The Boyboy West Coast on Why There Wasn't Anything In His Cup
Boyboy West Coast talks about why there wasn't anything in his cup in that viral video that made him famous

  • dayum son
    dayum son

    this man lookin like jack sparrow

  • Michael Escarcega
    Michael Escarcega

    @foosgonewild made that dude what he is !

  • Koppány Gáspár
    Koppány Gáspár

    leave the man's alone he is a very nice and humble person

  • MK45

    5:19 y’all just gonna pretend that that never happend 😂😂😂😂

  • DrGonzo

    I dont know shit about hip hop, rap ect. but I do know fake. This dude is fake as fuck, and likely gay judging by that eye make up and facial hair. Anyways I love the show Adam.

  • J

    Dope way to end a video

  • Bdog_98 OTF
    Bdog_98 OTF

    He said “that’s my boy boy” too his homies....I live a hour from Santa Barbra we don’t say no gay shit like that 🤣everybody either tryna be like X or tryna act like they from Chicago or sum it ain’t shit ova here 🤦‍♂️everybody is scared too be different I gotta respect this dude right here cause he’s on sum different shit not a fan but respect the grind homie

  • Bdog_98 OTF
    Bdog_98 OTF

    Adam looks like he made a homie there both awkward asl hey but that’s koo Adam kept tryna roast but caught himself catching a liking seen sum emotion Adam usually shits on his guest😩🤣


    Boy boy WC .... Tekashi 69..... Alejandro Aranda..... Us brownies are a trip 😂😂😂

  • UG Luis
    UG Luis

    This dude lame af

  • Art Sy
    Art Sy

    Yep. When he said the boy boy thing..i remembered. Lol That was def a thing in the ate oh feva

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Why did Adam just hit the woah?💀😭

  • Carlos Trevino
    Carlos Trevino

    Who tf is this where’s sad boy

  • Smith Jonson
    Smith Jonson

    Eyeshadow on fleek.

  • Andre Stevenson
    Andre Stevenson

    I can't stop thinking of Guy Fawkes looking at this guy.

  • Puyear Prod.
    Puyear Prod.

    His mustache looks like he got it out the vending machine ball

    • Mario M
      Mario M


  • Carlos Mathews
    Carlos Mathews

    Fuck this foo

  • 4thQuarter2ndDwn H.P.Playincrazy
    4thQuarter2ndDwn H.P.Playincrazy

    Ese niggas wit tweezed eyebrows?! 😂 Tf?! Mexican V for vendetta looking ass 😭

  • Uhndrae Yee
    Uhndrae Yee

    aquafina or arrowhead water?

    • patina rawks
      patina rawks


  • Buddy Ballentine
    Buddy Ballentine

    V for vendetta headass

  • Tha BamB
    Tha BamB

    This is such an AWKWARD situation lol 😂 the "BoyBoy" doesn't even know how 2 do an interview!! He should've been more prepared

  • Marvin A
    Marvin A

    Lowkey migo

  • Young Phet
    Young Phet

    FB and IG banned all links to my music..check me out yo

  • eggroll

    Adam looks extra extra faded

  • PL Lyons
    PL Lyons

    Is that a transgender woman??

  • Briana vargas
    Briana vargas

    The homieee😂😂

  • Yoo Yo
    Yoo Yo

    Mans is coked out

    • Carbell Umaga
      Carbell Umaga

      Hi ImPaul finally someone Notice This Weirdo Hes a Fucken Tweaker Pookie Head 😂😂😂😂

  • xplusziefv

    this dude looks like a transsexual

  • Junior 27
    Junior 27

    Some shit to bump when the homies arnt

  • DarrickTV

    White Blueface baby aight!!!

  • Matthew Gozdz
    Matthew Gozdz

    his manuerisms are hilarious, this dudes cool

  • R2d2 789
    R2d2 789

    I'm pretty sure Adam is just trolling

  • Lilsuperskurr Phlex
    Lilsuperskurr Phlex

    Boyboy finna be on super smash before Waluigi



    • Hokulani Nalani
      Hokulani Nalani

      FRANCISCO SERVIN honestly lol

  • Chuck Sawdy
    Chuck Sawdy

    Asking the questions that matter

  • kylec2398

    Do a podcast or interview with h3h3

  • shadyacres925

    Boy boy west coast sound like a dumbass disrespecting mk like tht no it’s not the same game 11 times 🤦‍♂️

  • chase

    this nigga hit the woah

  • TONY Thomas
    TONY Thomas

    Boyfucksboy In the westcoast


    He talks well he from sb lmao

  • Danny Dark0
    Danny Dark0

    *Dammit Adam, you’re a fucken Legand man. 🙏🏽*

  • The Boy
    The Boy

    ey adam you wanna chill with the physical abuse?

