Tay K Calls Out His Label and The Media. My Thoughts
Tay K recently called out his label, his management and the media for the situation he's in now. This seems a little misguided. Let's talk about it
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  • Jarron Williams
    Jarron Williams

    didnt x admit he was violent with his gf... I dont think the media spun that at all. I actually think they downplayed it.

  • 3bz

    Didn't he name his album after the killer too lol sanatana world imagine being so talented and so fdumb at the same time

  • leankid

    Adam tell me than why a white girl from 30 years a grown woman get 10 years for murder and shot like 6 times on her bf in the same state ? This is weird they where just hating on him becuze of the race.... nothing more nothing less

  • DM Bobby
    DM Bobby

    THIS Dude 👇 re4se is the NEW Juice World Glory Days "Skirt skirt" uzload.info/fun/q6J8ZYKTo4uZmWg/video

  • El Major
    El Major

    Arlington Texas stand up! 😭😂😂

  • Spaze H
    Spaze H

    I have a feeling that kays small ass is getting his cheeks clapped

  • CTF WB
    CTF WB

    1:35 “I’m genuinely bummed out the way Tay-k’s situation ended up and seeing him rot away in jail for decades” I bet Adam wouldn’t being sayin that if it was HIS family who got shot by this loser.

  • CTF WB
    CTF WB

    Tay who???? Ohh yea Tay K.....that irreverent loser that everyone already forgot about....LOL

  • no

    The “worst” people are often some of the better people that just didn’t take their own advice

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Tyler Padgett
    Tyler Padgett

    Tay K is a fuck up just like Kodak... I promise you smh lol Nobody is spinning shit

  • Aborigines Indians Of America
    Aborigines Indians Of America

    I call bullshit

  • Elmir Gujic
    Elmir Gujic

    Do a interview with him!

  • PL Lyons
    PL Lyons

    "Wake up moody who gon die 2day? Shoot a fukboi in his mg face" -ty k

  • E3 Cinema
    E3 Cinema

    Seems everyone commenting has no insight on the case. HE WAS NOT THE SHOOTER. Get that through your heads, and a white cop in the same Tarrant County Judicial system just got 10 years for killing someone because she thought it was “her apartment”

  • The Boss
    The Boss

    Xxx was a good person everyone has regrets and I honestly think that’s not one of his cause I don’t think it happened like ppl think chicks can be crazy too

  • sAN sEE
    sAN sEE

    I don't give an ef about ole boy I'm just looking for the free-so-&-so comments...

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez

    Eh you were definitely shitting on ole boy

  • K Dub
    K Dub

    Don't play in the streets BOY if you don't want them consequences,just be a Rapper. The fuck you think happens when you kill and are present at multiple killings,cut your band off and do the dash. Dumbass kid Ain't beart the case and ain't won the race. Your fault shorty

  • djjlc

    You wasn’t a big fan of his music you was a fan of a murderer on the run that was about it! He’s trash you know it already

  • Daniel Phantom
    Daniel Phantom

    Check my music Out 🔥💯‼️❌🧢 uzload.info/fun/Yp-vl2nPlYWmp2A/video

  • Journal Wright
    Journal Wright

    Great advice: hit the law library and appeal.

  • Journal Wright
    Journal Wright

    Tay K rotting away in prison for the next couple decades? He's dying in prison. He should've did the race to the greatest law office in the state of Texas and gave up his ASCAP for his freedom instead of getting his ass capped by the jury.

  • Southwest med grow
    Southwest med grow

    Talk about being up on his balls man. homie do your own s*** and by your own s*** I mean your own music not this piece of s*** show

  • JV A1
    JV A1

    Why Blame Others When You The Reason Why You’re Locked Up Lol

  • Yarden Nagid
    Yarden Nagid

    Adam, a couple decades is putting it lightly he’s doing a 5 1/2 decades

  • Jack

    ̶F̶R̶E̶E̶ KEEP TAY-K 😂🖕

  • KillaBlackSheep

    u dont know what u talmbout. hes a kid, he made a bad decision that he'll pay for, but hes not a monster. his image matters for the american criminal justice system, it's how he's able to potentially reduce his sentence. which, should be the goal.

