RIP Juice Wrld
i guess i gotta say something. RIP Juice Wrld one of the greatest to ever do it


  • Barry YT2009 Fruit Loops
    Barry YT2009 Fruit Loops


  • Justice Ann
    Justice Ann

    Listen my 4 year old LOVES juice wrld 💜🕊 he understands hes a legend, he understands HIS MUSIC, hes understanding WHAT his feelings are, and he understands juice is gone #LLJW all his own questioning because I listen to pretty much every single unreleased and released music, his music video for righteous really got my boy to ask what is happening at the end of the video and that is how i explained over time what happened and after many whys he totally understands now that he likes to tell his close family all about him 💙 hes making an impact like Tupac made for my generation we may not have been old enough to understand while he was out but his music still hits hard in the feels 🦋 my child like me just NEEDS to understand EVERYTHING lol hey this is real life im not gonna hide real shit from my kids my parents never did and im thankful for that #RIPJUICEWRLD always will be a legend 🙏 ps. I wouldn't just GO to my kid and say hey so and so lol no hes 4 HE showed interest and asked all the questions and I won't lie to my baby 💯

  • Dromppy

    2 days to go 🙁

  • Peaches Michaelson
    Peaches Michaelson

    Man it's almost been a year I still cry for jarad well jarad r I p u got me into music even rap witch I never thought I would like 999 forever

  • TheGhostRanger

    And it’s about to be a year later

  • Matthew Dillow
    Matthew Dillow

    He changed the game forever 💔 #LLJW

  • Novanity Insanity
    Novanity Insanity

    Rip juice

  • CyberFrager

    God is just picking the best of us just so they don't feel life's tortures

  • C Raw
    C Raw

    The passing of juice is still not sitting right with me

  • Rebecca Lebeck
    Rebecca Lebeck

    Damn, I think about Juice Wrld and play his music every single day still. I really, really try to get into the mindset of "celebrating his life instead of grieving his passing", but I'm honestly not there yet. All I'm certain of, is I'm so greatful for how he's enrichened my life with his music and spirit. RIP Juice

  • G minerr
    G minerr


  • Jxy MAIN
    Jxy MAIN

    all Juice WRLDs songs hit totally different now.

  • mikeetheekidd


  • resident1793

    2:03 he’s talking about this video

  • keepers

    juice always gonna be the goat

  • Shirt Flames
    Shirt Flames


  • Ammendz X
    Ammendz X

    9 months later....I find myself coming back to this video due to how early adam got the news, he had very little idea of what happened to juice so it brings me back to the time when i first saw the news and was numb...didnt think of what this shit really meant...999frv but this shit really over juice gone bro.

  • KADE

    Autograph on my line? Rip Juice #lljw 💜 🙏

  • perF3ct

    i was in jail when i read it on the tv in my cell, i randomly had a pencile and wrote rip juicee all over the cell. rip mah dawg

  • Lemon_L3x

    Who saw this on recommendation:(

  • naphz

    Long live juice. Miss ya every day

  • whatdoyoumeanbro

    Why did I cry when juice wrld died? I didn't even know him personally

  • IamReal

    Still doesn’t feel right

  • Juice Redd
    Juice Redd

    Adam it's autograph (on my line)

  • Lucy Stevens
    Lucy Stevens

    halo infinite

  • Cole World
    Cole World


  • Team Boost
    Team Boost

    7 months already😭

  • Finn

    Who's here just before the new album?

  • Irene Guevara
    Irene Guevara


  • Hanna Miller
    Hanna Miller

    so sad:(

  • Got Peanuts
    Got Peanuts

    to this day i’m still crying it’s long live juice till i die 🖤🕊

  • Davhy

    I miss juice

  • biju john
    biju john

    999 forever juice was a big inspiration for me #lljw

  • Matthew McLaughlin
    Matthew McLaughlin

    He will always be a part of us and we will always love juice for the music he gave us. Last thing he would want is for his death to derail our entire lives. All we can do is support each other and take the time to grieve long live Juice and 999 4L🖤

  • JustMxson

    I clicked on this video wondering if he put ads. He didn’t and that earns my respect

  • You can not see my pic
    You can not see my pic

    oh my gawd man everybody has lost somepeople stop crying

  • Mario

    I look back on this and im like, I get a rapper died. But he took drugs for Christ sake. Everyone accept me and my dad hardly felt anything. We saw it coming. Dont get me wrong i liked his songs but he just took drugs. It was highly expected

  • SamuelWilson615

    Love that dude so much. What he did and his music means so much to me. To this fucking day I will never forget what that kid did to me.

