He Had $80,000 Stolen From Him! Tetris Stream with Adam22 & Harmonious Yuriy
Adam22 and Yuriy hang out and play Tetris 99 while also discussing tons of weird things

  • HolliDaze !
    HolliDaze !

    Bro your a Beast 🦾🤣!! #Adam22TheGOAT #NoJumper

  • Zona Bot602
    Zona Bot602

    Damn I won’t front Adam ain’t no joke at Tetris

  • Zona Bot602
    Zona Bot602

    Adam needs to get Joey Diaz on a no jumper podcast

  • Zona Bot602
    Zona Bot602

    Yuri is cool af. Just don’t watch too much of his live streams he gets corny fast lol jk They definitely need Yuri involved in more no jumper podcasts

  • Andrew Madrid
    Andrew Madrid

    Yuri needs to be around more

  • Yazr Siddiqui
    Yazr Siddiqui

    Who else has just come here from that KSI No Jumper podcast?

  • heinousactsofviolence

    yuri has the most standard fucking NPC answers lol. It’s frustrating but not frustrating cause it actually moves the conversation forward

  • cramegg

    This is a good series.

  • MalacodaMedia

    I think we all fuck with Yuri

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson

    Adam do you not have a criminal record/history - or have you gotten a charge or two expunged/removed? Serious question

  • TattedBoi

    Adam33 with that fugazi ass face who are you making videos for 10 year olds? you know thats why those were started in the first place was to get all the really young ppl to be attracted to the video by seeing a surprised or really sad or super excited face,...bro your 34, please stop forealllllll

  • 360 Fov
    360 Fov

    "I wonder if there's corruption, in the world of....rating barber shops" - Adam22

  • 360 Fov
    360 Fov

    Shoutout Richie The Barber

  • 2PhoneSensei

    WHY NOt in game?? Bcs there’s a Pokémon called diddo uncultured swine

    • pink thrall
      pink thrall

      Chase Miller I think he was playin chill you looks mad stupid son talking crazy asf

    • Chase Miller
      Chase Miller

      You big mad huh lil whiny bitch? who gets this mad over a fucking pokemon comment lel.. burn in hell swine fuck

  • South Boston
    South Boston

    Yo Adam check out my man Meechiee Columbia on SoundCloud he's from Dorchester he's dope I'm telling you

  • Ecchan Alter X
    Ecchan Alter X

    30k more and we get the tape

  • LilKerzo Beats
    LilKerzo Beats

    I’m living in a tent as I type this Adam, but enjoying the video like always and smoking some gas my homie gave me. Best wishes - kevin

    • Guilherme Santos
      Guilherme Santos

      I used to live in a tent bro

    • Grand Ave Beats
      Grand Ave Beats

      LilKerzo Beats gets job save up bread get a pack start making bread

    • landon larocque
      landon larocque

      Hope shit gets better for you dawg

    • pink thrall
      pink thrall

      Update us on how your doin man stay smooth and be careful out there

    • Andrew Wilson
      Andrew Wilson

      Stay up my dude, hope things get better for you living situation wise but you'll always appreciate the wisdom and knowledge you gained thru this experience.Best of luck brother!!!!

  • damienfarron

    what the fuck how are you so good at tetris

  • Smirkface Gremlin
    Smirkface Gremlin

    They should put Yuriy or whatever in more podcast and convos

  • Trippy Jrt
    Trippy Jrt

    Hey Adam since you were talking about Montreal. Are you really a french Canadian? Nardwuard never lied before I'm confused...

  • BlackWolfVisuals

    Excuse me I was just wondering where I go to pay to get my video onto your livestream like stated in your UZload video. If there’s a link to an email or anything Im missing please send it through and also where I can send the money to as well. Thank you for your time Adam have a wonderful day!


    Hey Adam do a interview with frostydasnowman

  • Zim The Invader
    Zim The Invader


  • Jose Corona
    Jose Corona

    How that happen.?

