HORRIBLE 6ix9ine Tattoo. DJ Akademiks vs Lil Tracy. And More!
today we talk about stories from Lil Tracy and Akademiks, 6ix9ine and his dumb girlfriend, Brockhampton and much more

  • Sci-Fi

    akademiks mad bc tracy took his bitch lmao

  • Nicolas Riquelme
    Nicolas Riquelme

    fuck Akademiks

  • BLAKE vapes
    BLAKE vapes

    That shit is real b

  • D G
    D G

    Lil Tracy is such a failure lmao

  • Tasha Harris
    Tasha Harris

    FFS Adam shut the fuck up about 69 and his beautiful girlfriend!!! Like??? Wtaf is your problem???? Leave Daniel hernande alone!!!

  • Jenn Wojack
    Jenn Wojack

    *"Sounds like I'm stuck in the Matrix."* Dunno what sounds better, that or *"Mayonnaise covered Caucasian beef world"*

  • Louie Bapestar
    Louie Bapestar

    0:52 ... how NOBODY still understands that 6ix9ine and his girl troll and say dumb shit like this ... fucking obviously it don’t look like Chris Brown come on now

  • Evan Thomson
    Evan Thomson

    Who’s buying those dumbass toys fr 😂

  • Square Webb
    Square Webb

    What’s up with youtoubers telling you to like the video before u even see it lol

  • Christina Davies
    Christina Davies

    2:34 does he look like a trans guy? Like he was born a female but transitioned to a male? His facial features seem super feminine. And his pecks look like he could of had his breasts removed. I’m not hating I’m just honestly curious 🤷🏼‍♀️ this picture reminds me of a girl trying to be a rap dude for Halloween.

  • Christina Davies
    Christina Davies

    Omg girl 🤦‍♀️ please let that be fake. How could she allow someone to put that in her body?! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • DCMA247

    Chris D'Elia don't care cause he's backing up that fucking brinks truck on the regular!! Taken no money at all on that song wouldn't make a DENT! Yeah I said it, a fucking deeeennnttt!

  • Very Hush Hush
    Very Hush Hush

    Eeeew... that tattoo of Jade's is the worst I've ever seen!! Why is she acting like a desperate fan?? Both tattoos are ugly af but she's not the sharpest tool in the drawer so it's unsurprising. Why would you trade the gorgeous Sara for that?

  • Willy Orca
    Willy Orca

    Yeah say out of pocket like 12 more times, that would be great thx lol please try to use it appropriately not just say it when it dosnt make sence cool ? K thx lol

  • Mota Shit
    Mota Shit

    Her caption about the chris brown thing was cause 69 use to troll and say people would always say before that he looked "just like chris brown" 😂 i dont think she meant that literally

  • OK4Y

    The title

  • Christian Luczejko
    Christian Luczejko

    I fuck with Adam. I'm bummed out by his opinion of Homicide though. Bummed out but not confused. I get it. Based on the crew he kicks it with and the music they make i understand why this song sounds like ones and zeros to him.

  • Dana Jones
    Dana Jones

    What happened to no jumper?


    BROCKHAMPTON is super dope, fans can be pretty cancer though.

  • Michael Marek
    Michael Marek

    How yoy that important, where you dont have to keep doing interviews and daily news????

  • Evan

    MGK won.

  • eM powerZ
    eM powerZ

    Please?! Thanks!! 🙏🙏Https://uzload.info/fun/oqCFdn6t1IJlrmQ/video

  • Backwoods Bandy
    Backwoods Bandy

    Hahaha this started out sounding like “Sunday Night Slow Jams.” 😂😂💀

  • Richard Austin
    Richard Austin

    o u t o f p o c k e t

  • worst name ever hands down
    worst name ever hands down

    Hello We love brockhampton

  • g whiz
    g whiz

    Wtf is a boy boy west coast

  • Too Trill
    Too Trill

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  • eM powerZ
    eM powerZ

    RIP Peep tho 🙏🙏🙏 He was different.

  • Dre Fore
    Dre Fore

    Logic is half black bro

  • Yung Lust
    Yung Lust

    You hear me you stupid *ehhh* *ehhh*

  • Tiffany Q
    Tiffany Q

    Fuck your kadoma

  • Orlando Meza
    Orlando Meza

    Fuck eminem an Logic an Chris!

  • Goufie Artt
    Goufie Artt

    Why the fuck do people still support DJ Wackademiks?

  • kai vasey
    kai vasey

    Just imagine doing shit with your girl and she's got a ugly ass tattoo of you oof


    That west coast nigga is a lame ass bitch anyway

  • Sam B93
    Sam B93


  • Cubano Lean
    Cubano Lean

    Mgk murder M Facts

  • Arsene

    anybody knows the song in the background?

  • Donesse

    Gold coast Australian artist check out @t​

  • Ashwin Poefra
    Ashwin Poefra

    Nah mgk won that shit

  • N

    The only reason thugger sidin with MGK to get attention. Weak ass.

  • Ryno Art 88
    Ryno Art 88

    Eminem beast over MGK.

