What I Regret about that Young Thug Interview

  • noah a
    noah a

    “If he don’t like you I hate you” - Young Thug

  • Pay Dro
    Pay Dro

    dancin the thin line of Coppin pleas n payin homage

  • Dujon Sharrer
    Dujon Sharrer

    I don't give a shit what thugger dresses like. the cover for Jeffery is hands down the dopest cover art I've ever seen!

  • Jack Mckay
    Jack Mckay

    juice def told thug to do the interview

  • Eduardo Cruz
    Eduardo Cruz

    Lurk22 xDD

  • GimmeDaLOOT 23
    GimmeDaLOOT 23

    Young thug is 1000000x more talented then Future sorry but he his ! And he wears a dress and still can go to the hood bro

  • stephane cha /motif_r /blackwood
    stephane cha /motif_r /blackwood

    I send deep respect to Thug, Dexter (he comes first ), our beloved Wrld......BUT WHY YOU ALL NEVER SEND ONE SIGN TO YOUR/OUR JUKE_F0OTWORK_GETO HOUSE CHICAGO PEOPLE? (THEY ARE THESE REALEST PPL THAT KIDS AND MUSICIANS SHOULD ALL LIKE. TEKLIFE CREW. GETO DJZ. DANCE MANIA artists............) I know why but please someone say loud why Chicago underground scene isnt on your medias....? Big love. Music. Calm down.

  • Carmyn Black
    Carmyn Black


  • Joey Coming
    Joey Coming

    Adam22 really strapped on cash doing a "what I regret about this interview" lmaoooooo so washed

  • Randy Gueringer
    Randy Gueringer

    Call thug lil randejo needs get signed YSL

  • Randy Gueringer
    Randy Gueringer

    Richard Gueringer my brother get ahold of him to talk to me because thug and I just needa have a conversation.

  • Randy Gueringer
    Randy Gueringer

    Thug put me in the studio because I’ll out think a thinker with a thought they couldn’t think of just by being more thoughtful. My heart pure.

  • Randy Gueringer
    Randy Gueringer

    I just wouldn’t even talk about wayne and him that’s between them not the world bruh.

  • Randy Gueringer
    Randy Gueringer

    Lil Randejo bout to go viral. Randy gonna be dumb rich.

  • Randy Gueringer
    Randy Gueringer

    I’ll let my nuts hang in a dress too. Thug needs to HMU imma tattoo YSL just because this interview specifically made me feel the same. Thug don’t like you my nigga you irrelevant to me.

  • Randy Gueringer
    Randy Gueringer

    Bruh I say some outlandish stuff but when your so comfortable with your sexuality people want others to feel uncomfortable because of the sexuality you have. People need to open they heart like this man did.

  • Randy Gueringer
    Randy Gueringer

    Adam if you see this let thug know he got mad love from Phoenix. He is so intelligent, his intellect comes from pain. That man done felt some pain in his life. 100% respect for thug.

  • Evaldas Klupsas
    Evaldas Klupsas

    we gon get it in lol

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D

    Adam knees were shaking hoping to get that Future dap

  • Rico

    ♐♐♐ juice Adam thugga

  • Damogul 00
    Damogul 00

    When he said “We gon get it in” it remind me of that scene from step brothers when brennen says “he looked at me in the eyes and said... let’s get it on”😂😂😂😂

  • Teelaire

    I thought your interview was quite good all things considered.

  • Mikeoloco

    Juice had big things coming rip


    So thug dressing like a girl is not gay Adam?

  • Kevin Grey
    Kevin Grey

    U should've asked him .. Why tf can't u just sit like a normal person nicca moving all around smh bogus bro ..😂😂



  • j light
    j light

    No jumper: "what adam22 regrets about the young thug interview"

  • Michael james
    Michael james

    that's y celebrities wear glasses no eye contact so don't care!!! 💯💯

  • Michael james
    Michael james

    u got take that opportunity and look at that and say yeah your doin something so roll wit it and get all them interviews

  • Ezeikel Jones
    Ezeikel Jones

    Vlad is much cooler

  • Destructodrip

    Slime Love All The Time

  • JAG GWR Ra
    JAG GWR Ra

    I give Adam22 kudos for holding his concentration and composure while interviewing Though in that altered state of mind It's hard to stay focused when you're speaking to someone who is making distracting movements and stammering. I gained respect for Adam22 after how he held it together

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Ur just corny man

  • Brian Teo
    Brian Teo

    Duke is like blood to him..

  • Emeka Duru II
    Emeka Duru II

    SLATT: slime love all the time

  • DANKboi

    You FANBOY’ed so hard when future walked in lol

  • Alex Urdinarrain
    Alex Urdinarrain

    The ending was awk asf lol. Thug rambled on and totally forgot he was talking ab and realized it and was like wtfff

  • The Mind of James
    The Mind of James

    Thug is smart. thugs knows that Adam has the youth audience. Also, it’s funny how Adam speaks as if he’s not the biggest rap podcast. He is. Adams cool.

  • Theodore Brooks
    Theodore Brooks

    How is it crazy for folks n em to the he gay if he wearing dresses I would u think that's normal 22 u trippin FOOL

  • Ben K
    Ben K

    He called himself a professional interviewer slash clout chaser😂

  • TrueBlueKing

    aint that a bitch. on YOU for curse, but not on the song. A.I. crazy aint it

  • Gloria Parrish
    Gloria Parrish

    Don't search on yahoo

  • Gingervitis

    Man he got real sad at the end wtf

  • ApeAk47


  • outherefilms

    Maybe Thug got that vibe that you were trying to wrap up like you said and felt like ok fuck this

  • Lzjd_1

    Nando’s is peng I work there myself 🤫😋

  • Stanton Morrison
    Stanton Morrison


  • Star Wars Fan
    Star Wars Fan

    This whole thing is pretty sad, you 35 years old man get a grip on life, u act like a lost little puppy. Act your age and u will get mature interviews.

