I Sat Ringside for KSI and Logan Paul's Fight! (Vlog)
For today's vlog I went to the KSI vs Logan Paul fight and I ran into a ton of fellow UZloadrs including Keemstar ( DramaAlert ), Ricegum, FaZe Banks, Tana Mongeau and more. Check it!

  • White

    12:53 what a guy 😂

  • Andrew Flaws
    Andrew Flaws

    ADAM did Vik DIRTY there 😂🤣

  • London Dazza
    London Dazza

    thisis disgustng

  • jinx1599able

    Adam hurry up and interview emily

  • Brendan Lynch
    Brendan Lynch

    This is probably the best night of adams life with all the love he’s getting 😂😂😂

  • cujo Cruz
    cujo Cruz

    my mans adam is a king bro literally so underrated

  • Ryan Garcia
    Ryan Garcia

    Poor guy that has too clean up some dummies piss .

  • Chay Phong
    Chay Phong

    The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.

  • Spazz Out
    Spazz Out

    If you confess with your tongue that Jesus is Lord and you believe that the father raised him from the dead you will be saved. Jesus Christ is the only way to the father. Jesus Christ is the king of kings and Lord of lords.

  • Jason rodriguez
    Jason rodriguez

    Still love that KSI made all these cringey LA youtubers go home sad

  • samuelmarthouse

    Crazy seeing Vikkstar on no jumper

  • hitmanhart670

    Gross this bitch Emily Willis pissed right at her seat? Or was they just joking?

  • Dynamic

    I still have so many questions for this vid a year later

  • The Fecturn
    The Fecturn

    Bro i fucking hate the kids in his vlogs they never say something original they all say the same stupid shit like rope gang you know what the fuck going on fuck somebody whole lot of gang shit like bro your not cool you’re annoying ass hell like say something original for Ounces be like yoo adam i like the interview you did on this person or yoo adam like your bmx videos dont just repeat the same shit over and over

  • Emilio Quiogue
    Emilio Quiogue

    Emily Willis was even more salty than Bieber after the fight

  • Emilio Quiogue
    Emilio Quiogue

    11:07 still haunts me till this day, that shit even more ugly and creepy than FNAF

  • Emilio Quiogue
    Emilio Quiogue

    I didn’t think anything would be more annoying than Jake Paul’s existence till I heard Tana Mongoose scream

  • Chef c`le Hachet
    Chef c`le Hachet

    12:07 i would love to be at those seats

  • ƁRเᴀN

    It's funny how All the pornstars were rooting for logan And the boyz were rooting for KSI

  • Déjà Vu
    Déjà Vu

    Does anyone else hate pornstars?

  • Carlos Aguilera
    Carlos Aguilera

    Adam takes one step Lena takes 4 in between 😂 Short girl thing

  • GimmeDaLOOT 23
    GimmeDaLOOT 23

    Haha congrats on come up Adam ! 💯

  • Timothy Malson
    Timothy Malson

    Lenas steps sound like me eating popcorn

  • BrentlyTV

    damn, i didnt know banks was taller than adam

  • The Real Trending Page
    The Real Trending Page

    You can spot UK dudes from a mile..they all wearing suits or jackets while Americans wearing hoodies

  • Clutz •
    Clutz •

    Doesn’t take a picture with fans lol. Cringe level just went up

  • Clutz •
    Clutz •

    This man has the most cringeworthy content along with the most cringe worthy intro.

  • Jessica Vincent
    Jessica Vincent

    Emily is something else...

  • Kim Dchghh
    Kim Dchghh

    What the hell is up with Emily she's fucked in the head

  • Rafa Toledo
    Rafa Toledo

    adam your a fucking G bro much respect

  • Keckin Ettback
    Keckin Ettback

    8months ago... isn’t Lena pregnant now lol


    Adam is a GOD!!!


    Ksi is NOT a gamer lmao he is a random UZload ,boxer,rapper!!!

  • David Price
    David Price

    Adam is the motherf#cking G!

  • Lade Fajobi
    Lade Fajobi

    Bunch of pigs

  • James Ireland
    James Ireland

    Nasty not in a good way

  • Brandon Lanham
    Brandon Lanham

    Stevewilldoit got that coke jaw grind going on hardcore.

  • beepboopbopbeep

    and now lenas about to have a baby girl


    Dude, I would've beaten some chicks ass if she pissed seated next to me at event from being too fucked up.

  • Zach LeCroy
    Zach LeCroy

    She cute but goddamn she's annoying asf chillllllll

  • zeitgeist909

    Wow - if a child was conceived? - this is on the internet and it WOULD HAVE been seen... - good luck to that kid at school

  • Matt Venditti
    Matt Venditti

    Holy shit man really got vikk in his vlog

  • Zarlei

    These people are lost in the sauce.

  • VictoriaHicks

    Liked as soon as I saw the Tetris shoes 😂🤣

  • Kayzz

    Adidas was made in Germany but OK?

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S

    6:45 UFC Champ lets go

  • balls balls
    balls balls

    14:26 Thats chat as fuck wth.

  • Mark Felts
    Mark Felts

    Adam 22 is a fucking pump. He living right fuck all y’all haters

  • Mark Felts
    Mark Felts

    Vitaly is so fucked up lmfao

  • Kndli A g
    Kndli A g

    All y’all niggas hating on emily wouldn’t even get the change

  • JohnDaWhale3

    Emily "I pissed on the floor at KSI vs Logan Paul" Willis

  • NobleAmerican01

    17:35 you couldn't pay me to have sex with these women fn disgusting and not sexy pissing on the floor, bragging at dinner about how your ass is clean because you washed it after anal...how does anyone find them sexy

  • gothic808s

    I feel like the baby will come out bi

  • TrapHouseZombie

    Adam next time you see riley Reid tell her.to.cut that beaver of hers...

