Rolling Loud LA Day 1 ( MGK slapped me lmfao )
Day 1 of Rolling Loud was crazy. Enjoy!

  • No Jumper
    No Jumper

    Rope gang

    • ouzts

      Man Adam you a idol too me✨I love you fr dawg stay with yo grind and keep moving forward. I watch all of your vids and you just inspire me to be who I wanna be🕊Love you dawg ima forever be a loyal fan no matter what💯

    • Young D & N.S.R
      Young D & N.S.R

      11:48-11:52 fuck chanel westcoast laug, you poor guy in same tent or area as that laugh lol

    • WHiP-HOP CrakaD. WHIP.
      WHiP-HOP CrakaD. WHIP.

      No Jumper troll gang . Big fan but it u r making me like u less by this. this pathetic click bait shit is old bro. I know I dnt matter to you n the long run but u seem cool af but then idk

    • WHiP-HOP CrakaD. WHIP.
      WHiP-HOP CrakaD. WHIP.

      Justin Seward and you need to stop making it about a race .bitches are bitches.

    • Film him!!
      Film him!!

      @Justin Seward I hear that, mgk was just trying to slap some sense into.. Adams hand lol

  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma

    Fuck MGK he fucking lost to fucking Eminem , he thought he could fucking win against the rap god what a fucking idiot

  • Aidyn DaHustl3r
    Aidyn DaHustl3r

    I would actually hang out with Adam 22 in real life ngl

  • Angel De Zenea
    Angel De Zenea

    10:08 Lena: “I want to f- I want to eat!”

  • Official MBM Gabe
    Official MBM Gabe

    The how who said “say summmmm” sounded dumb af

  • TrixDoesMC

    U can hear channel west coast laugh

  • Deric Tabora
    Deric Tabora

    Lol Adam knew Jerret was going to try to plug him self so he turned the camera 😂💀

  • Bravo 1503
    Bravo 1503

    Waste of height


    Jesus these rapper's these days have literally zero talent. They just jump around to there wack back track. PUBLIC ENEMY ✌️🇬🇧

  • Harry Deleon
    Harry Deleon

    Ik y’all here Chanel west cost laugh 8:03

  • El Salvador XX
    El Salvador XX

    You truely deserve his shock cos you're dishonest. You're even lucky.

  • Nicholas Gage
    Nicholas Gage

    11:49 Nobody else heard my girl West Coast laughin in the background?? You know that's her

  • L. M
    L. M

    MIC slap!? They’re making seem like he slapped 22

  • motoheathen569 k
    motoheathen569 k

    Mgk soft for that fr

  • bryce lane
    bryce lane

    baby goth cute af

  • yorty yorty
    yorty yorty

    mgk sucks

  • Planet Zytric
    Planet Zytric

    When You see your old high school friends in Adam 22s rolling loud vlog

  • J. Joseph
    J. Joseph

    Niggas in eyeliner sticking their tongue out like broads. Geez

  • Randy Morgan
    Randy Morgan

    Who were those crazy lookin fuckers at the beginning?

  • LSMe 25
    LSMe 25

    The only ridiculous thing in this video was the clown girl. None of these other artists even forced it with their clothes or how they was actin besides the drug talk maybe but that ain't new, why the hell yall trippin. Niggas got more money, wear different shit, and that ain't none of yall business. Ya'll don't gotta wear the shit 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pure Core
    Pure Core


  • VVS Grill
    VVS Grill

    We want kids to take their shirt of at the beach. Yeah that can be taken wrong

  • Josiah Tyquiengco
    Josiah Tyquiengco

    He was not finna hit tht nigga he capin

  • Kyle Walker
    Kyle Walker

    MGK is gonna fuck around and get a “MGK Slapping Peoples Hand” compilation video made of he’s not careful. This is hand slap #3 I think?

  • skimaskAndyHasAnEggHead

    3:12 mins - fbi open up

  • Hey kids want some candy :o
    Hey kids want some candy :o

    We wanna make sure the kids take their shirt off at the beach 😂😂

  • insert name
    insert name

    mgk shouldvee slapped the face off him this dude aint shit

  • Baze Music
    Baze Music

    Lol who TF are 99.9 perfect of these "rappers/celebs" ... and those two fat dudes hahahah wtf they rappin about... someone direct me to their page if they know who they are hahaHh

  • Lil' Disity
    Lil' Disity

    mgk a pussy for that, slaps then walks away???? thats what you do when your scared to get hit back, slap then walk away lmao.

  • Dawgz _27
    Dawgz _27

    Rae sremmurd is disappoints smoking weed while raising your kid 😔😫

  • Silky Johnson
    Silky Johnson

    Where was pouya?

  • SuPeR1#

    Come on MGK say Somehmmm

  • Phuccin Glocc
    Phuccin Glocc

    The bitch ass security guard bitching about the other security guard 😂😂

  • Cl0ut_gxd

    Adam gotta strong grip 😭

  • Coa

    This really isn't any different from anime cosplay gatherings. They all dress so weird trying to be unique

    • Junito Sama
      Junito Sama

      their cos playing. complete difference

  • John Rademaker
    John Rademaker

    “It’s cuz we’re black” Adam: 🤩🤩🤩

  • International Goon
    International Goon

    10:50 its cuming

  • Hunter Batchelor
    Hunter Batchelor

    It’s crazy to me that you listen to these new era lil xan rappers but won’t give MGK’s music a chance. Shit is so insane.

  • Josar Gor
    Josar Gor

    looks like a fashion show convention for metrosexual men

  • Shane Von D
    Shane Von D

    If anyone wants to know how ghetto and illiterate California has become this video sums it up.

