Rappers Who Fell Off vs Rappers Who Are Blowing Up - Adam22 Reacts

  • Contrivance ISSIK
    Contrivance ISSIK

    I'm a huge X fan, I have his face tattooed on me and I agree with Adam that he blew up after he died so it is weird to be on the list but I definitely can say he made it

  • Contrivance ISSIK
    Contrivance ISSIK

    NLE fell off with his conspiracies and fucking making Shotta flow 50

  • Neeko o
    Neeko o

    RIP Juice

  • SkiesReport

    u 100% right. skies can blow up whenever he wants, i feel his upcoming project will do that

  • Diamond Dave
    Diamond Dave

    Did he fall of? No, but is he where he was before? No. Nigga that’s literally what falling off is 😂😂😂

  • Monk Killedababy
    Monk Killedababy

    You have the most retarded chat I've ever seen lol, some of the funniest try hard shit I've ever read.

  • Mason Stanford
    Mason Stanford

    Lil skies fell off fast af

  • Y.K.L Muhammad
    Y.K.L Muhammad

    6 months later & u only have 5k likes lol 1:14 #dontaialegend

  • Richard Ryan
    Richard Ryan

    Hmmm.... You missed 3 that are BLOWING Up and DOMINATING but only because they are Independent and NOT giving LAMESTREAM a piece of THEIR PIE... Ryan Upchurch Adam Calhoun Tom MacDonald...

  • RODley Pumpkins
    RODley Pumpkins

    Bunch of losers lol.

  • Pastademiks

    adam finna burn some fools fr

  • Vibrant Water
    Vibrant Water

    Og Maco is a legend and he doesn’t have a disease lol he got into a motorcycle accident

  • mxthegodd

    Ski will never fall off too talented. Plus, he's X main man.. you kinda guaranteed to be straight now.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Adam say every rapper just one song away from coming back ....no shit the fucking janitor at my job is one hit song away to

  • Steve Fulton
    Steve Fulton

    I’ve commented on every social media platform you have lol Ima put it out there u way better than vlad TV ADAM ADAM ADAM 22 22 22 fuck Christmas I just want to pay my hospital bills ✅✅✅🔥🔥🔥

  • Plex Global
    Plex Global

    After Pump is Splurge 💥‼️

  • Macaroni


  • Macaroni

    Why he do DONTAI like thay

  • Schwem Punk.Ass.Kid.
    Schwem Punk.Ass.Kid.

    I gotta new wave thang goin on over on my lil ass page. If u could give any of the 3 vids a view that would be greeeat *sips coffee* When i get the interview we gon set the record for number of woods blown on set #PAK

  • Quinn Marma
    Quinn Marma

    Ace hoods hardest shit to bump at the gym.. undefeated 2 harddd People don’t listen tho for sure

  • 1slowOBS

    Damn he really did dontai like that

  • Scr3wBlu3

    You fake af you didn't even mention Young Dolph & Key Glock they taking over the rap game finna shit on you and your whole agenda

  • Austin Turner
    Austin Turner

    Ace hoods bezel fell off on the red carpet lol

  • Freddy J
    Freddy J

    Dr. Big Dick is my favorite rapper!

  • Damani Mereday
    Damani Mereday

    Fetty Wap retired like......a year ago?? 💁💁💁 I mean I guesse he fell off but he stoped making music......also Ace hood had a lot of songs we all forgot he did fall off but he stayed half diped in for a good like 4 yearsish time

  • Mr haun
    Mr haun

    Like lil xan lmao

  • Gibraltar Young
    Gibraltar Young

    Rich homie u trippn his last album was🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ralph Lauren
    Ralph Lauren

    yachty fell off dont even fret bro. U only sayin that cuz u friends

  • David Murumbi
    David Murumbi

    How tf is blueface not on the falling off category? He's still living off one big hit with a shit load of remixes to keep it alive

  • TheMoneyMaker84

    🤣🤣🤣 dontaie

  • mahkiskîsikwa 1811
    mahkiskîsikwa 1811

    lil peep trash

  • Aarish Siddiqui
    Aarish Siddiqui

    Did u forget about ultimate by Denzel that was his breakthrough then he went a lil quiet then started consistently going back up again

