    theres gonna come a time, where people can only say what they are, only mexicans can say mexicans, only gays can say gay, only blacks can say black, etc, etc

  • Kind of like Jordan
    Kind of like Jordan

    the problem is that crowder might make some good points but he has no sense of humor so his jokes are just way off target, STEVEN CROWDER IS PATHETICALLY UNFUNNY

  • dawie

    Yo. South Africa fux with you! Tap in on my insta: @kadwa_420

  • Hrd NiPZ
    Hrd NiPZ

    He didn't steal a back pack and was in for way longer than 30 days

  • yorglassmane


  • Chris Neveril
    Chris Neveril

    This dude seems pretentious but he gets real sometimes

  • Elcap Gguod
    Elcap Gguod

    It’s all about corporations vs independent creators. Vox got 20 million from UZload in a grant and 200 million+ from NBC group. Crowder is funded by mug club only

  • Keaton Schreiner
    Keaton Schreiner

    Fucking awesome conversation

  • prettyas

    as 33 (turning 34) year old male who watches adam22 and in the last few years has realized the media conspiracy to push a leftist agenda, im really stoked adam22 is talking about this kind of stuff.


    Old media is behind this. NBC/PARAMOUNT own majority shares in Vox. You bring up Pewdiepie: Pewds during his career will take a billion eyes away from NBC etc. It's not just ad revenue, the most money is made by keeping the Establishment narrative going. Donors/lobbyists are the ones who pen our laws. So this is basically old media trying to keep its grip on its monopoly. 6 companies own practically every media outlet (newspapers, radio, TV etc etc) in the USA and individual creators like you eat into thier market share. Look at The Verge claiming Pewds is a Nazi? Who owns The Verge? Vox. It's corporate espionage. I think the most dispicable thing is establishment media are weaponizing the gay community to get thier censorship and cancel culture.

  • Ryan Lacey
    Ryan Lacey

    Imo it's one of the best interviews I seen from you. Actually listened to the whole thing. Also, it's amazing to see how your energy changed post blunt as well, kinda eye opening. This guy kept his wit, you just got faded as fuck, can't judge though

  • fightofourlives

    Crowder is a genius and the guy from vox is a Moron so he is trying to get crowder off youtube .Stop being a whiny baby

  • Marquiste Nance
    Marquiste Nance

    Free Aaron Patronella aka Rule!!! He is currently locked up and has 0 support from his producers... if you will like to donate and send him a care package here is his info below! ( and send booking #94-32974

  • Ben J
    Ben J

    Anybody who chooses Carlos Maza's side in this issue is my enemy.

  • Borenson RuneLord
    Borenson RuneLord

    How long until Adam just comes out that he's just some centrist dipshit? Definitely a fan, but I'm starting to sense that Adam becomes an enabling idiot when he tries to talk about things like this. Say you hate Trump and shit, but just don't talk about any of this micro shit. Crowder was literally on the Joe Rogan show LYING about puberty blockers and throwing out TONS of misinformation regarding puberty blockers, and you want to sit here and be like "lul well it was just a bit bad." No, dog. Just no. The totality of Steven Crowder's work is this regressive shit. His entire career relies on taking on uninformed college kids on campus and refusing to have nuanced conversations with people who are acutally informed. You have almost 1 million subscribers. Start taking responsibility and stop trying to justify this denigration humor that he's OBVIOUSLY NORMALIZING HIS HOMOPHOBIA AND SHIT WITH THE JOKES. Don't talk about things you know nothing about. Same reason you got fucked with Milo. You did the same thing with your stack of Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris when Sam Harris literally straw mans an entire religion implying that it's inherently bad. Your perception of "picking yourself up by the bootstraps" is beyond flawed and when you keep going on these pseudointellectual takes you only make yourself look worse. Unless you're completely comfortable insulating yourself in a bubble where anyone with a room temperature IQ would understand that you're just wrong on certain things. You're a progressive with close to a million subscribers in a culture that is primarily BLACK. Take responsibility and saying/doing dumb shit that reinforces denigration humor and stochastic terrorism for traditionally oppressed groups.

    • christian sylvestre
      christian sylvestre

      You must be the life of the party...

