OnlyFans Boyfriend Responds To iDubbbz Controversy
my thoughts on the recent controversy regarding iDubbbz and his girlfriend

  • natsoc dogeposter
    natsoc dogeposter

    Simp. Y'all are literally whats wrong in the culture and reason for the now emasculated male

  • Here's Tha Thang Skeiuup!
    Here's Tha Thang Skeiuup!

    You honestly make some great points. It actually is why I feel Onlyfans is useless and boring as shit. Like who cares about nude pics and videos. Doesn't even compare to porn.

  • Derick Vaval
    Derick Vaval

    lena was making 2 bands a week as an intern. I need that job asap

  • Mario Mäelt
    Mario Mäelt

    well said

  • Jay Love LC
    Jay Love LC

    Well I have a daughter already born. I not making her mom do anything I wouldn't want her too since her mom will teach her own values and what's ok and not ok.

  • Jay Love LC
    Jay Love LC

    Lol there are porn stars with children's channels on yt. Buttttt that's just me Playing devils advocate.

  • Echo Mckay
    Echo Mckay

    I think the major difference was, you never publicly shamed girls over and over for being a part of the adult industry, where as idubz did and then as soon as his girlfriend said she was going to do onlyfans he tried saying he had never said anything like that.

  • MB GFX
    MB GFX

    if you can get paid well for showing your own body or are cool with your girl doing it then make that fucking money.

  • Cake

    if you would feel hurt and betrayed,or anyone for that matter, that their favorite musician is a fucking republican (aka they have different political ideas than you), you are missing your brain.

  • Gilbert Chavez
    Gilbert Chavez

    Making money busting nuts why not 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • dylan hicks
    dylan hicks

    I feel sorry for this man 😂 smh

  • Defectum Productions
    Defectum Productions

    Is Adam wearing eyeliner?

  • Duneboii

    Adam is trying really hard to justify dudes jacking off to his girlfriend.

  • Des Luke
    Des Luke

    I think that its sweet that you did this.

  • YourUncle Daddy
    YourUncle Daddy

    Ian doesn’t care at all 😂

  • psychoticbreaks167 Justletmecomment
    psychoticbreaks167 Justletmecomment

    Parasocial relationships are a hell of a drug. People are upset that hes not the character he plays on youtube 24/7. They make and break a youtuber. And you cant always control it. People get attatched to the persona in unforseeable ways. And when there are inconsistencies, people feel betrayed. The answer is to realize its mostly for entertainment. It is a business. If you hand your emotions over to that, you only have yourself to blame if you get hurt. Humanty still has a lot to learn about how to engage with the internet in a healthy way. The thing people need to realize that youtube is his job and dumping all of this personal crap on him is probably fucking idubbz, the REAL person, up hard. Its a weird phenomenon, where people get so attatched to a persona that they feel betrayed when they find out.

  • Sam Swadener
    Sam Swadener

    I think part of the reason people got so mad with Ian was that he was so condescending towards people about it, if he had explained his opinion more calmly and like he was on the same level not all high and mighty he would’ve gotten a much better reception. Another reason is because a lot of Ian’s content was teasing things like only fans and other risqué/sexual things, he puts out this super intolerant vibe so it came as a surprise to people that he didn’t care.

  • T R
    T R

    Adam, we need a review of Celina Powell's onlyfans. She's claiming she uploaded all her celeb sex tapes 😅

  • Asmodeus Aus
    Asmodeus Aus

    I live in Kansas, onlyfans is everywhere now. Every fine female with the confidence has one. It did seem strange at first but I understand, I’d never spend a dime on it cuz I’m not “sleazy” enough, but it’s bank. Bank is bank is bank. An I don’t mind gettin financially set before we’re all wrinkled up. if your gonna take nudes anyways, might as well get paid for it. Anyone who disagrees is dumb. Can’t change my mind.

  • Vile Murk
    Vile Murk

    I really wish Adam would talk more about how he used to react to certain situations as a teen vs how those same situations are pointless now as an adult

  • ATLHooligan

    What is his video called

  • Lev


  • Jessie Arroyo
    Jessie Arroyo

    You’re a simp

  • KamiAnime S
    KamiAnime S

    Don’t agree with you

  • Møreign Fānce Døves
    Møreign Fānce Døves

    never heard of this man

  • Brian HL
    Brian HL

    i feel like i like adam the most when he is all by himself like this.

