DJ Khaled vs Tyler The Creator: My Final Thoughts
I still think there's some interesting stuff to be said about all the beef between Tyler The Creator and DJ Khaled this week

  • Vandal X
    Vandal X

    Get the boy some milk

  • BSmith Shoes
    BSmith Shoes

    Adam is mad about the bundling but literally every rapper he’s friends with does it lol


    Adam truly doesn’t care for Tyler but portrays like he’s does kinda of ! I hope Tyler doesn’t come out on Adams Show.... Cause at the end of the day it a Fairfax & Melrose thang??? And Adam looks like a idiot hanging with his homies in front of his shop acting like some shit gonna POP off in front of his store front which is on Melrose literally next door the West Hollywood ??? Relax tough guys ! Order another $60 pizza 🍕 or hot wire a Bird you guys are so hard ... really ... NOT! You guys look like a bunch of Mandilons !!!! Tyler watch out for this foo!!!!!!!! Not dissing Khaled to get Tyler in your studio he knows better and his PR knows your a Set Up!!!! And if does show up that’s the day your gonna be a skater again or talk about bikes with Tyler to predictable!!!! Late .........

  • tusmaniandevil

    Lmao Adam, Rolling stone is still big. Why u hating on the man 😂

  • Jessie Cee
    Jessie Cee

    Can’t stand Khaled, he’s got a sleazy culture vulture vibe... he looks like a Vegas car dealer..


    Khaled stfu

  • MatthewCarterTV

    DJ KLAD lol

  • Keven T
    Keven T

    Everything about Khaled is whack a’f , the music videos are straight up commercials/ advertisements. It’s disgusting straight up punk move to make money, but I guess that’s what it’s all about nowadays.

  • Raidel Rodriguez
    Raidel Rodriguez

    Dj Khaled is Garbage

  • lIlIlIlI lIlI
    lIlIlIlI lIlI

    “I’m harder than Dj Khaled playing the fucking quiet game”. - Tyler. 6 years ago

  • Zariyya

    Team Tyler all day

  • Goberso _
    Goberso _

    Legit Tyler makes his songs, khaled has people do it for him.

  • Sorry Honda
    Sorry Honda

    We the second best music... my b i had to do it

  • NatanReddy


  • Very Rare
    Very Rare

    Khaled is a fake person. Huge EXPOSE. Everyone knew that there cant be a person thats always “blessed” and so over optimistic. Only a persona can do that. An act. Fuck Khaled. What is real will prosper. Tyler is a true fuckin artist. About time he got his recognition

  • Fuse Fixed
    Fuse Fixed

    personally enjoyed IGOR more frm a musical stand point" + shows how something different can triumphs strategy." new music doesn't have that similar influence as to the classics "in every genre", instead we have more creativity, w. whittier wordplays/ entendres etc in overall rap/trap etc. progression, yes. evolution?! You tell me.

  • Abe S
    Abe S

    I don't get it because Jay-Z does the same shit whenever he got a new album coming out he goes makes a deal with Samsung with them agreeing to include Jay-z new album with a purchase of a new phone which is automatically counted as an album sell. Plus Jay-Z owns Tidal and he fudges his and Beyonce streaming numbers. Jay-z also lies about the number of Active accounts and because he Tidal offers free trial subscription for up to 3 months he fudges the numbers even more.

  • zahire Coates
    zahire Coates

    My problem with dj khaled is that he is too busy chasing hits instead of making dope music. Tyler the creator worked his ass off for his album for his fans.

  • firemanmcdonald

    "WE THE 2nd BEST!" LOL

  • Glo.Chief Sosa
    Glo.Chief Sosa

    khaled is a slime master

  • Lyle Walker
    Lyle Walker

    Imagine being a true, unironic DJ Khaled fan.

  • christopher gillig
    christopher gillig

    Rolling Stone is YUUUGE what

  • 44 27
    44 27

    This whole shit be stoopid

  • Machiavelli 606
    Machiavelli 606

    Where does Tyler the creator fit in all of this rambling?


    You need to click on that little arrow in the top right corner to update your browser


    I saw that vid u did with lela 💀

  • A V
    A V

    Dj kladd

  • no u
    no u

    Tyler appeals to ugly chubby white girls lmao

  • I’m Phill
    I’m Phill

    Whats also interesting is that they are marketed in very different areas. Not really even comparable out side of streaming services.

