YNW Melly's 12 Year Old Brother Dropped a Music Video
today's we'll take a look at YNW Melly's 12 year old brother YNW B Slime's new video and give our thoughts

  • cool person
    cool person

    he goes my my school lmao and once woah vicky came to pick him up and everyone was going crazy lmao

  • Hunter Love
    Hunter Love

    Da YNW fam is 🔥 💯

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    Y stay talking

  • Tanner Cox
    Tanner Cox

    Wtf people from Uk rap about?😂😂 knives, being white and driving a smart car.

  • Gary S
    Gary S

    Finally someone made a video about him (that I saw)

  • Juan Abreu
    Juan Abreu

    No disrespect but Adams left eyebrow sticks up higher then his right lol

  • AntiqueKids

    ill be the one to change yo liféëêêęėèëē

  • AntiqueKids

    Back in myyyy dreams PULL UP WITCHO OLD BAE totin them AK’s

  • AntiqueKids


  • dboi1098

    Y’all talkin bout bslime but sleep on Melvoni 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jake Walkz
    Jake Walkz

    His older brother ???? 😂 younger you mean

  • Michael Sneed
    Michael Sneed

    If you guys notice to he didn't say not one cuss word in this whole video

  • King Stickz
    King Stickz

    He rapping about trapping guns diein in dreams lmao

  • Jake Paulo
    Jake Paulo

    Or he is smiling because they all know he's fucked and they might as well get a little laugh in

  • Jeff Dolmer
    Jeff Dolmer

    If he wasn’t melly’s lil brother he would’ve had no support

  • Valentino Reyna
    Valentino Reyna

    Like if ynwmelly the best singer

  • DR1pfessor

    Change yur thumbnail

  • Gladys Williams
    Gladys Williams

    Hi-Top Versace ankle protector on my shoes

  • Fendi Fat
    Fendi Fat

    Check out tezzo Santana from Memphis

  • astro JID
    astro JID

    How come no one notice he stole the name "bslime" from bslime and put ynw in front of it Cause he can claim ynw

  • Dash Mathews
    Dash Mathews

    Hes coming home!!

  • cj brothers
    cj brothers

    “Older brother thuggin yeah he taught me all the basics” 🤯 #freemelly

  • Lillian Allbritton
    Lillian Allbritton

    Wow Yeah Uh No Jumper I kinda missed you.

  • bad

    we all know that adam finna unfollow of camera

  • Ludvig van Schouten
    Ludvig van Schouten

    i feel like this kid is just an actor and performer of a song that some people made and his childhood is being robbed by this crazy ynw mother in order to keep making money off mellys hype.

  • Killcvmeron

    Scarlxrd interview??

  • Sani Savage
    Sani Savage

    Like this if melly is coming home

  • Sani Savage
    Sani Savage

    Sani savage dropped one also

  • Nonportrit

    is it his lyrics or mellys?

  • Ann Chloé
    Ann Chloé

    adam, secure the bag and get an interview with the little fella

  • JustJam

    Slime and Melly collaboration when he free!?!?

  • Cheese Money
    Cheese Money

    New upcoming artist from South Louisiana check me out 🔥🔥🔥 you wont be disappointed 🙌 uzload.info/wiki/PxG9vxnE7igpDFGWXZ73Lw

  • Derrick Shelton
    Derrick Shelton

    Why did I read that that nigga was dead

  • anthony hodge
    anthony hodge

    Like a younger version of yung bleu

  • Just a Regular Nurd
    Just a Regular Nurd

    I thought melly prolly wrote it and bslime sang/rap it. Not hating I really like the song that’s just what I thought

  • Jasonbabs i
    Jasonbabs i

    He killed it yes but maybe better word choice?

  • Lando_Lopez 106
    Lando_Lopez 106

    He got a lot of developing to do but it’s borderline alright/bad. We’ll see hopefully he don’t do the dumb shit Melly did.

