RIP Hella Sketchy
He was a good kid. RIP Hella Sketchy

  • Ruslan KD
    Ruslan KD

    “My prayers to his family” I thought all the religion stuff was bull shit Adam? All fun and games til it hits the fan smh.

  • yungdesk

    rest in peace jacob, we miss you

  • Kamiyema

    oh fuck bruh I didnt know he died god damnit dud :/

  • Justin Nance
    Justin Nance

    rip my boy 😪

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac

    Ayy im tryna make something for peep juice and sketchy at least FUCK OPIOIDS

  • Leavve

    Bruv where the exposed vid at:(

  • Bird In reality
    Bird In reality

    Damn I ain’t know he died smh

  • wlrwilly

    Man this still makes me sad. Hella Sketchy Was One Of Favorites RIP Jacob🙏

  • Lil Dabbie 2
    Lil Dabbie 2

    Adman please if have any videos of him you haven't posted post them

  • Nicolas00

    🌹💞🙏🏾 rip , so sad bruh , i was just checking back his music i used to listen to , rip to him .

  • zayxx


  • Jester059

    To many people are dying of drug overdose it’s a huge problem especially in the music industry we gotta do something about it

  • Edgardo Casabuena
    Edgardo Casabuena

    what does the stupid do in the closet

  • I’m jay z not lazy
    I’m jay z not lazy

    Wtf I was just listening to on my way on soundcloud and then I searched him on UZload and I just found out he’s dead:(

  • I’m jay z not lazy
    I’m jay z not lazy

    No way

  • Shayla Carbone
    Shayla Carbone

    😭😭 it’s so sad. 🕊🥺

  • That Crack Head Under your bed
    That Crack Head Under your bed

    Fucking miss him still

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • This ISN’T Josiah
    This ISN’T Josiah

    Looking at all these replies, I’m noticing people usually only start talking shit after the artist dies

  • Julien PKsoul
    Julien PKsoul

    Rip 6ix9ine

    • Mister darkness Per
      Mister darkness Per

      屋久YAKUZA it’s hella sketchy vro lol 😂

  • JohnnyKilledYou YT
    JohnnyKilledYou YT

    Produced for TayK

  • R IV
    R IV

    These kids think doing drugs is cool until you wake up dead



  • Bryant Wulu
    Bryant Wulu



    rip hella sketchy🕊

  • john bawi
    john bawi

    He died on my birthday

  • john bawi
    john bawi


  • darko d
    darko d

    why is this dude recording in a jail cell

  • Robin Becker
    Robin Becker

    RIP hella sketchy

  • Nina Maldonado
    Nina Maldonado

    “I be movin fast but I’m dyin real slowly”

    • Florida Red Fishin'
      Florida Red Fishin'

      Shit at these ages they dying fast too

  • ScytheReaper

    Didnt know the guy, but maan, he was 18. So sad.😔

  • Militant 228
    Militant 228

    This generation glorifys the addicts way to much nothing cool about oxycodone its junkie shit.

  • TheWaySheGoes

    You really fucking suck as a person how’s it so shocking if you know it’s constantly happening learn to reach out to people instead of using them for fucking ad revenue like you did with prep and sketchy smh Adam you’ve changed so much over the past 2 years

  • Tobias

    rest in honor

  • Tha Anarchist
    Tha Anarchist

    Respect you Adam 💯

  • GonPsycho

    RIP Lil peep XXXTentacion Hella sketchy Juice Wrld

    • OwlDude 420
      OwlDude 420

      And King Steelo

    • cris a
      cris a

      Rip King Von now too :/

    • Florida Red Fishin'
      Florida Red Fishin'

      Dj Screw, Pimp C, Fat Pat

    • Pat

      Speaker knockerz

    • Idk Anymore
      Idk Anymore

      Chester Bennington

  • THC519

    Damn man . Rip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too young

  • B V
    B V

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes 💯

  • YannickFilms


  • John 43
    John 43


  • asotmGee

    What's sad is that I was somewhat familiar with Hella Sketchy before he died. I didn't start listening to his music until after he passed away, but the way I knew him before that was that he produced one of Face's EPs Playboy (Face is a Russian rapper). After Sketchy died, Face was left so heartbroken that he tweeted his condolences, devastated by the loss of someone he was close with. I regret not listening to Jacob's music before his tragic death, because the guy does have talent. However, the guy is now resting peacefully, and he will forever live on in the hearts of many people that love him.

