What Caused The Rise & Fall Of Young Chop?
Young Chop has been in the headlines for the past few weeks over his beef with Drake, 21 Savage, Meek Mill, French Montana, Southside and many more. But just yesterday he was arrested for various charges including firing a handgun off of his porch and allowing a dog to starve to death while in his custody. All that and more on today's show


  • Jah Seh
    Jah Seh

    Who the hell is young chop

  • Ian Dunne
    Ian Dunne

    Allowed a dog to starve to death says it.. dirty scumbag

  • Jacob Pursch
    Jacob Pursch

    But I bet he doesn't forget to eat

  • Lynda Phillip
    Lynda Phillip

    Lmao Mr. Castanza

  • Cash & Cultura Sports Cards
    Cash & Cultura Sports Cards

    Damn that story about this moms is terribly sad. RIP.


    UZload isn't about making videos causing problems

  • Chase Bag
    Chase Bag

    @4:35 R.I.P Kingvon 👑

  • DarkSagan

    Whos had the best Maniac episode..most will say Kanye but I am going with Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood! jk Mental health issues suck.

  • Let The Truth Be Told
    Let The Truth Be Told

    I lost my mom then lost my great grandma then my uncle and then my cousin all them passed in a 8 month period I know how he feel

  • Valentino Blue
    Valentino Blue

    This dude is a split reflection of his mother... He even talk like her an make facial features like his moms

  • AdamsToilet


  • KUBY


  • Russ Gia
    Russ Gia

    Young Chop ate that dog like a pork chop :(

  • emery jones
    emery jones

    He didn’t wanna share his food with the dog

  • Mario Mäelt
    Mario Mäelt

    that clip of Keemstar was perfect!

  • Dan Wal
    Dan Wal

    He will get more time for starving the dog.

  • ShermSmoke

    My boy sold Chop some crank at a club in LA a while back. Chop BEEN off that boo-yah yall..

  • Ari M
    Ari M

    What a disgusting human being, inside and out

  • neki

    adam that t shirt is fire, where can i get it

  • Brian Everstien
    Brian Everstien

    Durk von keif and all them dudes ain't fuckin wit his goofy ass

  • Bart the Murderer
    Bart the Murderer

    Why does he need to kill dogs when he can kill beats.... come on now

  • Zing Mc
    Zing Mc

    they can keep that nigga

  • Tyrone Hadley
    Tyrone Hadley

    Ball like an athlete but got no jumper 💯 yo podcast lit I need to come on the show burn some honey berry woods.


    Fking garbage human being

  • Princess Emmie
    Princess Emmie


  • T McDowell
    T McDowell

    Piece of shit

  • Cake

    lmfao love it, probably because of all the white people and their privilege, just ask your fatass dumbass friend, im sure hell agree. "as a side bar... to see how far they [the hip hop community] has come when they talk about mental health".... Uh dude...you just showed us the responses? The seconds dudes started with "its ssad to see this fake ass shit". The first guys i literally cant even comprehend, it must be in french or something. Theyre fucking morons? what do you mean how far theyve come, what were they before; actually unable to speak?

  • Brooklyn Williams
    Brooklyn Williams

    When did he talk about the dog?

  • glen foden
    glen foden

    He got fame brain medically known as canthacktheattentionitis or ithinkimbiggerthaniam disease or could even be morelikesmakesmore8nvinsiblebutrealyimloosingit syndrome 🤔

  • evergreenmills


  • Chaos Nazareth
    Chaos Nazareth

    He clearly doesn't know the pain of starvation!

  • david souness
    david souness

    I lost my mum i found her while i was lsd n ive never been the same i ended up totally changing im not who i used to be

    • Ashkenazi 912
      Ashkenazi 912

      Joey diaz?

  • stonerhill skateboarding
    stonerhill skateboarding


  • Jake NHale
    Jake NHale

    I’ve been on chops side through all his trolling shit and exposing lol. BUT IF THIS BITCH starved a dog.. FUCCEM

  • VÉGA 3
    VÉGA 3

    Just commenting so Adam can get paid

  • cam out the 4
    cam out the 4

    Fuck chop thats all it is i dont fuck with that animal abuse

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez

    Chop seemed a lot happier when his mama was alive

  • Jacobo witness
    Jacobo witness

    Rap now is mental illness

  • Toks®

    Big love CHOP!

  • Niño Malo
    Niño Malo

    I dont know who this piece of shit is but fuck him!

  • boardonfire4

    I think drake and the other rapper saying about mental institutions is a kind of wonderful thing just cuz it’s so sad the amount of rappers that could still b alive and are not cuz they didn’t know that their behavior was indicative of mental illness not gonna say names but u know the score chop obviously struggling but the worst part is these people need help and refuse to look their problems in the eye cuz it’s hard idk 😐

  • Netbf Neverevertobeforgot
    Netbf Neverevertobeforgot

    Great Video.

  • westnile21

    I can 100% sympathize with Chop because I lost my moms in 2012 and she passed in our crib too so I can understand the pain he feels however he needs to surround himself around people that actually love and support him rather than acting tough on social media I’m sure his moms wouldn’t approve of any of the shit he’s been doing on social media.