  • skiletkilla


  • J 1
    J 1

    Lmao how could you hate on adam22

  • Schmuck

    I'm surprised more people aren't talking about the fact that she's not even doing nude content, she's doing lewd content... It's basically stuff regular girls are posting on Instagram, she's just getting paid for it.

  • Rey Gang
    Rey Gang

    Great content very insightful vid from your perspective.

  • luis bocanegra
    luis bocanegra

    tbh I wouldn't mind my gf having an onlyfans or premium snapchat. It would benefit me too cause she can waste her money on me, and what can someone say? "I payed for ur gf nudes'' ok fucking simp thanks for the money Im the one still smashing.


    Nah man the reason why idubbz he called a simp is because he has talked shit about sex workers and etc, in that vid he was being a dick head to his fans

  • zglass920

    My girl has a only fans and I let her use my meat for it. I don’t really care either and she makes thousands of dollars a week so why not you know lol

  • Hacked One
    Hacked One

    L.A. is a fucked up place you guys have Hollyweird there.

  • BareChants


  • bruh

    Bruh shooting only fans clips with your girl lowkey sick

  • Travis

    Lol Adam is the source of everything trashy.

  • adw4891

    You need to shave your ass and your “unit,” isn’t big. But hey, do you

  • Marcus G
    Marcus G

    It's being a hypocrite that upset ppl the most imo. Don't shit on ppl for doing nude photo's and shit like that then turn around and you girl's doun the same shit and so i think that's what upset ppl the most about the situation.

  • Crayo The Warrior
    Crayo The Warrior

    The problem isn’t how idubbz addressed the situation, it was just the fact that his girlfriend seems like a bad person who is also controlling. Also, him contradicting himself about sex workers didn’t help much either. However, that point isn’t too bad because people change their minds

  • jhernandez1222

    9:12 I started volunteering my penis

  • Official MBM Gang
    Official MBM Gang

    1:45 😂😂😂

  • Alex The GRAPE
    Alex The GRAPE

    Damn Adam, you fell off my nigga

  • Mama virus [INTO 2021 WE GO!!!!!!!]
    Mama virus [INTO 2021 WE GO!!!!!!!]

    My take on the Idubz situation is that his fans knew him as someone who didn't support things like Onlyfans and premium Snapchat and now they review him as a hypocrite. Plus his girlfriend has been in a lot of controversy

  • Emmanuel Felix
    Emmanuel Felix

    Wait, Adam out here showing his unit...I need a link, for scientific purposes 👨🏽‍🔬😂😂😂

  • Rhonda Holland
    Rhonda Holland

    While i dont completely agree because of my person preferences and its your life and all, honestly you earned a sub, just from the way you talked about it took the situation, it was kinda noce hearing somone actually bringing up valid points istead of only having two sides to be one, great vid!

  • Cy Walker
    Cy Walker

    the funniest sht is that the same Niggas who hate on those girls and on there bf and sht the same Niggas who watch it

  • s m
    s m

    Dude, just gonna be straight up bro. You're a simp too 🤣

  • golden retriever
    golden retriever

    if u making 30k a month i dont think u need branddeal💀

  • serious business. com
    serious business. com

    She was making 2000 a week at the social media start up. Holy shit lmao.

  • Slim jim
    Slim jim

    You remind of fat kids who became cool kids after highschool lol

  • Darren Thompson
    Darren Thompson


  • Lati

    I mean i wouldn't let my girl do onlyfans but either way idrgaf if idubbbz is fine with it, his shit is fun to watch and thats it.

  • Cranky Jay
    Cranky Jay

    Cucksplaining... But in all seriousness though @ 11:11 you start to talk about how at a certain age you felt the same way these people do about idubbz and yourself at that time but as you matured and broadened your worldview you began to see things differently... It might be worth considering that not everyone matures or expands their horizons enough to see the evolutionary programming and conditioning attached to feeling that way and thus cannot see outside it

