First Day With No Girlfriend (featuring Vitaly)
my girlfriend has said farewell. today's vlog details exactly what happened there plus I check in with Vitaly and asked him about his recent fight with Bradley Martyn. Then I linked with Adam Saleh and Slim Albaher AKA the guy who beat up Fousey. Then I shaved one of my employee's heads and tried to make him look like 6ix9ine. Enjoy

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      Jp Vert

      I'm wit you Brodie

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      @Dallas Weigel that city is filled with hiv and aids

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      @yawasap_yachaazaqahla joseph Barnard fuck you.

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      I'm already subbed ya dickhead.

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      This Is Scripted

      Report this video as spam /misleading content...tired of theese normie hypebeast(like ricegum lookin asses) clickbaiting youtube and making it the trash state it's in today.

  • Juan Salinas
    Juan Salinas

    That dude ugly with the playboy hoodie

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    Nina Tourabi


  • Vandal X
    Vandal X

    I just realized UZload is reality tv.

  • Vic

    vitaly is the guy that couldnt get it up on bangbus, right?

  • Jeremy Ducastel
    Jeremy Ducastel

    Your videos are boring, you suck

  • Badgurlbeauty

    You lost a ton of weight

  • A G
    A G

    Yo what was that song in the beginning of the video?

  • Triple5Soul

    Vitally looks old and sick wtf?

  • Steve Fulton
    Steve Fulton

    I’ve commented on every social media platform you have lol Ima put it out there u way better than vlad TV ADAM ADAM ADAM 22 22 22 fuck Christmas I just want to pay my hospital bills ✅✅✅🔥🔥🔥

  • ASMR Baby
    ASMR Baby

    no offense adam’s body look kinda feminine

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    Valerie tinaco

    Doenero100 killed Adam on ig and Twitter I don’t blame Adam for blocked him it was lit😂😂

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    Mariano GonzalezTv

    Vitaly makes Adam look 22

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    Lekkim_Kush _

    I was 1millll

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    Murder Mitten989

    Adam looks high as hell u can see it in his eyes

  • Krista McMullen
    Krista McMullen

    Congratulations!!! It's crazy hard work!

  • Haider Saad
    Haider Saad

    Fousey; "Yo DJ Akademiks, fuck you and your whole crew"

  • BiteTheBullet

    4:21 who the F wears a cap like that? So daang weird!

  • Eli s
    Eli s

    Vitaly looks old as fuck! The party life is getting to him!!!!

  • Michael Seraphim
    Michael Seraphim

    its about u and god not JUST you and the girl. we all come to find this. G59 617 L-UV

  • Nick Salas
    Nick Salas

    Who else think vitaly looking like woody harrilson

  • This Is Scripted
    This Is Scripted

    Report this video as spam /misleading content...tired of theese normie hypebeast(like ricegum lookin asses) clickbaiting youtube and making it the trash state it's in today.

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    armoured aussie

    hope you're ok

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    Thenoselfhelpjunkie Insta


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    Sir Lord Benjamin Wilson

    Could you interview Lance 210

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    srella a

    Aww Adam taking his health seriously makes me happy.

    • srella a
      srella a

      ​@Bobby nah just eating right & exercising

  • srella a
    srella a

    Do you even have leg hair? Your shit look smooth like butter baby girl.

  • Detroit FettyGhost
    Detroit FettyGhost

    DETROIT HATES YOU ADAM22 You don't even fuck with real music just what's hot on the radio. Lame as fuck.fake as fuck.


    You should fight joe rogan or at least get a interview with him

  • Mr. Green Hulk
    Mr. Green Hulk

    Vitaly talking about doing a fight like he'd ever actually step foot in the ring. He's gotta pass a drug test first and he and the rest of the world know that his HGH ass ain't passing. If he got off the roids and got into a real fight with Bradley he would get fucking washed. But shit I would pay to see it

  • Grace 4 All
    Grace 4 All

    Workout vlogs.....cringe

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    tye beaver

    Single life hella lit thooo , ya do wat ya want and got extra money to flex on the haters tho lmao fr fr

  • Noelle Mayberry
    Noelle Mayberry

    Don’t smoke weed in the car. It gives the police probable cause for a DUI. It also gives them probable cause to search. Never smoke weed in a vehicle.

