EBE Bandz Body Found In The Woods. 2 Men Charged
RIP Ebe Bandz. Let's talk about the dudes who were arrested today for his murder

  • AntonDuhGr8

    I just recently found his music like last month and was so fucking upset to hear he was murdered. CRAZY talent!

  • Ordinary Extraordinary Brotha - Daimond Axe
    Ordinary Extraordinary Brotha - Daimond Axe

    That's the point of being a gangster looks can be deceiving

  • Josue Mejia
    Josue Mejia

    This idiot wasted my time reading the article i can google myself

  • Bada Kafcare
    Bada Kafcare

    The two dudes are linked with the cartels.

  • Cliffy B
    Cliffy B

    Damn rip never realized he diee

  • La'Quantayviondre Aka Captain Save A Woman
    La'Quantayviondre Aka Captain Save A Woman

    Dexter and Mandark teamed up to kill Bandz

  • Joey Caliber
    Joey Caliber

    Adam a clown. No wonder he gets beat up all the time. Russ and his homies hahahaahahaha . I bet bandz would jump on you too just for being goofy

  • rob d
    rob d

    Im gonna be at Starbucks selling coffee pop ups cuz im a sucka

  • insidious 123
    insidious 123

    1 reason why i don't watch this goofy anymore,I know bandz wasn't no angel but to advertise merch like stop thats just pathetic but either way haven't watched him for yrs

  • Reapy Reap
    Reapy Reap

    He wasn't a Rockford rapper either, Bandz was from Chicago

  • Reapy Reap
    Reapy Reap

    One of the last things he did, was appear in the Racism video of Adam Calhoun's

  • Huero 510
    Huero 510

    Adam you a bitch cuz ... it’s fonk on Sight

  • Werk Zoekende
    Werk Zoekende

    Rip King bandz

  • dee good
    dee good

    Bih I'm from da east side 💔

  • Cris I.V.Y
    Cris I.V.Y

    Bruh how them ugly pussies get him ....

  • E•MAC

    why does it make sense that a white rapper was killed by those guys


    man adam petty he gon say before i get into this ebe bandz story... we gon have a pop up shop so we be there.... i thought he way rey say sum like rest in piece to ebe or moment of silence smh

  • Richard Crawford
    Richard Crawford

    Gotta be careful. Them quiet looking mother fuckers get retarded.

  • Royal The Rumbler
    Royal The Rumbler

    he looks like he works at spencers,n pussy...... lmao hilarious but rest in peace Bandz

  • David Nymann
    David Nymann

    "don't look like they kill people" yeah a lot of time they don't that's how they get away with shit real life aint like the movies.

    • David Nymann
      David Nymann

      i mean except these dudes lmao

  • Jj Thejetplane
    Jj Thejetplane

    How can you say someone look like a pussy tho? Last time I checked looks don't got anything to do with how much of pussy you are. But your actions tell a lot so I wouldn't be surprised if adam is a pussy

  • ii Captain
    ii Captain

    1:55 R-Z'8

  • Pharobandz Dinero
    Pharobandz Dinero



      Don’t click the link. Another struggle rapper

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne

    we loved ebe bandz, too many corny rappers out here......now we cant listen to him anymore.......not sure what he did to deserve that........so much talent, so sad

    • Mercy

      fr bro, LLB

  • Isabel Haros
    Isabel Haros


  • Max Payne
    Max Payne

    man this is really sad...i liked this guy

  • T G
    T G

    Damn do you not have that podcast show anymore


    That's what he get for sayin he smokin on pappy

  • Fuck Coruption
    Fuck Coruption

    Didn't Bandz have a 9mm we with exstedo Clif were was his gun when he needed it.

    • Mercy

      he got caught off guard by his own ppls

  • Fuck Coruption
    Fuck Coruption

    Na he is called Billy the kid and got beat up by dope fiends .the rill Billy the kid would never let that happen

  • 413WorthyboyJP

    People are surprised because u think he would get shot up by some Goonies but he got killed by some nerdy looking mfs but don't underestimate them cuz of how they look anyone can do that too u anyone can get it

  • Mel S
    Mel S

    People calling them Goofy, but all three look like they'd shoot up your sons Highschool. Fuq you mean they dont look like killers?


