Adam22 and Lena Pokemon Go Community Day Vlog!
Pokémon Go community day featuring Ralts. Let’s get it. Check my shiny video:


  • Jason Diemer
    Jason Diemer

    First try on the ralts 🔥🔥

  • Sigurd Honningsvåg Halkjelsvik
    Sigurd Honningsvåg Halkjelsvik


  • Darius Anthony
    Darius Anthony

    The fuck, was watching one of JT GIlly's old vlogs and my MF mans ADAM22 pops up, two complete opposite interests colliding here for me. Should make a new one soon!

  • SadGirl Shakur
    SadGirl Shakur

    The Juice shirt .. 😔🙏🏼

  • Poke Maniac1001
    Poke Maniac1001

    I’m feeling really sad too I don’t have one any Buddy else not have one like this video if you like this comment if you agree

  • Big Mike Morley
    Big Mike Morley

    2903 2039 5820 add me up peeps 👊🏼

  • RandomContent

    Been a daily player since day 1. Trans Jynx😂😂. Same name we gave her.

  • Xand3rTV S
    Xand3rTV S

    need that kendama convention vlog no bap

  • Buddy Garcia
    Buddy Garcia

    Go to bulbapedia it’ll explain all Pokémon and types . The strength and weaknesses of each type against each other

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson

  • urban News
    urban News


  • 822012-268

    Spoffing makes the game more fun

  • Supreme Thottery
    Supreme Thottery

    Watching Lena and Adam discuss Pokemon so cute

  • Ivan Mendoza
    Ivan Mendoza

    So tight Adam plays go I got 5 shinys that day my girl caught two she was a bit salty....

  • Jgf Bmx
    Jgf Bmx

    Pokemon go helps find street spots😂

  • Jgf Bmx
    Jgf Bmx

    I’ll give you shiny karps

  • Fuego Manzie
    Fuego Manzie

    Dude used a great ball on a shiny rultz

  • Dylan McLaughlin
    Dylan McLaughlin

    The way he said Ekans triggered me😂😂

  • Lo-fi Ari
    Lo-fi Ari

    Being in a raid group is like the hole point of playing Pokémon go now...... nah jk but it’s better if u are tho

  • Tyler Miller
    Tyler Miller

    Adam type in shiny in search pops up all ur shiny pokemon

  • Tha Hemp Champ
    Tha Hemp Champ

    Pokemon yellow was my pokemon go

  • ブランドン\

    Everyone: Adam is the coolest guy in the planet everyone likes him Kid buus clone: not everyone

  • M.I.C The G Kid
    M.I.C The G Kid

    "Shiny Wailmer would be a big big move for the culture" 😂🤣😂 You a Legend Adam 💪😤💯🙏💧

  • Diego Jimenez
    Diego Jimenez

    Y’all fuck with the new Pokémon game on iOS?

  • Namaste Forever
    Namaste Forever

    8:40-I caught a shiny Wailmer and evolved it and it’s purple and the sickest thing ever. It IS possible! But none the less his shiny collection still straight puts mine to shame😂

  • Stefan Zahn
    Stefan Zahn

    do more videos like this

  • Yusuf Ismail
    Yusuf Ismail

    Adam wtf is ya trainer code

  • RaidZeroHero

    When a podcaster has shinys you been hunting for 24/7 smh

  • Nathaniel Stasiowski
    Nathaniel Stasiowski

    You 2 are goofy but i like you guys, i had 3 shiny Raltz that cumminity day

  • gotzejr16

    I like pokemon Trainer Adam22 huh nick ?

  • saluteyour shorts
    saluteyour shorts

    Imagine if Adam was a pogo youtuber since the beginning...the og of em all


    im so glad Adam plays Pokemon go lmao


    What’s ur friend code?