  • hassan Waleed
    hassan Waleed

    Vitaly looked fooked, what happened? Coke and roids whilst having a dysfuntional crotch, unlucky pal

  • JMF 23
    JMF 23

    Congratulations on being below 220 pounds. The beginning of this year, I weighed 205 pounds. I told myself I would go to the gym more often and now I weigh 185 pounds. My next goal is to weigh 160 pounds. Keep up the good content Adam22!

  • John Tobin
    John Tobin

    Vitaly is back from Been Bullied at the ksi fight

  • Caleb Best
    Caleb Best

    Adam out here trying to loose all his credibility

  • Dante

    Y’all couldn’t have broken up before you interviewed that Australian chick???


    bro do you ever get that feeling that someones telling you something but really theyre meaning the opposite. like getting lied to ppl act fake all the time. i

  • Mireya Almaguer
    Mireya Almaguer

    At 0:53 Jack Gilinsky?

  • Jekyll Hyde
    Jekyll Hyde

    Even though he playing around people gonna see the title and not the video and gonna try and plug Lena ;)

  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby

    Naw thats some lame shit. Everyone who is a real fan would have watched anyone. But Naaaw get those clicks my dude lol 😆 going from swiping scaming to legal scaming

  • DrDoubleCup

    thank you for this motivation adam you’re killing it bro

  • Johnny Gonz
    Johnny Gonz

    998k ?

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    Mike Ramirez


  • Jose Varela
    Jose Varela

    Dont catch a DUI foo :(

  • sauved0

    vitaly does not look natty, man.

  • TheChromeCR

    0:32 for a second i thought that was link from rhett & link

  • johnny massa
    johnny massa

    Click baity i like it

  • Alyssa Pookie
    Alyssa Pookie

    Yuss, do that gym !!

  • Chris Mccullough
    Chris Mccullough

    Nice looking gym

  • Jean-Louis Roels
    Jean-Louis Roels

    everyone in the comment section that asks if it is real or not.. literally watch 1 minute of the fucking video

  • Y tho
    Y tho

    Congratulations on the fitness plan man keep going hard. Don’t forget to diet though!

  • Drew Blanche
    Drew Blanche

    Smokin’ weed in the car yet you didn’t film or bust out a freestyle? What kind of person are you lmao 🤣

  • Projectbby Zy
    Projectbby Zy

    This dude fucked lina and riley in a bathroom what a legend🐐😂

  • 0neplus0neequals3

    Sorry Mom posted so i had to leave.. im back now! Haha! Mom and dad will NEVER SPLIT!

  • Troy Butcher
    Troy Butcher

    I'm so tired of seeing people w/ the upside down ⛪! 🤔🙏

  • AlanPharaohs

    You’re gonna have to change your name to “Adam 22s son!” RIP Big Black

  • AlanPharaohs


  • Oliver Ta
    Oliver Ta

    Good shit with the workouts Adam

  • Jada Preston
    Jada Preston

    More vlogs

  • danglenugget07

    How are you so heavy?? You don’t look 219 AT ALL

  • Nathan Rogers-Wright
    Nathan Rogers-Wright

    U got me wit da clickbait

  • Tricia Kae
    Tricia Kae

    Interview Doobie out of ohioooo hes🔥 an I think yall would click an make a great interview

  • Jc

    0:53 that jack dude from vine on the left

  • Theazy Hunnit
    Theazy Hunnit

    So is he really single ?

