Riding BMX in The Hood During A Crisis. THIS CITY IS EMPTY
I went out riding BMX in Los Angeles with Brandon Begin and some other friends. It's weird seeing the city this empty


  • Kamo

    we need more bmx vlogs

  • GimmeDaLOOT 23
    GimmeDaLOOT 23

    Wow here in Oregon we don’t have weed trapping ! U can buy anything at the store for super low !

  • forlivesi 26
    forlivesi 26

    ur joe rogans brother

  • Timothy Lewis
    Timothy Lewis

    Your Skinner on your newest videos liquor choke Addy act accordingly fuck the money

  • ljl_ii

    Huntington Park!


    HP WHERE IT AT ❤️✍️

  • Locomotive Re44
    Locomotive Re44


  • Fuccin Spacely
    Fuccin Spacely

    bmx riders are ass. how they pros/sponsored?

  • FDreviews316

    Is adams beard ....going grey😳

  • 613TAEUS

    the guy who said shoutout to shorline mafia looked so nice and sounded so nice LMAOOO!!!

  • Shawna Stahl
    Shawna Stahl


  • Emiliano Barajas
    Emiliano Barajas

    WTF Adam doing in Huntington Park, that aint even the hood, those are the farms and ranchos

  • Pro Bill
    Pro Bill

    Get a mask even your friend alfredo fedicheno had one lol

  • Paloma Gonzalez
    Paloma Gonzalez

    Oh shit that’s chris

  • Dominic Lucero
    Dominic Lucero

    Haven’t seen bike vids for a min

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz

    Lol hp isn’t the hood 😂

  • Jacob Quick
    Jacob Quick

    You're deaf going to jail for that sticker tag my friend lol

  • Silve R
    Silve R

    I loved how you pointed the camera today, it made it seem as if the viewers were enjoying the experience !!!

  • Jose Bueno
    Jose Bueno

    That’s right all up in HP

  • Tenzin Tenzin
    Tenzin Tenzin

    Adam is the Simon Cowell of BMX.

  • Anand Mungal
    Anand Mungal

    My dude looking extra aged

  • Jack Martin
    Jack Martin

    this dude don't give a fuck about the virus, setting a bad example for young viewers stay inside and smoke a backwood

  • Eshu

    So a grown man disregarded the quarantine to go eat a burger and ride kids bikes with his friends. Grow the fuck up guy..

  • OlapBMX

    stay safe bro there is corona virus in the city

  • Note10 Plus
    Note10 Plus

    What the sticker say at 1:20? ..and why blur it?

  • Chawsae

    i dont normally watch this kinda content but the virus moved me out of LA back to my parents across the country. watchin this just to see the city empty. nuts

  • Rainy Days
    Rainy Days

    fucking god for you, love seeing more bikes bring back some exercise old man

  • Jordan Mills
    Jordan Mills

    Reminds me of the good old days, the OG TCU webisodes

  • doreen heidel
    doreen heidel

    This should be called don’t ride bmx in the hood while corona is lose

  • Beautiful Pollution
    Beautiful Pollution

    That was the liquor store from superbad!!

  • 0DD 1LL
    0DD 1LL

    Bro Lena is such a bitch to that cat bro honestly get rid of her or give the cat to a better owner pussy

  • Whistlingbeardo

    He said this doesn’t feel like LA, while pedaling in Huntington Park. The most piasa place bro

    • Mick Funny
      Mick Funny

      That fucked up shit bro

  • The Astrology Podcast
    The Astrology Podcast

    Bro you should stay home so you don't accidentally end up getting Lena sick and killing your unborn child. What are you thinking?

  • Daniel Kristoffersen
    Daniel Kristoffersen

    Adam: The salad: Adam: Fuck this shit (and then removes it)

  • D 1990
    D 1990

    Your girl is pregnant!! You have to be the most careful guy ever !!!!!

  • Heks Sd
    Heks Sd


  • George Zamora
    George Zamora

    You should of went to Tams burgers in hp! Way better

  • Jr Manuel
    Jr Manuel

    Adam comedy🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rj bruh
    Rj bruh

    BEGIN stilllllll fuckin trashhhh hahahahaah


    Yoo everybody be carefull there arresting people now for being outside

  • Rail Guns
    Rail Guns

    I miss the old TCU days back in like 2014 bro

  • Aaron Crudele
    Aaron Crudele

    Why would you this smh you have a big platform n you're using it the wrong way

  • beamerboy 444t222
    beamerboy 444t222

    The fact the ppl hit you up is stoooopid Thy real scarrryyyyyy huh

  • R.I.P Manny
    R.I.P Manny

    Lena was getting her back blown out while Adam was recording this

  • Will Shef
    Will Shef

    what poker site you use?

  • Will Shef
    Will Shef

    what poker you play?

  • Andres Esparza
    Andres Esparza

    Bro HP is my ciyi hehe should’ve went to Gallo giro 😂



  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz

    Adam went to my hood 😂😂

  • Mamterilleq

    Adam let’s ride together!