  • Uglybrownboii _
    Uglybrownboii _

    Adam lowkey threw shade at dontia 🤣🤣

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson


  • Seth Morales
    Seth Morales

    Lil nas fell off already

  • Nitroh

    mainstream artists have some of the shittest names LMAO this is why i only fw underground artists that are super underrated

  • TheLovelyPotato

    Comethazine = best rapper *my personal opinion*

  • Nate

    Rap has been dead for years . It’s all Goofys

  • Joshua Paten
    Joshua Paten

    Adam I cant find a way to contact you I found some USB flash drives that has a lot of slaughterhouses old artists their paychecks their real name birthdays sensative info and I do t eant to share it with the world just you inbox me bruh

    • Joshua Paten
      Joshua Paten

      @install Gentoo sorry bruh not for sale..might be for trade but cash is of no interest..

    • install Gentoo
      install Gentoo

      Joshua Paten how much u want for that?


    Lol you said you scared yo dap OG MACO up😭😭

  • Jason Peterson
    Jason Peterson

    How does this channel not have 1 million subscribers yet?

  • Cory Scopis
    Cory Scopis

    adam believes in everybody that isn't named skinnyfromthe9

  • 痛みLost

    Need 22k Gets 100k

  • Donald Trump Gaming
    Donald Trump Gaming

    Fettywap isn't falling off he fell off

  • Elijah McGowan
    Elijah McGowan


  • nathan shirley
    nathan shirley

    Fuck he talking bout a graph do the number again 50 got 1 of the top 5 best album in hip hop ""BIG OLE FACTZ!!!!'"" "Play wid it if you want 2"........."get with it or get rolled over"............................and I repeat "I DO NOT FREE BASE COCAINE".

  • Papi Pito Loco
    Papi Pito Loco

    Ever since I see this nigga get his ass eaten I can't see him the same

  • Summer Schrader
    Summer Schrader

    put respect on dontais name

  • Treasures of Sin
    Treasures of Sin

    the bigger number of players in a game, the quicker most of the players will be falling off

  • Dr. Wolfenstein
    Dr. Wolfenstein

    Turban Surfin

  • Aluminum Falcon
    Aluminum Falcon


  • 612bois MN
    612bois MN

    I want dababy to fall off. All his shit the same. Every song has that one line “I’m the type of nigga”

  • StrangerOf The206
    StrangerOf The206

    Adam "won't promote his "friends" if it won't get him CLOUT" 22

    • juan rodriguez
      juan rodriguez

      Would you promote trash music at the expense of your own exposure exactly

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B

    Ace Hood is 🔥

  • Alejandro

    When he said he looks like a gecko I laughed so hard 😂😂😂

  • Michael Mathew
    Michael Mathew

    Honest fuck it

  • Static G
    Static G

    Adam ready to get up beat up for this video

  • Street Disciple Entertainment
    Street Disciple Entertainment

    Let’s not hide the fact that Adam22 had sex with Emalie Willis and Lena Nersesian he had the no jumper shorts on and everything I thought it was him but couldn’t tell until I seen the shorts and realized that they said no jumper

  • Orlando sandiford
    Orlando sandiford

    Ace hood feel off once his watch broke on live t.v

  • Chris Cardona
    Chris Cardona

    First it was Yachty, then Pump, and now Tecca

    • Lucro

      think you could give my song a listen tryna get sum feedback


    Bruh where’s indontai in the comment

  • Luminary

    Where my FNG Gang At?

  • 110% iLL
    110% iLL

    No you didn't call Dontai a Gecko

  • SnacPacZack

    Denzel curry been grindin since 2012

  • SnacPacZack

    Ace hood is still coming out with mixtapes

  • Toio 666
    Toio 666

    “He probably wanted to scream it out with each other and I forgot to call him back🤣

  • JoshGotBanned

    Tjay so overrated

  • IamI

    My question is why? These are people’s careers. Imagine ranking the best doctors off only one value. Like all must be good at one specific thing. I’m not angry. Just curious? Why does clout matter so much? Is a neurologist as important as the doctor next to him that studied in a different field. The simple fact they are bein talked about means they made it. Period.

  • Christian Camaraza
    Christian Camaraza

    Bloc Boy shit is bumping still ..

