Jake Paul Confronts Lil Xan! Adam22 Reacts
today we've got big news from Jake Paul and Lil Xan, G Herbo, Lil Nas X and many more

  • xXEradicateXx

    Broskie adam 22 you gotta check out KSI hes so real i feel like youd have a good interview with KSI aka JJ

  • xXEradicateXx

    you had me at pokemon G Much love broskie

  • Vice Richter
    Vice Richter

    knowing lil xan, his dumbass probably doesnt even have one in the chamber xD Bet 5 bucks he mixed .380 rounds with 9mm in that piece and it wont fire lmao. Hip hop has gone to the gays I miss the good old days.

  • Dynoesaur

    Takis vs Cheetos

  • Vandal X
    Vandal X

    For some reason I find myself clicking watch, but then I ask myself why

  • DanielMcEachin

    Yall just hating you don't got the balls to wear that sweat shirt with swag. You gotta remember this dude was a nerdy bmxer. Bitches used to literally run away from bmxers lol. Gotta cut him some slack if he feeling himself a little after laying all that LA pipe.

  • Joah Calvert
    Joah Calvert

    Jake Paul to cody co is like Russ to old adam

  • DaSilva Morata
    DaSilva Morata


  • Koppány Gáspár
    Koppány Gáspár

    bro someone needs to slap jake paul and that tana bitch to another dimension

  • Sweets Weaver
    Sweets Weaver

    Do these artists pay extra for their song names to be in all caps cuz they wont let me do it...

  • Snottydicknose 1
    Snottydicknose 1

    I live in ATL and that old town road song is fucking everywhere and straight garbage

  • Salvador Cisneros
    Salvador Cisneros

    "The fact that the media reports on this pisses me off" - Adam reports on it

  • Matty Reardon
    Matty Reardon

    How many subscribers to Adam22 would take a gun to a club? I'm Aussie so this isn't an issue in society for us at all... Ever.. So the rest of the western world is curious. he probably has tons of cash and fancy jewelry at all times. When to pack heat and when not to. What's the winning formula? Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't.

  • Add Name Here
    Add Name Here

    Adam, do u know if Master Splinter listens to 6ix9ine?

  • Add Name Here
    Add Name Here

    Im changing my last name to Section and start playing basketball so i can get the number 8. I can still be a shitty player but have mad endorsement deals for clothes and other merchandise.If you want in just .

  • Jeremy Carswell
    Jeremy Carswell

    still listening to 6ix9ine

  • Rise and revolt Fuck modern comforts
    Rise and revolt Fuck modern comforts

    Ugh all these soundclout guys ripping off metal or black metals image

  • MaccTay

    Hoodie is wack

  • Gringo Loco
    Gringo Loco

    5:55 fuck 69 not riding with no RAT!!!

  • Alice Lilith
    Alice Lilith

    ”Confronting” he was clearly afraid and just asked if he was unfainthl, of course he was, but when Paul asked, he just smiled?totally stoned for sure on xanax and maybe some.molly, he even do this to his fiance which was pregnant, he is a fake motherfucker...He was definitely a one hit wonder, with betrayed....after this NO song came out that ever blowed so hard like betrayed!

  • Father P
    Father P

    6ix9ine forever in my heart

  • Mr. James
    Mr. James

    Kinda click bait when the title of the video is only 60sec long.

  • Mr. James
    Mr. James

    Whoa he got a lil peep tat. Was that in memory?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Jake Paul a bitch

  • Supaflyy Owen
    Supaflyy Owen

    Lmaoo Russ dropped an album 😭😭 didn’t even know

  • ipkiss

    That's the gayest sweater I e seen since I watched a Tyler Oakley add.

  • ralliart_ jerry
    ralliart_ jerry

    The pussy wouldnt do shit anywayd both a waste of space in this world

  • spicy tuna
    spicy tuna

    very cool

  • jadie-May dredd
    jadie-May dredd

    Lil xan always looks gormless as fuck

  • Doctor Dank
    Doctor Dank

    Bro look at u lmao

  • Wynona Gallagher
    Wynona Gallagher

    Adam you really need to start researching your stories better..... Jake paul did confront Lil Xan LMAO it's not just click bait ahaha

    • Rise and revolt Fuck modern comforts
      Rise and revolt Fuck modern comforts

      It's cuz that's the kid he gained most his clout from

  • Slow Mo
    Slow Mo

    How can you trust somebody that snitches on their selves?

  • Britni Geraghty
    Britni Geraghty

    I love the spikes! I'm buying!❤️😎

  • Zach Flores
    Zach Flores

    That hoodie is wack adam

  • DaIeDenton

    hoodie is fucking trash.

  • emiya

    next video ''The smurfs confront lil xan''

  • Mason Engle
    Mason Engle

    Jacket is dope as fuck bro

  • The Irishman 33
    The Irishman 33

    Yo Adam love you homie, but those spikes on that hoodie look goodie as fuck. Nothing but love for you tho homie. Fellow Nashua NH hardcore kid trying to look out ✊🏻

  • Jason Field
    Jason Field

    I don’t like that hoodie

  • B.P. A.W.P.
    B.P. A.W.P.

    This is so calm and chill I wish all the streams were like this 😂

  • pinkstarburst786

    So SoundCloud fanbase is the modern hot topic crowd?


    bro wbu is adam wearing section 8 💀

  • J b
    J b

    Nobody: ..... Nobody at all: .... PnBDinosaurNeck: No you can’t play 69!