  • D G
    D G

    lmaoo people act like you’re not allowed to say something negative about someone😂same people calling this hate speech and saying he needs to be banned will go listen to a chi rapper say he’s smoking a dead opp and they rap a long haha

  • testmcme

    Please more genuine podcasts with good talking points, this was great to hear some of Adams views

  • Still Reading Books
    Still Reading Books

    thanks for generalizing the youtube community as Steven Crowder fans. i don't give a fuck about him or Maza. This whole story is stupid as hell. Besides that as youtubers we shouldn't be spreading hate toward anyone. i wouldn't be surprised if some crazy fan ended up physically attacking Maza over this. Like that's how stupid this story is starting to get. And I don't necessarily believe that Maza is against free speech, i do believe that he received threats from what he perceived to be Crowder fans and that probably stressed him out. What i have noticed though is thousands of people who are not critical of the hate the guy is getting. Which in my opinion is a bad sign. But your guest is correct, calling him gay doesn't accomplish anything.

  • slicer100001

    Crowders shirt says "socialism is for f(fig emoji)gs

  • Sosa Mendez
    Sosa Mendez

    So much fucking respect for touching on this topic & the way you guys discussed it, this doesn't just effect Crowder 💯💯💯

  • JoTokutora

    Tip for you guys, A conservative is more likely to have a proper intellectual discussion that the current young liberal. Dont be afraid, they will certainly not get upset, just dont insult them, and it will be alright

  • Kevin Dube
    Kevin Dube

    😂 This is not getting 1mil for a while. Jamie Kilstein’s whole life’s been a giant clout-chase

  • Edwin G
    Edwin G


    • Mc Earl
      Mc Earl

      Edwin G What happened?

  • Cameron Vogtman
    Cameron Vogtman

    i hate crowder and maza but u gotta back crowder on this one. maza is such a little bitch getting crowder banned over literally nothing. carlos maza calls himself gay and a queer.. and crowder says it and hes banned. wtf

  • Benign Assassin
    Benign Assassin


  • Peaked Panda
    Peaked Panda

    Carlos also called himself "Lispy Queer" so don't feel for this asshole... he is a prick who ran to mommy and daddy.

  • Dre Zee
    Dre Zee

    a follower of a political philosophy characterized by authoritarian views and a strong central government - and no tolerance for opposing opinions. Heterophobia is a nasty thing

  • Caroline

    I've been saying this for a while the left has been getting really radical. It's always the loudest and most radical people that get the attention.

  • shasonmar

    Carlos thinks he’s the “good” guy, but he doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. He’s fucking over people who don’t even know who he is. What a bitch move.

  • 7hinkable

    Fuck vox and that soft ass excuse of a journalist

  • Big Drip
    Big Drip

  • Rayan

    Hey! Please take your time and check out my music. I promise it's worth your time. Thank you.

  • Damion Scarberry
    Damion Scarberry

    Adam getting fat rip khalif browder may that ivy remind us of your pain

  • ProudlyModified


  • Death Metal and Deadlifts
    Death Metal and Deadlifts

    You know what feels real good? Cancelling my UZload Premium account, that's what.

  • randgoon456

    "Socialism is for Figs" - it's a fig leaf where the "I" should be.


    Crowder was being homophobic and calros is being a bitch u can’t cancel people off the internet college campuses I understand it’s a purely educational setting idiots like Crowder shouldn’t be allowed there but the internet I don’t care what u say should be a nationalized public utility crowder should be called out for it tho

  • Forced to take a picture with my wifes son
    Forced to take a picture with my wifes son

    This is why we should all be for free speech. This world where everything is hate speech leads to censorship. People have no problem until it starts it comes for them. People have been getting flagged and taken off platforms and no one said a word, now that youtube is taking this censorship to another level its hitting even non political creators. Free speech is key,

  • Tom Lopez
    Tom Lopez

    Lil pump is free speech

  • R&R

    Thanks for giving those losers even more of an undeserved platform. Just ignore them both so they go away forever.

  • J Stevenson
    J Stevenson

    Yo Jamie!

  • Hunter W
    Hunter W

    Glad to see you support free speech, Adam.