  • Ray Duncan
    Ray Duncan

    Boyboy West Coast x Lil Nasx

  • joshua gallegos dominguez
    joshua gallegos dominguez

    5:05 look at him get all nervous

  • max lank
    max lank

    Boyboy westcoast looks like the type of guy who comments on self-improvement forums 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • JoetsDocson

    He turned a lil weird when he had to claim Santa Barbara, touching the nose, hands in front of face.... "yeah...yeah.."

    • JoetsDocson

      @Versace Vanja I'm just implying that he got really weird when having to claim that. I'm not pinpointing exactly what it is off of one question/answer, but usually that means something along those lines. I pick up on body language easily, that's all

    • Versace Vanja
      Versace Vanja

      JoestDocson what do you think that means? That he’s not really from Santa Barbara? Or that he’s embarrassed to be from there

    • TONY Thomas
      TONY Thomas

      Well from what I get, this guy is a closet homosexual who sniffs coke that's just be really analyzing this guy's movements and gestures

  • castro x
    castro x

    Make pt2 hes lowkey chill

  • iNNER CiTY DiSPUTE.exe
    iNNER CiTY DiSPUTE.exe

    6:32 he said “I got days gone at the pad.” 😂 💀

  • Alexander M
    Alexander M

    Them glasses still on his face 😂

  • ty3rratootrippy


  • ty3rratootrippy

    He needs to thank TikTok 🗣😂🤣😫

  • Dacksy

    the water in his bottle is CGI

  • Nicky B
    Nicky B

    This the Hispanic blueface

  • Michael Masters
    Michael Masters

    The human meme

  • Tone Bone
    Tone Bone

    "I can't remember if the cup was full or not at the time." Oh, ok. If only there was a video we could check to refresh your memory? It would be way cooler if this freak just said, "Yeah bro, the fuckin' cup was empty and I didn't think it would get that many eyes on it, oh well!" Instead, this foo is gonna fake it for life and act like that cup wasn't BONE DRY for its entire existence.

    • killerkennyas

      He that guy that always has a unlit cigarette

  • Saucysets Dunn
    Saucysets Dunn

    The meme community made you famous you should be thanking them m8

  • Tyler Vail
    Tyler Vail

    This look, yes. Glasses under the chin is a big OG move

    • AOBeezy

      Tyler Vail gayboy you’ve never seen og

  • El De Los Brazos Fuertes
    El De Los Brazos Fuertes

    I first heard the song on instagram making fun then someone made a TikTok then it blow up

  • Scoobert Doobert
    Scoobert Doobert

    His locs are defying gravity

  • Evo Wolf
    Evo Wolf

    Because of the meme, I can't ever take this guy serious and I feel bad for it.

    • funk you ok
      funk you ok

      That's just you

  • Lucky Charms
    Lucky Charms

    6" mustache 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • Brian Wright
    Brian Wright

    he said I like to come out of left field does that mean he likes getting banged in the butt ?

    • TONY Thomas
      TONY Thomas

      I have a feeling this guy is gay as fuck to be real

  • Jester

    Nigga trans af

  • Fourleafclover kingdragonkillr
    Fourleafclover kingdragonkillr

    I love this guy


    8:38 His names DJ Smallz lol. His channels name is "DJ Smallz Eyes". He had a mixtape series called Southern Smoke which was very popular from the mid to late 2000's. Adam legit a fucking vulture lmaoo

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia


  • Lucas O
    Lucas O

    He look like an Anonymous mask.

    • melodías xd
      melodías xd


    • Lucas O
      Lucas O

      @melodías xd lol he did his self like that

    • melodías xd
      melodías xd

      Dont do my man like that

    • Keoni Uyechi
      Keoni Uyechi


    • Trey Lockwood
      Trey Lockwood

      Holy shit, I knew his face looked familiar!

  • Brayan C.S
    Brayan C.S

    3:11 Adam really hit that shit😳😐

  • Boost'N'Boba

    7:01 lil spooky but ok

  • tre cj
    tre cj


  • andre elmatacoronavirusquinones
    andre elmatacoronavirusquinones

    This nigga needed 12 minutes to say bitch was empty

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Fake ass gangster. See right thru him

  • Jorge Mendoza
    Jorge Mendoza

    Is that foo from 18st?

  • 💢Zalzion⛼

    Adam. What easily made his success is the tik tok video. Thats it. I think he made a good business move at right timing and here we are today

  • Jimmi James
    Jimmi James

    Dude seems legit

  • Jam Holt
    Jam Holt

    Adam, why are your eyes rolled up into your head for half this interview? You ok bruh?