  • Leeann Witt
    Leeann Witt

    ❤❤u Adam ✌👏🙂🤩👄💋❣NO JUMPER ROCKS

  • jeshua piercesuns
    jeshua piercesuns

    Khaled 🌽🌽🌽

  • Osiris X TV
    Osiris X TV

    Yes Adam talk that real shit. 😂😂😂😂

  • E 4
    E 4

    "I think this is going to be a "water shed" moment" for streaming music. Nigga don't you mean "Watergate"? LOL

  • Sneaker Head1998
    Sneaker Head1998

    Dj khaled is a pussy for hating other people music

  • Jchuch

    old tyler lyrics..i think this is why Khaleds really upset.. "I'm harder than DJ Khaled payin the fuckin quiet game" - Tyler on the song Rusty

  • bob smith
    bob smith

    DJ Fatass is TRASH HES GARBAGE 90% of his shit is trashhhhhhhhh Sour fat boy is pissed and I'm glad

  • BRass

    "Dj Khled" I don't know why I find this funny


    Well not billboards fault that IGOR was way better

  • Marlon Muzic
    Marlon Muzic

    Khaled wins so much yall cant wait to for him to fail lol

    • Nick Kautz
      Nick Kautz

      Most of his success came from when he stayed out of the media and no one knew who he was. He shoulda kept it like that.

  • FAFO JooK
    FAFO JooK

    “Not great strategy if you ask me” That’s just the thing, NOBODY asks you, so wtf do you feel your opinion is important?

  • Drayden Smith
    Drayden Smith

    What is the ball and wooden thing named that you play with because I’m wanting to sell one

  • Green Contact
    Green Contact

    Khaled finally showed his real side, that Fake Fat Fuck he is.

  • Feltfugazi

    Khaled sounds like the biggest fucking baby in the world, that bitch is still sipping on juice boxes

  • Sierra Siracusa
    Sierra Siracusa

    how does adam not have a million subs yet its ridiculous

  • Ryan eM
    Ryan eM

    "I'm harder than DJ Khaled playing the fkkn quiet game" -Tyler The Creator on 'Rusty', 2013

    • Sad Lincoln
      Sad Lincoln

      Tyler's not even a violent name.

    • Cons

      that was the first thing i thought of when i saw the title

  • Endyz

    Fuck DJ Khaled

  • Mr. Go Getter
    Mr. Go Getter

    DJ Khaled makes music for people who wear bootleg designer clothes on purpose

    • Lyle Walker
      Lyle Walker

      I still cannot believe he has any real, longterm fans. His entire fan base is either confused, or not cognitively aware of what's happening.

  • Nathxn

    Why is he downgrading Tyler’s hard work and dedication to the album when all he does is scream “we the best” and “dj khaled”. He doesn’t rap and he has a team of producers, musical engineers and the artists featured on his songs who do all his shit for him, all he does is hear a beat from one of his producers and pay some artists to make a song on it together, that’s it, so I don’t understand why he hating on other people’s work especially when he represents himself as very positive and that you should ignore all haters, WHEN HES A MF HATER. If he not doing no work in the studio I thought he’ll atleast be putting work in the gym, but he still fat af. DJ Khaled is that one nigga in school who always took all the credit on a group project that he did no work on, He a clown🤡

    • Neurot1c Studios
      Neurot1c Studios

      Don't forget "Another one!!!" LMAO he is the absolute worst and I've always felt that way... seems like everyone does and that's why he's had to pay his way into the industry

  • Stockholm, Sweden
    Stockholm, Sweden

    Tyler lools like the black version of Rupert Horn from Brewsters Millions.

  • Corey Davis
    Corey Davis

    All these clowns in the comments who just like trap beats saying DJ Khalad album better like we take their musical opinion seriously.

  • BabyCoco

    2:30 of course those artists wont lower their fee. DJ Khaled is garbage and they know he has money. They're pretty much in it for a paycheck, and who wouldn't be? They aren't friends. Khaled is like that rich kid trying to buy into your friend group. lol Who the fuck is a DJ Khaled fan? Can anyone name one person? I cant... lol

  • H20

    Yea bundling is not fair like Travis Scott bundle with his concert tickets and of course people are gonna pay to see him so that was unfair imo

  • Joe Conti
    Joe Conti

    Bruh the fact that Khaled had the disrespect to say Tyler doesn’t make “real music” is downright laughable considering he slaps his stupid adlibs on finished tracks and writes it off as his own work. Khaled is a A1 clown.