  • R Brown
    R Brown

    Your a legend too adam22. You in the top 3 interviewer's bro

  • Indra Fransens
    Indra Fransens

    He was on tweak no doubt

  • Nairnup

    so basically you regret nothing

  • Shanay W
    Shanay W

    Mannn I love future 😂❤️

  • Big racksss
    Big racksss

    u gone get bigger n bigger interviews bro dont sweat it nigga

  • Big racksss
    Big racksss

    1mil otw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alejandro Sose
    Alejandro Sose

    How was I not subscribed already wtf ... my bad Adam

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas

    Adam describing the circumstances surrounding the interview reminds me of Fousey talking about Drake

  • Osiris Ase
    Osiris Ase

    Orange 7eleven lighter 🔥🔥

  • Thomas Sw6
    Thomas Sw6

    You’re such an L for not asking him about BARTER 6 GOAT PROJECT

  • H Ellis
    H Ellis

    Thug did big boy neighborhood. Seem like he coming out lil more.

  • lauren kay
    lauren kay

    adam i think u did a good job man


    Or he was high off them perks and couldn't stop moving .....

  • 36 Mob
    36 Mob

    When I saw the f me daddy on the thing I thought he was that fan that wants there favorite celebrity to f him. 😂

  • Meme Maker
    Meme Maker

    You regret not asking for a line of that nose candy.

  • Marshawn Lynch
    Marshawn Lynch

    The only thing you should regret about your Young Thug interview is your horrible sound quality. You would not be relevant without figures such as Young Thug. Try biting the hand that feeds you. How relevant is BMX again?

  • Xavier Williams
    Xavier Williams

    This dudes a culture vulture

  • DeeperThanThis

    What ever Thug high on..That shit had him tweakin at the end..Standing up and shit😂😂😂😂

  • Kyree

    He’s literally always with duke

  • Alex The GRAPE
    Alex The GRAPE

    Young thug is trash, and he's a fucking pussy. Real niggas know what I'm saying.

  • jackdaniels910 .Mukwa
    jackdaniels910 .Mukwa

    Even tho I feel molly can enhance conversations but would you really wanna meet thug off something instead of sober?

  • Manhattan Raised
    Manhattan Raised

    Who owns Taylor Swift masters? 😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Alex Etienne
    Alex Etienne

    Should’ve asked ab Uzi

  • Eddie baker
    Eddie baker

    Censors fuck then says bitch

  • Rsn eli 2.0
    Rsn eli 2.0

    S l a t t (Slime love all the time💕)

  • HighFe

    bloods say BLAT and he just changed it to SLATT thats how he came up with it.


    If Thug was sober he for sure wouldve turn down the interview, but he had that high state of mind where you feel like that's the moment to do shit.

  • Nugget D
    Nugget D

    You was too worried about your next question instead of just talking too him regular if you seen he like to talk about how smart he is, could of capitalized on it and you didn't realize thug seen that (this man not caring about what I'm saying) and his family a sensitive subject that's why it ended weird

  • Dom

    If futures knows some of the staff at CoolKicks on melrose I’m pretty sure future knows who you are

  • James King jr
    James King jr

    I love no jumper! We all love no jumper!

  • X-Ray Official
    X-Ray Official

    That ev re 20 mic🔥🔥

  • Crime Boss
    Crime Boss

    Nice look No jumper $$$$$$

  • Iam Invictus
    Iam Invictus

    His biggest regret was not asking him about his kendama progress

  • Dr MIAMI
    Dr MIAMI

    AdAm help me understand what the weird white guy be thinking

  • Seth Cavazos
    Seth Cavazos

    slatt means slime living all the time

  • Greg Hays
    Greg Hays

    Rope gang

  • allretti 1991
    allretti 1991

    Thug was meth, aderol or havin lean/heroin withdraws. 1 or the other


      allretti 1991 He was moving way too much

  • Ayria Helona
    Ayria Helona

    You need to get married and start a family.... You looking real suspect hanging around with young children

    • Uke

      How, this nigga being doing interviews before ppl even knew who he has, how does he look suspect what a dumb assumption

  • Santana Montana
    Santana Montana

    Hey 👋 wassup can you subscribe to channel I watch your videos Congrats for almost hitting 1M subs bro

  • jaynevafold

    Ssorry Llord Im Mmoney Eeducated 🐍💚Slime.

  • jaynevafold

    YSL is up next 🐍💯 the next big gang out of the A. Thug da 🐐💚💯

  • jaynevafold

    SLATT 🐍 Slime Love All The Time🐍💚

    • jaynevafold

      S/o thug da🐐💚

  • King Samuraii
    King Samuraii

    Slatt means Slime Love All The Time

  • Jake

    I cba to watch the videos ... what happened?

  • carlos trujillo
    carlos trujillo


  • Martin Luizaga
    Martin Luizaga

    Adam22's masterclass in journalism. I loved seeing you stand under this light man, great content!

  • Tom Dyer
    Tom Dyer

    And you should have asked about Rich Homie Quan

  • Tom Dyer
    Tom Dyer

    You fucked up by not asking about Spider. Deff Spider over the Taylor swift shit

  • Tythedon 1
    Tythedon 1

    Adam acts just like a girl swear down

  • Presto X
    Presto X

    Fuck me daddy Lil Nas 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anthony Orjally
    Anthony Orjally

    You should break down the x interview

  • The president pimp
    The president pimp

    Ill cashapp u if u dont like the song uzload.info/fun/oYSKppyqy5tkqpc/video