The Rapper who faked EVERYTHING - $4,000,000 FRAUD
Recently a rapper made the news for committing an insane fraud that we couldn’t believe. Check it

  • Mauricio Sanchez
    Mauricio Sanchez

    Lol @ you if you buy followers

  • montagistreel

    I appreciate Adam's commentary to some degree but shouldn't he be the guy breaking these stories or something?


    you dont see hells angels&mongols w girls same outlaw rulz apply may be a exception but as a rule no girlz(unless u NYC)

  • Jay Westeidddee
    Jay Westeidddee

    Bro was getting JUGGED. The dude that was botting his shit was cashing out. Lol



  • Leonard Brown
    Leonard Brown

    Hes funny asf! llf reminds me of dj akedimics before his corny ass show. Subsccribed😂😂😂😂

  • gus dee
    gus dee

    I mean I guess it kinda worked out. Hes on no jumper lol mama we made it !!

  • Vandal X
    Vandal X

    I've often wondered what it would take to get successful, seeing as I'm semi apart of the entertainment industry.

  • Crow Bird FPV
    Crow Bird FPV


  • Wuqz

    Never bought fake followers but I used to sells subs/views back in the day when you could get away with it. I have bought IGs and Twitters with large followings but the followers were always mostly active/real. I used these to promote other pages or resell.

  • ChopperGangLeaking

    Adam acts like he didn’t steal 15 year old girls from their moms

  • Eklypised

    Where do the fake views come from when you buy them? Bots?

  • Bucket Hat
    Bucket Hat

    @BUCKETHATKEVIN everywhere


    "U needed an hoverboard to make it in the game" Says no one in the game ever

  • Kennedy Gilliam
    Kennedy Gilliam

    You buy views 😂😂 went from 10,000 to 5,000. Bruh you buy em why lie 😂😂

  • Henry Marckisotto
    Henry Marckisotto

    The IRS always wins

  • noFEFEassNiggasallowed

    i pay max 6 CENTS PER 2.5k instagram followerz lmao this guy wild

  • Shred Spectrum
    Shred Spectrum

    How many people out there in the business world are doing what he is doing

  • Da Boogie Man
    Da Boogie Man

  • Paid In Full
    Paid In Full

    I'm from Baltimore and dont nobody in my city know who he is smfh

  • Rhywyn

    rebel squad

  • 90 emcee
    90 emcee

    $100,000 in dad hats.

  • 90 emcee
    90 emcee

    Who’s lil king g

  • Kyle Orr
    Kyle Orr

    I wasn't watching the screen, thought he was talkin bout a white dude.

  • Michel Angelo
    Michel Angelo

    chad focus? more like chad focused because that’s about to happen in prison

  • 9090909ff

    adam definitely bought views more than a few times. way he tells it and then changed from $10 for 10k to $5 for 5k

  • Michael Simoneau
    Michael Simoneau

    fake it till you make it . sadly he didnt make it.

  • David Dopka
    David Dopka

    He could have easily blown uppppl wtf

  • N O
    N O

    adam on discord huh

  • Antonio Pecina
    Antonio Pecina

    i got 25k fake followers for this rap shit, but soon as i got 25k i was like, naw this shit corny

  • SDM

    Don't be fake. Get the #HARAKHTI app:

  • Marked Man
    Marked Man

    Anybody else pause to read those comments some of them were funny AF haha .... Had to rewatch the video before I even bothered to read the comments.... I thought it was going to be fake ass accounts he uses 2 hype his own post with lol

  • Marsha Montgomery
    Marsha Montgomery

    Soooo is chad focus kid buu or not?!? I’m still confused.

  • B1

    Why didn’t he just take the 4 mill 😂

  • _ YungFo41745
    _ YungFo41745


  • 424

    adam need a new camera god damn lol

  • Rimple !
    Rimple !

    100k and I'm set for life

  • B Nothgiel
    B Nothgiel

    Had to make the comments a solid 666 hail Satan Christ

  • Liquid Mike
    Liquid Mike

    how is it I have been locked out of my card because of a $40 purchase at a local gas station, but he can spend 4 million with no security issues?

  • tim roften
    tim roften

    You can see the views on specific songs on spotify, but only if they're the top 5 songs from that artist. You can also see total plays across all songs on the artist home page. Surprised you dont know this.