    • Alexander M
      Alexander M


    • Jam Holt
      Jam Holt

      @Jordan Davis Okay, okay. That was a good'n, sir.

    • Jordan Davis
      Jordan Davis

      Jam Holt he was definitely onsomeshit.....see what I did there

  • ִ

    *_Weird Squeak At _**_6:07_*

    • Mr Fitz
      Mr Fitz

      ִ lmaooo

    • Ozias Third Ear
      Ozias Third Ear

      ִ if you keep pressing I. The 6:07 that shit sounds and looks crazy

  • Kanga

    dude has a soulpatch, goatee and mustache

    • RealYataHours

      A goatee is the combination of a mustache and a van dyke my mans

    • ty3rratootrippy

      He has reached his final form.

    • Jordan Davis
      Jordan Davis

      Kanga Beats he is living in 2078. They do this in the future. be thankful we won't be around when it happens

  • Sway C
    Sway C

    Talks about the cup at 4:06

    • Keoni Uyechi
      Keoni Uyechi

      Thx bruh

    • Jarrett Fuhs
      Jarrett Fuhs

      Thank you man

    • YourMomsAFurry

      Yes papi

    • Nnovad 2
      Nnovad 2

      Thank you bro

    • LaZeR Oof
      LaZeR Oof

      Sway C thanks dad

  • Hebedehoobedee Pepedepoopedee
    Hebedehoobedee Pepedepoopedee

    Cursed interview

    • ty3rratootrippy

      ulysses sanchez y?? Lol

  • xBDHxInsaneXbox

    I thought this was the guy from YG loco video

  • tee raw
    tee raw

    Adam can't stop staring at his eyebrows 😂😂👀

  • Catplayz

    U was at the club

  • Nox Solis
    Nox Solis

    Yall aint gon put respect on catsoup and drew's name?

  • KemicalKiddMUSIC

    You was at the club!

  • Slowj561 BigBrasil
    Slowj561 BigBrasil


  • MrRushbrown

    6:09 theres the mexican

  • Julio Ruiz
    Julio Ruiz

    NEXT ARTIST TO BLOW UP. Thanks to Adam22

  • Warm._water

    Hey... i would like to thank everyone for helping Me achieve my goal of 0 subscribers! Thank you to my fanbase and every supporter of mine 🙏 This is unbelievable

  • Pymp Juice
    Pymp Juice

    Yo buddy really look like he a trans chicc tryna be a dude lol

    • patina rawks
      patina rawks

      @Cherryz Carryz internalized homosexuality.

    • Daddyfaso

      Thats because he shaves his eyebrows and keeps himself fresh?? I think. Btw would smash

  • agiuggio1

    coulda put water in it lul

  • WennieHut Jr Knuckle
    WennieHut Jr Knuckle

    You was at the club *moves cup hard af* bottoms up when I first met you

  • Rolly Smith
    Rolly Smith

    listen to this entire video in half speed thank me later

    • MD M8
      MD M8

      Double speed is way better

    • Ugly Nickkk
      Ugly Nickkk


    • Lorenzo Acuna
      Lorenzo Acuna

      Absolutely hilarious

    • Young Abuelo
      Young Abuelo

      lmao Adam when he talks about TikTok

    • Zaiyon

      3:29 bruh, the “yeeeaaahhhh, hell yeeeaaaahhh” 😂😂😂

  • Austin Sprecher
    Austin Sprecher

    this mans whole career was made off a meme

    • Patrick Villeda
      Patrick Villeda

      @YoungendSoulja I think it's fake


      @Austin Sprecher thx bro

    • Austin Sprecher
      Austin Sprecher

      @LOST ATSUKI btw i love your profile photo skin is a good song


      Alot of people's careers are made by memes

    • Prohn

      Youngend™ JR how is he racist? What happened?

  • lord bawnchie
    lord bawnchie

    He seems kool meme aside, he's likable.

  • Austin Sprecher
    Austin Sprecher

    man adam really running out of people and stuff to talk about

    • xBDHxInsaneXbox

      They should hire you to create more content

  • Lotto_BeatsNshit

    Adam can’t stop lookin at the boy boy’s unique mustache and eye make up 🤣🤣🤣😂that bih look artificial asf 😂

  • InsaneXynN

    Low key the song is stuck in my head.

  • Link Ripper
    Link Ripper

    Adam is pressed for interviews since this is the most relevant person he has had on in a minute

  • gab444

    adam it’s time for new chairs