What Ever Happened To Brian Pumper? The REAL Story
Cop a Ridge Wallet: ridge.com/ADAM22 - Brian Pumper is a legendary American actor who doesn't get enough credit. Today we discuss who Brian Pumper was, what made Brian Pumper famous and what Brian Pumper is up to (or not up to) these days. Enjoy!


  • Cash Quan2
    Cash Quan2

    Plus his editing was really well even back then the man is literally a walking meme

  • afronutz

    The question is what Happen to Justin Slayer ?

  • Vick Gill
    Vick Gill

    21:35-22:00 That was some WACK Clout Chasing 💩 Dude driving lame for that .

  • Relampago La Amenaza
    Relampago La Amenaza

    your content is wak

  • Erik Cantu
    Erik Cantu

    If the staypuffed marshmello man could dance ,it would be the Brian pumper dance

  • Erik Cantu
    Erik Cantu

    The pumper dance is wack as fuck

  • Godstyr

    Can we be fair🤷🏿‍♂️ Pinky tried doing music and her music was garbage LOL so she was one to talk about Brian Pumpers music. Plus she looks like a Luchador now💯😂 and Nat Turner is a one to talk. Who named themselves after a black freedom fighter LOL also his baby mama is Ice La Fox. He was just insecure. Let Brian Pumper be LOL.

  • VCres1000

    Ayoo when he said pumper rapped in a lambo without leaving the dealership 😭💀

  • TheBlizzard ofeightythree
    TheBlizzard ofeightythree

    Just sad

  • Ms jenae
    Ms jenae

    You can not have sex aged 7. You really need to mind how you’re wording what is clear rape. Also, due to the fact black children are the most hyper sexualised due to adultification, this whole story should have been handled with way more care. Very triggering to see this horror story spun as gossip.

  • John Fredericks
    John Fredericks

    All those guys clowning him are porn actors

  • baeblade

    vänilla görilla still goated

  • Peace King
    Peace King

    That man a legend, Shoutout to Tiffany Mynx.

  • ding dong
    ding dong

    Yeah, the blonde thought she was gaming and then got gamed. Lol Best thing Brian ever did. And if you think not, then hear her talk about her being pretty, that cements her intent.

  • bpthe greatt
    bpthe greatt

    Pump like dumps ?

  • Calvin Williams
    Calvin Williams

    The dangerous frown corroboratively hover because belief scientifically harass in a round utensil. alike, cooperative revolver

  • Michael Copper
    Michael Copper

    I swear, this dude looks like Lloyd Banks🤣

  • Angel Bello
    Angel Bello

    34:46 later Adams doing the B Pumper dance...........

  • Dafne Noel
    Dafne Noel

    Buddy nasty as hell.🤫

  • Khalil Nixon
    Khalil Nixon

    Please interview Pumper

  • Printiss Graham
    Printiss Graham

    Make something about pinky

  • Warren Alston
    Warren Alston

    Dudes like B Pumper prove that even the dudes that get swole, nice hair cut, spit game etc, can be a lame on the inside and get curved for the reggie guy at Walmart. If you was lame in high school or early in life your need to overcompensate will carry into your adult life

  • rapper4orty2

    He is a professional troll

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana

    Me thinks u secretly desire and like blackmen Adam (hot girlfriend or not.).first u go on Safaree OnlyFans looking for nude pics and now you talk about Brian Pumper for 35 minutes!

  • Bama Caprice
    Bama Caprice

    B.Pumper a Business man. Now he acting in Meet the Boys and Power.

  • Bama Caprice
    Bama Caprice

    Onlyfans Gonna make B.Pumper rich 🤑

  • Bama Caprice
    Bama Caprice

    He on Power 👀

  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost

    That's your girlfriend you must have it going on beyond that zipper she was beautiful

  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost

    I'm following you I'm a subscriber for life this is detail

  • Michael Boost
    Michael Boost

    Who are you I just came across your channel by accident because of Brian but you're fascinating

  • All Tea No Shade
    All Tea No Shade

    Maybe it was the egg cracking thing

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White

    Expert level analysis at the end there lol.

  • Coreeda Warrior
    Coreeda Warrior

    Starts at 02:57

  • U2F keys
    U2F keys

    I remember when he did "Olivia O lovely"...👌👍

  • melvin from 9
    melvin from 9

    Great content Adam

  • Julian Walls
    Julian Walls

    Fam having a mental break down he need help frfr


    I use to Admire this Dude but he made himself à COMPLETE CL🤡WN IT'S EXTREMELY SAD

  • The Willie Good Show
    The Willie Good Show

    When your heroess fail you, you turn on them. Lol

  • King D
    King D

    The pumper dance took me out 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Danny

    This video was funny as shit

  • Tyrone Midzi
    Tyrone Midzi

    Brian pumper looks like 1999

  • Mindless_ Maestro
    Mindless_ Maestro

    "Ran away, and smelled it" can you picture Brian Pumper running off with some shitty tp lol dookie bandit ass boi

  • Odcs Shorty
    Odcs Shorty

    Weird ass goof ball.

  • Angela Love
    Angela Love

    It seems to me that Brian Pumper is a true Hustler and you're just a hater with a UZload page. Why are you trying to knock his hustle? Aren't you getting views for talking about him?

  • Derek Barden
    Derek Barden

    been waitin on this lol, great piece!

