Lil Nas X "Panini" Review - Is He A 1 Hit Wonder?
Lil Nas X's "Panini" has finally dropped. Let's review it and give our thoughts

  • Gay Yay
    Gay Yay

    I sneezed at 6:16 and I said thank you and now im scared

  • dfm503

    He’s referring to fans that flipped on him when old town road came out, that’s why he calls them Panini, because you usually flip a panini when it cooks.

  • YungTony B
    YungTony B

    Bruh Drake has worked with a fuck ton of brand new artists. The odds that they’ve already recorded the remix is like a 70-80% chance lol and the melody that he sung that was from that Nirvana song would not have been accidental at all...not in the slightest lol

  • BZLS

    This aint it chief

  • J Shot Productions
    J Shot Productions

    Nah good interview adam you streamline it with the least cuts it makes a big difference.

  • H macie
    H macie

    Yes it is adam 22

  • Fish

    The way the song bumps just makes it fire

  • Kathleen Geriak
    Kathleen Geriak

    The song is about his fans leaving him for being a big thing

  • ItsDevanteHimself

    3:28 he accidentally said 7 inch 😂

  • Solja.Ant

    Drake on a Panini Remix would be SO FIRE 🔥🔥


    Yo what about carry on? That track is awesome


    7 EP wasn't that good.

  • Avi Verdugo
    Avi Verdugo

    LMFAO adam, the nirvana inspired part of the song is the chorus. I can't believe you don't know what a chorus is.

  • carlos D
    carlos D

    Lmao Adam lowkey hatin

  • Quincy Quarles
    Quincy Quarles

    drake definitely hates lil nas x he broke the God's Plan streaming record

  • kegan's free type beats
    kegan's free type beats

    adam damn near a hater lol

  • Beatz Academy
    Beatz Academy

    Rodeo > Panini

  • Vaultdweller117

    Never heard old town road i am proud to say And yeah everyone was talking about the nirvana thing

  • Miko Kun
    Miko Kun

    Lol the story of how Lil nas resurrected nirvana for these young hiphop kids these days smh

  • nicholas cantarero
    nicholas cantarero

    It's songs like these that really make me believe those rumors that record labels lock people in rooms watching shows until they write a jingle referring to the show they really locked Lil Nas in a room watching chowder lmao

  • Dj LoS
    Dj LoS

    this song lit lol check out Nite1080P - Pif :)

  • the t-rexican
    the t-rexican

    I like how you stroke the haters to get em listening because everybody respects your opinion and let them know lil nas x is a real good artist his first song got played to death because people couldn’t get enough of it. And from what I can see he’s not in the limelight acting childish he’s about music. Who caught that lil pump show during the finals that’s not what we want from our young celebrities unless you’re fucked up too. I’m just glad to hear Adam say good shit about lil nas x. And it’s the lyric “she’s the one” which real recognized real he had that bridge in his heart and let it out it’s what musicians do.

  • Maria Velez
    Maria Velez

    Lil nas x is a fluke, the machine is milking the cow.

  • Maria Velez
    Maria Velez

    Lil nas x is trash. Just like Cardi, even though you have no talent, you can still make it big with a machine behind you, and payola. Fyi numbers dont equal talent.


    rip adam's mustache.

  • $trykerrvlone

    Fuck you Adam snitch ass nigga free youngboy and panini is the girl from chowder stupidddddnigga

  • **Erica **
    **Erica **

    Idc what anybody says this dude put out multiple songs of all different genres. Fucking talent!

  • Andrew Stovall
    Andrew Stovall

    This isn’t his second song he has other music

  • Taco Slayer
    Taco Slayer

    Better than ol town road that's for sure

  • Andy V
    Andy V


  • R€L

    Adam, if you don’t understand the pop culture reference of the name Panini you are too old and out of touch my dog.

