This Drug Is Currently Taking Over The Rap Game
a lot of people have been talking about Nitrous Oxide aka Whippets and why they're becoming so popular in the rap game these days. Today I'll tell you what they are, what the risks are and why you should stay away from them.
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  • adam22

    please keep kids off nitrous and on JENKEM like and subscribe to support jenkem usage!!!

    • Nojah Lee
      Nojah Lee

      Nitrous is great and safe

    • Faze Xflee
      Faze Xflee

      We got this boss , movement finna b real

    • Metro Pcs
      Metro Pcs


    • Kyle Clark
      Kyle Clark


    • Veteranmac 88
      Veteranmac 88

      That’s human waste 😂


    Every hit doesn't deprive ur brain of oxygen. Saying that is like saying holding ur breathe for 30 seconds kills brain cells. Holding in the nitrous (which does nothing more for the high) or hitting them one after the other without actually breathing real air in between hits is how u get brain damage. Doing them the safe way there are literally zero risks other b12 deficiencies which can be solved by popping a b12 vitamin. And u would have to be doing like 50 a night which is just stupid for u to even get to that point. If there wasn't a safe way to do it the dentist wouldnt give it to u in the first place. What people don't realize is the gas itself is literally harmless. The gas doesn't cause oxygen deprivation. Doing them the wrong way does i.e holding it in or hitting em over and over and over again without breathing real air. U can hit the balloon, breathe it out take a breathe of fresh air breathe that out and then hit the rest of the balloon if u want a more "intense" hit without any side effects.

  • Jaume Alcazo
    Jaume Alcazo

    Cool! it would be nice idea to do a video similar to this but for lean, and another for xanax and other dr**s.. thanks! I won't ever touch any of this stuff. Thanks!

  • Zam


  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah

    The actual NOS “hippie crack” cuts the oxygen off to your brain, that’s how it gets you high. Zillakami used them on his video w sose

  • Jacob Mundell
    Jacob Mundell

    Yo no lie @adam22 my boy was driving around wit him an few other people doing this shit an he fucking blacked out an rammed his car into the front of someones house down the street from my crib lmao like that shit is cray cray lol

  • Kylo Long
    Kylo Long

    Thanks, I seen babyface ray hitting a whipit so I thought about trying it

  • Dai Vapor
    Dai Vapor

    Cool, I'm 15 and I hit it 5 times

  • 4evaSmknTRZinNIPAS805

    Steve-o was also deep into cocaine while doing the whip it’s. He’s now claimed it’s messed up his lungs.


    4:43 was the dude on the right eating a cup of noodles 🤣🤣🍜

  • luca g.lisickza
    luca g.lisickza

    i use this stuff in thunderdome raves here in holland

  • WallabeeDeviant89

    The rap scene isn’t into this trash, just a couple of crackhead rappers

  • MetroTheKid OTB
    MetroTheKid OTB


  • Joshua Cazilieris
    Joshua Cazilieris

    This NYE I didn’t sleep the night before and on the night me and my friend group were all on MDMA and a fuckton of nangs/whippets. I had a hallucination that I broke into a reality where everything stopped and I was in a badly 3D textured video game version of the room I was in. I heard someone over a mic in my mind say “He’s broken out of the simulation, let’s get him back in!”. The voice was actually my friend next to me fucking with me but in that moment I truly thought life was a simulation and I had open my eyes for the first time and the ‘overwatchers’ or whatever I thought they were became mad I came out the simulation and saw everything for the first time. A horrible delusion it was. There were sirens going off in the trip and flames and a logo on the wall which I could remember but it was kinda like 🕉

  • Humble 9300
    Humble 9300

    It's also the same thing as Laughing Gas that they give at the dentist, and the stuff that makes cars go fasterc i.e Nos

  • Kiki noel
    Kiki noel

    my aunti is having whippets rn

  • J W
    J W

    yea its only been around since the late 80s

  • Reagan Baby
    Reagan Baby

    should have titled it How and Why to Do Whippets with Adam22

  • CosmicDamian

    Whippets can rapidly cause spinal chord degeneration. No joke, people end up in wheelchairs. N2O oxidizes years of your B12 stores in just a few sessions, leaving you unable to make methionine, and your spinal chord demyelinates. I'd rather chug LSD than do nitrous, that's how dangerous it is.

