Adam22 helps Lela Star find a Rapper Boyfriend
Lela Star is a friend of mine in need of a man so I got her on the show and tried to find her a man. Let’s go

  • Gin Lin
    Gin Lin

    Even I would smash nav 😂😂😂😂

  • Bigger man Dan
    Bigger man Dan

    Why was it a bunch of white and lightskin rappers

  • AMG Bretheren
    AMG Bretheren

    Can’t believe I watched all this shit bruh

  • Jarxed

    it’s wierd seeing her with clothes

  • Drita Zahara
    Drita Zahara

    Why every bitch look the same in 2020. Ps don’t look at my pic and say I look like her thanks

  • Kevin E.
    Kevin E.

    As a 6 foot tall dude, I definitely don’t like fuckin with the tall girls. They can’t be more than 5 foot 5 or 5 foot 6… and even that’s pushing it.

  • NathanThe BagChaser
    NathanThe BagChaser

    Can y’all help me smash lela star I’ll do it for y’all

  • Uchiha Itachiz
    Uchiha Itachiz

    She is actually very pretty before plastic idk wtf she was thinking

    • Kevin E.
      Kevin E.

      She wanted to cash in on the Kim K look, and she even admitted herself that she doesn’t care, because it’s making her money.

  • Jeffrey Moscardelli
    Jeffrey Moscardelli

    It's sad when she started out girl next door then the bad plastic surgery and give it time bad tats

  • Mario Reyes
    Mario Reyes

    u no what they did after this videooo!!!

  • Kevin Smith Jr
    Kevin Smith Jr

    Adam22 hey bro um can you see if lela would date me.

  • Joshua Easter
    Joshua Easter


  • Priest

    She is pollution

  • Dani

    She somehow judging Fat Nick while not moving her top lip one bit

  • madyar nabi
    madyar nabi

    where x at??

  • Jenish Gole
    Jenish Gole

    Why the heck there are underwear in background 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Jr. Smith
    Jr. Smith

    Adam ready to risk it all

  • Happy Virus
    Happy Virus

    I enjoyed your video. Thank you. Have a good day~

  • Adrian Chico
    Adrian Chico

    The ghetto Kim kardashian

  • Maria Serna
    Maria Serna

    6ix9ine is out Lela Star

  • Koala s
    Koala s

    anyone realize she said no to nav cus of height but tekashi is 5'6 lol

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • The Young Wolf BLM
    The Young Wolf BLM

    Best pornstar of all time love her.

  • Wayne Savage
    Wayne Savage

    He got herpes adam why would u bring him into this

  • 2k elite
    2k elite

    How can Lela star get a boyfriend when she is a pornstar she is fucking other men for her job and if she has a boyfriend that will be cheating

  • Tyson Kildea
    Tyson Kildea

    when lil skies is only an inch taller than nav lol

  • Kasper Eriksson
    Kasper Eriksson

    Women who like voilent men that are crimimals are as as the men

  • Brad Walsh
    Brad Walsh

    I wonder if Lela’s iq points pass the standard level for legal retardation...

  • Terrell Edwards
    Terrell Edwards

    She looks like a totally different person

  • mateen rostami
    mateen rostami

    She Fine asf

  • boosie 4l
    boosie 4l

    Katy Perry: Have you ever- Lela Star:Yes

  • Dawn of The walkers
    Dawn of The walkers

    She use to be smokin but now she’s one more surgery away from being sold on real doll.

  • Paul Jones
    Paul Jones

    She is vile 🤢

  • Khalid Khan
    Khalid Khan

    Nice Lela star I miss you love

  • lokd dhci
    lokd dhci

    Damn she’s shallow af.

    • Ёлки Палки
      Ёлки Палки

      Yet she is so self conscious that has so much plastic surgery.

  • Terrell STL MO 314
    Terrell STL MO 314

    😂 didn't see what it's hitting for

  • Andrew Ritter
    Andrew Ritter

    Get your teeth fixed before you get plastic

  • Shaggy 419
    Shaggy 419

    Bitch is fine as hell,these fine as pornstars that fuck and suck every1 seem like they are fictional characters.Most really fine ass females dont fuck every1 idk it's just seems to good to be true a fine ass girl letting everyone have a piece.There should be dime pieces that just fuck every1 for free so everyone can feel wut it's like to be with a woman that's so hot I cant imagine her pussy being so much better than normal

  • Mark Moller
    Mark Moller

    tony the cat!!!

  • Soul Op
    Soul Op

    At least juice got to go down with Lela star saying she'll smash

  • Aaron Flaven
    Aaron Flaven

    He’s said Russell Westbrook 😂

  • Brian-lee Stevens
    Brian-lee Stevens

    She very cute nd beautyful and her smile cute AF..I would date yu but not only for sex but I already feel that yu will make me happy when we had date but I think things won't work cause there's much more u can choose..😘👍🤘but u still cute

  • Arlyn Villeda
    Arlyn Villeda

    Juice wrld can’t get it anymore rip

  • Alex Dykes
    Alex Dykes

    Lela is soo sexy!

  • Nigga Bundoggles
    Nigga Bundoggles

    ik i knew her from somewhere....

  • KKD

    Juice wrld never got to fuck lela star

  • The black kid from Norway
    The black kid from Norway

    Fake lips..fake hair..fake tits.fake ass... do i need to say more

  • Jose Fernandez
    Jose Fernandez

    After the video was done he clapped her lmfaoo

  • Voltez

    5:37 man says Kid Buu is is 47 but he is actually 31 y/o.

