Fousey Got Beat Up! Analyzing What Went Wrong
Fousey got beat down. Let’s talk about his untimely loss

  • AC 777
    AC 777

    I really like uri

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    Tdg Killa

    who's here because of quarantine 🤘

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze

    It happened so fousey could get his nose made 20 times bigger.

  • Steve Fulton
    Steve Fulton

    I’ve commented on every social media platform you have lol Ima put it out there u way better than vlad TV ADAM ADAM ADAM 22 22 22 fuck Christmas I just want to pay my hospital bills ✅✅✅🔥🔥🔥

  • SadBoiGrim401

    Adam is a clown nigga just talks mad shit what a goofy ... Fousey just sees how big the boxing thing is and did it. Fousey is maybe more relevant than Adam 22 honestly

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    Koo1aid _540 check me out 🏊🏼‍♂️🌊🏊🏼‍♂️🌊🏊🏼‍♂️🌊😘📍✨✨✨✨✨

  • aka aformentioned2yearoldfignewton
    aka aformentioned2yearoldfignewton

    I honestly think he knew he’d lose after a certain point and stopped blocking after a while.

  • Monty Lelievre
    Monty Lelievre

    tf did logan do in the woods?

  • Hassan Muhammad
    Hassan Muhammad

    why does this guy have to address him as a 'muslim youtuber" wtf man seriously

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    Jason Rangel87


  • Mike Woltmann
    Mike Woltmann

    I am a former Golden Glove boxer and it takes a year of training just to be able to hold your hands up the whole fight with out getting tired. Your shoulders burn and you can't keep your hands up and as a Golden Glove runner up and former pro boxer and MMA fighter. Fousey (no hate, respect for stepping in the ring) needs to hang it up before he gets really hurt or he must dedicate himself and work his way up the amateur ranks. I had 60 pro fights and fought monthly before I turned pro. I went into MMA and won in the Ring of Combat in Atlantic City and fought former UFC Fighters. Fousey or you no offense will get killed, I had trained since I was 6. You can't learn the sweet science in a few months. He doesn't even know how to snap a jab...

  • checkoutmyballz

    Taking a fight for these guys is just a cash grab. Watching two people who can’t fight go at it is a joke.

  • 556478324762

    This is so sad, some old dude talk about some youtuber who is not relevant for at least 5 years

  • Da Plez
    Da Plez

    5his Adam dude hangs out with young boys....he is like the high school jock who graduated 5 years ago still hanging out with freshmen students......ridiculous.

  • Catie Dee
    Catie Dee

    What’s Yuris social media?

  • OHMsweetOHM

    "Everyone can fight" this couldn't be further from the truth. 9 out of 10 dudes don't know how to properly throw a jab, cross, hook, or uppercut. They think they do lol, but they very much don't. Very entertaining though.

  • 420BlzEiTFgT

    never talk about any combat sports please. youre too uneducated and sound dumb

  • Juaquim Rivas
    Juaquim Rivas

    I dont get it because logan paul is more successful then you. Has a bigger podcast. Dont be a hater.

  • killa_ 03
    killa_ 03

    Adam I fuck with you hard but u going down the wrong road brotha fousey is good to u and look how u RESPECT him that's fucked adam22


    More death, more destruction

  • Unruly Raikage
    Unruly Raikage

    My nigga Slim made it on No Jumper

  • Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
    Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller

    I have one good arm, I'd fight all of em. Just cause. Learn to throw a punch

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    elijah williams

    Damn you not gonna play the video??

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    C L

    lol your on yur last leg

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    The DRRM Project

    Oloff - Doing lt SteaIthy

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    Steve Forbes

    Fool has heart can't take that away from him. .......💯

  • Experiment


  • Richard Bolton
    Richard Bolton

    Fousey doing better then you with subs and views

  • C Ker
    C Ker

    Dudes link is NOT in the description??

  • Mr haun
    Mr haun

    Isis vs isis.

  • Sausage Wallet
    Sausage Wallet

    Whats funny is Adam giving shit to Fousey about boxing but if you look up Adam22 vs Austin Augie you will see Adams skills

  • Karbon

    You are the only other person who I know besides me who drinks from a gallon of water at their desk, that is specifically that brand 2:22

  • Eric soliz
    Eric soliz

    Fuuuuck adam fell tf off

  • Eagle King
    Eagle King

    React to Adam saleh fight his fighting a pro

  • Cuttyz On The Beat
    Cuttyz On The Beat

    I thought his hands were okay he threw some good punches for a youtuber but he just had no head movement at all like not even a little bit he just kept his head straight and didnt block or bounce at all

  • why parceti
    why parceti

    Served him right! He wasted all our time with his fake ass videos.