  • jesusthecarguy

    Why am I just hearing this :(

  • fuckfederals0

    Кто тут после Фейса?

  • The Review Club
    The Review Club

    I never knew I thought he was still alive now I know why he wasn't posting on his Instagram 😱😥🙏🏼❤

  • Chris Moltisanti
    Chris Moltisanti

    Its hard to take this man seriously when he never actually calls these rappers out on their bs in person or on interviews, instead he eats the codeine drenched cereal with pump for some views.

  • Semiramis Bonaparte
    Semiramis Bonaparte


  • Mr and
    Mr and

    RIP lil peep

  • RawrRuby

    please be careful what you put in your body and how much! its a scary time RIP


    RIP very talented

  • Victor Cruz
    Victor Cruz

    Drop the hella sketchy exposed

  • David E
    David E

    rip hella sketchy but don't act like you fucked with his music you pump garbage soundclouds

  • jameslay44

    YOOOO please read this , I need to know who seen the video of somebody making a video of hella sketchy's death with idek how to describe it. It basically had all kinds of numbers and dates and even tweets and how long he was in a coma from some illuminati shit and it was a great video and now it's gone , that mf probably dead smh Edit : still cant find the video , it was seriously the deepest shit everything seemed to happen and all dates and times connected to his death

  • Mask

    You killed him.

  • 666than

    It’s sad to see another great young person in this world pass from abusing substances rip sketchy your in a better place now😔💜

  • 8BuckNasty8 h
    8BuckNasty8 h

    Like dont be scared to tell a 18 year old rapper to sit his junk ass down they can get treated like everyone else and if they dont stop quit giving them attention like dont nobody fuck with a junkie in the streets why you gone fuck with one in the studio

  • 8BuckNasty8 h
    8BuckNasty8 h

    Mane these kids out here stupid af and immature the people around um so star struck scared to bitch slap the silly ass lean cup out they hands even if they older just hoe ass niggas all around these rappers severe lack of big homies..Like yea bro drink six cups of lean your so lit fam!!Only reason I'm not a addict today is cause my big homies not fucking with me when I was on drugs or constantly staying on my ass about it..honestly I dont think they should let 17 year old children in the rap game until they mature and get lessons taught by peers before they get rich and think they grown and everyone condone the shit bunch of grown ass pussies

  • Gimme Jimmy
    Gimme Jimmy

    What the my friend listened to that guy

  • Dre Thomas
    Dre Thomas

    Addiction is tough. I’m dealing with a H addiction right now that’s kicking my ass

  • Thefreshprince ofbelair
    Thefreshprince ofbelair

    You still promote sipping you fake ass I'll catch you for peep and yams and sketchy

  • Alexandra Byrne
    Alexandra Byrne

    He died so young..



  • Alice Lilith
    Alice Lilith

    SHUT UP, you said you were good but as soon as he came one day fucked up in your store you just dumped him....and now where he is dead now you're coming with this shit pay attention blabla...same with boonks, you had to upload just for clout and entertaining the sad ” interview ” of him where he was completely fucked up, but that's just showing what kind of person you are, you don't give a fuck about anybody, just your clout and your views and you’re saying maybe I have should helped...but you are FAKE and not interested in the person itself...if you were, you wouldn't put the sad video of boonks out, he really tried hard, he was sober, he really tried hard, he obviously have mental illness problems an also drug abuse and the only thing that comes in your mind is to upload this video of him...RESPECT!!!And then when he( I hope not) dies you will be the FIRST person to make a video about books, and how sorry you feel about it and all this RIP-Shit, grandpa you are fake as fuck....back in the days the rappers used you for some clout, now YOU ARE USING them for clout and’re pathetic!!!