  • 4FIVE HD
    4FIVE HD

    As a former crack head

  • Andy Berger
    Andy Berger

    You guys think whippets are fun wait till you start getting hold tanks of that shit that's when you can get really a fill up a punching bag balloon LOL

  • Şîlėñţ E
    Şîlėñţ E

    It is good to tell the damaging effects and how destructive this stuff is on the brain. I see no point in wanting to get high on this Nitrogen its like asking to be more stupid... I rather smoke seeds and stems. At least the high would Probably last longer Don't do this it's bad to smoke seeds and stems. I was just joking

  • Şîlėñţ E
    Şîlėñţ E

    I wish they never existed. Never will try them. Someone I know close to me uses them.Just found this video when I was trying to find out more about what happens if you do too much. I know what it sounds like and how people act on them that was it. Thanks for the education. Stay away from these things they are not cool.

  • Pixel Pete
    Pixel Pete

    Respect for making this man

  • Ian F
    Ian F

    Lean is the only thing that is taking over the rap game and has been for quite some time. However I am all for keeping everyone off of whip it’s as well. I just think lean has everyone fucked up.

  • KanyeSlaysUrFav

    He is so fine

  • Dig Snake
    Dig Snake

    DO NOT DO THIS WHIPY THING PLEASE. we lost enough of us.

  • Dig Snake
    Dig Snake

    Not do this whipy thing do not

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith

    I thought the drug that the people in rap game kill for is clout lol

  • Vincent Vince
    Vincent Vince

    Dam....600!! steve-o a beast. Rappers must be doing bad than a bitch..they can't afford real drugs anymore..whip it was on the movie kids...Casper works for no jumper...LoL

  • Trystian l
    Trystian l

    Went from porn to news

  • Chas C
    Chas C

    And kids watch some of these drug addict rappers and now kids that that never knew about this will start doing this just like every other drug they made popular to do like lean


    Since you a big plate form for all this industry why don’t you ask southerners about the war between north and south side

  • Hella Faded
    Hella Faded

    I just got 80 c02 canisters for my gun should we give it a go 🤣

  • Chris Caldarola
    Chris Caldarola

    STeevo is king whippit ill be on webpg wit hip-hop news!

  • Chris Caldarola
    Chris Caldarola

    H8 those co2 carts brings bak bad mems

  • Chris Caldarola
    Chris Caldarola

    Headrush blackout

  • thecommentqueen cb
    thecommentqueen cb

    This guy is like the Wendy Williams of the rapper game.

  • Ashley Begelman
    Ashley Begelman

    I’ve only known whippets as used with psychedelics people do them sober??? Lol

  • Lord Wockhardt
    Lord Wockhardt

    The edm scene shits big in Chicago tho fuck them lil cans mfs get full hydrants

  • Toy Maker
    Toy Maker

    People's been doing that shit for the last 20 years that I've seen it. UK been doing it for 1000000000 years lol

  • Faze Xflee
    Faze Xflee

    Very informative. I read in-between he lines n I have a airsoft gun n it’s not bad if u take a couple hits but a whole mag can n will fuck u up n u will begin acting dumb !

  • Jorgietalks

    Long story long, my gay friend at work (a hosptial) guy comes in with butt issues and I learned by simple triage a nurse does. And apparently it opens up your anus from being tighten. So if we had to ask why I’m saying this is because most or more then most hip hop artist are homosexuals.

  • Justin Nance
    Justin Nance

    gonna throw nitrous in the wood

  • Sergio Ramirez
    Sergio Ramirez

    Stfu Adam burning shii out jk glooks for lookin our for the kids

  • krisko

    Lmao people are fucken dumb. It can cause ur lungs to freeze

  • lanietalk

    They’re gonna make this illegal

  • Hayden Harrison
    Hayden Harrison

    How dangerous is it?

  • 煜宁赵

    one of my friend got parallized after taking too much nitros

  • miggz400

    That stuff causes brain damage if you use it a lot and frequently. Which you pretty much have to do if you want to chase that high. Everything Adam22 is saying is absolutely accurate plus it leads people to huffing that computer duster shit. NO BUENO

  • No-Panic- Zone
    No-Panic- Zone

    When I was released from prison, into the halfway house, I was given a maintenance person job on the grounds. 1st day there, I went in a shed and found 3 cases of canned air duster. Needless to say we stole every can over a few week period, and would drive their pickup truck around the grounds with the homie, doing whip its, straight from the can. Till this day, I can still here the Wah wahhhhhs sounds in my head, listening to rianna!!!!🤯💨💨💨💨💨

  • Gabe

    Of course it’s being pushed. It’s a money machine for the 🖐on the valve and hardly criminally charged.

