Did Skinnyfromthe9 Get Dropped By His Label? Sure Seems Like It.
Skinnyfromthe9 seems to have bee ndropped from his record label due to various reasons possibly including the fact that he's a bozo. Let's discuss

  • Lukas Swing
    Lukas Swing

    I'm glad my music is on a higher level than this

    • Lukas Swing
      Lukas Swing

      @Kristers Bilinskis it is and my bet 2019 award nomination is to prove it lol come see about me

    • Kristers Bilinskis
      Kristers Bilinskis

      Its not.

  • Mexiveli Da Don
    Mexiveli Da Don

    Skinnyfromthe9 Ft.Kelsey Lynn, Mexiveli, D-Swish & Rubee Stone - Seperate Ways "New 2020" Click Link Below! uzload.info/fun/hHdonovXj2t3s3k/video

  • Raven__310

    WTF is a Skinnyfromthe9 ?

  • John Silva
    John Silva

    Skinny ain't worth 50 bucks he sucks at everything he does

  • Jay Westeidddee
    Jay Westeidddee

    Gave him 1 million dollars to sing with a 4 million dollar back end! Lmao fuck

  • Blind Rage
    Blind Rage

    Looks like the true way to detect a fraudulent rapper is to put a nine at the end of their name

  • Vandal X
    Vandal X

    Adam covers the best content...

  • 1 w
    1 w

    Adam STFU. Everything about you is LAME. You have NOOO room to talk about ANYBODY. Edit: and your gf is ugly. No hate.

  • BeatsbyJDay

    Confirmed. This was put out thru TuneCore. HitCO has a distro deal with EMPIRE. Proof --> youtube com / watch?v=YSaSgtZG_Ao

  • Prince Bosquez
    Prince Bosquez

    Damn bro you really hating on the boy lol let him do this his thing yo stop hating

  • Tiffany Fudala
    Tiffany Fudala

    Well did he get dropped or not?

  • pierre kujo! 29*
    pierre kujo! 29*

    Lol he disliked it 😂

  • Slow Beats
    Slow Beats

    You such a hater. For taste there is nothing written.. Let him do what he want with his music Bought a life bro. he is happy makin music tryin to make some money. you happy hatin others life. he is a kid bro. how many age you got?..

  • Couch Mayne
    Couch Mayne

    Adam sounds like a hater doe

  • Franky Conti
    Franky Conti

    Who da fuck is Delacy tho..

  • Franky Conti
    Franky Conti


  • Zack Brady
    Zack Brady

    Oh well he had a nice lil run

  • schfifty 5ive
    schfifty 5ive

    Skinnyfromthe9 is from my neighborhood, and lemme tell you this kid is a complete clown. You not signing him is a very good thing

    • Tiffany Fudala
      Tiffany Fudala

      Is he even signed still? I know adam has mad clickbait and never answers or addresses what his titles say. And he signed that 360 deal with L.A. Reid and didnt make any money back. You think L.A. gonna be asking for that money back lol. But then again whats a million to L.A.?

  • Damarius Markes
    Damarius Markes


  • WoosaaahGzUp

    God damn what a hating ass nigga I swear to god 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • cadet 44
    cadet 44

    I got dropped from one of my l's supposedly through text. Today


    You watched the guy video and than disliked it. How mean can you be.

  • justin s
    justin s

    I think u just like saying his name

  • Brazil The Artist
    Brazil The Artist

    Skinny is now trying to make his money by scamming up and coming artist. I know this from first hand knowledge

  • Killakay Y's Up ICG King Tut
    Killakay Y's Up ICG King Tut

    Skinny from the Nine is wack no lie he needs to stop snitching on his homies He got caught and dropped everything he's a sucker

  • Tomas Gonzalez
    Tomas Gonzalez

    Yo no jumper check out upperklass new rap music new artist dope AF


    No jumper records 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • 424

    Adam look like he about to shout "BOYYY"

  • TheRealBaconMan

    I dont think he did. He pops up on the Hitco website

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez

    Who's Russ Adam we need answers🤔

  • Julia Lopez
    Julia Lopez

    he’s living good while his little brothers and sisters are living like shit . he’s a fake

