This Song Could Ruin His Life. Was It Worth It?
Bandhuntas Izzy just released a song where he dissed everyone in the rap game. Will this be a problem for him or is it all in good fun?

  • ex eaux
    ex eaux

    The only reason that picture has so many likes is because it's TI's stepdaughter in the picture with him.

  • Steeltrooper Yt
    Steeltrooper Yt

    Listen to the fucking song

  • Xhxhd bdbxicf
    Xhxhd bdbxicf


    • Evan Horn
      Evan Horn

      FOOK Baltimore!!

  • Steve Fulton
    Steve Fulton

    I’ve commented on every social media platform you have lol Ima put it out there u way better than vlad TV ADAM ADAM ADAM 22 22 22 fuck Christmas I just want to pay my hospital bills ✅✅✅🔥🔥🔥

  • Bob Bobs
    Bob Bobs

    Izzy been hot since his name was Lor Izzy couldn’t picture this code blue n his new shit hot as fuck peep his single my dawg up next

  • Beezylovebandz 4L
    Beezylovebandz 4L

    No matter if he really was gonna rob them or not it was creative to get the attention I support bro 💪🏾🔥💯

  • John Duff
    John Duff

    More content like this please adam.

  • Badgurlbeauty

    lol adam did not know that was zonnique. ti's step daughter

  • Gloria Parrish
    Gloria Parrish

    This song is lame asl

  • Nickki Williams
    Nickki Williams

    Cuz ur white

  • Caleb Engelhardt
    Caleb Engelhardt

    The intro sounds like buddy got his nuts snached!!😭😭

  • Eduardo Trinidad
    Eduardo Trinidad

    What he killed that shit

  • George

    Literally just trying to get every rapper to catch the bait😂

  • one brady
    one brady

    He actually got bars bro he called quavo a “sweetie “🤣🤣😂 I’m dead lol

  • nofukks ♪
    nofukks ♪

    my first music video dropped.. i need english people that understand my vision. its sound from the future. im from germany give me 1 chance and listen. workin so hard on music. thanks love you guys

  • Mike Gaarder
    Mike Gaarder

    Shoutout Baltimore


    That Dude lame af that's why nobody ever heard of him. He's under mid level bars we need them over rated bars biyatch

  • A J
    A J

    Aint shit gonna happen to fetty wap lookalike.

  • Nino Crown
    Nino Crown

    Adam's delivery is terrible smh

  • Kiish Kiish
    Kiish Kiish

    No it’s not because it’s no that serious that’s how 50 cent piped off

  • Young King Beams
    Young King Beams

    He didn’t write it he freestyle it

  • babygxx

    😂“We don’t wanna think about you doing invasive surgery on our queen” -Adam 22

  • Rjay FromThe410
    Rjay FromThe410

    Cause Izzy the biggest thing out the 410 shordie alright but Izzy 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪

  • 43best

    If you don’t know badhunta Izzy Lol you clearly not into hip hop culture.... ZONNIQUE is the daughter of T.I..... come on now...

  • Mv1322

    50 cent and Jay Rock did it better

  • Sushigang Thelabel
    Sushigang Thelabel

    He a fuckin goon anyway Y’all niggas sleep 😴

  • Sushigang Thelabel
    Sushigang Thelabel

    My nigga 💯

  • Sushigang Thelabel
    Sushigang Thelabel

    He always in NORFOLK VA‼️💯🍣

    • Xhxhd bdbxicf
      Xhxhd bdbxicf

      Baltimore and Maryland niggas got ties to ppl all up and down the east coast WE BASICALLY THE BORDER OF THE NORTH AND SOUTH

  • C L
    C L

    that how to rob sht is fire

  • Remy Craddock
    Remy Craddock

    Izzy dope but he gotta explore his sound or sounds

  • baretrillz

    He does say “steady locked up”. Watch the genius Interview

  • Nate 2 Chill
    Nate 2 Chill

    You cant read and your grown asf sad.

  • Slo White
    Slo White

    bro is that you new partner in crime!?!? what the fuck adam!?!? are you serious? what about giving me a shot? wow ok

  • Gucci Mane
    Gucci Mane

    Here before he goes up.