  • Kxy glock
    Kxy glock

    16:01 look at that nigga with the yellow sweatshirt fucking nasty ass perv

  • Devn DarnLL
    Devn DarnLL

    And now he’s a dad to a girl

  • Mary Cook Moore
    Mary Cook Moore

    Watching this again during quarantine April 2020 and Lena is pregnant 😝

  • Eric Arthur
    Eric Arthur

    dude i didn’t kno that was the spot bro Stevie shred the piss outta that

  • Nicholas Masiello
    Nicholas Masiello

    Where do you see vitaly ordering multiple drinks acting like hes on coke? You said it in your interview with him

  • Jordan Allen
    Jordan Allen

    Adams fan base is so understanding of him and his personality that he can straight up say no to a picture and they laugh, anyone else would have a whole drama alert segment about fans kicking off all over the internet crying over it 😂

  • Cailium Mc manus
    Cailium Mc manus

    12:59 a brave soldier

  • olive dave
    olive dave

    that chick is actually grim for pissing there

  • Jay Westeidddee
    Jay Westeidddee

    Lana got deem’ cheeks, reminds me of my ex the way them brown bottom of the cheekies hangin’ out da bottom. Mmmm damn

  • Bigger man Dan
    Bigger man Dan

    Did she just call him simply a gamer bitch he’s practically the king of UZload

  • Zach Kaid
    Zach Kaid

    That was savage ahaha have you all fucked Logan paul..."not me"

  • Conservatarian Empire
    Conservatarian Empire

    What the hell is wrong with the Nelk boys’ eyes? Mad red pupil lmao

  • Walter Clements
    Walter Clements

    6:47 yo is that Israel adesanya

  • Andreas Dunlap
    Andreas Dunlap

    I don’t know what y’all see in Lena

  • J A
    J A

    Jesus H fuckin Vitaly is zapped

  • Roche fort6
    Roche fort6

    Bro this video is legit disgusting 🤮

  • Genghis Khan’s PP
    Genghis Khan’s PP

    I swear I saw Ty from Manchester.

  • Josh Torres
    Josh Torres

    riley reid is cringe af

  • xKing_Gamer_500x

    Like this if Emily's hot 🥵

    • xKing_Gamer_500x

      Jumpy DMG lmao

    • xKing_Gamer_500x

      Jumpy DMG dam I thought she was

    • Jumpy DMG
      Jumpy DMG

      nobody bro nobody

  • Delicious Vegans
    Delicious Vegans

    holy shit that fight was like a convention of the biggest losers on Earth.

  • Halit

    So how did she know he is fake Ed Sheeran? 10:45

  • Oh Wow It’s Seth
    Oh Wow It’s Seth

    Watching this video reminds me of how much people lost money because they bet on the wrong guy 😂😂😂

  • you troll
    you troll

    All the cheap ass social media people in there drinking and not one single person tipped the bartender hahaha the bartender literally said that would be the first tip from Vitaly.....pathetic

  • you troll
    you troll

    Steve lickin his fingers lookin like he's eating his lips with drool comin all outta his mouth Jesus is just food relax I'm sure there is plenty there

  • astronom

    11:35 good boi Vitalyi tipping the bartender. Frist tip tho, youtubers are fookin misers

  • Left Coast
    Left Coast

    13:25 is what every kid born after 2000 does in every picture or video. Tf is that shit

  • Left Coast
    Left Coast

    I’ve been here since the beginning. Back when Lena was square af

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Why would anybody be a fan of this dick???

  • Devan Garcia
    Devan Garcia

    Bro Logan is a weirdo bro 😭

  • LS1 GOAT
    LS1 GOAT

    proof that even ugly nerds can get laid.

  • Atlantis

    7:15 you trained him well..

  • ycfu xo
    ycfu xo

    I need to get an std check after watching this

  • Mitch Smitten
    Mitch Smitten

    Yooo get that Stylebender interview!!! would be crazy to see


    I’m going to church every Sunday now

  • Ike Royal
    Ike Royal

    Who is this Emily creature 🤔

  • Eric Cijevschi
    Eric Cijevschi

    "A bunch of fucking lepers following us around..." - Adam 22

  • NIcholas Anthony
    NIcholas Anthony

    I got them same puma tetris shoes hell yea. Bro

  • Ye

    L for all of you that supported Logan lol

  • •allstopblue •
    •allstopblue •

    What a joke. Let me attempt to conceive my child while another girl licks my nasty asshole. Then when Lena actually does get pregnant, they will make up some lame, “beautiful” story of how it happened when they were so in love. If not, I feel true pity for your unborn child. True pity.

    • The Hardcore Gentleman
      The Hardcore Gentleman

      I personally think it's funny how some people freak the fuck out over the idea of consenting adults that have sex on camera having kids, it's basically like the hypochondriac reaction of evangelical christians when they are complaining about any medium of entertainment or anything that's at least somewhat sexual, some people hilariously act like fragile snowflakes over this.

  • Yoo Yo
    Yoo Yo

    Bradley Martin sold everyone the Molly

  • mickey adams
    mickey adams

    7:43 nice handshake

  • Harryson Harvict
    Harryson Harvict

    Ksi win just admit it 😛

  • Glenn Lucas
    Glenn Lucas

    Yo I was rooting for ksi, but your channel is the best

  • Leo Vazquez
    Leo Vazquez

    Poor banks mans saw his girl

  • Sammy Sosa
    Sammy Sosa

    Your baby gonna be a mutant

  • Chela’s World
    Chela’s World

    The fuckin man

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