  • Eli Solberg
    Eli Solberg

    I could imagine that an empty town makes for good riding 🤘🤙

  • Gage Brandt
    Gage Brandt

    Dumbest middle school name ive ever heard

  • Munstar Jones
    Munstar Jones

    Ride Boyle hieghts 🤘🏽🔥🤘🏽

  • Luke Tindol
    Luke Tindol

    Needed bmx Adam back 😤

  • Tre

    I don’t think there was 1 clean trick in this vid

  • Daniel Maina
    Daniel Maina

    Shoutout to Ozark for fucking up a good season

  • willie tucker
    willie tucker


  • Tumeg

    This is how many people LA is meant for.

    • Aldo Martinez
      Aldo Martinez

      Tumeg all the out of state people that moved to LA ruined it

  • emaizjai king
    emaizjai king

    Bmx Adam22 is back 🥳🥳🥳

  • Gc Cg
    Gc Cg

    Looks so nice out there meanwhile in Baltimore mfers getting smoked left and rite like wat virus

  • R. H.F.
    R. H.F.

    2:24 why the fuck did she even bother to wear a mask?


    Is weed legal in LA?

    • Gc Cg
      Gc Cg

      No police just choices not to pay attention

  • Double L
    Double L

    Stay the f*** away from us we got the corona virus🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • digitalwinter

    damn i f w these vibes heavy dude. keeping it alive!

  • soren Joel
    soren Joel

    Cmon adam stay in the house dawg

  • brendandonohue14

    Why do you ride with no breaks. It’s dumb

    • Corona :.
      Corona :.

      brendandonohue14 shut up bitch

  • Jambergee

    You're such a rebel. You are so cool. So when you get the coronavirus, I don't want to see a video of you saying how sick you are. You brought it on yourself.

    • Jambergee

      @Bill Ricky IDGAF about his health. Besides that's not the point. If he gets it then he spreads it to someone who may not be healthy and so on and so forth. Now do you get it?

    • Bill Ricky
      Bill Ricky

      He’s healthy it won’t do anything to him. Everyone will get it we are only “flattening the curve”.

  • Fuqyo Bightch
    Fuqyo Bightch

    thats a prop cake

  • TheCfs1989

    also watched all the Ozark, respect from RSA

  • ******

    This video ain’t show up in my subscription feed smh

  • hasft

    Anyone know where that rail is at 4:17?

    • Sunny

      By the corner of gage and state next to a gas station


    Adam are u fucking dumb you really sat inside r u blind to what’s happening


    This I literally what your not supposed to do

  • LGNDus 2009
    LGNDus 2009

    this video just shows how white people are the spread of most things smh lol they really dont have a care in the world

  • Jake

    Ozark is the best show hands down

  • grxtesque

    they'res always that one friend that when you go out riding just films and watches everyone else ride even though they themselves can ride and Adam ATM fills that role lol. Can't wait for him to get back into riding like he used to.

  • 10 Dollar Walmart Vodka
    10 Dollar Walmart Vodka

    I’m from Lake of the Ozarks it’s nothing like the show on Netflix 😂👋


    Free Joe Exotic and Melly the fast way!!!

  • A Rey
    A Rey

    Wtf! You were HP in Pacfic 🤯

  • _-Oh Yeah Yeah-_
    _-Oh Yeah Yeah-_

    More videos like this i enjoyed it

  • Eddie vee
    Eddie vee

    Adam putting up slaps! 👌🏾😂 Respect!

  • iDoStutter

    @ 3:49 I took that sticker forgive me OSS gods 🙏

  • Project On The Beatz
    Project On The Beatz

    keeep doing them

  • Project On The Beatz
    Project On The Beatz

    lol bro ur vlogs are the best

  • Project On The Beatz
    Project On The Beatz

    ohhh shit 8:30 he hit hard lmao

  • Project On The Beatz
    Project On The Beatz

    facts that tomato looked gross tho

  • deano hall
    deano hall

    Adam Its the Same over here in Ealing London, Uk.... Its A Ghost Town & I have never seen it like this ... SPoOkY.. 😇🤗😇😷😖

  • It's Me GaaHee
    It's Me GaaHee

    I've seen that beetle with lashes on the freeway before

  • gareth foster
    gareth foster

    Yes adam dude. That markell Jones clip was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

  • Deejay Dynamic
    Deejay Dynamic

    This is why its getting worse and worse cuz no one will stay home...dumbasses...

  • caivs

    fuk botox

  • Jenny Stevens
    Jenny Stevens

    Dude the end to ozark was fucking insane this new season omg

  • Caleb Waln
    Caleb Waln

    "Im like actually offended" 🤣

  • TSM_ Anhel
    TSM_ Anhel

    I’m from Huntington Park , best spot to eat is tams burger next to HP high school and the sticker you out in the donut shop ain’t there no more😂

  • Hector Triana
    Hector Triana

    Bro I usally fuckk with your content but stay your ass in the house.


    I 2nd that SHOUTOUT TO SHORELINE MAFIA!!!!!!!!!!


    Should I have stayed with a barren woman with great tits to find a possible family???

  • Jaxx Oceans
    Jaxx Oceans

    What a shithole

  • Gio

    oh shit sickk he in hp

  • Me Mo
    Me Mo

    The homie Chris 🤣🤣🤣

    • Kowai City
      Kowai City

      Aye bro I know that fool he's in my third period 😂

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