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez

    All love no hate but why do u hate skinny from the 9 so much

  • Almighty One
    Almighty One

    Adam you ain’t shit. Bruh you hella old get a life

  • Anthony Tamez
    Anthony Tamez

    lmao i love how much adam fuckin hates this dude

  • Gabriel Hassouni
    Gabriel Hassouni

    It’s so funny he hates but I mean hates skinny and ducking russ lol

    • Daniel Martinez
      Daniel Martinez


  • ESFitnessSavage


  • ESFitnessSavage


  • ESFitnessSavage


  • Candice J
    Candice J

    How did he get signed in the first place.

  • Lorenzo Melendez
    Lorenzo Melendez

    Crazy how ppl go out they to impress you and you shit on them

  • Zachary Hurley
    Zachary Hurley

    Sign some real rappers you culture vulture

  • Souljahwitch 222
    Souljahwitch 222

    Why u hating on bro 😂

    • heisenberg

      Dxrty 21 because he makes bad music

  • Enlightened_One ॐ
    Enlightened_One ॐ

    Adams hatin ass disliked the video lol

  • Jaloi

    I remember listening to his music for the first time and being optimistic and the shit was so lame 🤣 and I was trying to like it

    • icantdrift 08
      icantdrift 08

      Jaloi lmfaooo same dude fr

  • CDNxCHOLO 780
    CDNxCHOLO 780

    Finally a vid wheres its not click bait or a bunch of other shit. Str8 to the cut. Appreciated.

  • Andre D
    Andre D

    Why do people give skinny shit besides the whole snitch allegation? I’m not defending him just asking

  • Snowy

    Why u obsessed with him lol make sure you dislike everything everything of his

  • Project On The Beatz
    Project On The Beatz

    yo i dont know how this kid skinny even got a deal? like for real worst rapper i ahve ever heard in my life

  • Fabo Andolini
    Fabo Andolini

    In 2019 im surprised this isnt poppin, i'm kinda proud of the hip-hip community 😂

  • snuppy563

    no wonder you got JUMPED no jumper lmao

  • The Viscount
    The Viscount

    nobody: skinnyfromthe9:**creates a bad song**

  • Hit the club 50 Deep
    Hit the club 50 Deep

    Bringing up old beef shame on u Adam

  • Botanist Money
    Botanist Money

    It's not that bad actually adam

  • The Moto199
    The Moto199

    I liked skinnys older music tbh

  • ray hanes
    ray hanes

    Skinny is a fuck nigga frfr. First time I seen him he had a pink 9mm. He just epitomizes this fuck boi era of rap; 5'8 or shorter, fake drill, guns in the vid funny colored dreads and ambiguously fruity content. Foh

  • Lil Lowkey
    Lil Lowkey

    Adam gay asf and clout chasing

  • Shandreka Copeland
    Shandreka Copeland

    I had to google what a upside down smily face means😭😭

  • OG Mackmizzle323
    OG Mackmizzle323

    Lol struggling rappers in 2019

  • Dom Numba9
    Dom Numba9

    Am I the only one who never heard of this kid?

  • Kevin Lundin
    Kevin Lundin

    Snitching from the 9 that's his new Nick name lol.

  • bing bong
    bing bong

    Do you know what indictment means??

  • V The Aquarius
    V The Aquarius


  • Jerry Marc
    Jerry Marc


  • Chris Serra
    Chris Serra

    What did dude do to you to make you hate him so much just curious?

    • MONERISplayz

      His music is a fucking disgrace. Straight shittery

  • Joseph K
    Joseph K

    Here's a better question? Why the fuck would a any grown man give two fucks about this?

  • Rokas Kraniauskas
    Rokas Kraniauskas

    fuckyou ,,,,..///

  • L I N C O L N
    L I N C O L N

    Adam shows a special type of hatred toward skinny 🤣🤣🙏

  • Aarion Lørdside Ingram
    Aarion Lørdside Ingram

    I'm gonna meet him this weekend lmao

  • goofyopp

    Adam my man who the fuck cares if skinny from the 9 got dropped from a label never mind mid comment he explained to me why

  • johnnycaralta

    It's so ironic when you talk about rappers like this dude that you say are garbage. Every rapper you've ever promoted or helped get popular is garbage.