  • Kyle Reid
    Kyle Reid

    Never took you for a pokemon go guy, thats fucking dope tho

  • morelifenoah

    play more this is good content


    Adam add me bro I'll spoof to u where ever u are in the world and hook u up with shinies u need. I've got tons to trade and I'm a long time fan of yours. Friend code is 2694 6562 1458 would make my year if u added me pimp. Keep up the amazing work brotha🤙🤘💪😎💯💯💯

  • Macky

    Yo Adam is Level 40 wtf haha

  • Dre KillStreak
    Dre KillStreak

    Pokegohub , LeekDuck and gamepress for Pokémon go are great websites

  • Dre KillStreak
    Dre KillStreak

    Keep up the Pokémon go videos

  • Hyde Laudiano
    Hyde Laudiano

    “Everybody knows Jynx is trans” 😂🤣 “Nothing against it, its part of the culture” 💀💀💀

  • Corey McDonald
    Corey McDonald

    Fast catching and everything, love the PoGo content, you’re such a badass and you don’t care if you’ll take some heat for playing PoGo


    if your ever in nyc playing pogo hmu poketuber here would be dope to hunt with you as you prob noe nyc is the BEST on go gameplay its bananas in here

  • 7nach7 Z
    7nach7 Z

    Trans Jynx lmao 😂😂😂

  • bahamachucks18

    Fuck yeah keeping the Pokémon go community going, great vid you guys are dope love the vibe

  • Trainer Tips
    Trainer Tips

    How is this just showing up in my recommended 2 weeks late?

    • ROLIX32

      How is this just showing up in my recommended 1 year late ?

    • William Lee
      William Lee

      Steel City Show lol you called it

    • Steel City Show
      Steel City Show

      Hay man you two should link up and make a video that'd be Lit 🔥🔥🔥

    • Kevin Jimenez
      Kevin Jimenez

      Lol same

    • Akeem Parker
      Akeem Parker


  • SECM

    Slaking aint really good damage wise, thats why he did nothing to golbat

  • WhyTea T.V
    WhyTea T.V


  • NunoFCPereira

    It was a really nice video, calm, just enjoying cday, great job

  • Anthony Pescrillo
    Anthony Pescrillo

    Awesome video man!!

  • Jerry Salinas
    Jerry Salinas

    $200 dropped in pokemon go. You just became a god. Lol

  • Daviddalatino

    Loved the PoGo content, nice shiny collection! U could go to pokemon go hub for raid and battle guides :)

  • 17ballislife


  • Nelson Perez
    Nelson Perez

    D'''awwwwwww "youre my favorite Slugma" whyd i think that was adorable

  • BigLimpChimp

    I have a shiny wailmer. I’ll trade it for Lena

  • The Xmoda
    The Xmoda

    What’s your address?

  • Shiny Catcher Christy
    Shiny Catcher Christy

    Magikarp was my 1st shiny 3 years ago, 681 shinies ago. Water event starts this week, you should get a shiny then.

  • Shiny Catcher Christy
    Shiny Catcher Christy

    I have 682 shinies. Playing since day 1, no spoofing, no trades, just solid grinding everyday.

  • FunkyHouseProduction

    what up 22 check out my track clown it if its garbage shout me out if you think its something different much love


    stayed cuz of Lena's 😍cute ass😁4:16

  • ProfJeffy

    There actually is a Shiny Jynx but you can only get it by hatching a Smoochum

  • Philipp Martin
    Philipp Martin

    Blah Blah Blah Promote Pokemon ... Blah Blah Blah promote pokemon ... booooooring ... and so fake, please shoot me in my head! release me ... Nah for real, in my oppinion, the only "real" thinh which is interesting is: How much did you get paid for this video/content?! Tell us!! :D

  • _2twenty2

    4247 7045 8593 add me fam hella gifts

  • _2twenty2

    This is great. I know you played but I like the dedicated PoGo vlogs. You got hella shinies. Do Turtwig day in Sept 🙏 and dont forget the dama

  • J Flo
    J Flo

    Can someone explain why he clicks out before he catches the Pokémon, but it always catches it?