  • TheSmokedKoopa

    you know i think this event of Juice WRLD passing away started this whole hellish nightmare and reality of "2020 being the worst year" it really did bc after that was when corona became a thing couple weeks after that pop smoke died then Kobe and then quarantine i still cant believe he is gone going into May Rip Juice... 999 forever... for life

  • Nicholas Starcevic
    Nicholas Starcevic

    Still dosent feel real.

  • Owen Haa
    Owen Haa

    He told us not to call him a legend in his song, we called him a legend and he passed

  • Mr. Toe
    Mr. Toe

    First song since death. I’ve been crying since it came out

  • Liam Bradford
    Liam Bradford

    Who’s watching this in 2020 and can’t believe he’s still gone


    I'm going to be the next juice wrld

  • YouTube's #1 Commenter
    YouTube's #1 Commenter

    u takjed shit on ppl using these kids deaths for views but u do it too telling ppl to comment their memories n shit

    • Lil_Chungy

      How’s that the same thing?

  • sopressured

    a good friend of Mine put me on to his mid music in 2017 it was lucid dreams that he showed me and since then I never stopped listening to his music. He created music that made me feel like I have a friend in him. I make music myself and he inspired me so much without him I would’ve never released my shit. Rip the goat ily juice

  • Andrew Torgerson
    Andrew Torgerson


  • Zap Noxo
    Zap Noxo

    rest in peace J

  • happy!=sad!

    My parents hate my music cause of the language but I'm 21 years old so they cant do much

  • aaron stelmach
    aaron stelmach

    6:51 he was singing about it in fast... He literally said hes going through too much for a 19 or 20 year old, i wish more people could see an issue there

  • Rieley D
    Rieley D

    rip juice 🥺😭 miss you bro so much

  • main guy
    main guy

    yo i cant wait to go to heaven to see juice and x and see what music they have made up there RIP LEGENDS :(

  • The Mark Mayes
    The Mark Mayes

    There will never ever be another juice wrld and his songs are so different no one could ever replicate. All girls are the same especially he started a whole new wave

  • The Crowners
    The Crowners

    Juice WRLD died off of pills 😢 why he had to gooo he always talked about his problems in his songs and no one help him 💔

  • dee good
    dee good

    i still say hes my favorite rapper longlive bro

  • Synn Abyss
    Synn Abyss

    in wishing well he said if i keep taking these pills i wont be here i just told yall my secret its tearing me to pieces HE SAVED US BUT WE COULDNT SAVE HIM

  • arturo flores
    arturo flores

    man how i miss peep , x and juice wrld :(

  • Alexandria

    3 months today, still wish it was not true 💔9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣♾

  • mustard master
    mustard master

    Not dead in jail

  • Ross Compton
    Ross Compton

    Fuck... I cant remember the last time a youtube video made me tear up. I really wish I had got to actually see him in concert. I would pay anything. RIP juice.

  • Luke B
    Luke B

    Not even surprised when all he raps about is taking too many drugs to deal with his problems. Made great music but was looking for trouble and he found it.

  • favs Singh
    favs Singh

    Rip champ, world was blessed and fortunate to have you, at the same time unfortunate to lose you this early, hope you’ve obtained the peace.

  • AirHead1001

    I miss you everyday Juice. you were like my brother.. you always said the thoughts that were in my head. idk why you had to go bro. I hope you are watching over me smoking some blunts and relaxing forever bro. Rip goat🐐🙏🖤😪

  • Fresh ILZ
    Fresh ILZ

    Big respect to you Adam , I found juice wrld back in 2015 and he’s been my favourite rapper/singer since

  • Peter F.
    Peter F.

    😞 this the exception How do I move on ?