  • Matt Simpkins sb
    Matt Simpkins sb


  • Ecoboost Deesnuts
    Ecoboost Deesnuts

    Bro this happened when he was 16 years old! And they gave him 50 years! This shit ain’t right and you sound stupid Adam fukk u! Texas is corrupted

  • 47 Buddhists
    47 Buddhists

    Bruh I wish every big artist that said they’d pay his bond, kept quiet. Make his music not seem needed... that way they probably woulda gave em a bond or whatever it’s called, then boom. He woulda been out.

  • czrczrczr

    Ah man free tay k bra

  • Chris Ortiz
    Chris Ortiz

    Is trash music. And idiots who support it.

  • God

    Tay k’s neck in the thumbnail killed me😂

    • Jose Varela
      Jose Varela

      Hmm what's wrong with his necc fam? 🤔

  • Max Wehrle
    Max Wehrle

    Xxtentacion died innocent (just accused) so that works better for his image because he wasn't convicted and it's already a touchy subject now.

  • Max Wehrle
    Max Wehrle

    He will grow into those air forces eventually, the media or your team didn't make u rob someone or kill someone at Chick fil a. Reality will hit him in a cpl years when he will realize his life is over.

  • G underscore
    G underscore

    The first charge you spoke on he was sentenced for that

  • Now I'm Gonna Starve
    Now I'm Gonna Starve

    Adam this is not good content

  • Joel

    Has everyone forgotten that he has killed 2 people?

    • Joel

      @Robert Jenkins That is still one murder and the other one he was still involved in. He also severely beat up an old man for a few bucks. Also broke into a person's home.

    • Robert Jenkins
      Robert Jenkins


  • TheGreatHeisman

    I think the issue here is that Tay-K doesn't realize that his decision to participate in a robbery got someone killed.

  • Moon

    Fuck anybody that beat up & rob elders

  • Magic Conch Shell
    Magic Conch Shell

    Yall new niggas think this shit is new? Rappers been rapping what they live about. Did u white boys really think he was the first Lmao stick to ur Kanye west and Tyler the creator.

  • Bryan Green
    Bryan Green

    Tay k dum af aint nobody made u rob them old people and do all that clown shit u was running around doing

  • Jason Simmons
    Jason Simmons

    You don't think his label had him post the Race Video. He feels like Bobby smurda. Every one letting him Rot. Grown men should have gave him guidance. Like coaches do in the NCAA. Nope another Rapper used by the Rich to get Richer while Tay K sits and wonders where is my family. How many times have you written Tay K @Adam22

  • Granny Gums
    Granny Gums

    Imagine if cole Bennett went to film that video and got shot...

  • This World is now Controlled by SolReese
    This World is now Controlled by SolReese

    He is a fucking #loser Fuck his life He can rot with the shit he looks like

  • 816 Flakka
    816 Flakka

    Yea nigga cuz we wrote all yo songs bout you robbin n shootin at niggas right fam? Free TayK but thas yo own fault dummy

  • Thomsun OM
    Thomsun OM


  • Sidney Celeste
    Sidney Celeste

    Tay k was just young. Now he have to pay for his mistakes with his life. A terrible position to be in.

  • Reece Authentic
    Reece Authentic

    Fuck off Tay K you loser. And get the fuck off Twitter and enjoy your long term vacation in hell

  • you cant kill whats already dead 2
    you cant kill whats already dead 2

    i swear adam almost said something he wasn't supposed to say about X or am i the only one who caught that?

  • Britton Webb
    Britton Webb

    It’s not a accusation.. I live in Mansfield, I was friends with Ethan Walker the man they shot and killed. It wasn’t his house he was living with a friend who was also stabbed during the robbery. Tay K was and his goons would literally go to random party’s and jump people who did absolutely nothing. He’s a douche that carried a gun and a bitch who passed out while smoking a blunt. Should have robbed his ass when I had the chance

  • Mildrena Montaque
    Mildrena Montaque

    Honestly, that time hit his ass. Now he's thinking and that's all you can do in jail. I like his music, but he's a narcissist, he's more worried about his image than the lives he took. Just because he didn't pull the trigger he was a part of the plan.