  • Christian Camaraza
    Christian Camaraza

    Bloc is hard af ? What lol

  • Add Name Here
    Add Name Here

    "Falloff" you never hear a white person say things like - oh you hear dave fell of because he only made $2 milllion dollars this year off his dividends from Apple stocks. He was doin it last year because he made $50 million just of the crypto currency. When MAINLY black musicians take time making a album or does somthing for money other than music or jus make a song thats not as good as the last they fell off. If they kill it they used ghost writers and or are in the illuminati. Stop tearing apart your own ppl

  • Jayy Skiee
    Jayy Skiee

    Hear my vary rare freestyle it’s a Classic ❣️🎸💦🏆 on Sam So UZload page 🦈💦💯🤩also hear my snippet on my page 🎥✨📈🏆🥇if you wanna hear sumn new✨✨ on some new mad wave shxxt☄️🔥 Adam 22 fans

  • oscar2K

    I swear Adam just doesn't know shit about music anymore

  • Adean

    wheres carti

  • Adrian Oguin
    Adrian Oguin

    I love you Adam but Juice Wrld is nooooot more talented then Posty

  • Nic Naranjo
    Nic Naranjo

    Adam22 is the truth!

  • Mario Vanegas
    Mario Vanegas

    Post Malone fell off

  • Towelie


  • Enrique Cortez
    Enrique Cortez


  • Alex Alt
    Alex Alt

    B.O.B's new banger----> uzload.info/fun/r5WKnpWy1nGKqmA/video He's up


    I know this does nothing but check it soundcloud.com/fucksky666/totherats/s-Ye0LX

  • NL8

    Yachts ain’t fall off


    Adam gives every one-hit wonder excuses for mediocrity would be a more apt title.


    That thumbnail got yo front lawn lookin seeded as fuck. Capping ass fool.

  • Jay Weezy
    Jay Weezy

    adam22 aka post meth been falling off. it’s like corporate niggas signed his bitch ass just to hv him fail or sum..... 🤔

  • Johny Bauer
    Johny Bauer

    Shoreline is gonna flop soon

  • Alex Alt
    Alex Alt

    B.O.B's new album is crazy. Went under the radar but it's good. Reminds me of biggie. Check it out people

  • Larkin Wilson
    Larkin Wilson

    "the same thing I said about Dababy I would say about Blueface"...... Dababy will be able to maintain because he has musical AND marketing talent. Blueface only has the marketing.

  • Pastademiks

    i like being able to reread my dumb comments from the stream lol thanks u adam

  • Zach Reeson
    Zach Reeson

    Ace Hood was on you’re lying

  • Gang gang Jj
    Gang gang Jj

    Lil xan😂

  • Jonathan Ward
    Jonathan Ward

    Ace hood- We Ball- 3 months ago- 1.9 million views. BETNetwork put out a video 5 days ago about Ace Hoods fitness regiment and shit- 1 million views. Ace Hood aint fall off. He just isnt an industry fuck.. Smh Ace hood makes more money in a month than Adam does in a yeat and he tryna say he fell off... Poo wittle Adam got shit all fucked up..

  • Jonathan Ward
    Jonathan Ward

    86k views and Adam saying people fell off... Mmmmkay..

  • Jonathan Ward
    Jonathan Ward

    Ace hood still fire he just doing his own thing he refused to sell out.. You see when he was with Khalid he had PLENTY of hits and when he decided to get off WTB nothing mainstream.. His soul was worth more than shekels..

  • AI Brainlet
    AI Brainlet

    You shouldnt promote people if you don't fuck with it. Then you wouldnt need to feel weird if its not as popular because no one is gonna have a straight upward trajectory. You put yourself in that spot dumbass, just don't be fake

  • Chad TV
    Chad TV

    Adam afraid to say all these dudes fell off

  • Fast Lyfe ENT 954
    Fast Lyfe ENT 954

    Adam do you really read all these comments lmao? If yes did u really manage jaseh?

    • Elle Mathews
      Elle Mathews

      He has commented on that before. No he didnt . He was asked by him , though. Adam didn't feel qualified .

  • NawfBoy 678
    NawfBoy 678


  • Scope

    What. Ace hood was fire back then

  • Cameron Vogtman
    Cameron Vogtman

    where is little pump on this list adam ?? you didnt put him in either category... why is that, u too close with him and worried about hurting his feelings?? but anyways... pump has super fallen off,

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