  • Steven Celine
    Steven Celine

    The bridge of a song is the part before the hook that lets u know the hook is commin. Not every song has a bridge

  • Xavier The Virgo
    Xavier The Virgo

    So I thought I was the only one the song had a Ilovrmakonnen vibe

  • Immersion Gaming
    Immersion Gaming

    The music video was made with 1000$. Not alot of production put into it. You can tell they are using a basic graphics program with basic rigging of skeletons. The way the models move, are from waist up, meaning they didnt put any money into animating the lower half. Over all chast song.

  • Cali

    We jus gunna act light he didn’t jack makonnens whole sound?

  • Ahmed Alzkrah
    Ahmed Alzkrah

    😂😂😂 research your shit before you speak .

  • Yezzir Worm
    Yezzir Worm

    Rap and Hip Hop is Two different things 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Justin Falcon
    Justin Falcon

    Love this song bruh💯💯💯💯💯

  • Ron Baker
    Ron Baker


  • FHS_Dr4kq

    HE SAID 7 Inch 😂😂😂 WTF was he thinking about

    • FHS_Dr4kq

      Mattie Scorsese or... Something else

    • Mattie Scorsese
      Mattie Scorsese

      Probably a 7 inch vinyl record

  • Micr0xchip 0xVerflow
    Micr0xchip 0xVerflow

    Tupac and Biggie are rolling in their graves. Rap is officially DEAD.

    • Micr0xchip 0xVerflow
      Micr0xchip 0xVerflow

      @Young Reap He would only like it because it would be too easy to make fun of Lil Nas X his next song.

    • Young Reap
      Young Reap

      I actually think pac would like it

  • Daniel Owens
    Daniel Owens

    Kurt is dead dummy

  • Do You Have Caps
    Do You Have Caps

    He made rodeo and is a good song

  • matthew medus
    matthew medus

    Why do you always look depressed?

  • Savannah Tatianna
    Savannah Tatianna

    If anything, this is total rip off of Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd

  • Asjia Daniels
    Asjia Daniels

    Panini is from Chowder Adam. Not an actual sandwich bro. 🧐

  • Romo_Knowz Commentz
    Romo_Knowz Commentz

    This fool is in a comatose Lil Nas X got hella heat Wake up fool your out of touch

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck

    Adam please shut your bummy irrelevant ass the fuck up

  • Sad Boy
    Sad Boy

    It’s honestly not that hard to figure out why it’s been number one for so long, Old Town Road appeals to every single age group from elementary kids to people my parents age or even older. Most other songs that hit number one on the charts, don’t appeal to the vastly large age group that Old Town Road has, therefore leading to much more people to listen to it.

  • rock with subs
    rock with subs

    Chowders "girlfriend"

  • Charlie Leon
    Charlie Leon

    Yea he’s a one hit wonder

  • Francisco Davis
    Francisco Davis

    Like if Cardi B is holding Nas back on Rodeo...and Adam does almost no research lol

  • AMAC121340


  • Chace Bonanno
    Chace Bonanno

    Old Town Road, 300M views Any other Lil Nas X song, prolly never even 100M views

    • Emmanuel Karakousis
      Emmanuel Karakousis

      Well,rodeo and panini will go over 100mil at this rate

  • Nick Schultz
    Nick Schultz

    His songs might sound different from so many genre switches, but that dosent mean they have much substance. Sometimes you need to stick to what youre good at

  • Frisco Cook
    Frisco Cook

    Bridge gang

  • Mark Pasquinelli
    Mark Pasquinelli

    1 hit wonder!!!!

  • Markietrill Hernandez
    Markietrill Hernandez

    Sound like he hating why wouldn't you wanna be on all the biggest media sites

  • Ryan Mundt
    Ryan Mundt

    Where’s the background music?




  • Tokxns


  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez

    I hope he knows this validates Billboard’s move, he’s a rapper, Rappers have no place on a country chart? Idgaf but I’m sure they did research on him 🤷‍♂️

    • Nick Schultz
      Nick Schultz

      He did a song with cardi b, that explains everything lol she’s like country’s opposite sister

  • Timid

    The song name is from Chowder the Tv Show. Read the man’s tweets.