  • Pivotal Music
    Pivotal Music

    “I did an experiment” 🙄my nigga, just say you bought views cause you wanted views tf

  • Bobby Blane
    Bobby Blane

    I didnt even wanna see the vid i just comment ...4mil WOW lordt next give me the company card I promise to set my self up for life with less than 200k

  • Jeff Phillip
    Jeff Phillip

    Jesus he must've been doing it for awhile because $4mil is so much money. How didn't they figure out he was stealing??? Doesn't make sense.

  • steelokey


  • Chayos West
    Chayos West

    Lol. Gangsta move tho.

  • john wick
    john wick

    He could have just paid for hella feats like wtf lmao

  • Ashin Kusher
    Ashin Kusher

    Why be a rapper with that kind of bread tho. This nigga goofy as hell. 🤦🏽‍♂️ fumbled the bag and locked up. Sheesh.

  • Ur mom Gey
    Ur mom Gey

    i got 300 plays on soundcloud under 2 weeks which may not seem like alot but it is for me especially because its my first song n i didnt spend money on plays

  • ddp7028

    You’re not a UZloadr these days without a flip cup

  • David Ison
    David Ison

    Lesson to be learnt is next time you steal $4M just keep that shit.

  • Lowqy

    Adam changed up how story from 10k views for 10 than to 5k views for 5

    • Cat Evans
      Cat Evans

      Lowqy ya shit is odd lmao at lest it’s equivalent

    • A B
      A B

      Lowqy I was thinking the same ..

  • yolo btah
    yolo btah

    Coming from someone who owns multiple Kalashnikovs, that shirt is some straight cringe. Like any Californian could even look at one without getting arrested for red flag laws LOL

  • Pain Exotic
    Pain Exotic

    he clearly doesnt know shet about the rap industry nor the internet. spending $1k for 100k views in today's world? lmao. Today's internet world is all about relatability, memes, and elitism. All he had to do was either 1.) rap about shet people find relatable (or post his content on places like worldstar) 2.) Embrace a meme (or many) or 3.) feature, feature, feature. He could've easily went viral for a fraction of the price... Esp if he had his own "image" that made him step out from the crowd (for ex, lil yatchy's signature image is red braids and putting "lullaby trap" on the radar).

  • michael jackson
    michael jackson

    Meeting you in person brethren. End of days.

  • DreamZYoutube Vlogs
    DreamZYoutube Vlogs

    Bruh I be gettin 15,000 insta followers wit downloading a app and watching videos like 10 videos for 15,000😂😂😂😂

  • Dough 619 Nut
    Dough 619 Nut

    Those digital ads start low as 5 dollars

  • Rudy The Fresh Prince
    Rudy The Fresh Prince

    💪 Dope

  • Follow BucketHatKevin
    Follow BucketHatKevin


  • Follow BucketHatKevin
    Follow BucketHatKevin


  • Follow BucketHatKevin
    Follow BucketHatKevin


  • Adolfo Montoya
    Adolfo Montoya

    why are you searching on yahoo?

  • Neil Howes
    Neil Howes

    So you take news from other news outlets and just cover it on your own time as if you're a reputable news Outlet yourself! Those drugs got y'all fucked up time to get sober

  • Crispy Kareem
    Crispy Kareem

    Dam 4.1 million

  • D

    Nope wrong take. Check it out. The point of becoming a rapper it to become rich.... to make idk... 4 million dollars. So instead of blowing it to try to become a rapper just take the 4 million, be rich, and live happily ever after. 4 million is a lot, 99% of rappers will NEVER see that. This guy is an idiot for blowing that much to try to become a rapper. Does he wanna be famous that bad? Id rather take the 4 mil n stay anonymous. Seriously he already had 4 mil.... the point of becoming a rapper is to make that.... idiotttt.


    seems like someone from here in baltimore edit: yupperdoodles. he put our city to shame

  • RachiFam Nate
    RachiFam Nate

    "which was prolly good because if it worked I might have had a scam and a hard decision on my hands"

  • BaeBunny MarzyKatz
    BaeBunny MarzyKatz


  • Aterhallsam

    Spotiy streams are visible. It says next to the song title.