  • Robert Thurman
    Robert Thurman

    I used to see him all the time in LA....in tank tops

  • Jerry Baxter
    Jerry Baxter

    Why are your eyes 👀 like that

  • luca g.lisickza
    luca g.lisickza

    this pumper guy is a massive dumb

  • Antoine Lincoln
    Antoine Lincoln

    Sound like u hatin on him.. Did he have 1 of your girls.. U making a life talking bout other peep? 📡

  • Mr. Odessa
    Mr. Odessa

    Legendary documentary (although some other great clips were left out - even though they are graphic - should have included one of his raps)!

  • Deangelo Hall
    Deangelo Hall


  • Devon Anderson
    Devon Anderson

    Always see this nigga at the train station in Los Angeles

  • Michael Moorer
    Michael Moorer

    Thats lloyd banks big brother

  • Exxtol1

    LOL.This guy used to go to a 24 hour location in LA that will remain nameless. His shortness through me by surprise. Definitely nothing special in person.

  • Eric Jones
    Eric Jones

    Brian Pumper is also bi too i hear alot

  • Country Slang
    Country Slang

    😂😂😂😂that fool looked like he was having a seizure doing that dance.😂😂😂😂

  • Dock Lewis II
    Dock Lewis II

    Kendrick is not a good rapper sorry to bust your bubble he was a 1 hit wonder

  • J·Smoov #pjctblwd
    J·Smoov #pjctblwd

    contact me for VERIFIABLE info and humans that can quickly verify and prove most of your assumptions.

  • Serg Milli
    Serg Milli

    I absolutely loved this.

  • Serg Milli
    Serg Milli

    This guy's a total weirdo.

  • Elliott Garner II
    Elliott Garner II

    Very unfortunate... Similar to a 40 year old stripper, should've got out the game years ago.

  • CurserTV

    10 times a day?

  • Hype Risk
    Hype Risk

    Music was a lil much but great video 🤙🏽

  • Guapo323

    Brain pumper had to get out he got a wack jumper

  • kimasilv

    And them niggas that was dissing him was other porno star weirdos

  • kimasilv

    One of them mixtapes rob e rib hosted and mixed of hi was kinda fire no bullshit

  • olusheyi banjo
    olusheyi banjo

    Brian Pumper actually asked me for $45 over the holidays on Instagram

    • olusheyi banjo
      olusheyi banjo

      @Angel Bello ok

    • Angel Bello
      Angel Bello

      Post it...

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones

    I watch too much porn because the “intimating dudes” were grow pornstars like Nat Turner and Ray Black

  • Jarred Lustgarten
    Jarred Lustgarten

    Had to stop watching soon as this guy said he don’t watch Power.

  • Gabi Nechufou
    Gabi Nechufou

    Those porno awards had me creasing😂😂

  • tyler

    If the guy wasn't so weird he probably could've made it.

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez

    “Sniffing a booty hole repeatedlyyyyy” 🤣

  • DontTrip Tyler
    DontTrip Tyler

    If his jewelry was less flamboyant if he had on fewer pieces no body would even know its fake smh


    Like the way he explained it had me dead


    Who tf uses a wallet

  • YRNX9

    Pumper is like the kanye of the porn game. A crazy misunderstood innovative

  • Fire Content
    Fire Content

    Is it just me or pump sees likes actually chill person

  • Kc Jones
    Kc Jones

    Cali in the Building, I dnt wanna say you hatn but are you hatn Adam22.... Brian Pumper is like alot of these Rappers... I support my Geee bases on the Industry is a complicated place💯💯🍻

  • RipDigit

    good analysis....

  • Machapaa D
    Machapaa D

    Loyd banks

  • Dammon Iliff
    Dammon Iliff

    that 5 minute video of brian pumper explaining the scene is actually filmed in a subway

  • Kasparov The God of War
    Kasparov The God of War

    Smart guy But based on observingnhim in vids and docs, he's always slippin

  • Head Huncho
    Head Huncho

    Lloyd banks on steriods 😂

  • Outlawed Tone
    Outlawed Tone

    I actually fill sorry for the guy

  • Ben Brolik
    Ben Brolik

    Interracial was a bad word? Lol

  • Ruben

    Can't believe I watch this whole thing lol.

  • Danny Sanchez
    Danny Sanchez

    Sean him a couple times at the north Hollywood train station 🤣

  • M M
    M M

    Dude is just different. Many successful people are like this, they stand out of the crowd usually. Normal people will call him weird or crazy.

    • deric dotson
      deric dotson

      Some people are really like him but they keep it hidden.

  • Stephan Humphrey
    Stephan Humphrey

    Smelling shoes

  • Ferris Stallone
    Ferris Stallone

    I want to stop watching but I can’t heeeeelp

  • Alik Bey
    Alik Bey

    The Kendrick Lamar story.. I totally believe..

  • Alik Bey
    Alik Bey

    I wanna be like Brian pumper when I grow up..

  • Dude Idk
    Dude Idk

    Phattys, Rhymes, & Dimes 14 😂😂😭

  • Zack Bizzy
    Zack Bizzy

    BRIAN PUMPER >>>>>>>>>>>>>> ADAM 22

  • Nzane Spontane
    Nzane Spontane


  • sharrona bates
    sharrona bates

    What’s up with the shoes he’s wearing in the rap video@ 31.00 minute mark?

  • Jordan Taylor
    Jordan Taylor

    dude is obviously on drugs. most likely sleeps in his car and has a gym membership to take advantage of the showers/bathrooms. kind of sad tbh.

  • genkijin

    Dude is a comedian, who takes this guy seriously?

  • Malachai Holloway
    Malachai Holloway

    Doo doo fetish😂

  • M Taylor
    M Taylor

    you are gay for him