New Woah Vicky Video. Is She A Star? - Adam22 Reacts
Woah Vicky put out a new song. Today I take a look at it and discuss

  • bigks23

    Deez Nuts.

  • Wednesday Addams
    Wednesday Addams

    Her parents are rich 😂 probably her parents cars and house

  • Stephanie Whitt
    Stephanie Whitt

    Damn why haven’t I seen this channel sooner 😭😭😭🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Snottydicknose 1
    Snottydicknose 1

    Had a horrible nightmare she was my baby mama! 😖

  • Henry Marckisotto
    Henry Marckisotto

    Let's be real Woah Vicky doesn't know basic biology

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith

    She’s black as copy paper

  • Mmm Mattera
    Mmm Mattera

    It’s a really big part of the woah Vicky image/ aesthetic to have token black people everywhere

  • Jason Thomas
    Jason Thomas

    Her lips don’t move correctly so they do some jittery shot with the camera!

  • SoundRebelMuZic

    Oh its cool that one girl knows the lyrics LOL.... money count it watch me run it up .. so what your saying is these other girls couldnt remember these basic lyrics that we've heard in rap songs over and over again 👏👏👏👏👏 lol

  • MacG boS
    MacG boS

    Whoah no

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez

    You know adam wants a 3 way with woah vicky.😅

  • Isaiah 'Iyeazy' Hollis
    Isaiah 'Iyeazy' Hollis

    Im dead lmao

  • CMC Soundz
    CMC Soundz

    Auto tune wont even fix that voice

  • TheJackveneno

    A money counter to count 1's

  • Netwatch Agent
    Netwatch Agent

    I honestly feel bad for Woah Vicky she gets a lot of hate but she’s just a product of the internet. It’s sad but literally half of the young middle class generation is just like her, but she’s just a scapegoat. I don’t agree with her or other kids these days but I think she’ll grow out of this and mature and find her own lane in this world. Unlike someone like Bhad Bhabie. Vicky in her interview seems like she had some sort of sense deep down.

  • B Pina
    B Pina

    This video is pathetic. If you gone do this make sure you try to analyze every video.

  • DM94JAK

    N she still look like that ice age thing

  • DM94JAK

    Fuck vicky n black ppl should hate her she made fun of em n then got rich off it

  • Pablo Contras
    Pablo Contras

    Woah vicky is my nigga ahahahaha

  • Trippy mac
    Trippy mac

    Wait is she countin stacks of ones ???_

  • Teelaire

    Bro YOU enable this. Not just the 2 dudes in the video. You rpolly get her double the views from making this video. I thought you were more self aware man lately you slippin bro

  • Teelaire

    Uhhhh you realize how often it appears you have an off ratio of white:black people around you too right? Odd you make that comment... Who cares. You know this industry right?

  • Christian Santana
    Christian Santana

    Dude i feel deflated as fu k too after this video lolop feel like shit.

  • Rugged209

    Sounds like shit and is embarrassing as hell

  • Brandon Karlsson
    Brandon Karlsson


  • Courtney Lester
    Courtney Lester

    "Why you need a money counter if you only got 20 bucks in 1s? But I guess Woah Vicky probably can't count to 20" Goddamn. LMFAOO

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris

    She's reminds me of Barbie with downsyndrome.

  • Schurkk

    Watch out for the icky-hive They be like screaming mad like words and stuf at you for ever I mean like for ever

  • Not Mckenzie
    Not Mckenzie


  • CarolinaChris 26
    CarolinaChris 26

    Woah Vicky is 19 so we're good LOL nah my dude your good I'm good I'm not that good

  • Jeffrey Phillip
    Jeffrey Phillip

    Lol got em

  • Anonymous Fan215
    Anonymous Fan215

    She’s trying to look like a ratchet jawn

  • John Surber
    John Surber

    Adam, you promote the goofiest, most ignorant wanna b's ive ever seen bro. You are destroying hip hop by opening a door to a frickin highschool.

