6ix9ine's "GOOBA" Proves He Is The Most Hated Rapper Alive
today i made a video where i analyze 6ix9ine's new music video GOOBA and the resulting reaction from the hip hop community



    I'm sorry Adam, but I couldn't stop staring at your hair

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez

    This guy Adam is a dumbass plain &simple no wonder im not subscribed to his lame ass...

    • Aidyn DaHustl3r
      Aidyn DaHustl3r

      Bro don't hate what he do to you keep your opinions to yourself

  • Nathan McNair
    Nathan McNair

    stop selling out and make good content like interviewing rappers and not celina powell.

  • Miked Up
    Miked Up

    Adam really hates on 69...... I’m not sure 69 cares about the “rap community” since they aren’t helping to pay his bills. Adams the super senior in his 3rd extra year of high school still wanting to hang out with the kids🤣.

  • Christie Cobb
    Christie Cobb

    You could be a male model you are very handsome you and your wife make a pretty couple!

    • RitZz

      he also made a porno its hard to find now cuz he gotta hella hate from it and took it down

  • GimmeDaLOOT 23
    GimmeDaLOOT 23

    I’m from the era where rappers don’t have to be gangsta but in no way can they be like 67

  • Dizz Dizz
    Dizz Dizz

    So just to be clear, Adam. If your homies LITERALLY had a hit on your life- like for REAL, for real wanted to take your life away, and you got taken in by the cops and they said you can either put these people *who want you dead* in jail, or spend LIFE IN PRISON... LIFE. Like legit he’d have gotten out when he was like 50.... you would choose jail? Even when they played phone calls of them explicitly planning your death? YOOOOOOOOKAYYYYYYYY. I hate 69s music so much but c’mon... You would zip your lip over people who did that and wanted you dead? First of all, bullshit. Second of all, stupid. The truth about the streets is everyone talks. That’s why the fuck those rhymes- that people who live in upper class white neighborhoods even know- exist in the first place. Who do you think is spreading around “don’t rat”? The grimiest mother fuckers alive. I used to be a street person for REAL and a heroin addict... everybody fuckin talks, and over way less than that. The code only applies in situations like this: say you do a crime w three people and you get caught but they don’t. THEN you don’t rat. But if someone has a hit on your fuckin life? Robs you at gunpoint and pistol whips you? Who tf?!


    The dislikes are just lil 12 year olds defending a trash ass rapper like bro the guy cant rap the only shit I hear is fucking ear rape like fuck and 69 went on steam and ask people for fucking lyrics and shit therefore hes ass .....😚

  • Jon Moore
    Jon Moore

    How is Adam going to hate on TrapLoreRoss? He makes some of the best content about hip hop history. Culture Vulture..... what’s that make Adam?

  • SLҰ fox
    SLҰ fox

    Nah that's mgk homie

  • Lil Scars
    Lil Scars

    I could run this shit

  • Lil Scars
    Lil Scars

    I’m basically a vibe of peep and juice put together

  • Lil Scars
    Lil Scars

    Music is my everything

  • Lil Scars
    Lil Scars

    I have a voice.. the wrld needs to hear it frfr

  • KingCes84 W
    KingCes84 W

    But if civilians are throwing in their 2 cents not a good thing.. ALL BAD .. ALLL BADDD!! But I love Adam but shit at times he sounds like a Mr. KnowItAll type.

  • Ica ro
    Ica ro

    I only send Daniel Hernandez (69) positive energy 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Shah of Iran
    Shah of Iran

    Why does Adam act all urban , Isn’t this dude from New Hampshire ? 💀

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream

    You always look high

  • Answer My Question On every live stream
    Answer My Question On every live stream

    Why aren’t you a rapper

  • Brett keane
    Brett keane

    OMG how many more 69 videos bro like fr

  • Sober Sherpa
    Sober Sherpa


  • Ruben B Ramirez
    Ruben B Ramirez

    This devil worshippers whole pod career revolves around 6ix9ine... They were cool before but as soon as 6ix9ine got famous the snake came out of Adam...

  • Atown187

    Adam the old head 22 wouldn't have a channel without 6ix9ine using his name in every title

  • Jonny Bravo
    Jonny Bravo

    You hatin bitch ... he fire 🔥

  • Sergio Marquez
    Sergio Marquez

    damn adam hating for 17 min

  • Alexandros CD
    Alexandros CD

    Bruh they are crimminals, they have no CODE, so dont be suprised, dont be MAD and if u are.....STAY MAD 😜😛😂🐭

  • lml6.6

    Most people got better stuff to do then worry bout the street sh*t.... Most people listen to the music that sounds good and could care less about the artist or what's going on in their life....