  • breay85

    good call mate never tried it never been interested... but like you said lack of oxygen to the brain is not something that you want to do alot of

  • mister wil
    mister wil

    Watching 12/20. U never mentioned th Cost of this habit or paraphernalia...😐🤨🤔

  • Jody Davis
    Jody Davis

    Shrooms are healthier and last longer

  • Third Perspective
    Third Perspective

    pills and lean still get you way more fucked up. fuck whippets

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Lol the sad thing about this video is that I bet more people will see it and think ether: 1.) “Oh I totally forgot about Whip-its! Imma go get some RN” Or, 2.) “Oh I’ve never heard of those before. They sound fun. Imma go get some and try it!”

  • Culture Breath
    Culture Breath

    Lmao 🤣 rap game behind.

  • T4NK1000

    Not worth it for the 2 seconds

  • T4NK1000

    Buy it at the gas station lol

  • Austin Carroll Sings
    Austin Carroll Sings

    Stick to the loudpack

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez

    Shit is the lamest high on the planet.

  • KEK

    Whats old becomes new' We make fun of rappers constantly out of country because they are f'in idiots.

  • Sycamore Entertainment
    Sycamore Entertainment

    600 damn

  • MannyStayTrill

    Just smoke weed man.

  • Rico Dripbandz
    Rico Dripbandz

    Get addicted to jesus or getting some money why tf would you wanna huff some shit that make cars increase speed 😂😂😂who tf made this shit kool again?? And the rappers are not only stamping it but planking tanks🤦🏽‍♂️I gotta start looking for way off this planet on granny shit wicked outchea 😂😂😂💯

  • Hip to be square
    Hip to be square

    I guess gas went mainstream...what a fucking shame. It’s actually a drug from hell. we have secret after hour nitrous clubs and ware house after parties in Detroit where techno and house heads go to after the clubs “close” and you walk in and immediately get high, people will be up till like 9 in the morning doing whippets, I’ve been to many techno parties where people are fishing out, where they literally cannot control their motor skills after holding in the nitrous in their lungs for too long and people just walk by them to get to the tank to score another hit. Ive met nitro heads who are actually uncontrollable on it and become actually violent and severely aggressive towards themselves and everyone around them, i know of someone who almost got killed by a person that was close to them because they had way too much gas and were threatening to kill them with a knife. If you walk in Detroit you’ll see canisters littering the streets, ive even come across several boxes full of abandoned canisters and ive walked into house parties where there’s hundreds of them littering the carpet. It not an attractive drug at all, its beyond dangerous. Gas changes people and always for the worst.

  • K Dub
    K Dub

    Don't start prescription drugs I don't give a fuck if you think it can be a weekend thing or whatever it will get your ass I never did anything smoke bud a little and drank a few beers on the weekend when I was younger then agot in a bad car wreck and was put on Oxycodone and later xanax TRUST ME DON'T TOUCH ANY OF THIS SHIT...I was 24 with 100k plus a year job living in Las Vegas and it fucked shit up TAKE THIS ADVICE!!!!

  • Keepin Up
    Keepin Up

    I had a seizure of these he’s right...

  • stephane cha /motif_r /blackwood
    stephane cha /motif_r /blackwood

    Same abroad. 13year old kids doing it. (Here they empty the capsule in a ballloon) Hypocrisie is when i saw....(OH SHIT i was so down seeing that)___your local 70 year old grocery boss selling the balloons. Yes sir. This world is muppetted by one evil entity. Not me. Not you.


    Bro out here snitching 😂

  • Captain Kaput
    Captain Kaput

    People been doing nos since forever. Was banned in our rave scene's parties ages ago cause the hippie crack would keep everyone huddled round the balloon tent instead of being on tbe dancefloor. Just take acid. You wont fall over and hit your face on a curb while giigling and drooling... and you'll actually learn something. I put this stuff in the same category as huffing paint or glue. Don't be a hobo kids.