  • Tiger Style
    Tiger Style

    I don't think it's as simple as realizing that some of my favorite artists were not such great humans lol iDubbbz is pretty goddamn famous for saying not only a racial slur, not only a homophobic slur, but a combined version of a racist homophobic slur. He's also been quick to use sexism against women he was going after and just generally built a rep on being a negative dude, even if it was comedic most of the time. As an adult who really only uses YT and doesn't have any other social media anymore and is not forming my identity and politics, I can watch his shit and it's a drop in the bucket. Nothing serious. But kids coming up online now have a very real possibility of getting taken in by actual Nazi's, literal fascists, weirdo conservatives and other kinds of reactionary fucks like NazBolz and NK worshiping Juche LARPers. Unfortunately a lotta kids fall into that shit. Most don't go full-blown Hitler Fan Club member but they still pick up a lot of the perspective and the trademark "edgy" humor that someone who combines slurs would obviously appeal to. So it's not difficult to see how he couldn't have ended up cultivating a portion of his audience that had some mad backwards ass views on the world. People who legit believe that women should be submissive, traditional, barefoot, kitchen dwelling baby factories and shit like that. I don't think he wants em and I don't think he's even a raging bigot himself despite his use of slurs. But it's something that's happened to a lotta content creators, many of which had far less than he gave em as reason to believe that he was one of them.

  • jacob starbrow
    jacob starbrow

    The word simp has lost all meaning so I don't really give a fuck.

  • Stinky’s Diner
    Stinky’s Diner

    Nobody cares

  • Tom Tucker
    Tom Tucker

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO blue face threw that wad at her like the pitch that babe ruth called

  • Rubber Ducky Actual
    Rubber Ducky Actual

    Maybe if thirsty dude stopped paying into this trash we wouldnt have these issues. You can buy that premium and she still isnt going to get with you chief.

  • Stat

    I think guys just don’t like girls that don’t respect themselves and they say life is harder for them and complain about inequality, when they have the easiest life. Getting paid to look pretty (no talent)

  • Giggie Surge
    Giggie Surge

    Referring to the part about not being able to get a job, I think this girl recently got fired from her mechanic job for filming her Onlyfans content there lol she got some clout though so props to her

  • Giggie Surge
    Giggie Surge

    Love this video lol

  • Maximilian Gordon
    Maximilian Gordon

    Why does Idubbz come off to me as an old ass guy now, he used to be cool... sad to see that guy go down like that.

  • Ethan Mann
    Ethan Mann

    2k a week shiiiiiii I make 2k a month :(

  • Official Ali Al Jundi
    Official Ali Al Jundi

    This is good

  • t̶h̶e̶ h̶y̶d̶r̶o̶m̶a̶n̶i̶a̶c̶
    t̶h̶e̶ h̶y̶d̶r̶o̶m̶a̶n̶i̶a̶c̶

    This is exactly why people call Idubbbz a cuck. What he allows his girlfriend to do online can be easily equated to real life. Even at the end of the video you said you don't care if your girlfriend made out with another guy. Like what the hell??

  • YSK Pierre
    YSK Pierre

    I mean it depends on how you see it. If I had a girl I personally wouldn't want her showing her body to others while were together. Sadly its like that most of the time that's why I spend time on hoes and not on girlfriends. Fellas we got no choice. You're either a simp or a fuckboy.

  • The Shar
    The Shar

    He went straight for Kansas and Wisconsin

  • DragonForceSGG

    Imagine trying to make a video explaining your position on onlyfans just so at the end you say "Nothing feels like a big deal anymore, kinda" You okay there buddy? Anything happen that made you adjust your conciensce to the world instead of being true to yourself from day 1?

    • SiLaS O_o
      SiLaS O_o

      DragonForceSGG you obviously didn’t pay attention to the video my guy

  • bijg legnd
    bijg legnd

    I watch your videos because of your different perspective. And this was a very good video and I understand it more

  • bijg legnd
    bijg legnd

    I watch your videos because of your different perspective. And this was a very good video and I understand it more

  • Alien Brain Fuel
    Alien Brain Fuel

    heard 2000 a week for an intern without seeing the correction and i almost hung myself in a utility closet with my own 15 dollar marshalls belt.

  • Satan

    Sleezy for Hanging around strip clubs? What about owning one?