  • trae6

    Lol you’re a bitter old goof

  • vaxKoko

    I signed in to youtube just to be able to comment on this hater video. You clearly symbolise the hater 69 is referring to . Showing this this kind of antics when talking about an artist who is doing well is just ridiculous. The Cherry on the cake is when you "Adam" start questioning the number of viewers on IG suggesting he 's bought them . Get a grip, King of hater !

  • skream.mp3

    "innovative" is too much credit for this idiot.

  • Cameron Kannemeyer
    Cameron Kannemeyer

    Adam making money off 69 by just talking about him

  • ornberg2 Ornberg
    ornberg2 Ornberg

    I think Adam22 is in love with 6ix9ine :O

  • Stefix

    gummo is my most listened song on spotify lol

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez

    Dude, you know rappers who fake there numbers? Why not tell the world there name? That way people would listen to you instead of 69.

  • blue.moon.7

    Love 69 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • shaye maceachern
    shaye maceachern

    I dont think your allowed to call anyone a culture valture. if trap lore ross is a C.V your a culture roach

  • Foyone Gharuda
    Foyone Gharuda

    Lol I had to come here and say, you said there is not rappers supporting him, his career will be done, now he is making an album with Akon and just dropped a song with Nicki Minaj 😂 yo brooo what do you have to say now?

  • double O
    double O

    Thanks for helping Primm Hood Cinema!!

  • anthony ikeda
    anthony ikeda

    Hey egghead, Ruben $likk needs an interview who gives a fuck about 69, u srsly talking about a Rat like who cares, stop making videos on 69 he's bland and boring slim jesus is more real than em

  • Brianespino

    Adam is trash

  • dean Lockett
    dean Lockett

    Another old man hating on something that's nothing to do with him look at me I'm Adam 22


    Why hating on trap more ross???


    50 cent !!!

  • Kennedy Worsham
    Kennedy Worsham

    We've never seen somebody snitch & come back? What about in the 90s when Snoop beat that murder/manslaughter charge cos he ratted out someone else? How am I the only one who remembers that?

  • Eduardo Salgado
    Eduardo Salgado

    Why he seems different?

  • Blake Horton
    Blake Horton

    Damn dude leave the guy alone this is real shit and your just playing with his life dude

  • limitless VC
    limitless VC

    Adam is my guy

  • cuh mafia
    cuh mafia

    He added me back

  • cuh mafia
    cuh mafia

    I try to look for all my snaps and all I see.is him

  • cuh mafia
    cuh mafia

    Bro I have him on snapchat and he is annoying

  • R B
    R B

    Adam22 is trash.

  • Amber Lee
    Amber Lee

    Adam is ready to get his SHOTTI INTERVIEW!!!! me too lol

  • Rigged YT
    Rigged YT

    adam said he didnt care about 69 and would not talk about him yet now hes making videos on him lmfao?

  • что происходит
    что происходит

    I agree with your post on Twitter Adam. He’s a dirty rat snitch. Yet he makes songs acting tough and just being a straight up fraud.

  • Love.Ellie

    I don't get why everyone likes him, he's so overrated 😬

    • D Myrick
      D Myrick

      nobody likes him but lames

  • Nick Allen
    Nick Allen

    My favorite reaction videos to Gooba: Jake Luhrs (lead vocalist for Christian metal band August Burns Red) LayedBackFDR (I think that's how it's spelled)

  • Jonathan Jones
    Jonathan Jones

    Anyone remember when 6ix9ine tried beefing wit juice

  • Decimate the Soul
    Decimate the Soul

    Damn Adam 22 looks just like G Eazys Cousin or something😂😂😂

  • Smoogle s.
    Smoogle s.

    Holy shit adam22 really doesn't like 69 lmao

  • boardonfire4

    Why tf do people downvote this it’s true relevant and most importantly honest

  • donna diore
    donna diore

    U wanna be down so bad !!!!!!

  • donna diore
    donna diore

    You worried about him 2 much ... Your white STFU !


    Bruh the ayleks comment had me dying

  • White boy
    White boy

    Why diss juice wrld..?😪🤦‍♂️ 3:50

  • UncaDollas

    69 to Adam: please to meet ya, I don't need ya

  • lobo

    adam so salty af and hates the fact 69 is doing big numbers. Who cares if no other rapper support 69, music still lit af.

  • Jxrga

    When are people going to accept that this rap game is all an act? It’s all entertainment. At least nowadays.

  • Ralph Barrios
    Ralph Barrios


  • Hazel Eyez
    Hazel Eyez

    PS 69 got busted for the crimes HE did - HE RATTED to get off for the crimes HE COMITTED! ya'll got your facts fucked up - Jim Jones didnt say shit to him - Cardi didnt do shit to him - yet he singing names like a bird - 69 is a rat goof - and his supporters are too!