  • Blake Go Wavy
    Blake Go Wavy


  • Amber Weekley
    Amber Weekley

    Yo where can I cop that black No Jumper hoodie!??????

  • FuckLuis ZombieKush II
    FuckLuis ZombieKush II

    Adam I personally lost respect for you . Lmao

  • ExpiredPants


  • lasay inchrist
    lasay inchrist

    Vicky is the truth and for all those hater's get your money up and stop hating hell 🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this song is lit💯

  • J. Scott Caudill
    J. Scott Caudill

    All $1's

  • shrimpb0y

    disliking and leaving a troll comment because cash me outside girl 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Willy Orca
    Willy Orca

    She is lame as hell

  • psychobeefsticker

    I'm seriously about to throw my phone

  • Fernando Gonzales
    Fernando Gonzales

    bro you gotta do a video review of chromazz lol everyone will fucking hate you for life ha she's fine AF but she makes woah vicky look like the female version of eminem

  • Shon Yarbrough
    Shon Yarbrough


  • Terpsnturbos Terpsnturbos
    Terpsnturbos Terpsnturbos

    OSS was the CIA before it was the CIA...

  • Rick Garza
    Rick Garza

    Lmao there's nothing more attractive than the back of a womans knee. Haha

  • 6'1 Dane
    6'1 Dane

    Adam, if u want a pair of FUBU, u shud get sum treat ya self nice

  • H_a_g_z V_i_r_t_u_a_l
    H_a_g_z V_i_r_t_u_a_l


  • Bigbruh King
    Bigbruh King

    You my dude but you be posting some weird ass, weak ass shit.

  • BlackSH0veldeath

    So obvious she has a ghost writer lol. These lyrics were written for a guy 😂


    Who tf shot this

  • Dark Domain
    Dark Domain

    Adam 22 listens to crap 💩

  • Genaro Neris
    Genaro Neris

    So we’re all gonna ignore the coke on Adams phone?

    • trisha paytass
      trisha paytass

      i tink its a glare

    • Mmm Mattera
      Mmm Mattera

      Genaro Neris lmfao that really is a line 😂

    • Genaro Neris
      Genaro Neris

      Travis Hay that ain’t no cracked screen homie, if you notice it’s on there at the start of the video, but it’s off towards the end.

  • LiTAGAMii

    Give this a listen plz!

  • jfindlay813

    Nice video

  • TheKing SquadM&K
    TheKing SquadM&K

    You and Lena os the shit i Love yall ... Yall be on the shits i be on yasssss freaky shittt want u nd lena omggggg she fine asfff lookin like wonder woman in that last pod cast💙💙💙💙 she hat a phat kat 😍😍

  • Nick Trevino
    Nick Trevino

    Vicky so fake why does everybody think gangs and being in the hood is cool stupid ass people and people from the hood Really trying to get out I swear it’s the other way around the stupid fake people

  • Racine YoUtube
    Racine YoUtube

    I got a question for you Adam, Do you respect the way these UZload/news personalities like Akademics and even yourself handle the culture today associated with hiphop in 2019? Or, is there another way to do it. Lets say Akademics posts that Ti got punked by someone because its "hot news", and Ti reacts as if he has something to prove and ruins his career over media hype. Would That be a good picture to paint about how the media can cause someone to try and live up to a hardcore image? If something like that happened because of what you reported on would you feel like a culture vulture? I just notice alot of media outlets like tmz using news to entice hip hop artists to live up to the standards they portray. If its bot avout violence and slander ita not media worthy. I hate to say it but soulja boy was right if its not bad he don't get talked about. If this is the gold standard how can we change it? Im not hating on media just opening a healthy dialogue. I do appreciate your content.