  • db

    The video title is goated lmao "Onlyfans Boyfriend"

  • M M
    M M

    Wiseman Adam

  • Shayne Yates
    Shayne Yates

    i thot he said bc im mexican as hell

  • Andres B Leon
    Andres B Leon

    Buy her only fans and review it plz

  • Malik Thomas
    Malik Thomas

    Wisconsin knows about that you tripping

  • Martin 392
    Martin 392

    the difference is that you’ve always been unbothered by it and he’s always been someone who always flamed egirls and thots

  • Choo Choo
    Choo Choo

    krankes video

  • Mr. Beat
    Mr. Beat

    😂😂 Yu frl

  • Zenowitz22

    This nigga a simp too, the fuck😭😭😭

    • SiLaS O_o
      SiLaS O_o

      Zenowitz22 nigga is you dumb

  • Revuego

    It's sad that I'm 13 and I already know about all this stuff because of society like come on we have girls doing adult content before 18 like tf or just focusing on wrong stuff. And now I have a hate towards these type of people using their looks towards advantages.

  • X 3 R 0
    X 3 R 0

    Stevewilldoit’s gf has an onlyfans too. Idk why everyone is hating on idubbbz so bad

  • big stepper
    big stepper

    i mean can’t be surprised if people judge you when you build your platform off judgement

  • ernis0916

    idubbz made constructive critisism about this trade and that makes it illogical that now somehow he would be ok with it. that its ok with u i can underrstand cuz u said u have dated girls with similar jobs before. so ur situation cant be compaired to his even by a mile. so either hes so blindly in love or he is super desperate. i dont really believe that he could so drastically change his views about theese kinds of situations. it would be extremely strange

  • skyllo

    You have a very mature take on this. Specially about the employment issue. I think that what many people are pissed off about is the gf herself because she is supposedly toxic, and idubbbz being mr content cop himself can’t see through her because he’s in a relationship with her. There’s also this thing about him being hypocritical because he used to make fun of people who are promiscuous, and for him to turn around and say he’s pro-sex workers is unexpected.

  • Day Sears
    Day Sears

    The saying goes, “can’t turn a hoe, into a housewife.”

  • Alejandro Medina
    Alejandro Medina

    Bro when i found out about it i dont care bc thats your life and i watch the videos bc there cool if yo girl want to do that go for it there life whatever makes her happy

  • MXX

    i cant believe he tried to say being a stripper is worse then having onlyfans... lmao both get naked in public and fake flirt with guys... and most stippers not publicly fucking for the world to see either... adam sound like a fucking loser

    • MXX

      SiLaS O_o lmao so what, makes no difference

    • SiLaS O_o
      SiLaS O_o

      MXX onlyfans chicks can get naked in their own home...

  • papi

    watched this and the video of the juug ho and really enjoy this type of content. Can see myself listening to you discuss shit while i do work on the side.

  • Sexy Okatu
    Sexy Okatu

    Its different for you I’ve watched idubbz before too, but your the goat he isn’t so it’s valid because you be having the thotts on deck

  • N6zzy

    Keep ya hair grown out

  • terrestrial marshall
    terrestrial marshall

    I think near the end you hit the nail on the head. Let's be real. Alot of UZload viewers are young. They don't understand certain shit. I personally wouldn't like it. But that's just me. I can't hate on the next man and if they getting that much money that's a win in my book. Alot of them think it's porn. Mostly because Alot of them ironically have never been on a only fans page. And let's be real. If you pay for a only fans. You can't call nobody a simp. Niggas making jokes "tell your girl I want to see he wear this outfit you simp" loses all meaning if you are paying to see the bitch in the first place.

  • Young In
    Young In

    I think the big issue is that iDubbbz has made fun of other people for so long, now that people are calling him out and he’s getting angry, people are upset over it

  • Josh Cimerberg
    Josh Cimerberg

    Adam you losin weight bro its good to see you lookin healthier and healthier. not that you werent before.

  • the telemarketer goof
    the telemarketer goof

    Honesty is the best policy. For me I dont want my girl showing of her naked body to anybody but me. If she wants to do that, then our relationship is just not going to work. Every guy has there own choice of what they can handle. Call me old fashioned

  • J k
    J k

    lmao these comments, if you were asked would you mind if your girl creates an onlyfans in real life, I could guarantee the majority will say fuck no if you liked or loved her, it's natural and will always be weird to be okay with that, so many front like they want the baddest bitch with the least self respect but boi I've seen a few get that and get crushed lmaooooo

  • Reefer Ruben
    Reefer Ruben

    2:18, idkkkk bruhhh; two of the lesser evils, would you rather your girl be on only fans or a stripper lol. But hey not gonna judge.. you love the girl so that’s all that matters.


    Tell me y mostly all the youtubers that have a gf with an onlyfans are older for example Big Mike,idubbz and u