  • Andy Ramirez
    Andy Ramirez

    Didn’t black dabs get beat up

  • Andy Ramirez
    Andy Ramirez

    That nigga w Ian gay no cap

  • Er Ve
    Er Ve

    Wait did that want to be thug just flex weed he bought from a valley girl at the corner store hahaha damn all of a sudden being 32 makes me feel old and super gangster now that I realize I grew rougher then 90 percent of rapper screaming gang life these days

  • Er Ve
    Er Ve

    So Adam 22 has beef with Austin augie, mgk, Aron Carter, I'm starting to wonder if he had a abusive stepdad that was scrawny with tats 🤔

  • InktUpSoldier

    I hope all of you die from COVID-19 fuck me PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  • Carlin Pendleton
    Carlin Pendleton

    12:48 who tf are all of these little 15 year old kid looking types?!?!


    Shrimp life

  • Dankible

    11:48 channel west coast?

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • aaron halsmaul
    aaron halsmaul

    11:46 Chanel west coast


    This creepy emo kid shit does not mix well with hip happened

  • JC Lingad
    JC Lingad

    Everyone looks like GTA 5 characters 😂

  • Dank The Gank
    Dank The Gank

    Is this Codac?

  • Frederick Jallah
    Frederick Jallah

    “C’mon MGM day somethingggg” 😂😭

  • Carly MacCormick
    Carly MacCormick

    Was lil mosey feelin like the man that day?

  • Mafio Corleone III
    Mafio Corleone III

    Craccin lol banged on em

  • ZurkeyTurkey

    lmao little toothpick arms couldnt even slap the mic out of his hand

  • Nasty

    Where the real rappers at? Tf

  • Sad Gal
    Sad Gal

    Hahahah “yeh cracking”

  • Jam

    7:57 chanel westcoast laugh though

  • Umpz Jerm
    Umpz Jerm

    8:03 chanel west coast laugh 😂😂😂

  • Emma Jade
    Emma Jade

    I love how he looks at lena

  • Frankie Hellsing
    Frankie Hellsing


  • James Haralson
    James Haralson

    a bitch slapped a bitch and then a bitch bitched about it that sums up this stupid ass video

  • Mh18 2018
    Mh18 2018

    Wow. Just wow.

  • wesjanz

    This is like the traveling freak shows back in the day. WTF

  • Tyler Padgett
    Tyler Padgett

    Are those dudes at the beginning serious?

  • Bianca Marie
    Bianca Marie

    Tell that bitch Chanel West Coast to stfu

  • DAN NY
    DAN NY

    mgk's the goat. you got lucky adam lol

  • Nick - Leanin
    Nick - Leanin

    That slap had no power mgk weak 👎🏽

  • Ramz

    7:11 the one with no hair shall have no ass

  • weed smoker
    weed smoker

    These clowns are like cancer to hip hop 😑

  • FatBabyOwner

    Someone kick Chanel West Coast the Fux out! Can’t stand her dumb wanna be ass! STFU

  • Charles Mighells
    Charles Mighells

    Man I fuck w Adam heavy but you can’t just shit talk him on your podcast then try and be cool w the dude and shake him up? What do you expect?

  • Tanner

    There's just something unlikable about Chanel West Coast

  • Los Pollos Hermanos
    Los Pollos Hermanos

    WTf was that wack 14 yr old outro XD

  • Los Pollos Hermanos
    Los Pollos Hermanos

    wtf is that intro XD

  • Betty

    New song fr Betty FT Lil B The legend!

  • sam

    This makes me miss the bling era of Rap so fucking much

  • Jesse williams
    Jesse williams

    Ahi es no difarencia son persona

  • elshaddaislive

    This is what it has sadly come to for the next generation of a human race.

  • Robert Ford
    Robert Ford

    I hate Chanel west coast bruhh😂

  • Yung Harry
    Yung Harry

    Bro @1:37 is an icon

  • E. Romero
    E. Romero

    Y is the west coast girl there didnt thy bounce her out the seen she looks super old these days

  • Jarritt Baker
    Jarritt Baker

    Who tf let Chanel West Coast in the video @ 11:45 smh

  • Sam S
    Sam S

    8:03 if that aint Channel Westcoast's laugh than I don't know up from down no mo.

  • Edwin Velasquez
    Edwin Velasquez

    Bro it don’t matter where she at you always know it’s her by her fucking laugh (Chanel West Coast)

  • Mr Acid man
    Mr Acid man

    lol we know mgk would fuck adam up look at the past video of fights kells been in adam too cocky

  • Positive Succes
    Positive Succes

    Nothing racist.. but its funny when white dude tryna act like Black guy lol

  • WooRxge

    I would slap the shit outta of MGL thinking he is all tuff and just a lil white prep boy that’s a puss

  • WooRxge

    Why did she say say sum like that she added an extra 8 mmmmmmms

  • Philip Stubbe
    Philip Stubbe

    At 8:00 I swear to god I hear Chanel west coast

    • Philip Stubbe
      Philip Stubbe

      Oh shit I literally spoke to soon

  • Wolfpax

    Was that chanel west coast at 8:03 lmfao

  • Simply Rob
    Simply Rob

    Mgk that was a gay ass slap.

  • Cameron Harrington
    Cameron Harrington

    7:24 "Trump for President 2020" LMAOOO so random tho

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes

    I didn’t know the gathering of the juggalos was in LA.

  • joze Mrlz
    joze Mrlz

    Beginning was cringe

  • justin valdez
    justin valdez

    Little mosey dude: “No pills no lean no drugs” Little mosey dude during interview: ROLLING BALLS

  • Oscar Hintz
    Oscar Hintz

    That Guy in the beginning looks like wednesday in the Adams family

  • danny Macarthur
    danny Macarthur

    Rap game gone weak, bring back the 💪

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