  • Ryno Art 88
    Ryno Art 88

    2 Caucasians? But wait.. isn't Logic biracial 😂😂

  • Ryno Art 88
    Ryno Art 88

    She didn't mean tat looked like c brown , meant it's shitty work like Chris Brown 😅

  • Francisco Davis
    Francisco Davis

    How you gonna call logic caucasian when he starts off saying the n word

  • Francisco Davis
    Francisco Davis

    Tracccccyyy Minaaajjjjj....also you know when people are hurt when they use the n word with "er"

  • Garrett Gonzales
    Garrett Gonzales

    I wanna hear a goddamn verse to that flame ass outro

  • EvilLord Aizen
    EvilLord Aizen

    Never heard of Brockhampton til now, still won’t listen

  • Murle Richotte Sr
    Murle Richotte Sr

    Can you please react to Antoine Edwards ( oh my )

  • Felicia Ccollins
    Felicia Ccollins

    I know you're big in the bmx scene, but dude MAKE SOME SHOP DECKS! You're t-shirt designs are sick throw some of them on some boards and double that $ 🙏

  • baby kimbo
    baby kimbo

    It kinda reminds me of what chris brown did to Rihanna

  • Master Shredtacular
    Master Shredtacular

    Adam, you should check out "Dread head 3d" on soundcloud, or spotify he just dropped an album and shit goes crazy. He's only got a few hundred views but hes putting out fire.i could really see him blowing up in the next few years 👀 deffinitely one to watch

  • In Dark
    In Dark

    Adam you should put time stamps in the bios so I don’t have to listen to all the bullshit u talk about

  • S. D. H. 3T
    S. D. H. 3T

    Fuck you adam you're a hater bitch! 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • UnderSound Production
    UnderSound Production

    How she insult Chewbacca like that saying it's 6nitch 9ine 😜😂😝

  • Milli A
    Milli A

    ak tryna act gangsta ahahahahahdklalahdiaojoiamd

  • ivyshaolin

    that tattoo fake the 69 is faded and the line work is terrible on the face the artist tagged is way much better than that it’s because it’s not real

  • Patek Onmakok
    Patek Onmakok

    wow cool censoring adam very neat

  • deljayy H.
    deljayy H.

    Bruh a Lil Tracy interview would be TOO over with.

  • クナイKunai

    Ak just mad he got a kill in fortnite and Lil Tracy stole the loot

  • Dana Levine
    Dana Levine

    His name is livingston lol 👎😭

  • jj bolen
    jj bolen

    interview tracy dammit

  • Grant Farley
    Grant Farley

    Naw Adam MGK won

  • dawie

    joe who?

  • 멘붕

    daily videos my ass

  • Luna Renae
    Luna Renae

    watching on acid

  • Brandon Lopez
    Brandon Lopez

    He aint even spelling barrio right lmao get this Confederate flag loving ass outta here

  • Gthekid 47
    Gthekid 47

    Tracy the goat 💀

  • Metro Pcs
    Metro Pcs

    This nigga Adam a hater bro will never just give Tracy a interview

  • CrUsT CaPt.
    CrUsT CaPt.

    Okay but odd flex

  • Lil Suicide
    Lil Suicide


  • 83KD


  • Attached Grinch
    Attached Grinch

    I guess they're "snappin" you could say lol adam

  • John Yount
    John Yount

    Yo Adam, Brockhampton is dope. Just saying, since you said you didn't know if we rock with them. I do for sure


    Fuck you

  • CchewWitup

    dude that tat is fake


    Skante Warriors

  • King Kong
    King Kong

    Stop talking about dj ak u bum

  • Sparkkie804

    Adam deserves a fade for saying Young Thug is the greastest rapper of our generation lmao The fuck? SMDH

  • charlie Bolt
    charlie Bolt

    6:50 is what you’re here for

  • Brandon Crawford
    Brandon Crawford

    We Love Brockhampton

  • Lucas David
    Lucas David

    Brockhampton 😍😍

  • Walter Clayton
    Walter Clayton


  • bd bd
    bd bd

    hope young boy gets you jumped clout demon

  • bd bd
    bd bd

    How the fuck you gonna hate on that homicide track your almost 40 nigga your a sellout and a culture vulture no one respects you fr

  • Omar gillis
    Omar gillis

    Young thug is not the GREATEST of any generation!!!

  • Dat Guy
    Dat Guy

    Tracy gay & weird. FrFr.

  • Tony Morales
    Tony Morales

    "Vario" lmfao it's barrio boyboy

  • Ángel Breniz13
    Ángel Breniz13

    Tracy gang

  • yorglassmane


  • Tommy Traina
    Tommy Traina

    0:36 to skip ads and intro

  • Wayne D
    Wayne D

    brockhamptons pretty good. Not necessarily my type of hiphop music but all the singles ive heard from them are fire. I actually was introduced to kevin abstract when i went to mac millers good:am tour.

  • Frisco Cook
    Frisco Cook

    Adam 22 type beat

  • Karleo The Finesse Kid
    Karleo The Finesse Kid

    Yo adam send me a kendama & some stickers so I can show you my sick ken skills karleorichard99@gmail.com Get @ me RIP Nip

  • Frisco Cook
    Frisco Cook

    The mayonnaise its Caucasian beef. Lot of drama and a big Queef. they don't want the smoke can't handle the heat

  • Wayne D
    Wayne D

    d'elia trippin lmfao. Why would you turn down a bag that was offered to you? If they asked him if they could have it for free i can understand that because hes a huge fan but they offered him money lmfao. Plus eminem is fucking loaded why not just get a few racks off it?

  • JoetsDocson

    I think BoyBoy lies a lot, his body language says so... as well as these news bits

  • Chocolate_Papi_🤴🏿💩

    I done watched ya vids so much, I don’t how I wasn’t subscribed to u this whole time 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Arseny

    If he doesn't want the money, he doesn't want the money. STFU adam always trynna influence bad shit but, never agree on the positive statements. Pussy!

  • Dominik Tkac
    Dominik Tkac

    soundcloud.com/officialdivination/domz-woah just made my first song ever, show some love please :) have a good day ya'll

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