  • Severe

    No Adam you scared to fight.. we going run a train on Lena

  • Summer Valentine
    Summer Valentine

    I wanted to see you critic him as the video was playing. Isn’t it a reaction video? W

  • Jalpa Beats
    Jalpa Beats

    In a UZloadrs career, taking a fight against another UZloadr is the mainstream celebrity equivalent to booking Dancing with Stars

    • John Duff
      John Duff


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    Luca Salerno


  • Mocha Man
    Mocha Man

    Fousey be like "Hey Tyler Perry put me in his movies"

  • Marcos

    Haha Adam you didn’t put his @ in the description.

  • x-hopshot-x

    Fousey wasn't taught to move his head off the center line and pivot he had no defense at all and all he did was throw crappy haymakers that drain people with a lot of muscle mass. He wasn't taught to Jab or anything and I believe if he fought Vitale he would have been totally fucked. Slim isn't the best fighter either but he was somewhat Jabbing and moving off the centerline.

  • C G
    C G

    adam22 vsfousey adam woulddo worse iveseen him try to punch aussie hew cant fight at all

  • Sebaro

    lmao ab time fousey gets beat tf up 🙏🏽

  • Tyler Spence
    Tyler Spence

    Aaron Carter vs Nick Carter next boxing match

  • Ded Wok
    Ded Wok

    Adam you gettin more n more petty bruh we all know what went wrong.. Buddy didn’t put his hands up an he’s a shitty boxer. This video wasn’t necessary

  • Mike Medina
    Mike Medina

    Fousey be swinging for the moon. Was he running into his fist purposely?

  • Isaiah Roberts
    Isaiah Roberts

    “I don’t need yes men to tell me who the fuck I am!” A little over a year later: Gets beat up


    What went wrong was he tried to block punches with his face

  • Herb Kushner
    Herb Kushner

    so what did Logan Paul do in the woods?

  • Payne

    I like the new guy

  • Chico Espino
    Chico Espino

    25 cent wings at Applebee's

  • GlitchInTheMatrix

    Muscles use oxygen in order to work. The more muscle you have, the more oxygen being used. The more oxygen being used by muscles, the less oxygen being used to breath. Its ideal for a boxer to have mostly lean muscles rather than big muscles. Everything Fousey did wrong: He fought Slim’s fight. Did everything Slim would want him to do; Didn’t get close enough. Allowed outside fighter to keep distance. Failed to make his opponent uncomfortable. No head movement. No blocking. Didn’t sit on punches. Punches weren’t tight. Stood up too straight (knees not bent enough). Didn’t attack the body AT ALL NOT ONE BODYSHOT. What was his corner telling him? Slim also had flaws but he won and he fought his fight so no need to get into detail.

    • John D
      John D

      This is exactly, totally wrong. You need to educate yourself on slow twitch vs fast twitch muscle fibers. Basically, the exact opposite of what you said is correct. Slow twitch fibers are the ones that use oxygen, and they are the endurance fibers that don’t typically grow much. Fast twitch muscle fibers are what make your muscle grow large, and they do not use oxygen as the main energy source. Having lots of fast twitch muscle fibers (IE: large muscles) allows you to generate MORE power while using LESS oxygen. Please stop spreading bullshit.

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    Adam how bout you donate 5% of your followers to me thanks hahaha

  • PL Lyons
    PL Lyons

    U nerds need to stop talkin over each other....cringeworthy😏

  • Jessica Jasinski
    Jessica Jasinski

    Fousey has a super Nose👃 I wonder if he can smell all his bullshit.

  • Jessica Jasinski
    Jessica Jasinski

    Of course he got beat down. DUHHH. now he has a bigger nose.

  • Bipy 2x
    Bipy 2x


  • myvids2223

    I just don't think Fousey is athletic or cut out for boxing as I can also see in his last training video leading up to the fight on his coaches channel. As soon as he gets a real hit from an opponent he becomes really winded and he's very slow. When I first saw Fousey come into the ring with Slim Fousey had this angry crazy stare in his eyes and on his creeped me out....he was super emotional and seemed emotionally imbalanced. Then towards the end of the fight it's like Fousey had a death wish, he was like a zombie he just kept coming at Slim without covering his face because he was too winded and slow to defend himself. I also wonder if Fousey takes steroids because he seemed to gain a lot more muscle and lose fat in just a matter of weeks where for most people it would take months or years. And if he does take steroids there is no guarantee that muscle mass equals athletic ability steroids or not. Fousey is very slow and tires out quickly and from what I have learned is most of those pro boxers started very young training. I think they underestimated Slim and that is easy to do because Fousey has a big Ego. His ego was also what gave him bad judgement to think he could just train for a few weeks then jump into a fight....that's why he was calling out everyone and their Momma to box. I personally think he shouldn't go back in the ring because boxing is no joke it's not a clout thing as Fousey may have thought...It's a very serious sport and you can get seriously injured or killed. Maybe Fousey should train and have fun with it but I don't think he should fight.