  • Benny Holloman
    Benny Holloman

    Corny ass making my city look bad. We don’t claim this bum

  • Jojo

    What's up with iceynarco

  • thechamp Won
    thechamp Won

    This dude always got fly shit to say. We need to stop giving this clown views he need to make a vid on lady gaga. I'm done with this clown unless theres really something I should watch

  • It’s Lee
    It’s Lee

    Imagine being this stupid smh 🤦‍♂️ he could have use it for real estate or somethings else

  • Maktown TV
    Maktown TV

    Speaking on money and what it can do: Back in 2000 you could EASILY get on the charts and get some rotating air play by putting $10,000 into a DJ's pocket. This guy couldn't make a bigger name for himself with 4 mill... then he's simply HORRIBLE at money management.

  • Maktown TV
    Maktown TV

    Makell Bird from Maktown TV was here! 🔴 🌓

  • Crazy Chris
    Crazy Chris

    I grew up with the dude and hung out with him until I was about 14. He came from a reasonably rich family. I used to play his super nintendo with him and his brother Brent and his sister Janelle. It's hard to believe this shit really happened to him but I mean I guess he let the money control his life. He was a pretty cool kid, had alot of fun hanging with him and his family, we used to go all sorts of places. I almost didnt recognize his recent photos because he looked alot skinnier than he was when i knew him, then i was like OH SHIT ITS THE SAME GUY and my mind was blown. He used to love basketball too, did really good in school etc etc. This is a shame. Chad if you see this, I hope things get better for you and that you have learned your lesson brother. That's a tough way to go out man.

  • Laszlo Official
    Laszlo Official

    How could you take 4.000.000 and not go undercover forever?


    I'm from Baltimore and never heard of him until he was on the news for stealing 4mil.

  • Floyd Thomas
    Floyd Thomas

    I knew he was a con artist

  • InFamous

    5 subs.. I don’t buy no followers and subs

  • Gregory Brown
    Gregory Brown

    Lol 1000 followers for 2$

  • Vannoxhxc

    Where can I cop one of these focus hats tho

  • Reid Casey
    Reid Casey

    my search engine keeps going back to yahoo also, please tell me how I can fix this, I have a 2018 model macbook air

  • Ryze Zav
    Ryze Zav

    I have come to the conclusion Is that Adam bought all his subs in views jk lol

  • Gustavo Roverto Third
    Gustavo Roverto Third

    Damn this dude must be smart, How the hell he taking 4 million?

  • Mellow_one

    I met this dude at a college party in Fullerton he stemmed genuine he was driving a Tesla and was chill with everyone he brought a bunch a blunts and fancy ass alcoholic drinks that were good as fuck they tasted like fruit juice but damn I didn’t think he was a fraud he said he inherited money from his pops. He said his dad had a computer tech company in Connecticut and that he was a executive in the company crazy..

  • John Rick
    John Rick

    Fake to make it

  • mphughes

    damn wonder what the thought process is for this kinda thing

  • Zack Ok
    Zack Ok

    15k followers are around 10$ cus i bought some

    • Zack Ok
      Zack Ok

      no cap

    • Ben Nyamogo
      Ben Nyamogo


  • Simpy

    You can get 50k Instagram followers for $3 from ppl Ik

  • Meechie Moreno
    Meechie Moreno

    Wow 😮

  • Lil Durk
    Lil Durk


  • Dior ツ
    Dior ツ

    his billboard in timesqaure been up for months

  • sixburgh64ss

    That's 60,000 Fiverrs.

  • Mike V.
    Mike V.

    He actually has one good single I listened to.Its called "get to the money".He was on this is 50 dot com. Punch interviewed him a couple years back.

  • Judas

    Ngl you should like a liar you said you bought 10,000 then you said you bought only 5,000

  • R6turn6dTh6Slab

    Lmao he’s from Baltimore?! Go figure the fuckbois do shit like that here

  • OuijaSTi

    So he did a lot of the same shit that the rest of the rap world does for the most part.

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams

    He could of used a million of that and flipped it to make more money.

  • Jamaal Joshua
    Jamaal Joshua

    Stay tuned for that chad focus American greed episode 😂😂

  • Я666iƎ

    Paid For View$ = Paid The Price