  • Matthew Ragone
    Matthew Ragone

    DJ Khaled could turn this around by making fun of himself and showing that he knows he fucked up. Then creating more catch phrases like he always does, but catch phrases about improving yourself or something... maybe he could possibly also play up the whole "mysterious" thing like Birdman did with the "respek" thing.



  • SavFash0 IDGAF
    SavFash0 IDGAF


  • QP View
    QP View

    bundles always was a part of the game from the beginning

  • Kelsey Cody
    Kelsey Cody

    TYLER THE CREATOR and 'dj klad' 😂

  • Arthur Morgan x
    Arthur Morgan x

    Khaleds albums are just the new Now 11 type tapes

  • distill

    #WeTheLeast #WeTheFakes

  • CptnXClp2

    You been watching the Joe Budden podcast huh?

  • 1OOOO

    Khaled is a fool.

  • Lauren Reyniers
    Lauren Reyniers

    Love you Adam!

  • Gabriel vincent
    Gabriel vincent

    Rope gang

  • Donovan

    "We the second best music"

  • Og_blazian

    did sum negative happen when you went to rolling loud fest? cause you didn't mention that?

  • Pastademiks

    DJ Khaled cheated and still lost, he a pussy and he makes bad music

  • D O N O
    D O N O

    jay z prolly didn’t charge khaled

    • BabyCoco

      You're joking right? There's a reason Jay-Z is a fuckin "billionaire"...

  • Xander Warne
    Xander Warne

    damn i would really love to see tyler on no jumper


    I kno there's probably no $ in it, but can we get a Adam22/O$$ 2k19 Street Edit for the Culture? (BMX) Make it like a commercial, idgas

  • Mar6


  • Infamous

    adam speaking facts dj khaled feel off and munches on clout. even though tyler the creator is different. tyler still remains himself and does stuff with his true fans

  • Freddy Macias
    Freddy Macias

    5mil for an album god damn should’ve just kept the money 😂

  • TheOfficialKWall

    i only watch adam22 when there is literally nothing else to watch on youtube

    • Vandal X
      Vandal X

      I learned a few things in this video, but you gotta get half way through the fuckin video lol

    • BabyCoco

      @Ned Mononymous Too true, this was literally a one-take video of him looking at a web page. What the fuck kind of content is this? I mean, i agree with his comments but these videos are zero efforts garbage.

    • Ned Mononymous
      Ned Mononymous

      The quality on here and no jumper has taken a nose dive in the last year or so. Probably should just unsubscribe at this point.

    • Vonsway Hendrix
      Vonsway Hendrix

      TheOfficialKWall frfr 😂😂😂😂

  • Peterb2_

    Khaleds album tainted his image more than this whole thing imo his album just was no where near as good as Tyler’s album. This hissy fit definitely did not help him though

  • B Taylor
    B Taylor

    Funny how he doesn’t make a vid about his BOY lil XAN pulling a gun and getting locked up

    • V Soda
      V Soda

      He just did actually

    • MarkB 1181
      MarkB 1181

      He talked about it with Crooked I

  • Munkyzz B
    Munkyzz B

    That wasn't the first time they heard screaming from the Michael Jackson room. Sorry I had to..

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres

    My high ass was trynna enlarge the podcast😭

  • AB CD
    AB CD

    frick DJ buthead😎😎😎

  • Jared O
    Jared O

    Khaled=Red Nose Red Nose

  • Hurtboy Chulo
    Hurtboy Chulo

    It's the Nikki Minaj shit all over again,old mfs gettn mad at young niggas for having a better fan base and marketing plan

  • Navam Hewage
    Navam Hewage

    Tyler made a better album and Khaled clowning

  • Captain Jerkov
    Captain Jerkov

    Khaled smoking that retard pack

  • Lenise Omeasoo
    Lenise Omeasoo

    I wanna live in your beard 😭💕

  • Andrew Mosley
    Andrew Mosley

    Another one! L that is. I wasnt the biggest fan of Tyler's new album BUT it puts anything that walking heart attack ever made to bed. Its different and unique. Props to tyler for making the album he wanted to make. And ignoring the hate. I've never understood how Khaled takes credit for all the tracks that have been put out in his name.

    • huey

      @V Soda its his most successfull album and also best rated.

    • V Soda
      V Soda

      Andrew Mosley Tyler literally said not to expect a rap album, then everyone shits on it for not being a rap album. Go fucking figure!!