  • seth sporrer
    seth sporrer

    yo this kids wack

  • Michael Feeney
    Michael Feeney

    Can u please do sound cloud cringe again

  • Dylan Toomey
    Dylan Toomey

    People acting like Tetris is a hard game to be good at LOL

  • kendrick g
    kendrick g

    Need a interview from Lil D make it happen !!

  • Stan

    Adam definitely burnt his house down and got coal for Christmas



  • pterafunk

    Adam is a tetris99 god he just got a two piece with Yuri, the most incompetent intern who deleted that interview onetime sitting next two him talking non stop. JK Yuri is cool, he lost his virginity in his pants when the blackouts girls were there.

  • jason phillips
    jason phillips

    Mums must use that burning house story all round the world .. my mother used that on me when I was a kid .. 😂

  • LonelyLosAngelesNights

    You’re getting way too old for this

  • macclea

    more yuriy content

  • G

    Dudes insanely good at tetris holy crap.


    Adam's actually pretty nice at tetris.


      GIDAEONGULLY this nigga Adam such a boomer but No jumper the shit.😂

  • aCanadian Eh
    aCanadian Eh

    Montreal sucks, stay in Toronto (;

  • Harmonious Man
    Harmonious Man

    Best Tetris video out!!

  • Jay Seitz
    Jay Seitz

    Richie the Clown Is kinda famous lol

  • Frank James
    Frank James

    Why the fuck is Adam so good at Tetris


    adam off coke lol

    • WhoIsAmaze

      T M playin Tetris crazy af

  • JFK

    Nobody wants to watch you play tetris where all there thought provoking interviews at. this shit is mind numbing

  • Shnew 17
    Shnew 17

    Holy fuck his co host is such a yes man

  • Lucha LIVE
    Lucha LIVE


  • THEBREAKUP thebreakupisover
    THEBREAKUP thebreakupisover

    Wat r those

  • Godat2K -
    Godat2K -

    Adam22 shout out the 603

    • Godat2K -
      Godat2K -

      @F J Mannnn fuck yo area too

  • Tanner rip
    Tanner rip

    @ 7:00 BALD AND BANKRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kam Troy
      Kam Troy

      @Boogity Hoo I still haven't looked him up cause I don't give a shit about some random youtube dude. When someone leaves a comment and you don't know what they're talking about how the hell is a person supposed to know it's some dude who makes youtube videos? Not everyone spends their lives on the internet like you

    • Boogity Hoo
      Boogity Hoo

      @Kam Troy its fairly easy to assume he was sayin the UZloadrs name so you could have just used some effort to go search real quick..

    • Kam Troy
      Kam Troy

      I went to 7 minutes but I don't know who bald and bankrupt is so I had no idea what you were talking about

    • Tanner rip
      Tanner rip

      Kam Troy well if you go to 7:00 you’d realize he was talking about a UZloadr he watches who travels Russia and he’s talking about bald and bankrupt

    • Kam Troy
      Kam Troy


  • Supreme Tez VLOGS
    Supreme Tez VLOGS

    Mclovin over there chillin😂💯

    • John Pete
      John Pete


  • Shai Kirksey
    Shai Kirksey


  • No Jumper
    No Jumper

    gang gang

    • Ant_Dawg_Skate

      Gang Gang

  • Davis

    you know damn well Adam has done some coke 😂😂❄️

    • Trill Nye Da YouTube Guy
      Trill Nye Da YouTube Guy

      Davis well duh . His nickname is Big Cocaine

  • Jason Evans
    Jason Evans

    You can't bring weed into a Canadian airport, traveling with weed is illegal.

    • Jason Evans
      Jason Evans

      @VCres1000 why is it obvious?

    • VCres1000

      Thanks captain obvious

    • Kam Troy
      Kam Troy


  • Vergz Oner
    Vergz Oner

    Rope gang

  • yung $appy
    yung $appy


  • JackTheLion

    RAPPERS: yoo if ya need free quality beatz i gotchu!!

  • uwvc