    Kids that look like these kids are hooked up wit the cartel


    It be kids that look like that that are hooked up with the NaRcoS

  • frost bite bruh
    frost bite bruh

    Man show some respect to ebe bandz dawg tf bro was actually talented n lived his sht he real af

  • Chason Earls
    Chason Earls

    They did this dude so dirty man rip

  • Doighton Boighton Floighton
    Doighton Boighton Floighton

    Rip bro we all miss you 😔🙌✝️

  • dustin jones
    dustin jones

    “Before we get into the story of this kid being murdered I need to sell my shit”

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B

    So sad. This kid dropped demons and Eastside few yrs ago n I was hooked.. rip billy

  • Kenny

    Lmao. Look at the dorks who got him

  • Pappa Squally
    Pappa Squally

    Dude probably tried to hit a lick off them boys one to many times .

  • Ebk Bubba74
    Ebk Bubba74

    One of em was my brothers wife's baby daddy lol

    • Ebk Bubba74
      Ebk Bubba74

      Also they snitched on themselves 🤣

  • SidViciousEntertainment

    This dude is a culture vulture. How is he gonna do that shoutout in the beginning? Fucking rat

  • Joe Rogan
    Joe Rogan

    just came back to say fuck adam 22 fool never promoted bandz in any way until his death

  • Gang Land
    Gang Land

    Adam Killed Him With A .22 plus he not no real billie he just a kid hahahaha

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson

    Says the guy who killed someone looks like a pussy, but cries like a bitch when someone pulls a fake gun on him stfu 🤦‍♂️😒you don’t have to look a certain way to do anything only pussies think that 💯

  • Neumon Barbee
    Neumon Barbee

    I was just talking about Bandz the other day. He was a Titanic $tone from the southeast side of Chicago. I don't know what happened but I figure it was some drugs or gang activity involved.

  • BooGiE dA SmOkER
    BooGiE dA SmOkER

    Lmao this nigka

  • Kaw P
    Kaw P

    Bru u have no respect 💯 n that "pussy" lookin niggas where with the cartel stick to your bike shop bru u don't need to be speakin on sum u ant apart of stay on ur bike n in ur shop blood u can't relate off tops

  • Nic Dymes
    Nic Dymes

    Adam I’m sorry you a clown brodie you dissed on jaystation for promoting and shit after X and Peeps death but u a hypocrite u promoting a pop up shop and putting ads on a video about a rappers death smh

  • Johnny blue
    Johnny blue

    Your a dick head Adam bro

  • MegaBron Fame
    MegaBron Fame

    AdamTv a smart guy... he’s in that VladTv Lane now... promoting bullShit nothing up lifting .. just murder and drug dealing and fake gangsters ...

  • keep my mind preoccupied
    keep my mind preoccupied


  • kyle persinger
    kyle persinger

    Guy didn't deserve that name.clearly Aint no billy the kid

  • Trevor Browning
    Trevor Browning

    But this dude looks like a pussy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Baruch Shai' returns
    Baruch Shai' returns

    People are STILL out here judging books by their covers?? Just cus someone looks harmless/pussy doesn't necessarily make it fuckin' so.

  • Tyler Jordan
    Tyler Jordan

    Rip bandz some weirdo looking mfs

  • TheyCallMe WHiTEY
    TheyCallMe WHiTEY

    Adam is a disrespectful ass person. Don't fly merch when someone dies

  • Davy Brazell
    Davy Brazell

    Stendo ain't save Billy doe

  • Mac Haviland
    Mac Haviland

    why'd you do the plug first.... have some respect

  • Julian Martinez
    Julian Martinez

    They probably tried Robbin him

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez

    Wolves dressed in sheep 🐑 clothing looks dont got anything to do with evil soul lets not forget the devil was an angel 👼 once

  • Nathansyupp

    This Chicago (N Word)... get it? No? Ok

  • Tunisian Knife Fighter
    Tunisian Knife Fighter

    You don’t have to be tough to pull a trigger.

  • Tarrence Conyers
    Tarrence Conyers

    When you play bad games you get bad prizes.

  • Justin F
    Justin F

    "Let us know if you're in pursuit of his killers" what a goof.

  • J,M Huh
    J,M Huh

    Cuh Yu Weak Asf Fo This

  • IntoTheFray

    Never judge a book by its cover.