  • Z

    TF? she doesnt even look asian let alone like a doll, I swear women be pretending to be all "foriegn" as some sort of ego stroking fad like it means something... lmfao

  • Riich Beatz
    Riich Beatz

    G Herbo album is tru... PTSD

    • Riich Beatz
      Riich Beatz

      Mental illness is real everywhere!! Subscribe to my channel @riichbeatz

  • Booner


  • Young Goube
    Young Goube

    Wait.. what I thought you could shoot on YOU’RE PROPERTY IF YOU FEEL IN DANGER??!!

  • Tajeh Cozzaglio
    Tajeh Cozzaglio

    Fat boy don't wanna share them pork chops lmfao fuck this guy

  • xvrxv



    wtf adam fuk u should of got arrested u fukin idiot. im done with u .

  • Trey Thompson
    Trey Thompson


  • K MMA
    K MMA

    Young chop deserves everything he gets, letting a dog starve to death is the lowest of the low. It’s abusing something that can’t stand up for itself I look at it on the same level as child abuse which some people might find crazy but believe me I’m not taking anything away from child abuse if I had a child abuser in my company i wouldn’t stop hitting them til they weren’t breathing. I bet he was sitting eating the full time aswell the fat fuck. How hard is it to call a delivery and feed the fuckin dog

  • Valdo Elchino
    Valdo Elchino

    Lol when “keeping it real” goes wrong..

  • Boy boy
    Boy boy

    Y’all got my boi fucked up😡💯

  • BigUpzBrah

    Wtf why would you get a living creature and torture it like that... hes fucked

  • J-ROSE

    good job adam

  • Melvin Carlton Johnson III
    Melvin Carlton Johnson III

    we lov3 chop.. he'll be fine... but there have been a few human lives lost... his actions are not at all major... hes not killing humans... leeets taaalk... the human life was feb... chop started acting up in march... he brought attention to that situation to m3... III

  • ThatKidKeegan

    Adam I want u to know u watched that 3 min add at the end of the video for u homie

  • Harold BeaumontFinns
    Harold BeaumontFinns

    You’re a leach that thinks you’re better than the hype beast type people you promote

  • GoldWater H
    GoldWater H

    come on now it's for clout because anybody that's really about it is not going to post their personal beef all over for the world to see

  • Eric Hood
    Eric Hood

    Dumb ass comment programing

  • Quantum Soul
    Quantum Soul

    Young pork chops dog wasn't fast enough when food was out.

  • Dior flowers
    Dior flowers

    Dogs?!?! yea no thats across the line!!!! Fuck young chop hope he never makes a Poppin beat again

  • tweak114

    thats fucked up fuck chop. i dont like how he was talking about smokin the uber driver

  • Bill G
    Bill G

    chop need medical attention he's in a manic episode.

  • cip cervantes
    cip cervantes

    Lit af video 🔥

  • Zachary Peavy
    Zachary Peavy

    The rise of Adam Lore 22?

  • Dorothie Morris
    Dorothie Morris

    Bro the man is just fed up wit the b.s. He spoke his mind and call these rappers fake as fuck now he crazy! Tf outta here all yall are dumb asf ! He in jail because they want to shut him up.

  • Mawa Doumbia
    Mawa Doumbia

    Rip to the dog u gon hell for dat

  • BBC Brian
    BBC Brian

    Damn he done ate all the dog food too

  • Jason Parker
    Jason Parker

    Mental health ain't gonna get his fat gay ass a pass..he fucking garbage..he be gone soon

  • Richard b
    Richard b

    How you gunna get charged for getting shot at? After that you gotta know to lay low cuz they gunna try to get after you for ANYTHING

  • MARKO W.
    MARKO W.


  • Virginia Ruiz
    Virginia Ruiz


  • Bobby Bonilla Bobcat
    Bobby Bonilla Bobcat

    Ole Michael Vick ass nigga. I got no sympathy for that shit. I liked Chop too.

  • sAN sEE
    sAN sEE

    aye on the internet you don't fuck with cats...or dogs

    • sAN sEE
      sAN sEE

      you just don't....

  • theprinceofwa

    This dude is starting to sound like those kids that always did shit to attention in school now he’s just being dumb a now with the ronies going around he should probably chill out bc if he’s in jail they won’t let him out and not being rude but being overweight is an underlying health issue of the ronnies which would make it worse on his health for that

  • Flango

    Chop was probably eating all the dog food

  • Diego Coolin
    Diego Coolin


  • Trathan

    New track “When Words Fail, Music Speaks Part 3” 💪❤️

  • dark lord420
    dark lord420

    Why @adam22 body built like a high schooler?

  • Sailor Nemesis
    Sailor Nemesis

    Adam Give us another Pokemon Go video! Do a set of five in battle league or one of the at home raids, that would be cool!

  • ImaReal GloMan
    ImaReal GloMan

    If he starved a dog i hop he dies because dogs are the best u dont do nothing bad to no pupppie mannee

  • Emeka Ekwulugo
    Emeka Ekwulugo

    Let's be honest, Chop a dirty ass clout chasin nigga. Somebody needs to whoop his ass straight smh

  • Yums_95

    Woah Adam was positive, that was weird.

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    Help me make music , it’s my breath

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    Help me make music , it’s my breath

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    Help me make music , it’s my breath

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    Help me make music , it’s my breath

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    Help me make music , it’s my breath

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    Help me make music , it’s my breath

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    Help me make music , it’s my breath

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    i rap

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    i rap

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    i rap

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    i rap

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    i rap

  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

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  • Kevin Towers
    Kevin Towers

    I rap

  • sniperghost 2216
    sniperghost 2216

    Bro stfu ur girls on ph get tf outta here

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