  • That Neon Channel
    That Neon Channel

    I still bump 69

  • That Neon Channel
    That Neon Channel


  • Kaz Da illest
    Kaz Da illest

    Meek: Why yall tryna hem me up so bad? 12: You gonna give us a ft. or not nigga!

  • Zodyac Music
    Zodyac Music

    XDD "The fact that the media reports on this kindastuff really pisses me off (Realizing hes reporting on it) ... and ig Im part of the problem soo... Shit....

  • Daniel stez
    Daniel stez

    Tetris content🧙🏿‍♀️

  • TGW Stealth
    TGW Stealth

    Rip x

  • The_retriever

    His click bait is annoying 😂 just like the hot porn stars on here.

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    nobody: adam: ... yea im gonna wear that hoodie tonight

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    naruto looking ass

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    when u learn young emo wannabees dont have no fav youtube channel yet

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    mane adam u better not fall with that hoodie

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    6 likes on this comment adam fucks his girl with that hoodie

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    mane carefull not to spike lena with that hoodie

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    that hoodie gonna kill me

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    bruh adam that fucking hoodie mane u too good for 2019

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    bruh thiis too funny look at that boy with his hoodie damn

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    if u buy this hoodie u really a bitch

  • petit fantôme
    petit fantôme

    lol that hoodie...

  • Hi Utube
    Hi Utube

    Adam why you always hatin on six nine

  • Gary Hatroll
    Gary Hatroll

    Love a merch collaboration. I’m subscribing right now. Might even slap the like button. Get a face tattoo you cunt.

  • Suuedi

    Plastic cunts

  • guy stark
    guy stark

    Its fuckin scumgang

  • Jake Wilty
    Jake Wilty

    the hoodie would be fresh if it didnt have those stupid ass spikes

  • Brian Gaede
    Brian Gaede

    The eyeliner and the spikes have to go

  • Jim Pip
    Jim Pip

    69 is old gay news, no problem with homosexuality but 69 old news

  • Sonny Brown
    Sonny Brown

    Did i really just get clickbaited by someone else's clickbait in another video? Inceptionbate.

  • Based_Surfer

    dude you gotta stop letting hot topic employees design your shit

  • cbdude9

    Makes me mad asf that 69 got locked up and snitched bc he was so entertaining and his music did go stupid

  • Billy Metokur
    Billy Metokur

    Nba locked up cos he a dumb nigga

  • TOTC_benz

    Jake a bitch

  • Juicewrld 999
    Juicewrld 999

    anybody else think adam22 is wack now

  • Frank Cantu
    Frank Cantu

    No , he a snitch .😅 ( 69)

  • Miguel Del Rosario
    Miguel Del Rosario

    preciate you keepin is updated

    • Miguel Del Rosario
      Miguel Del Rosario

      us* lol

  • Dracula Wannaboogiedown
    Dracula Wannaboogiedown

    Ngl adam you look pretty retarded in that fuckin hoodie

  • Bros angles
    Bros angles

    Section8 is fucking trash

  • Chase BB
    Chase BB

    Cardi should resteal the uploading hers with the pitch changed in the same way

  • Cody Maimone
    Cody Maimone

    adam if you cia lemme know cause im on to you

  • Internet Cop
    Internet Cop

    Who miss Bald Babyface Adam? #BringBack2017Adam

  • Steven l
    Steven l

    Adam22 looking like a ocean mine. Fr Nigga looking like a koopa kid.

  • Mariah Ashanti
    Mariah Ashanti

    Spiked the fuck up

  • Colton Keifer
    Colton Keifer

    Whose has the videos go black a for a luttle

  • Bobby Snake
    Bobby Snake

    That fit looking garbage

  • Tate Williams
    Tate Williams

    My big titty goth gf would love that hoodie!

  • Marcos Salas
    Marcos Salas

    Rick ross just need some money

  • Robb Bunker
    Robb Bunker

    6ix9ine bout to get out and hit the billboard again🌈💯

  • Erik Zavala
    Erik Zavala

    “The fact that the media reports this...” as you... the media... are reporting on it. Dork

  • Aidan Concannon
    Aidan Concannon

    Stg section 8 just steals the shitty trends from vetements

  • Angel V.
    Angel V.

    Rename the video to "Trash youtuber confronts trash rapper"

  • Jac Nolph
    Jac Nolph

    Backwoods in the backwoods

  • Nihbps Mcgee
    Nihbps Mcgee

    That hoodie is about to destroy my washing machine

  • Soulwave Resonance
    Soulwave Resonance

    Diego is cool. I’d like to see him with a Podcast. I’d like to see him do something meaningful, with it.

  • Abbie Monroy
    Abbie Monroy

    Am I the only one that likes the spikes in the hoodie 😂⛓

  • David Brilmyer
    David Brilmyer


  • Rob Ode
    Rob Ode

    I like the hoodie, idk why people acting like spikes have anything to do with just young people, when I'm old I damn sure want the gabdalf look over the retired lame look just saying BUT,30 is not old anyway. Y'all act like 30 old, people live to 100+ nowadays all the time.

  • Cortani Park
    Cortani Park

    Fuckin hate Pete rock and if Adam doesn't stop being fucking weird he's next

  • Arath Felix
    Arath Felix

    Everyone’s tripping, the hoodie hard af

  • Marcus Maldonado
    Marcus Maldonado