  • Ali

    It is very difficult ‏ getting in the ring , everyone start Booing you and saying bad words to you. These things Effected him

  • TattedBoi

    Adam33 with that fugazi ass face who are you making videos for 10 year olds? you know thats why those were started in the first place was to get all the really young ppl to be attracted to the video by seeing a surprised or really sad or super excited face,...bro your 34, please stop forealllllll

  • Rich H
    Rich H

    Something you all forget, Fousey has only trained for 2-3 weeks... hes never fought or boxed or wrestled in his life.... Fousey needs a lot of training.


    Hi ppl

  • EllVee entertainment
    EllVee entertainment

    He made peace with salah

  • Big Foot Narcota
    Big Foot Narcota

    pulls up video,doesnt play it

  • Bmxthegardennj

    Slim hugged it out with fousey an slim said that he loved him after the fight



  • Nic _
    Nic _

    Wtf is this adam. First you review your AC Interview ( Which is part of your whole allure no one knows what you actually think about these rappers minus skinny) And now you're reviewing a fousey fight... 🥨

  • Christian Jantha
    Christian Jantha

    It was for charity bro dont hate.. you wont step in the ring

  • HF HF
    HF HF

    Adam22 ur racist u hate Muslims I can tell the way ur saying Muslim UZloadrs 😂 ur a joke!!!!

  • KarnaOfRed 1
    KarnaOfRed 1

    This Yuri guy is a nice addition to your content, his inputs are on topic, he doesn’t talk 24/7 or try to out talk Adam. Props to you my guy :)

  • Nathan Major
    Nathan Major

    Props to him for letting his skinny homie beat him up.

  • Paul McKee
    Paul McKee

    I'm balding like Adam but I got no jumper


    unfollowed whem Adam said I don't care about boxing

  • CadillacJak

    Fousey is getting exactly what he deserves

  • Lando Cuz
    Lando Cuz

    yea he was a trip

  • Chris Mccullough
    Chris Mccullough

    There is more to every story

  • Roku

    This is what you're going to look like Adam after Aaron C catches up with you 😂😂

  • Zia Choudhry
    Zia Choudhry

    i was waiting the whole video for adam to play the video of fousey


    Why does the co-host always defend these people they are roasting in the video so hardddd. Like bro just admit Fousey got whooped no other way to talk around it. Is he being paid by team Fousey?

  • Pob brett
    Pob brett

    Slim didn't beat fousey, fousey beat fousey

  • Josh Stoll
    Josh Stoll

    Yuri is just internet Craig Passero

  • Dawood Idrees
    Dawood Idrees

    React to Adam Saleh

  • Dawood Idrees
    Dawood Idrees

    React to Adam Saleh fight

  • Just ilchin
    Just ilchin

    Jake Paul like 6’2 way bigger than fousey

  • Supreme Tez VLOGS
    Supreme Tez VLOGS

    LouseyTube strikes again as the human punching bag😂😂😂😂 I’m surprised his nose still on his face😂😂😂

  • The Mighty Spoon
    The Mighty Spoon

    Cheers from a UK weedtuber tree climber yo

  • jason phillips
    jason phillips

    Look like he had no training . Thing some don't know when u get hit u lose some energy so him not blocking made things 100 times worse .

  • Henry Steeze
    Henry Steeze

    This video was straight poopty scoop

  • Edgar Flores
    Edgar Flores

    Everyone can fight not everyone can box there's a difference, boxing isn't a game u play...

    • The North Swamp
      The North Swamp


  • Naded IX
    Naded IX

    Its crazy to see how many of yall are so sleep. A man cant even help raise money to help his people. How yall gone bash a man who got beat up to raise money for his people. May all of you find your way may one day your eye open to the reality yall living in.

  • Sheri Thomas
    Sheri Thomas

    when are you gonna have Mr Capone and Mr Criminal on Adam22? They are local talent and bigggg following. Bring em in together

  • PerthBeast Zzzz
    PerthBeast Zzzz

    I’ll tell you what went wrong fouseytubes a little bitch

  • AntiSocialFB

    more videos with your friend please. hes a logical thinker, good sounding board

  • Jake Knettel
    Jake Knettel

    he got fucked up

  • xyno

    fousey.exe has stopped working