  • Mark Gibbs
    Mark Gibbs

    Panini from the obsessed girl in the cartoon, and being pressed like a panini???

  • Freddy's World Extra
    Freddy's World Extra

    his 7in? adam pause!

  • Krodez Beats
    Krodez Beats

    Theyre literally the same melody, obviously nirvana inspired

  • iNeedMoney

    lil nas x corny as fuck

  • MAR10 TH4 RAN63R
    MAR10 TH4 RAN63R

    ADAM DONT GROW YO BEARD OUT NO MORE 😂😂😂 look better bald faced

  • SimmyJai

    OMG 😂😂 now I have to watch chowder again

  • Uavk Soarrow
    Uavk Soarrow

    7 inch😂😂😂😂

  • Миша Некогов
    Миша Некогов

    Panini is a cartoon character from Chowder

  • Andrew Donoghue
    Andrew Donoghue

    its just like when Nas came out with Illmatic

  • Lamin Sesay
    Lamin Sesay

    There is meaning behind the song tho “panini” = his first fans that want him exclusively/disregard him when he becomes mainstream

  • KindaColt

    But first heres my pop up shop

  • Elijah Ashman
    Elijah Ashman

    Feeling drake is getting point where jay z got too. like I’m going do features when I want to not when I have too so idk lil Nas x probably he going get on it for label reasons tho.

  • corbin smith
    corbin smith

    if i slap you with my left hand and im right handed you still getting slapped?

  • Michael Brar
    Michael Brar

    great insight Adam - the duration of the video is good IMO

  • Matt K
    Matt K

    RIP Kurt

  • Sean Your Hero 17
    Sean Your Hero 17

    I been bumping panini on repeat since that shit dropped

  • monster6909

    Yooooo I said the same thing he reminds me of Makonnen on a few songs

  • Jaay Vincent
    Jaay Vincent

    The melody on Rodeo is from a different song, melody from Panini is from a different song.. and etc

  • young city
    young city

    That song is trash Adam...

  • Dustin Tyler
    Dustin Tyler

    7 inch? That's what she said..

  • Seth Cook
    Seth Cook

    His song "sonic shit" is a straight banger!!! It's been out long before 7EP.

  • Culture Hub
    Culture Hub

    He delivered with this album 100% in a 7 EP 2 songs (rodeo and panini) are A tier songs, 2 songs (kick out, bring u down) are B tier and decent songs to vibe too, overall I’m happy with most of the songs on here

  • No Name Necessary
    No Name Necessary

    Bruh Adam just fucking rants about the dumbest shit and it’s so annoying

  • avery

    i feel bad for you if you enjoy listening to lil nas

  • Ben Slaton
    Ben Slaton

    Deff similar in parts to the nirvana song

  • Marquee Watts
    Marquee Watts

    Lol the hat all the time is weird 🤣🤣


    There is no way Nas will be a one hit wonder. He will have more hits just give him some time. The kids sing him all day long. So if it’s up to the kids; he will be huge

  • mack mack
    mack mack

    I was thinking that it was the bridge too, I have no idea about music jargon though😂

  • Typical Crazy TV
    Typical Crazy TV

    Fuck u u are an asshole

  • Jerry Lafume
    Jerry Lafume

    Please stop saying heater

  • Karnager3formedgames

    Didn’t even listen to the song LMFAOAOOA

  • Ryan Vickery
    Ryan Vickery

    A 7?inch panini huh? Ctfu

  • Leaf Animo
    Leaf Animo

    Your girlfriend is hot

  • Chris Colbert
    Chris Colbert

    New song trash as fuck but he's not a 1hit wonder.

  • Dom Wilkerson
    Dom Wilkerson

    I only just heard that song, lemme have a week w it stuck in my head.