  • Uncle Swish Again
    Uncle Swish Again

    I literally turned this off to watch the Taco Bell ep to make sure y’all didn’t break up over Aunt Jemimah. Jem Wolfie is Big Bae Goals 🥯🥯

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case

    Next thing you know our very own Adam is going to start steroid thing like he's other freaks that he's starting to hang with

  • distill

    Do me a favor. Man to man. Cut half of your daily cardio and focus on 10 minutes of nonstop HIIT core training (high and low planks, bicycles, mountain climbers, elbows to knees on your back.) with 5 minutes of weighted situps/crunches after 5 minute break and then do 15 minutes of cardio switching between bicycle, elliptical, stairs, treadmill with incline. Watch your life, energy, and overall posture change in two weeks. Also take time in a sauna if they have one. Usually 10 minutes to start and stretch and 5 minutes to end with. Enjoy yourself. You're not going to be able to contain your endorphins. I personally lift full body 5 times a week but I'm trying to cut more than I am grow so I keep my weight training at a slow growth. I want it to last. I lost 30 pounds in a month and a half with no diet changes going from a somewhat active lifestyle. An old friend suggested it when I couldnt stop gaining mass with normal weight training and wasn't burning any fat with an hour of "cardio" everyday.

  • A J
    A J

    Vitalitys training regime consists of a needle in his ass cheek followed by a line of coke.

  • The Joe Sankovich
    The Joe Sankovich

    I got herrrr!!! She bad too

  • Joshua Peterson
    Joshua Peterson

    this has to be click bait. they were perfect together

  • Leslie Dawidowicz
    Leslie Dawidowicz

    BOO to this video! I’m going to watch the follow up video on the Asian delivery guy who tried to shoot you

  • Leslie Dawidowicz
    Leslie Dawidowicz

    P90x straps🙌🏻

  • slatcs

    What's that song playing at 0:30

  • Shaun R
    Shaun R

    Smoking and driving that’s a dui

  • Christian Marks
    Christian Marks

    fuck lena she is bitch

  • Mixeeh

    I’m sorry Adam love you dawg head up🙏

  • Shinji Hasoka
    Shinji Hasoka

    Just went through a really bad breakup my self man, I know how ya feel, stay strong adam

  • 060330dman

    Adam rocking the red YG 400 rebooks 🔥🔥

  • yoyoyo7080

    hope you feel better my man at least you can still make jokes. better then me haha

  • Mayson Lairson
    Mayson Lairson

    he really reaching for that mill 😂

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    Nick Stock


  • John Wolfe
    John Wolfe

    This is troll.

  • Spawny_95

    This guy looks like he does a lot of drugs

  • bd bd
    bd bd

    Can’t wait til they break up for real lena deserves better then this old ass nigga adam 😂 I bet she cheats on his ass all the time the ufc middleweight champion hit on her in front of adam 😢😂

  • Christian Benett
    Christian Benett


  • Doggman T.V
    Doggman T.V

    Adam I think u go both suspect!!😂😂😂 sneak freak!!

  • Royal Mind
    Royal Mind

    Vitaly nearly got his life taken away from Bradley

  • Danielpfishing

    cardio cardio cardio

  • kushking

    Why didn't you just title it working out with Josh peck you don't need clickbait

  • Stephen Palyo
    Stephen Palyo

    Have you EVER worked on your legs?! Your forearms are bigger than your calves!! I don't get why people totally neglect legs....

  • Jaytee 23
    Jaytee 23

    Damn Adam This Clickbait Lame asf , Y'all Should've Actually Broke Up You Would've Been Back Relavent Dummy

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson

    I fuxxx with the Vlog. GoodIsh Man

  • Asr Ast&Hru
    Asr Ast&Hru


  • 2 Filthy77
    2 Filthy77

    Vitaly looks un human, get off the roids guy

  • Lolita Delaware
    Lolita Delaware




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  • Jay Willow
    Jay Willow

    Vitally straight up has that scum bag face you want to stomp on 😂

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