  • Massimo Bazzurro
    Massimo Bazzurro

    What's up with his eyebrow

  • DAD


  • Jae Hawkins
    Jae Hawkins

    Need to be teachin jit the opposite instead of gang bangin and rappin bout ak's and shit..smh..

  • RoleyRxeh

    Love all the labels you’re throwing at him

  • **

    Killed what? The other dude melly missed?

    • mahmoud ateyeh
      mahmoud ateyeh

      ** I’m fucking weak 😂🤣

  • Yatcheet

    Stfun play the video this shit boring of u talking

  • YewSoTrash -_-
    YewSoTrash -_-

    Him and Tay k are going to hopefully get out they seem pretty happy and not worried so we have to see with Tay k trial that starts today

  • Michael Zamarripa
    Michael Zamarripa

    Goodreact 👏🏻

  • Scope

    11 mins of talking about videos you don't play.

    • Scope

      @Gerard I see you're a real one as well.

    • Gerard


  • Lil Norm
    Lil Norm

    At first I was laughing than I started listening and I started crying 😔

  • Trxly_TJ


  • 멘붕

    shouldnt Melly have the YNW revoked from his name being that he wasted half the crew?

    • Lando_Lopez 106
      Lando_Lopez 106

      붕멘 lmao W

  • lil Carti vlogs
    lil Carti vlogs

    We love u

  • lil Carti vlogs
    lil Carti vlogs

    We love u

  • lil Carti vlogs
    lil Carti vlogs

    We love u

  • lil Carti vlogs
    lil Carti vlogs

    We love u

  • lil Carti vlogs
    lil Carti vlogs

    We love u

  • Josh Hale
    Josh Hale

    Their parents should be in jail . Child neglecting is child abuse 😵

  • Murda1

    My theory of ynw melly the story i think is that they got caught in a drive by the bullets in the car was prolly from them shooting back cuz if niggas shottin at u ur gonna shoot back if u really think of it it makes sense i can explain more.

    • Murda1

      They prolly were on otw to the studio jus think bout it i bet melly is gonna be free and cuz when he gets out he wanrs to see whoever kiled his homies dead im callin it rn

  • Murda1

    I thought about it really hard and i have a way melly might be free

  • DIPHit nigg Hjh
    DIPHit nigg Hjh

    you think with his older bro locked up forever kid would make better choices. oh well...

  • SSMG

    Bslime 🆙 next 🌎⭐️✨ #Freemelly

  • Big SLime
    Big SLime

    U stupid Adam couldn’t press play for anything, wtf it would have made tour video 77388398777483 times better

  • Donnan Huggler
    Donnan Huggler

    Maybe they should ease up on the gun themes ... just a thought ... Jesus Christ 😒. But then again, maybe some of us. (Ahem) can make a dollar while these young black rappers like Melvin & tay k do life sentences. Have at it hoss

    • DIPHit nigg Hjh
      DIPHit nigg Hjh

      yea you think with his older bro locked up forever kid would make better choices. oh well...

  • Zachary Grubbs
    Zachary Grubbs

    7:40 no jurors will see any media because they have no access to phone or tv in a high profile case like this

  • Irfan Puljarga
    Irfan Puljarga

    Yeah my big little brother is a store director for a grocery store and I was doin that shit till 2019 💯

  • Jalen Cowans
    Jalen Cowans

    Can he stop talking?? *keeps freaking talking*

  • Jalen Cowans
    Jalen Cowans

    He told is the song before we heard it😂😂

  • Xavier The Virgo
    Xavier The Virgo

    Bro that song was heat heat

  • ImAceBtw

    The fact that me and Brandon (This kid) were good friends at my school and him making rap is so weird...

    • ImAceBtw

      @Jack Smith Lol how am I weird?

