Did Famous Dex Try To End It All because of Bella Thorne?
we got some big news today let's get right into it

  • Allison Avery
    Allison Avery

    I legit just got a Bella Thorne ad before this video

  • Jay Westeidddee
    Jay Westeidddee

    “These kids love percs, xans, and molly! “ I only love Mexico 30s, hate Xanax, and don’t fuck with molly at ALL.

  • Zube 1668
    Zube 1668

    U have a porn video why

  • Mark Mislon
    Mark Mislon

    This nigga so fuckin gay

  • Jared Roberts
    Jared Roberts

    Wouldn’t have a cameraman for a suicide

  • Lil Bleach
    Lil Bleach

    Adam rejoined the aryan brotherhood

  • The Sharp Shooters
    The Sharp Shooters

    bro not dex :/

  • jalyn carter
    jalyn carter

    Bruh finna turn into a Dj Akademiks no 🧢

  • jay brz99
    jay brz99

    Carti is a celestial being

  • KylesGarden

    Adam looks like the main character from fable 1

  • TrabbitOnProduction

    Come one Adam we all know your gunna hang out with jumex in Chicago. Done hide it. Your the one who's trying to promote him...

  • Exist 116
    Exist 116

    Why the camera guys agreed to this tho???


    omg its a clip calm down

  • Michelle Johnston
    Michelle Johnston

    adam u really bitching about a comma in 2019? fucking slap urself bitch

  • Lucas Bradfield
    Lucas Bradfield

    I kinda feel like him atm

  • Eastside Hitta
    Eastside Hitta

    *Hit em wit it*


    Nigga got kids he ain’t killin himself if anything he on drugs or lookin for attention caz he low key fallen off

  • Cayla Thomas
    Cayla Thomas


  • Devoo Tv
    Devoo Tv

    Ohh fuck noo dexterr

  • Keith Remedy
    Keith Remedy

    It’s for a music video goddamn

  • Torrance Roc
    Torrance Roc

    gas soundcloud.com/user-669890028/triple-over-time-prod-tosuaw

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    Most likely for a music video

  • Pablo

    "He would kill himself with pills or something". Bro wtf are you saying?? aren't you two friends? The way you said that was fucking ignorant

  • Abid Bin Laden
    Abid Bin Laden


  • Raycapone The Art Designer
    Raycapone The Art Designer

    Music video

  • jaii •
    jaii •

    Nobody thought etika would kill himself, but here we are

  • Dunkin Donuts 7-15
    Dunkin Donuts 7-15

    As I came to type Bella Thorne probably said do it for a video he says it...

  • Wenni Parikka
    Wenni Parikka



    fun, silly, funny, fun loving guy -adam

  • Tdoug Slide
    Tdoug Slide

    Dex needs to do whatever he can to get views, plays, or recognition because he fell off and literally sucks so bad at "rapping". He literally sucks so so soooooooo bad

    • 1020 Guap
      1020 Guap


  • Train Wreck
    Train Wreck

    Who else at Chicago and watching rn

  • Allen Klausmeier
    Allen Klausmeier

    Adam, you are an idiot . It’s obviously for a video you dumbass. I respect your show and blogs , but you are reaching heavy here for content .

  • Dutchmane Thagod
    Dutchmane Thagod

    Bruh wtffff shut up, everyone was trippin when X made the video snippet of him hanging himself .

  • Payt Heff
    Payt Heff

    Stupid comment adam.. can judge someone being suicidal if u dont even know the guy bro..

  • kurisu internet popstar
    kurisu internet popstar

    Looking like adam is back in late 2017- early mid 2018

  • Noah Okayama
    Noah Okayama

    We need to be a little less ambivalent about people showing signs of dealing with suicidal thoughts. He might have actually tried whether it’s potential clout chasing or not and we shouldn’t speculate on it negatively tbh. We just lost a great streamer exactly because of this.

  • Ty Evans
    Ty Evans

    Its a new song

  • Rx

    sideways for attention longways for results

  • Max Ertzbischoff
    Max Ertzbischoff

    Dex dropped his debut album after that interview... had Pick It Up, Japan, and Light on that project. He’s definitely been progressing in his career if you’re a Dex fan.

    • Dr. Źžż
      Dr. Źžż

      Max Ertzbischoff nigga I’m the biggest Dex fan and he has plummeted trrribly

  • Logical Eye
    Logical Eye

    Suicide is no joke 💯 even it’s for promotion or just any kind

  • Logical Eye
    Logical Eye

    Famous dex music was 🔥 he got carried away too much with drugs and fame but anyone can make things better any day,it’s just for upcoming future a good example what we should not do,life is all lessons so the main thing I just wish not just dex but everyone to be happy and be healthy,stay safe

  • 1ironaut

    Smh dex replied to offset on the video saying it’s on a video set

  • josh L.
    josh L.

    The pics are probly from a music video, duh.

  • Warren Gore_The Goriest Gamecat
    Warren Gore_The Goriest Gamecat

    Kind of a new fan of yours. I knew the XXX interview but have been watching more of your videos and dig it bro. You building some special!!!