  • Hazel Eyez
    Hazel Eyez

    reading these comments makes me sad for the world we live in - smh - bunch of haters

  • Hazel Eyez
    Hazel Eyez

    i love the beats before you and Lenas videos - js

  • Houdini Hensley
    Houdini Hensley

    West coast uzload.info/fun/imtpnaKxyG2Yzac/video


    I raped 6ix 9ines mother Twice

  • 617pito


  • Malakai Tonasket
    Malakai Tonasket

    Follow me on Twitxh follow for follow? im @nativee23

  • yung prada
    yung prada

    these comments are THE funniest thing why do yall care so much about any of this

  • Kingj 800
    Kingj 800

    Adam you gotta talk about dojacat getting cancelled now

  • Kimberly Crazed!
    Kimberly Crazed!

    69 is in an age group where most of them would throw his mom in jail or their own child over taking responsibility or own it ...which is so so so sad to me...they don’t respect themselves how can they respect others

  • Ark mist
    Ark mist

    adam the ex bald that will go bald again cuz he jealous of tekashi

  • ASM R U OK? 513
    ASM R U OK? 513

    Adam looks so much better with hair 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


    Check out this new music 🔥👍🔥🎵🎶👍🔥👍🔥uzload.info/news/PLY1dPfCbJw2RoqfdlA6DtgyjCPuz58ahz.html lmk if it’s fire or not ... send beats too @jcurlz978 on Instagram 🎯

  • fuck you
    fuck you

    Why didnt u do a reaction to lil peep on rolling loud

  • Black Hat Wirama
    Black Hat Wirama

    Adam will snitch day 1 when boy scout confront him

  • Arturo Montes
    Arturo Montes

    How you don’t like him but still talking about him wtf you sound dum bro

  • ア

    And you're the most hated host. You're fucking whack

  • Flash Dance Tig
    Flash Dance Tig

    they want him to be loyal and follow a code but dog and play him behind his back, they say he wasnt a blood but he gotta act like one and do what they want... sounds like a bunch of backstabbing criminal bullshit. what I'm seeing is now that gangs are being dismantled now because they operate on fear and when it isnt there how do they keep their power. and truly that shit needs to end because there is no excuse in today's world to be a criminal gangster. work hard like the rest of us and contribute to the whole like the rest of us and maybe this place wouldn't be any place anyone needs to survive. but selfishness and greed seem to defeat common sense and pride in hard work

  • Thegame Dr.
    Thegame Dr.

    50 cent sorta backed him

  • Connor

    Confused he just called trap lore Ross a culture vulture when he interviewed him just this month whattt

    • Jon Moore
      Jon Moore

      TrapLore Ross makes better content

  • Mr. Bugatti
    Mr. Bugatti

    The only people that still fuck with the 🐀 is kids and mfs who really aren’t street.

  • Waved Mp
    Waved Mp

    Everyone’s asking the wrong questions the feds aren’t going to protect Him forever and if he continues the verbal even after the feds leave he is going to get smoked

  • chris V
    chris V

    If you didnt like him you wouldnt keep talking about him you would ignore him your just trying to get views off him because hes hyped up right now

  • robert989

    youre actually a clown.

  • Jesus Robles
    Jesus Robles

    Actually bro summer walker commented on one pic or a few saying she loves what his doing

  • StripYoBandz

    “Haven’t gotten a real lot from 6ix9ine” beats Eminem record and hit 2mil live views on Instagram ,, Adam I fw u heavy but u look dumb right here

  • Amal

    All of these “hip hop moguls” trying so hard to separate themselves from the idea of 6ix9ine to maintain the respect of the old school hip hop “legends”. “tekashi should have come back like this _____”. Stfu. Tekashi is a marketing genius. He knows exactly how he needed to come back. He got famous because he has an incredible understanding of the public narrative of himself. Soon the same old school hip hop legends you’re trying to impress with your hateful opinions on Tekashi will jump on the 6ix9ine bandwagon when they realize “if you can’t beat them join them” and people like Adam’s opinion will change. 🥱 Tekashi taps into a part of the culture that yaal will never understand.

  • Onsen Mcbirdie
    Onsen Mcbirdie

    if your a so called gangster. you better walk the talk. i swear the god that life aint so fucking generous. so if you really are into that sad and disgusting life where you rob and steal even fucking killing people. you better stay in jail and not snitch. unless your just a fucking clout chaser wich his proving.

  • Amal

    pls stop with the background music

  • ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
    ZiggiesAquatic Exotics

    Bun b pimp c c murder d bagguns

  • ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
    ZiggiesAquatic Exotics

    The chicken spot gra ta ta ta tat ahahahaha

  • ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
    ZiggiesAquatic Exotics

    In gooba he laughs at you AS the fucking rat you call him !