  • Tony Cocks
    Tony Cocks

    How is adams hot ass gf still dating this loser?

  • Josh Benjamin
    Josh Benjamin

    He names sounds like an auto generated xbox name

  • Adi Nguyen
    Adi Nguyen

    First off Adam needa chill wit the ads. Second off no one care bout wats happenin wit a snitch

  • Najee Robinson
    Najee Robinson

    It's crazy how he's "dropped" but if his career re-emerges there gonna want a cut of the profit.

  • Reonbaws

    Stop obsessing over him


    you can sign meeeeeeeeee A D A M, HAALLLOW?

  • Dj LoS
    Dj LoS

    ayeee adam22 check out Nite1080P - Pif your love him

  • Romeo tran
    Romeo tran


  • Yomomsfather 5
    Yomomsfather 5

    Interested in the bullshit ass rappers no wonder he likes lil xan

  • Nopeyou’rewrong

    Damn mans disliked the vid😭😭😭😭

  • Anzner

    Adam loves skinnyfromthe9

  • Sergio Mendoza
    Sergio Mendoza

    Skinnyfromthe9 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  • Sergio Mendoza
    Sergio Mendoza

    Your a hater bro fuck you

  • R€L

    Adam is just as cringy as skinny, 30 year old man engulfed in youth hip hop culture. He basically throwing shade at someone 10 years younger then him. And i don’t like skinny music at all.

  • MindYour Business
    MindYour Business

    Adam so excited he had typos in the description smh haha.

  • Vee Pee Cee
    Vee Pee Cee

    Wow skinny got tossed aside like some used toilet paper!!!!! 😂

    • Josh Aldaco
      Josh Aldaco


  • Stay Positive
    Stay Positive

    Fool sounds salty af

  • Raw Thugz inc.
    Raw Thugz inc.

    08:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😭 fucking epic

  • Jordan White
    Jordan White

    Im willing to bet Adam was forced to sign skinnyfromthe9 with LA Reid and his way of promoting him on a monthly basis is hating all the time

  • Sad Boy
    Sad Boy

    I definitely would’ve argued that one as well Adam. No way in hell could anyone get me to put skinny on my label if I had one

  • Kodiak The Nodak
    Kodiak The Nodak


  • J A Y V
    J A Y V

    Bro, I've been at this for a year and I think my music is WAY better than SKinny from the 9... If he got signed , thats enough motivation for me to keep going LOLOLOLOL

  • Chris Mahonen
    Chris Mahonen

    Adam and skinnyfromthe9 is like akademiks and drake/6ix9ine all over again

  • Therealcrisisplan 1028
    Therealcrisisplan 1028

    Lol skinny from the 9 to 5 👇😭😭


    Abg neal no more skinny 9💯

  • Bleakings

    Yeo Adam22 said he would never be on NJ again. Stop making vids ab him your vids are actually dead btw no one cares

  • TheReal BFunke
    TheReal BFunke

    I love how heys like “ok here’s another video about skinny, now hold hold hold up don’t click away”

  • Felisa Cortez
    Felisa Cortez

    Good thing Adam I really do not think he will make it. At first I thought ok we see but as time went on nothing but bad.....He could on his way out......I thought after that incident about his father going to the police that then there was a problem with them that signed him. Idk I really did not check him out much did not care for his personality. To me he is a wanna be in everything and shows off in a way like he himself can not believe he has what he has and really going no where. HAVE NOT HEARED NOTHING ON HIM AT ALL WHO KNOWS WHERE HE IS.

  • Eleazar lit⚽
    Eleazar lit⚽

    Why do you hate him

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson

    This dumb skinnyfromthe9 kid made some negative comments about no jumper and now Adam gets a lot of joy whenever something negative happens to him. That's what's happening here. It's pretty funny. That little skinny dumbass shouldn't have talked shit to one of the major channels that could have covered his shit music and pretended like it was good. Once skinny talked shit, Adam's "pretend your trash music is actually decent" filter got turned off.

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