    • Hyde Laudiano
      Hyde Laudiano

      Lakes m8 fast catch method, plenty of tutorials on UZload for it check it out

  • IlKagelI

    More of this please pokemon go needs a comeback

  • yung isawulff
    yung isawulff

    adam for the culture

  • Phhusky

    Post more

  • Leo Bravo
    Leo Bravo

    Bro I’ll trade you my shiny gyarados, I don’t play anymore and I’ll be more than glad to give it to you, it’s named Period 😂

  • Billy Shaw17
    Billy Shaw17

    Here a link for the type advantages Adam!

  • Billy Shaw17
    Billy Shaw17

    Fuck yeah! Please keep going with Pokémon go

  • Tizoz Z
    Tizoz Z

    Shiny EEEE-kans


    1 mil subs 50k views lol

  • Demetri Smith
    Demetri Smith

    yo momma

  • YungTony B
    YungTony B

    Very minor tip @ 10:20 If you’re down to the Team Rocket Grunt’s last pokemon and your 1st is about to die, switch it out for one in the reserves so that you can get the bonus for beating the trainer with all 3 Pokémon. Also will give you that extra ball at the end.

  • m_sullivanfilm

    How many Shinys for Lena lol

  • josh'sgoinham

    Bro building bulbepedia is the premier Pokémon media to you have probably seen it but if they don't have it no one has it

  • Jimmy Hank
    Jimmy Hank

    You're everyone's favorite Slugma, Adam. But yeah. More of these.

  • Arsenic

    Nice video

  • Trevor Michael
    Trevor Michael

    i have your shiny magkarp.

  • _slothfart_ ._
    _slothfart_ ._

    Who would've thought Adam would be a Max level Pokemon go player😝😝

  • ajitpal singh
    ajitpal singh

    I caught 18 shiny ralts and 3 💯

    • 822012-268

      ajitpal singh I see. So should I go for high cp or high Pokemon level?

    • ajitpal singh
      ajitpal singh

      822012-268 bro Iv and lvl are two different things lvl decides ur cp while Iv decides how good he is

    • 822012-268

      ajitpal singh yeah man level

    • ajitpal singh
      ajitpal singh

      822012-268 wait when u talk about lvl do u mean Iv

    • 822012-268

      ajitpal singh got some lvl 100 with very low cp what you do in that case? Power them up?

  • Drvggød E.
    Drvggød E.

    more of these videos dude! & would love to see how you do in pvp against the youtubers you know and other ultra friends you may have that are challenger/Ace trainers

  • AngelaLJM King
    AngelaLJM King

    Love this xxx


    I been playing pokemon go for over 2 years n i love it keep doing these videos

  • Angus Bidgood
    Angus Bidgood

    I’m so glad Pokémon Go is coming back and same with Minecraft. These days were such simpler times.

  • Ivan Lozano
    Ivan Lozano

    This was amazing bro nice work

  • pugness

    jynx is trans?

  • Carlos Deleon
    Carlos Deleon

    I have a shiny jynx 😂

  • Israel Ramirez
    Israel Ramirez

    Adam I play a lot of Pokémon go and I have a shiny rayqaza I could give you one and I have a lot of shiny that you would like just hit me up and add me on Pokémon my code is 0480 6035 2794

  • Reece Masters
    Reece Masters

    these vlogs are tight. You should go to Montreal for safari zone

  • Boora

    Seeing adam talking about walking a gible with a straight face, this is pure gold.

  • User not found
    User not found

    Bro you got a rayquaza!? Damn you lucky!!

  • church 781
    church 781

    I gotcha with a shiny karp,we can trade next time u come home

  • supremetsaul

    I fucking love seeing Adam get so hype about some pokes! Fucking tatted up man just enjoying some pokes

  • Dan

    If yall aint been playing this shit u not really wit it this game never been dead bruh its the best

  • darwin avila
    darwin avila

    this is why Adam is fucking amazing he just make hella random ass shit and like it’s all entertaining as fuck Adam deserves so much more!!!