  • Chosen 1
    Chosen 1

    & she wanted fucccin UZload Money smh 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Chosen 1
    Chosen 1

    Uggh why h8 her

  • Star Miller
    Star Miller

    Why does that one scene with the white Rolls Royce look exactly like the Tana Mongeau W song music video

  • Jon Flowers
    Jon Flowers

    Adam, Jesus was resurrected on Easter. Fyi. ;-)

  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia

    13:00 as long as she dont talk

  • Fame

    adam loki savage

  • Ethan Eilders
    Ethan Eilders

    Adam might just be the only youtuber that i listen to when they tell me to like a video👍🏼

  • d d
    d d

    It's whoa boring! But so is every rapper that just talks about how much money they make and what car they're driving and how broke down and busted up their watch is. I couldn't give a s*** less about money plus it's been done a million times. It's just stupid

  • Joey Williams
    Joey Williams

    If she kept her mouth shut she can get it but as soon as she starts talkin instantly soft!

  • Not Karen
    Not Karen

    this commentary just gave me mad life

  • The Culture
    The Culture

    You a dumb ass nigga Adam.

  • David Benoit
    David Benoit


  • • REViEW & REACT
    • REViEW & REACT

    A comment!

  • samuel reid
    samuel reid

    Guy said "Im not really sure what she's getting at with that whole resurection thing, isn't easter about jesus?" My guy Easter is to celebreate Jesus' resurection... thats a slip

  • DMF330

    Can't call dudes for enabling when you had her on a podcasts...



  • Andrew Teague
    Andrew Teague

    Adam... Easter is about Jesus *and* resurrection... cuz Easter Sunday is when he came back from the dead...

  • krusher74

    Adam always forgets to point out that this song as all trap is one dimensional crap!

  • The Joker
    The Joker


  • ivyshaolin

    it won’t terrible but won’t good it was basic

  • boo

    I think she has something there.. but her lyrics dont set her apart from other rappers at all. This is a large industry and if she doesnt find her uniqueness she will fall under quick. If she reads this i would suggest trying to add something to your beats maybe a slighty EDM behind it to give it a higher tone and for the lyrics make them about something new and unique, even if it has no real meaning. everyones tired of this whole "gang" stuff out

  • james fordyce
    james fordyce

    Powder on the phone?? Lol

  • Darcy Hernandez
    Darcy Hernandez

    Lowriders tucson sponsored her as an influencer lol. She was booked in tucson, AZ SWEAR lol

  • Last First
    Last First

    Fucking trash. In every sense of the word.

  • EST1989 Roman
    EST1989 Roman

    Wack vickey

  • wiitardedperson

    I think you nailed this vid adam

  • mckinneycustom

    Adam looks like Sid from Ice Age in the thumbnail

  • ThInk Divine
    ThInk Divine

    😂😂😂She do too much

  • Big_K 66-61
    Big_K 66-61

    Your slipping bro wipe the coke off your cellphone and move it out of sight as for her money counter pigs dont care about singles her entire video is all 1 dollar bills

  • missy loves emeka
    missy loves emeka

    Lol that one chick who knew the words dead set bout ta get stabbed by them nails. Haha😀 I like ur sense of humour. The song was like her brain...empty n fulla shit. She talk like her teeth stuck into her damn tounge lol

  • Logan Armer
    Logan Armer

    Can someone fucking answer me what is this background music GKVE ME A LINK

  • Taylor

    here to drop a comment

  • Gav Iscon
    Gav Iscon


  • OG CityWolf
    OG CityWolf

    Rope Gangggg 💯🙏

  • Brandon House
    Brandon House

    Didn't think Miley Cyrus could get any worse

  • GENA _H
    GENA _H

    Those are some gangster teeth there. 😂

  • 336ENT


  • JB-Gaming -
    JB-Gaming -

    Dat bit ugly as hell 🤢🤮 and u kno she got a ghost writer👎🚫🧢

  • Juan Cruces
    Juan Cruces

    Smh fuck Vicky fraud ass

  • whoopy goldspit
    whoopy goldspit

    Adam.. Fuck yo couch for reporting on her lol

  • Maria Blanchard
    Maria Blanchard

    All the money they keep showing everywhere in this video are all 1s .. Big baller lol

  • I love You
    I love You

    Those black people are white washed cuz if they was from the hood trust me they would not fuck with her