    • Jack Smith
      Jack Smith

      youre weird

  • electricvisual _
    electricvisual _

    No one cared ha

  • MoneyManVagabon Uchiha
    MoneyManVagabon Uchiha

    You can tell the little brother really likes to make music and takes after his brother it's not about the lyrics yet that will come later in his career right now is about finding his sound

  • RadioRyan

    If Drew filmed it then it ain’t filmed right lmao

  • Jason

    uk rappers are not rappers

  • Frank so dank
    Frank so dank

    Iss a Florida thing

  • TJ Beaujon
    TJ Beaujon

    I’m not gunna like I’m just here to hate. But Adam got damn you fell off

  • .Standards.

    Shoutout to clickbait with that time code covering the end of the title box in the thumbnail, also no link to Bslime video??

  • Kickz Z
    Kickz Z

    King von has the ynw melly verse

  • Chris C
    Chris C

    Sing songie


    Bslime is definitely gonna use the pain from losing his brother and put that back into his work. It’s tragic but at least he’s gonna get that bag.

    • Jose Bravo
      Jose Bravo

      @M Munshi there's all kinds of stories out there from they robbed some cash from her or a gun was pulled on her to his mom basically putting the target on melly by talking loud af on that social media about the situation basically giving the motive and more evidence his whole krew was fucked up from his mama to his house homies and that just shows u Melly has poor judgement from the get go letting fuck niggas kick it with him bad all around for dude no matter how u look at it


      M Munshi if that’s the fax then ill be on the happy stuff when he’s out, he’s important to the craft can’t.deny

    • M Munshi
      M Munshi

      Melly comin out decemba

    • M Munshi
      M Munshi

      @Jose Bravo bruh they tried to kill his mom, if ud rather let to homies survive instead of yo mom u a bitchass nigga. Ian even cappin search it up

    • Jose Bravo
      Jose Bravo

      Tragic that foo murked his ex homies for whatever reason don't matter a real gangster don't ask for pitty parties

  • Colton Brown
    Colton Brown

    Lmao "sing songy" got me dying ahaha

  • Last King
    Last King

    Im glad he's still here

  • bing flosby
    bing flosby

    Ynw n killed shudnt be put together


    They got all these babies rapping about guns n shit 😂

  • T Purple
    T Purple

    Lil keed had a song called pull up featuring Uzi and melly

  • Bhokolate Bhip Bookies
    Bhokolate Bhip Bookies


    • Jose Bravo
      Jose Bravo

      Haha funny ass wanna be nigga you a straight lame

  • Turn Around
    Turn Around


  • jose billz
    jose billz

    thank god i hope he get out my slime

  • Lee keef
    Lee keef

    U should of came up to the mil (Milwaukee) when u were in the chi

  • Cole

    aitch interview on the way?

  • Matthew Quint
    Matthew Quint

    You have to smile through hard times I guess. But if he's not guilty on one font they def have him on that cop that got shot?

  • Matthew Quint
    Matthew Quint

    Haha I watched the video while I was smoking and didn't notice until the end That I saw this video already all well. Anyway the song pretty dope

  • Darth Vaderali
    Darth Vaderali

    Adam being a chump 😂

  • Paco Garcia
    Paco Garcia

    Who’d he kill????

  • robert ak47
    robert ak47

    Free YNW Melly ‼️🙏

  • Dubelectroify

    Good to see you got some uk firee

  • Kash mere
    Kash mere

    If u a hustla you’ll love this shit ( Kashmere - 4$ho ) soundcloud.com/kashraeye/sets/4ho

  • FatNinja Flip
    FatNinja Flip

    Tell him to stop rapping and keep playing fortnite 1k a week on v bucks lollllll

  • Vinnie Vincent
    Vinnie Vincent

    You liked his video I liked yours since I did you can like this comment

  • Smokey

    Don't you mean he MURDERED IT

  • Austin Perez
    Austin Perez

    Been waiting on a melly update

    • Colby Walters
      Colby Walters

      He done he aint getting out he threw his career away dumbassly

  • Damien Burns
    Damien Burns

    bro ym Nelly brother should react to the video

    • Eli Manny Sosa
      Eli Manny Sosa

      Who tf is ym nelly....dumbass cant spell😂😂😂

  • will's sleepy
    will's sleepy

    I really think he could be as big as melly