  • Angel Venegas
    Angel Venegas

    Lena is off some cocaine .💯

  • jose ramirez
    jose ramirez

    pokemon weakness and types , here you go G lol Normal is weak to fighting. Normal gives and recieves neutral damage to everything except for rock and steel which resist it, and ghost. Normal is immune to ghost and can't damage it either. Grass is weak to fire, flying, bug, posion, and ice. Grass resists water, electricity, grass, and ground. Grass is super effective on water, rock, and ground. Fire is weak to water, ground, and rock. Fire is super effective on grass, bug, ice, and steel. Fire resists grass, fire, steel, ice, and fairy. Water is weak to grass and electric. Water is super effective on fire, rock, and ground. Water resists fire, steel, water, and ice. Fighting is weak to psychic, fairy, and flying. Fighting is super effective on rock, steel, ice, dark, and normal. Fighting resists rock, bug, and dark. Flying is weak to electric, rock, and ice. Flying is super effective on bug, grass, and fighting. Flying resists fighting and grass. Flying is immune to ground. Poison is weak to ground and psychic. Poison is super effective on fairy and grass. Poison resists fighting, poison, bug, grass, and fairy. Poison has no effect on steel. Ground is weak to water, grass, and ice. Ground is super effective on electric, fire, rock, steel, and poison. Ground resists poison, and rock. Ground is immune to electric. Rock is weak to fighting, ground, water, grass, and steel. Rock is super effective on fire, flying, ice, and bug. Rock resists normal, flying, fire, and poison. Bug is weak to flying, rock, and fire. Bug is super effective on grass, dark, and psychic. Bug resists grass, fighting, and ground. Ghost is weak to ghost and dark. Ghost is super effective on psychic and ghost. Ghost resists poison and bug. Ghost is immune to normal and fighting. Ghost has no effect on normal. Steel is weak to fire, fighting, and ground. Steel is super effective on rock, ice, and fairy. Steel resists normal, flying, rock, bug, steel, grass, psychic, ice, dragon, and fairy. Steel is immune to poison. Electric is weak to ground. Electric is super effective on water and flying. Electric resists flying, electric, and steel. Electric has no effect on ground. Psychic is weak to bug, ghost, and dark. Psychic is super effective on poison, and fighting. Psychic resists psychic and fighting. Psychic has no effect on dark. Ice is weak to fire, fighting, steel, and rock. Ice is super effective on dragon, grass, ground, and flying. Ice resists ice. Dragon is weak to dragon, ice, and fairy. Dragon is super effective on dragon. Dragon resists fire, water, grass, and electric. Dragon has no effect on fairy Dark is weak to fighting and bug. Dark is super effective on psychic and ghost. Dark resists ghost and dark. Dark is immune to psychic. Fairy is weak to steel and poison. Fairy is super effective on dragon, dark, and fighting. Fairy resists dark, fighting, and bug. Fairy is immune to dr

  • ChiefRaccoon48 _
    ChiefRaccoon48 _

    Adam ill trade u a shiny Gyarados for a shiny Slakoth fr

    • ChiefRaccoon48 _
      ChiefRaccoon48 _

      Jesus Mendoza online

    • Jesus TheMac
      Jesus TheMac

      ChiefRaccoon48 _ it is an app on the store or is it online

    • ChiefRaccoon48 _
      ChiefRaccoon48 _

      Jesus Mendoza Look up pokemon go spoofing

    • ChiefRaccoon48 _
      ChiefRaccoon48 _

      Jesus Mendoza How what teleport?

    • ChiefRaccoon48 _
      ChiefRaccoon48 _

      I can teleport to you in game when we do the trade

  • Treasures of Sin
    Treasures of Sin

    why would anybody want to spend their time within virutal reallity where you can do nothing for real?

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