  • Demitrius jr
    Demitrius jr

    adam got small dick this fool don’t know what he saying bout tattoos


    Wow, Kodak black looks like Buddha!

  • Linda Dooley
    Linda Dooley

    Those guys do not represent real rap.

  • Mariana Sánchez
    Mariana Sánchez

    Uhmm why no real rappers that look good like ASAP Rocky, Rich the Kid, Lil Tjay, YBN Almighty Jay, NLE Choppa, Gunna, Da Baby, Tory Lanez, Meek mill, Big Sean, ?? you only showed her ugly unknown white boy rappers 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • K Bonilla2.0
    K Bonilla2.0

    She was so fine before the plastic surgery


    Did she get hooked up

  • Shop Vibros
    Shop Vibros

    Can I get a plastic face too

  • Boeflex Nick
    Boeflex Nick

    lmao lil skies isn't hard cus he has face tats. that dude you see at the gas station buying cigs who has face tats, that dude don't give a fuck. Lele it took me 30 seconds to see how dumb as fuck u are lol

  • therealbluwes

    Damn she was right about trippie ex

  • 6'1 Dane
    6'1 Dane

    Well I'm a rapper. Adamski hook me up so I can duck up her credit!👌😂

  • Moses The Prophet
    Moses The Prophet

    She’s f’d up looking, PASS!

  • Cesar Vallejo
    Cesar Vallejo

    this fucking chick is annoying as shit also i don't know who did that work on her face but she needs to go and get her money back cause that shit is fucked up

  • Ebola IE
    Ebola IE

    She looks like she has buckteeth with those fake ass lips

  • Jovany De La Flamé
    Jovany De La Flamé

    Having tattoos on your face does it mean you have money Adam it means you're a fucking diot

  • Jaiden Dunn
    Jaiden Dunn

    The only nudity I saw in this video was the cats butthole

  • Georgina Silvera
    Georgina Silvera

    Why you next to a bisexual plastic bitch?

  • Skullet Trump
    Skullet Trump

    How does she wipe that plastic landfill she calls an ass

  • inkd_cali86

    Lela Star looks like she has a permanent diaper on with that fake ass. Anyone who looks like Kim Kardashian can get a shoe to the face.

  • Jesus Christ is salvation
    Jesus Christ is salvation

    i would touch no porn star even if they were the last person on earth I would go to other other side of the world and die alone instead with a porn start never would doing anything with them

  • Jesus Christ is salvation
    Jesus Christ is salvation

    To be honest I stop watching porn because I found this women disgusting. Non of them are natural. I love women who are naturally because they are gifted by the lord Jesus Christ

  • The Fernando
    The Fernando

    Me emocioné cuando salió mi rapero 6ix9ine

  • Jose Pradel
    Jose Pradel

    What has the world become

  • Rick Russo
    Rick Russo

    Bruh..... @lelastar has the scariest cheeks and lips

  • ilia danaei
    ilia danaei

    Her body is 80% plastic

  • willywat killedem
    willywat killedem

    She looks like shit damn 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Savvo Chico
    Savvo Chico

    Whussgud Hook me up wit miss peach 🍑

  • Bram EL Sowah
    Bram EL Sowah

    How much botox did they pump into that thing.. like bruh she cant even frown wtf 😂😂😭😭

  • Don’t take me Serious
    Don’t take me Serious

    Ion give a fuc if she plastic or what if I was on the smash list boiii I’d pull up to her crib so quick

  • Edgar Rangel
    Edgar Rangel


  • chode appleseed
    chode appleseed

    aUstRalIaN GirLs ArE reALlY SluTTy. She was with one Australian chick dawg

  • Spitfire CSGO And More
    Spitfire CSGO And More

    Did she just say Trippie Redd ain't cute?

  • Ssparkk

    Double d’s size 35

  • Adrian Narvaez
    Adrian Narvaez

    good idea using a laptop adam

  • Patrick -
    Patrick -

    why tf is 6ix9ine in the thumbnail if he was still locked up when this was released?

  • maxog1029

    there is a black hole in our galaxy rn

  • stevedahl

    Which one fucked up their face worse?

  • Breezy 1789
    Breezy 1789

    One word.....THOT.... SIMPLE🤷

  • j dogg
    j dogg

    She looks horrible

  • loch

    try to show her XXXTentacion.

  • FinnGoated

    He said Russell Westbrook lmao

  • Trent Black
    Trent Black

    Lay-Z Here Tell Lela To Hit Me 😈👁️💯

  • Darkside Disc golf
    Darkside Disc golf

    Fucking ugly Pamper ass! Gross

  • Deep Blue
    Deep Blue

    She looks over 40

  • Aro Atb
    Aro Atb

    10:47 trippie redd looks like a block of cheese🤣💀😭

  • Aro Atb
    Aro Atb

    He’s alérgic to pretzel🤣💀

  • sheluvs_ max
    sheluvs_ max

    Her lips are 🤮

  • Tommy Lovetro
    Tommy Lovetro

    I love hoes

  • Sergio Aguilar
    Sergio Aguilar

    She’s plastic dohhhh

  • Jay Weezy
    Jay Weezy

    S t o p. T h e. S u c k

  • Yola

    shes literally disgusting, wtaf

  • Amey 666
    Amey 666

    U fuckn loser u said nav is shit the other day you get money from you're ass nav dosent get money from his ass he does hard work for it he got more racks and bitches then your whole mob you wanna find his dick size bitches like crave everyday