  • Rockout Ayoo
    Rockout Ayoo

    We're gonna make sure his name never dies.


    im so sad man all the legends seem to die out What the fuck is this 'bout?

  • Zave

    Still out here watching videos about juice... dont know what to do... :(

  • Beatz Rish
    Beatz Rish

    Can't imagine what his mom is going thru

  • Belafonte

    Smh ... Sad sad

  • sauce in a box
    sauce in a box

    Bro I'm hurt

  • berserk ツ
    berserk ツ

    We gotta protect lil skies and skimask

  • reversing_joker

    Who's gonna be the next juice

  • Curtys Footitt
    Curtys Footitt

    RIP Juice WRLD, 1 of a kind type of artist will go down in history fosho love 💯

  • Aron yacob
    Aron yacob

    Protect trippie, ski and lil uzi at all cost.

  • Richard Goodman
    Richard Goodman


  • Nuni Q02
    Nuni Q02

    The music video he is talking about is “Autograph”.

  • Austin Smit
    Austin Smit

    yo adam where'd you get that hoodie bro?

  • Dank Mheems
    Dank Mheems

    Remember he said what about the 27 year old club when we dying when we're 21. And he did die a week or so after turning 21. What a tragedy.

  • COZY Willis
    COZY Willis

    Check my channel out guys!! Just dropped a banger 3020!!🔥🔥🔥 like and subscribe lemme know what y’all think!!!

  • Carl Zombie
    Carl Zombie

    One Love Juice WRLD. It's been one month today.I still miss you my brother. You'll live forever through your music and in our hearts. ✌❤💯💯💯♠

  • Sir PK the Alpha Chad
    Sir PK the Alpha Chad

    Future killed juice with the drugs


    Message to the young depressed youth: The thing isn't to find what's making you so depressed it's about finding an escape from your down days and finding a hobby that helps you release all the emotions and music is really a good place to release it like if you wanna make your own music and write your feelings on your pen and paper you fucking do it Let that shit out And be around people who love you and listen to you and most importantly know that "thinking too much" isn't a thing Your mind is limitless and you can do anything you put your mind to I love you ❤️

  • Dark9rince Artist
    Dark9rince Artist I am underground artist if you would check me out

  • SB Skooly2
    SB Skooly2

    😣 Tell me how it sound thanks.

  • Rosalina Marez
    Rosalina Marez

    He was a one of a kind person & artist. His legacy was cut short it's so sad of course.

  • NamedYouTuber

    He had like a fucking year of success

  • Brenton Matheny
    Brenton Matheny

    For anyone wondering. Adam referenced “autograph on my line” by juicewrld. RIP

  • Monst_DeadSh0t

    i got into rap when i was 7 and im 11 now

  • Erick Gomez
    Erick Gomez

    Rest in paradise juice wrld. My condolences to all his family and friends. The biggest UZloadr Pewdiepie gave respects to juice in one of his latest videos. Respect 100. Long live juice and long live X

  • Niggie Piggie_123
    Niggie Piggie_123

    X wasn’t even good

  • Nicholas Lambert
    Nicholas Lambert

    Second video you’ve set off my Alexa

  • Colby Walters
    Colby Walters

    You know the truth adam

  • Nobody Knows
    Nobody Knows

    Such a loss of limitless talent, but also lost is the potential he had, the unfinished projects. Gone. Juice Wrld was a true masterpiece, a one of a kind precious young man. Rest in paradise baby boy.

  • Brandon Byers
    Brandon Byers

    Crazy to think how many hits Juice has with so few albums. I've heard a few musicians die in my lifetime but this just really sucks. He had a way with connecting with his audience through his music, makes you feel like he was your bro. Got me through a lot. so sad.

  • duMaurier

    isnt this dude name Lil Uzi? That drag queen who pretends to be straight..

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk

    life isnt fair adam

  • 2 stroke Smoke
    2 stroke Smoke

    Don’t do pills that’s we’re every one gets fuck up in every town every city there at least half the people doing em

  • 2 stroke Smoke
    2 stroke Smoke

    It was all girls the same was the first vid he had out if I’m not mistaken I remember wen it first came out

  • Ryan Haidar
    Ryan Haidar

    Shit who’s here after juice wrld died? 😢