  • dinerøø

    Shoutout Cole 🍋

  • PHX SUNS!1
    PHX SUNS!1

    He tryed to kill himself cause he know he's career over😂😂

  • Leonid kivulon
    Leonid kivulon

    I’m so glad u took that nasty stache off .. that shit was so ugly

  • Poetically Gestured
    Poetically Gestured

    He got caught up in drama that wasn't his

  • Evan the toker
    Evan the toker

    Both bella and dex posted they were shooting a music video wack news

  • Young Trappy
    Young Trappy

    The happiest people kill themselves

  • rontavius snipes
    rontavius snipes

    Ah yeah ah what? Dexter!!!

  • As fan
    As fan

    boy yo head shiny as fuck

  • P R
    P R

    Everybody saying to pray for him, but that ain't gonna do shit

  • Flavyyy

    nigga literally got a camera guy in the pic i mean you yourself pointed it out, obviously making PR stunt and im sure he had the heart to let his fans know by including the camera man. dont worry boys dex'll be ok:)

  • Mr ForeignWhipCrasher
    Mr ForeignWhipCrasher

    Na bro

  • neomovieman

    This was from a music video shoot. I saw the behind the scenes on snapchat the day they were filming. HNHH lied! Lame fake news website. Bella Thorne posted the whole thing.

  • michael jackson
    michael jackson

    Smh can't be serious

  • SoloShenkk

    somebody go make sure he ok... but that is some soft ass bitch ass shit


    Y u assume

  • southcoastghost

    How the fuk did you not like pick it up?


    This is how this shit happens. People don’t take it seriously and when someone DOES end up doing something, people act shocked.

  • BongToke419

    Dude the photos were for a music video hea filming. In the pic where hes in the bathtub he has people around him taking pics... smh. Stop making shit up

  • Dee T
    Dee T


  • carlito way
    carlito way

    Capping asss dude smh

  • NightSavage

    Maybe its for a music vid

  • trae tha god
    trae tha god

    Music video

  • Mr.green

    Probably to a music video

  • w00kie wrackz
    w00kie wrackz

    By far adams biggest click bait video to date lol

  • Michael Gates
    Michael Gates

    This the most clickbait shit ever

  • Ricky Rackzzz
    Ricky Rackzzz

    very impressive click bait title. shit on 1000 lol

  • Stephen Wynter
    Stephen Wynter

    It’s for a music video or sumthin

  • LiveDemon PFM
    LiveDemon PFM


  • zSynr

    Y’all niggas dumb af it’s obviously for a music video you dumb fucks

  • Alexandre Fuselier
    Alexandre Fuselier

    Lemme just burp all over the mic! Ughdhjxjdhdh

  • KID O
    KID O

    uzload.info/fun/e5WpmaSnyYSktZ8/video Check out my Hit single by Kid O song is called Lil Uzi Vert

  • Psn Iversonpr1996
    Psn Iversonpr1996

    Adam is trying to correct offset writing lol that is cringe. You know his a gangter he dnt care about commas. Weirdo! 🤦💯

    • my opinion is better than yours
      my opinion is better than yours

      Tf's a GanGter?? 🤔

  • Emmitt 1017
    Emmitt 1017

    "if you look right here" *covered up with half screen webcam*

  • DOPE

    I saw that on Instagram

  • SADGASM悲しい

    prolly copying X's approach to the Riot music video

    • $ean

      Lol agree

  • Mr Goodwin
    Mr Goodwin

    Them damn drugs

  • Cha_ B
    Cha_ B

    Check out cole Bennett’s article on the lyrical Lemonade website on CRAM ..Up and coming group from Minneapolis. 🔥 🔥 rip TYY P 🖤 Forever Love. @CRAMTV

  • B E N Z O S
    B E N Z O S

    Adam is the worst thing to happen to the culture look at him he’s sucidal asf bald white guy

  • mechanicalXarms77

    geeze it's for a music video he said that on the gram already

  • jacob reimneitz
    jacob reimneitz

    Wooow Adam this thumbnail was a reach

  • FxrestGxd LaFlare
    FxrestGxd LaFlare

    Wasnt bella Thorne lil peeps girl for a while??

  • RIO

    Dont get shot

  • Xand3rTV S
    Xand3rTV S


  • YBK Rocket
    YBK Rocket

    It was for a video stop dex already confirmed it


    Haunted House x Promo Run 😂

  • Smell Good
    Smell Good

    Adam22 talking real greasy about Dex.

  • Dorothie Morris
    Dorothie Morris

    No Kyngg really got shot

  • joah rodriguez
    joah rodriguez

    its for a music vid

  • Santak1ng

    Adam22 out here perfecting the art of clickbait. Good for him, not so good for everyone watching his videos.

  • Carisa Marie
    Carisa Marie

    *That white hoodie is dope af 👌. I'd hope he wouldn't. That poor kid Etika went thru it the other day*

  • Simon ralph
    Simon ralph

    It's obviously a marketing ploy for whatever song he's bout to drop

  • alex stine
    alex stine

    0:11 is right when I put my headphone in

  • DeadZed711

    you guys remember 2016 dexter? 😢

  • King Cupid
    King Cupid

    Why do I look like Famous Dex is a white boy that always wanted to be black 💀🤣

  • King Cupid
    King Cupid

    Why do I look like Famous Dex is a white boy that always wanted to be black 💀🤣

  • Mark Green
    Mark Green

    Side ways for attention long ways for results

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