  • Charlie Carruth
    Charlie Carruth

    Is Jamie trying to stay out of media or something? Odd that you left his name out of the title

  • Bryson Contreras
    Bryson Contreras

    My respect for Adam increased 100x. He doesn't fall for the dogmatic, ideological bullshit. I like a free thinker!

  • threex1

    Lol If Adam could get the fox guy or Steven crowder on that would be hilarious

    • Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago
      Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago

      threex1 who’s the Fox guy?

  • Tom Lopez
    Tom Lopez

    Fist rule of being a feminist "don't kill the fucken woman!!" This was a good podcasts.


    Kendama god

  • GVSolo

    It is evident that Caros Maza is so damn gay that he doesn't have the balls to debate Crowder.

  • Spookycrane

    Did Adam get red pilled? +subbed

    • JoJo Tacct
      JoJo Tacct

      Jay Gtz No this goes beyond politics , Maza is about to cause an adpocolypse which would affect the livelihoods of many youtubers including Adam

  • ThatMidwestGuy

    Good interview dudes. Got yourself a sub from this one.

  • Hydroplane Convoy
    Hydroplane Convoy

    This is some interesting stuff Adam, I am trying to grow my channel so this is a wicked piece of advice, you are the man!

  • A. Mae
    A. Mae

    Can someone answer me why is it homophobic to joke about gay people? Nobody is freaked out or scared of them...

  • Luke Nolan
    Luke Nolan

    I get on UZload to watch fucking memes and get all the new music, its entire culture save for a couple things here and there go completely over my head and I just heard about this vox thing today and had fucking clue what was going on and was originally on Vox's side but thank fucking christ Adam22 can sit down get high and lay it all on the table simple as fuck censorship is fucking stupid and crowder definitely could have just not called him any of that stuff and the employee at vox and their company would still try to find something else because they dont like being told they are wrong. Shit is P E T T Y bless up though 22

  • Juan Alvarez
    Juan Alvarez

    Adam and Steve should do a video together!

  • FightinAggieFarmer

    Socialist is for figs. Still skirting the razors edge.

  • ReubenRevolution

    Fuck VOX!


    All hail Steven crowder

  • cole august
    cole august

    18:55 the blunt is finally lit lmao

  • cobra kai
    cobra kai

    Yh Nazi doesn't mean anything any more. It used to mean someone whos morally reprehensible and basically, a cunt. But now it just means your conservative

  • username checks out
    username checks out

    You gained some respect from me for this Adam

  • yuhh //
    yuhh //

    The YT algorithm works on upload time basically, so if every saturday at 9:30pm, do a premier schedule and you upload an interview and get 6k views that day, the next week you do the same and YT pushes it, but IT HAS TO BE THE SAME FUCKING TIME CONSISTENTLY. no multiple uploads, no music uploads.

  • Curiosity L.
    Curiosity L.

    So not too into politics but this popped up and watched who is this guy? Adam something? Lol at first I thought Adams Corolla but yeah don't think so

  • Sploderisem

    big props to u adam for bringing this up!!

  • j jayindisbihh
    j jayindisbihh

    I needa hat

  • Christopher Hayes
    Christopher Hayes

  • Alessandro Morales
    Alessandro Morales

    This was a good interview. While I don’t think crowder should be censored, he’s still a fucking clown.

  • Quentin Cooke
    Quentin Cooke

    That "kid" jayz was talkint about was kalief browder and he was eventually proven inocent after spending 3 years in jail 2 of witch he spent in solitary confienment and after he comit suicide his family was awarded 3.3 million dollars for the wrongfull death because he was wrongfully convicted witch ultimately led to him comiting suicide he was inocent the whole time.

    • Quentin Cooke
      Quentin Cooke

      3 years not 30 fucking days

  • DevinBear

    Im a Republican/Conservative and i love gay ppl. Its not what party your with. It matters if your a shitty person or not.

  • ok then
    ok then

    Carlos Maza is reaffirming everything Steven Crowder said about him as true.

  • Young Jay Allen
    Young Jay Allen

    New video!!!!!!

  • Joseph Perez
    Joseph Perez

    This and the Gary V interview have to be my favorite ones you’ve posted! Love when you mix it up!

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