  • Double L
    Double L

    how come a school shooter who killed over 5 students gets the chance of parole but there is Tay K that’s getting life.🤦‍♂️

  • Wes


  • Willie L
    Willie L

    Congrats on a Millie

  • Nathan Eyre
    Nathan Eyre

    Damn damn damn boi

  • sAN sEE
    sAN sEE

    Boosie was like “You cain’t be a gangstah and a rappah “

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice

    I wan 2 be just lie tayk wen i get oldir. Im only 8 yeers old tho? how odo i be like tayk ?

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice

    at 4:40 adam legit look like a real life bobble head for a minute

  • Rush Storm
    Rush Storm

    If there is no proof of him pulling the trigger with the group and he only was involved with the group I feel his sentence should be decreased Texas was a little harsh on him

  • SoundClout

    Tay K a fat lil bish

  • William Relyea
    William Relyea

    This boi said “ we gon be eatin’ good nooodlezz urrrday” IMMEDIATE L for the young boi!!! 💯

  • Yeezy Police 1⃣
    Yeezy Police 1⃣

    Adam... adam... adam.... what are you thinking?! You don’t be talking like this about tay-k? You gotta be nuts. He’s the type of dude you don’t wanna talk bad about even when they locked up. 😬 😳


    Tarrant County jail has tablets, it’s not an iPad. It’s like an Android with a paywall and lots of restrictions.

  • Coach Cowan
    Coach Cowan

    TAY K aint even getting out bruh.

  • UnNvited

    free tayk💙

  • lil_BirdNest GGG
    lil_BirdNest GGG

    Free him

  • Moses Maldonado
    Moses Maldonado

    What's up with ads on UZload, they've been pervy lately, like they're advertising sex lately.

  • Cosmic Symphony
    Cosmic Symphony

    1. Act like a hood. 2. Get caught. 3. Cry & fold during interrogation. 4. "It's everyone elses fault" DON'T FAKE THE FUNK PERRITOS.

  • Real Nigga Ruben
    Real Nigga Ruben

    Tay K makes kodak look smart

  • Real Nigga Ruben
    Real Nigga Ruben

    The race is such a cringe song

  • Caleb suterone .teo'theevilones' Mclean
    Caleb suterone .teo'theevilones' Mclean

    Fuck a Tay k 55.......smf...

  • Super Store
    Super Store

    55 years tho for not even killing sombody come on that is a little much 💯

  • fractal

    Tay k only has himself to blame she could have got out in 20 years but he was ignorant and didn't take the deal he needs to take responsibility no one made him make a song about his crimes our shoot is camera guy

  • Tony Johnson
    Tony Johnson

    Dude got more years then he has been living

  • Nredup 82
    Nredup 82

    Adam 22 do interview with him from jail lol

  • Bravo Quinn
    Bravo Quinn

    I understand what TayK did was wrong. He deserves a sentence. But 55 years is not reasonable what so ever. He's a fuckin kid. Who knows what he was going through, had been through, to even act out in that type away. He gon get out when he's around 70 years old. I'd rather die. He made dumb mistakes like every child does. He didn't have guidance. Jail is for rehabilitation as well as punishment but it seems like it only upholds the punishment part.

  • swag

    adam aint shit. He was acting like shit was cool when tay k was free now hes like o he gotta do the time o well smfh fake ass individual

  • Lindani Lushaba
    Lindani Lushaba

    Adam says “the next couple decades” as if the man was not sentenced to half a century in prison 😂😂

  • ::::::::::::::

    Fvk tayk

  • George

    It’s like MF doom said,” rap snitches telling all they business, sittin in court and be they own star witness”

    • Rj Eastland
      Rj Eastland


    • Tyler Padgett
      Tyler Padgett

      It's called Low iq lol Fucking dumbasses

    • Carter Ingram
      Carter Ingram

      sAN sEE fuck around n get the whole label sent up for years!