  • Ace Thomas
    Ace Thomas

    Search Soe Boy Aint Regular

  • Ace Thomas
    Ace Thomas

    Search Soe Boy Break The Bank

  • wylan datson
    wylan datson

    How did u not know TI daughter

  • The DRRM Project
    The DRRM Project

    Oloff - Doing It Stealthy

  • SP3

    Outsourcing is tricky, some succeed at it and grow others need to learn from their mistakes

  • Armoni Juggerson
    Armoni Juggerson

    Go smoke some meth no jumper


    It's real rap. he came thru door bussin at the industry with bars!!

  • Mo Kabba
    Mo Kabba

    He’s from Baltimore he don’t give af boi

  • The Buzz Inc
    The Buzz Inc

    I’m surprised you never heard of him before tbh

  • willywat killedem
    willywat killedem

    That was obviously TI daughter

  • Aries10K

    CRAZY GIRLFRIEND Reaction How To Rob! 😂😈

  • Mister Tootsie
    Mister Tootsie

    Adam22 sleeping on bmore artists

  • channeldirty7

    ADAM 22 YOU SUPPOSED TO BE UP AND TREADY RIGHT? How you not catch all the little subliminal sin this? How you not know that’s TI daughter? You so obsessed with gang shit how you not know who Bandhunta is? Why you sound so goddamn annoyed while making this video bruh? You the one taking time out your day to make a video reading bro’s lyrics smh??? You sound outta touch right now it’s not too often you do

  • Slat Talon
    Slat Talon


  • ghazzter

    Damn, mad rapper. That takes me back.

  • Killface

    I remember you did an interview once where you talked about Nick's Strength and power channel and that's exactly how I feel when I watch your show. Great job. I always end up watching more.

  • angelnunez92

    Baltimore stand the fuck up this song bang

  • godspeed

    Obviously Adam has trouble reading, skipping words and shit

  • Reek Oz
    Reek Oz

    He from Baltimore and date to daughter how do u not know Ti daughter smh

  • DBE Rome
    DBE Rome

    The pic with the girl is TI’s daughter

  • Minimal

    Adam literally does no research at all...T.I.'s step daughter my guy. Donald Trump's son could have done this video and pulled more information.


    Yu literally disrespected him reading his song wtf

  • Jrob1267

    How he dissing tip when thats his girls father

  • Dave Payne
    Dave Payne

    Ain’t shit happening to Izzy besides his career going further. Song was fire and he’s more than talented enough to collaborate with all the artist in the track. Sometimes you gotta enjoy great artist and stop waiting for others to follow 🤣🤣🤣

    • silence freedom
      silence freedom

      @Uzt Nus oh you trendy huh... tell us qu33r whats the new hip slang.

  • Kxxz Shvxlin
    Kxxz Shvxlin

    The Mad Rapper had one of the first Kanye guest Productions on his first album and had an entire mixtape with 50 cent in 1997

  • Isaiah Wopo
    Isaiah Wopo

    3:15 lol Adam22 can’t read😂

  • g3neriik

    how it gonna ruin his life dumb fuck

  • Brent T 1TwoOne2
    Brent T 1TwoOne2

    Lol it’s pretty funny . The lil nas line is hilarious I had to login and upvote it lmao 😂 🤷‍♂️😩🤦‍♂️

  • Kang Eastwood
    Kang Eastwood

    its not a serious diss yuri keep tryna tell you its comedic lmao wordplay was crazy too its jus talkin shit

  • John Groves
    John Groves

    aw you blew for not knowing that ti daughter lol.

  • George Dylan
    George Dylan

    How did you get a voice in something you obviously do not understand? Embarrasing

  • Simple

    In the being it went like he is playing and get in your feelings if you want to so

  • Ap Whyte
    Ap Whyte

    He straight outta bmore ..reppin

  • Derek

    These 2 dumb as hell

  • spencer green
    spencer green

    Adam was late to this song fr

  • Kaleb Collins
    Kaleb Collins

    Song was genius

  • Patton Biden
    Patton Biden

    He been blowing up in MD

    • Bodymore Dummy
      Bodymore Dummy

      Patton Biden Baltimore it’s own state

  • iParker606

    I liked it better when it was just Adam

  • Battle Fields
    Battle Fields

    Gang in this Bitch and Poppin Shit are dope, he's been around for a minute

  • Joe Mac
    Joe Mac

    Stop fuckn hatn

  • Evan Edwards
    Evan Edwards

    “How long did it take him to write that” These niggas really think niggas is writing 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Kaid Bailey
    Kaid Bailey