  • Keely Chesher
    Keely Chesher

    Aussies call em nangs

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    pooh shiesty interview


    When I was a kid I've knew ppl that froze their lungs and died using this back in the 90s. Crazy its coming back.

    • Lumbago Nigga
      Lumbago Nigga

      prolly the same story as this dude i knew he tried to crack it right into his mouth by putting a nail to a canister

  • Joe Smoe
    Joe Smoe

    Well that’s cool I guess

  • blep blep
    blep blep

    Remember that time u saw a few rappers in pics with whippets and out of nowhere everyone thought they were taking the world by storm for 2 days? Weird times in this pandemic

  • Default

    "Currently taking over" steve O was doing these like 16 years ago

  • Wally & Tony
    Wally & Tony

    Doing that shit is like taking a melon baller to your brain.

  • Matthew King
    Matthew King

    Was that fucking KB doing a whippit while catching some? lol

  • Dream Catch - Me
    Dream Catch - Me

    There's always loads of the cannisters outside the local 7/11 by mine. They are rife, here in Liverpool, England... I'm just so glad I don't have any teenage kids right now.... It's scary to think of them doing this thing 😕

  • Dream Catch - Me
    Dream Catch - Me

    In Liverpool, UK we call them balloons 😂. Or the cannisters we call hippy crack. Just thought I'd say 👍🏻

  • Finn Priddle
    Finn Priddle

    They are called nangs in Australia and they are fucking huge in the party culture

  • Josh Lanzer
    Josh Lanzer

    Wow call me old school I did that back in the early 90s dam I feel old lol 😆

  • Veteranmac 88
    Veteranmac 88

    Whip it’s definitely some shitt a fein does

  • jevs headset
    jevs headset

    “lil bro hit the whip it too damn hard and had a seizure”-comethazine

  • Scxry Kid
    Scxry Kid

    hippie crack

  • K E V I N R A M A G E
    K E V I N R A M A G E

    My brother passed out in a cemetery in middle school. I thought he died. We used to say Oprah!!!! In that deep voice after the hit

  • Chloe Camp
    Chloe Camp

    That explains the mumbling...they've got no damn oxygen in their brain.

  • Mr. James
    Mr. James

    I'm sitting here waiting for a G of fentanyl,going be lit or burn out.

  • Steph Dowell
    Steph Dowell

    this is awesome good looking out...i hope the young kids see this

  • Manc

    Nos is taking over? You only just finding out about party drugs in the states or what? Been too heavy on that crack you lot.

  • Vi_poole Poole
    Vi_poole Poole

    This shit been in England for years

  • Shutter Sauce
    Shutter Sauce

    Makes me laugh when I see these guys using canisters lol grow the fuck up and get a tank

  • Caden Vogek
    Caden Vogek

    And what knot

  • K Morris
    K Morris

    There is no long term effects on nitrous now it may cause loss of brain cells. When doing nitrous you’re basically chasing the answer to everything about life... also you cannot become dependent on nitrous Steve o was addicted to K not nitrous... I would put Steve o to bed when it comes to amount of nitrous taken in at once

  • Red Reddington
    Red Reddington

    Can you imagine being at a low in your life that’s sooo fuckn low, that you your next high is going into a Walmart and hitting as much whip cream as you can before security comes and kicks you out

  • Gio Buck
    Gio Buck

    Sadly this been around, I remember the flyer party era. I was 14 when i first tried and never again

  • Kush Bush
    Kush Bush

    Adam you are an idiot and totally uninformed on drugs. Try to educate yourself instead of misinforming others. Nitrous works on nmda, it’s a dissociative like ketamine. It does not work by “depriving your brain of oxygen”. It is the same laughing gas you get at the dentist. The only dangers are B12 deficiencies after long term abuse, falling and hurting yourself or something on it, or hurting yourself by inhaling too much gas that isn’t oxygen and depriving your brain of it or freezing yourself somehow when the gas is released and it’s very cold. I would recommend you avoid nitrous mostly because it’s very mentally addictive and known as one of the most moreish drugs around. If you do one odds are you will end up doing them all night if you’re much of a drug user and likely waste a lot of money. Nitrous oxide is relatively safe and non toxic but it’s something you should probably avoid unless you are getting a filling at the dentist or something.

  • bella xoxo
    bella xoxo

    In the U.K. they sell balloons on every corner when the bars and clubs are closing