    • sAN sEE
      sAN sEE

      Yeah I'm right here!


      George og

  • Henry Kerns
    Henry Kerns

    Free tayk free pimpyz fuck da opps


    What r u talking on? Don't talk on tay k u a citch with your kkk shit

  • Alex Mendoza
    Alex Mendoza

    I'm glad this fool is locked up, I hope he never comes out

  • brisk YT
    brisk YT

    pimpyZ ain’t snitch on tay and Adam let’s be honest you don’t know shit about tay and the whole situation .

  • Wesley

    I liked some of his songs fr but you can’t just kill people lmao

  • Riley Senn
    Riley Senn

    His only “Star power” was the fact that he caught this case he made all the little kids his age think 😱 he’s actually reeeeeal yeah well look what and where that got him,Adam is absolutely right that it must be starting to hit him that he’s 18 years old and at least going to be locked up for longer then he’s even been alive and he’s obviously not liking that feeling and now probably just wants to be a good boy but guess what Adam is also right that he now has to do that hard part and that’s sit down do your time and whatever else you gotta do to survive in that environment (which I actually know personally having turned 17/18 and 19 in jail with adults) so he might just wanna be the good boy now but his little thug life has really just begun he’s got a lot of real tough years ahead of him where being the good boy is no longer useful. I’m not going to say good luck to tay k cause fuck him I will say this too all the youngsters that may read and watch this video realize even the toughest mf feels like shit as he goes to sleep alone at night in that cell I’ve heard grown men cry themselves to sleep after bad visits and calls I’ve watched men beat the fuck out of random people because they had a fucked up day I’ve heard grown men not bitches cry as they get raped by their cellies that shit is real and unless that sounds fun to you I’d slow down and dirt you’re doing. Life isn’t a race of speed it’s a longevity thing the one who last longest wins.

    • Oscar Lazzaroni
      Oscar Lazzaroni

      Riley Senn 🙏🙏💯

  • COOGi DAMN Lee
    COOGi DAMN Lee

    what's up with that inward stunt tho

  • Naruto So Naruto
    Naruto So Naruto

    Free tay k

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez

    Tay K is upset because the media made him look like a cold blooded killer. After looking through the facts Tay K IS A Cold blooded killer. Wtf did he want? Did he want the media to portray him as a great person? He done lost his fukin mind. Tay K FUK OUTTA HERE BRUH!

  • boon vito
    boon vito

    Naw nigga naw nigga naw

  • Procedure 7
    Procedure 7


  • Jim U.
    Jim U.

    Hows this 40-50 yr old caucasian man the authority on everything related to hip hop culture??? I dont know any other genre this kind of thing could happen in , this dudes a straight culture vulture. Shits really dissapointing im sick of this dude honestly.

    • Jim U.
      Jim U.

      @Makeu Upset Im not mad and your wrong.Also big black muscular thug, what the fuck are you talking about?? Sound like you got big muscular thugs on your mind or something. Has nothing to do with what I said.

    • Jim U.
      Jim U.

      @Yahweey How bout you shut the fuck up if thats all you got to say.

    • Yahweey

      Jim U. Shut the fuck up

  • Charlie Handsome
    Charlie Handsome

    Fuck him. You murder someone you get no symphony from me

  • Simp Down
    Simp Down

    Tay-K should’ve stuck to rap

  • yimnerr

    adam's watching Anthony Fantano videos on "does backlash gets to me." Nice

  • Arsenio Cubos
    Arsenio Cubos

    This dude played a key role in the murder of sum dude w kids wether or not he fired the gun is semi irrelevant a father is gone a child no longer has a dad bc of a robbery not tryna hate honestly I think I hate millennials especially from the suburbs I miss the days of less social media man I know that sounds dumb but I remember pre social media era shit I was 20 befor IG came out I really think we got dumber .

  • Lil Zitty
    Lil Zitty

    What’s with rappers and being like oops guys sorry didn’t mean to kill those people

  • tony745risk

    Can't even follow the no jumper Facebook, isn't possible.