    This shit is fire as fuck

  • Beautiful leaves
    Beautiful leaves

    What a weird way to react/critique a song, I mean but yo do u I guess. Bmore all day

  • Виктор Кора
    Виктор Кора

    Doing It Stealthy by Oloff

  • Rashad Preston
    Rashad Preston

    Garbage to my ears

  • Mike Lowry
    Mike Lowry

    He’s dating T.I.’s stepdaughter. That’s the pic with 170

  • SnapOff

    React to Doing It Stealthy!

  • epsongateway

    Funny Adam doesn’t know ti’s daughter when he sees her

    • kenicia Muhammad Trody
      kenicia Muhammad Trody

      Lmao I literally was like wtf 😂

  • BlancowrlddTV

    Why is everyone acting like it’s a diss ... shit was for fun and tbh the industry needs more of that energy. Also, Adam how tf you ain’t know who Izzy was before “how to rob”... get it together.

    • Spencer Perez
      Spencer Perez

      The Pansexual Pisces bc he’s only known in Baltimore lmao

  • 905 North
    905 North

    I remember the mad rapper he was a producer on bad boy

  • 008TNA

    Damn yo you gotta do your research Lmaoo

  • JH Outdoors
    JH Outdoors

    Play the song show Baltimore some support 💯


    & thatsTI daughter he posted w


    If you aint knew him before you was big sleep💯 gang in this bitch poppin shit etc he been goin crazy big loc

  • TattedBoi

    Adam33 with that fugazi ass face who are you making videos for 10 year olds? you know thats why those were started in the first place was to get all the really young ppl to be attracted to the video by seeing a surprised or really sad or super excited face,...bro your 34, please stop forealllllll

  • J. Cary
    J. Cary

    That was T.I. step daughter dude you sposed to know these things 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • crunch berry
      crunch berry

      Kids don't get clout off a rapper turned snitch

  • Ravens Spot
    Ravens Spot

    First of all, Baltimore STAND UP, second of all how tf do you not know who T.I. and Tiny's daughter is

    • Ross Nowlin
      Ross Nowlin

      Ravens Spot they know who tf she is playing stupid

    • Ray Okay
      Ray Okay

      Ravens Spot we up

  • Dziki Jest Zły dzik
    Dziki Jest Zły dzik

    React to Doing It Stealthy by Oloff

  • sahara

    Pyrex whippa

  • Joshua Menard
    Joshua Menard

    Jay rock did it in 09 and crooked i in 2017

  • Jd3x

    Did it ruin 50s life 🤔 no tf r u talking about my g


      Yeah he got shot but he survived and became major player in the industry and jay rock went over the same song same beat that 50 cent did and jay rock is living well

    • Ricky Woods
      Ricky Woods

      Jd3x uh he got shot

  • Leo Zelaya
    Leo Zelaya

    No it aint you dumb fucking idiot i hate Adam he's a fucking lame stupid fucking video title dumb Bitch

  • Mark Sanchez
    Mark Sanchez

    Stop sleeping on the DMV 🔥

    • JC Star
      JC Star

      Xhxhd bdbxicf dame 😂😂 I thought we was all in this together 🥴

    • Xhxhd bdbxicf
      Xhxhd bdbxicf

      Mark Sanchez Baltimore and dmv are not the same, we are independent look it up

  • BellaandJake1

    Real question is how you don’t know TI’s stepdaughter Zonnique.

  • nmzs pls
    nmzs pls

    adam: rico recklezz kept his "diss" away from the streets (probably talked prior to gd's AND bd's) and kept it straight rap... there is no dissing of a dead homie, just industry shit, that's why he's still breathing

  • ExSpesnaz GRU
    ExSpesnaz GRU

    Lol izzy from Bmore, dmv and Bmore don’t play Adam, we’ll shit on most these fake industry label niggas cause we been in the streets since we were 13 and even till now