  • IntoTheFray

    Wow were these dudes his homies or what?

  • Sixx Wifi
    Sixx Wifi

    You a bozo Adam show respect dont even speak on bro at all... Let it rock in the name of Jesus keep ya mouth shut everyone let him rest. He wasnt like everyone else bro was really making it out on positive vibes. Niggas hated frfr own friends.. Let him rest please. This killing eachother is crazy killed over jealousy they aint have to do him like that...

  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave

    Those "weirdos" were cartel dealers that were moving kilos for the Sinaloa cartel. You can't judge a book by the cover, especially when it comes to that cartel shit.

  • Wholelotta Gangshit
    Wholelotta Gangshit


  • Pollo Loco
    Pollo Loco

    This nigga ain’t shit dawg.

  • ryan48888

    Fuck this clown. "Shameless plug" what a bitch. I hope this guy gets his shit peeled back. And nice face tattoos dummy. How old are you?

  • seth shaw
    seth shaw

    Ran off with some weight closed casket we sprayed his face , family found in the same grave

  • Ben Simmons
    Ben Simmons

    Snitching on ig while dead

  • Polo Sosa
    Polo Sosa

    Bandz stole from the cartel and yeah rip basically don’t steal from the cartel

  • Scott Vincent
    Scott Vincent

    RIP bandz such talent gone....

  • Vinnie Barbarino
    Vinnie Barbarino

    I got a pop up shop opening up in Chicago if anyone is interested?

  • Pat Mar
    Pat Mar

    RIP no disrespect, but he comes across as a bit of a toy

  • Split-shot

    yo adam u bitch ass dont be seellling merch on dead mans legacy u fuck boi

  • Mr. otivarag
    Mr. otivarag

    It's sad he went out the way he did but i was not expecting the killers to look like that...

  • Strictly Quads
    Strictly Quads

    Some of you ppl are here tripping over here saying Adam has no respect. You think that bandz kid had any respect for the families he destroyed while selling heroin? You thinkbhe had any respect for the plugs he didnt pay back? Crazy way to die but that should teach ppl some big lessons. 1. Don't be a criminal. 2. If you're a criminal dont play with ppls money. 3. Dont be a criminal.

  • Mr Watto
    Mr Watto

    People do not need to look tough to murder someone. More so if a firearm is involved.

  • Corey Rivas
    Corey Rivas

    adams a fucking loser anyways , comments on other peoples mis fortune, for clout.

  • Jonnathan B
    Jonnathan B

    This fake fuck disrespected billy all passive aggresive like. Or its just that this dude has never been good at showing condoloscenes/respect like every in his life

  • Jonnathan B
    Jonnathan B

    alot of murderes are pussies man.. murdering somebody and being a pussy having nothing in common lol

    • Jonnathan B
      Jonnathan B

      doesnt matter what you look like anybody can be anybody

  • Daniel King
    Daniel King

    Billy burnz

  • R3D

    I really needed to know when you were dropping merch.....NOT

  • Patrick Goodman
    Patrick Goodman


  • ChronicBay ENT
    ChronicBay ENT

    i spoke with EBE on his instagram live, he'd go live and talk wit ppl right up until he died.. shit crazy

  • Adric lobos
    Adric lobos

    Perfect time to promote that merch, fuck human lives... daz wuzz reel nigahh

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat no way. That's crazy.

  • seth shaw
    seth shaw

    They all live in Decatur, Illinois . He talked about me because he’s jealous an has nothing, too due with his family’s lives. Period

  • Arvel Rowe
    Arvel Rowe

    Adam no joke. You're right. They are definitely pussy. I met one of them in Rockford a few times and he's definitely a bitch

  • Bdk Hustla
    Bdk Hustla


  • Ross Griffith
    Ross Griffith

    why would you or akademiks even make a story on bro after he dies,and wouldn't give him the light of day when he was alive?? RIPBaNDZ

  • LastNameCook

    Nigga got killed by some gamestop employees didnt it

  • NoMercy Upgrade
    NoMercy Upgrade

    Rip. But come on ..he talkin bout that life in each song...plus where was thoe extendos when he needed em..maybe new rappers can learn to speak life into existence not death

  • Cali Boy Jaye Wavyy
    Cali Boy Jaye Wavyy

    My city fulla them demons😈😈 Rip Bandz

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