  • Xtendohoodie _
    Xtendohoodie _

    Khaled=bitch. Simple👌🏽

  • OG Mackmizzle323
    OG Mackmizzle323

    Publicity stunt.

    • Ned Mononymous
      Ned Mononymous

      How the fuck would this benefit DJ Khaled? It's just made everyone hate him more than they already did.

  • sepehr jahandari
    sepehr jahandari

    Dj Khalid’s music is like the mf who wears a full designer outfit but it’s still trash

    • msergio0293

      True dat

    • Gothboyrich999

      Fax den a mafka

    • sepehr jahandari
      sepehr jahandari

      Truth Stream Media lmaooo fax fuck that kid

    • gay rashod
      gay rashod

      Real shit tho

    • Mr. Go Getter
      Mr. Go Getter

      DJ Khaled makes music for people who wear bootleg designer clothes.

  • SwitchedUp

    Tyler is broke, so he’s coming out for more

    • H20

      BabyShroomz understandable but are we still friends, new magic wand, a boy is a gun, running out of time, earfquake are all cool songs that sound pretty nice but I definitely get what your saying and I’m not saying this is his best work I still think wolf and flower boy is better but as a fan you should support the direction that they take with their music.. not saying you have to like it but don’t shame him for doing something he wanted to.. the Igor theme is flames to

    • SwitchedUp

      Timothy Mack Yeah i listen to cudi bro, and I get what your saying but the album Igor has like 2 listenable songs, the rest just sounds like garbage, it just doesn’t catch my interest! Like his other albums did. So I’m just not gonna support this album.

    • H20

      BabyShroomz idk if you were ever into kid cudi but if you were do you remember the albums WZRD and speeding bullet to heaven? Most of his fans hated those albums cause it wasn’t what they wanted instead cudi was showing us his other visions away from his average shit and Tyler is doing the same thing..

    • H20

      BabyShroomz you don’t know what your talking about at all.. for me it goes wolf, flower boy, Igor, goblin, cherry bomb and we won’t count bastard but pretty much every critic who really knows music will say Igor is his best work til date or a very close second to flower boy. It’s just not what you wanted you’re the type that wanted the album to be a rap album and was displeased when it wasn’t.. Also his “real” fans that didn’t like him just for his raps but for his artistry and individuality loved this album

    • SwitchedUp

      Timothy Mack I obviously know what real music is dummy I have 4 of his albums, so from a realistic perspective the album sucked. And yeah he made some deals to make money but that’s when he was actually good


    Khalid is one of them dudes who thinks their tough till shit gets rough and that goes for most people

  • Rutledgem

    Tyler album is better anyways just sayin

    • Dan Wallace
      Dan Wallace

      OG VERBZ Anyone bumping Khalid’s tracks in their car would just be laughed at. That shit is awful. Igor actually hits hard and isn’t generic cookie cutter shit for toddlers.

    • James Thomas
      James Thomas

      OG VERBZ the people have spoken bitch. Tyler is at least being original. Khaled is generic uncreative bullshit. All of those features and he still couldn’t make something sound original on that shit album

    • OG VERBS
      OG VERBS

      @Asian nah i just like good music.

    • Asian

      @OG VERBS your taste mad generic

    • OG VERBS
      OG VERBS

      @Ned Mononymous I don't give a fuck about DJ Khaled I'm talkin about the tracks that's on the album they're literally all fire.

  • ARIEL 999
    ARIEL 999

    1 view on the video but tons of comments half hour ago, ok 👍

    • Rizbnz

      That never happens on You tube. Wow

  • Hoi Polloi
    Hoi Polloi

    You’re bald Adam

  • erice

    Khaled doesn’t dj and doesn’t produce his own music.. he needs to take a seat

    • erice

      Lyle Walker really adding value to ‘his’ music

    • Lyle Walker
      Lyle Walker

      Hey, but he says 'DJ KHALED' off key really loudly into the mic when people are in between verses.

    • erice

      James Thomas tru

    • James Thomas
      James Thomas

      I agree but maybe after he gets a light jog in

  • Perco Cets
    Perco Cets

    dj khaled is a talentless leech, he contributes absolutely nothing to the art and noone gives two fucks about him, what does that fat bitch even do?

  • ForestDemon

    tyler is best artist of all

  • Eric W
    Eric W

    Khaled is pure trash lmao

  • Bhristian R
    Bhristian R

    Bundling an album with energy drinks???? Where they do that b ???


    real talk


    Would Tyler do a interview ?

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