  • Yung Sleeves
    Yung Sleeves

    You killed him lol

  • Risky Hernandez
    Risky Hernandez


  • Risky Hernandez
    Risky Hernandez


  • Woozy

    These Soundcloud rappers need to stop popping pills and drinking lean most of them can’t even pass 20 it sucks to see them go out this way

  • Sketchy Soul
    Sketchy Soul

    R.I.P Hella sketchy💯🔥

  • Rune A.
    Rune A.

    Adam everyone you come in contact with dies.

  • Bright Campa
    Bright Campa

    Thank you Adam, what happened to loving ourselves?

  • Mr. Trap0
    Mr. Trap0

    Adam bro I’ll try stopping pills I’ll update you you can dm me on insta @ Trap_goo$e

  • GxneBøy

    R.I.p Hella Sketchy *FOLLOW ADAM*

  • Jay Weezy
    Jay Weezy

    adam22 aka post meth aka bitch nigga aka fk nigga



  • Playahswrld


  • Irome EAST
    Irome EAST

    What the fuck happend ??

  • EgoMobile

    Opioids are such a huge problem in America and fucked up to say but chemotherapy saved me from my perc addiction because I couldn’t meet my plug 🤥because you know my mom didn’t know lol but ye

  • Klerk 2012
    Klerk 2012

    I just Lund out he’s dead because of BlackySpeaks idk him but his songs must be lit

  • Monk Killedababy
    Monk Killedababy

    Guys, stop focusing on “don’t do drugs” It’s never saved a single life. This is coming from a recovering opiate addict. It’s really fucking useless to say that, because people who haven’t done drugs, simply don’t know the difference between the drugs or why you shouldn’t do them. It’s too generic. Just show support to those people who do drugs, so they can quit. You can’t stop people from getting sad. Sad people do drugs. So focus on those already struggling And if you need to get high, just be cautious. You can have fun and not get hurt... but if you notice any signs of addiction - TALK TO SOMEONE AND GET HELP. Do not hide it. Good luck, and stop shaming drug addicts. If you do; you’re part of the problem.

  • MoeDoesBattle Royale
    MoeDoesBattle Royale

    He made saran pack by tay k

    • Alejandro

      he produced it

  • ALEX

    R.I.P Hella Sketchy, he’s the Goat.

  • Matt Sharp
    Matt Sharp

    This is for sure me man all my friends have all left me behind and im left here alone on drugs and alcohol missing them all. #notworthit

    • draptor Banks
      draptor Banks

      Same it hurt so much, only lean and can make me soulless

    • Brak Fast
      Brak Fast

      Matt Sharp same here bro, same here.

  • Apex Shinøbi
    Apex Shinøbi

    Wowww this so crazy...bumping his shit just a few months ago then lowkey forgot about him...fuck man he didn’t have to go out like this😭😭RIP sketch bro

  • Art Sy
    Art Sy

    toe rogan

  • ill communicvtion
    ill communicvtion

    THIS IS THE REALEST SHIT YOUVE EVER SAID ADAM. And I know from experience he is speaking the STRAIGHT TRUTH. Please, please, PLEASE support you’re loved one that have addiction problems. Do not just figure that you’ll fuck with them when they get their shit together, be there for them. They DO NOT expect you to solve their problem for them. They don’t expect you to have long meaningful discussions with them every single day. All they need is for you to be there for them. Don’t throw your people away. Please, LOVE AN ADDICT.

  • jasmyne julienne
    jasmyne julienne

    Is it bad that I had no fucking clue who this kid was or even heard about him a little bit before he died?

  • Chris Shoaf
    Chris Shoaf

    Why no videos


    Damn I haven’t watched Adam in soo long then I look at his content then I’m like oh that’s why

  • Mint Mitch
    Mint Mitch

    He's got a cup of purple drank in almost every single one of his pictures..

    • jaydenw.

      Mint Mitch lol not one picture

  • Kilo

    pills aren’t only killing these young men. pills kill everyone it is american culture at this point

  • StihlHead_98

    Adam is washed up af. He’s an ex druggy con artists who knowing influences kids to do similar things and then always cry’s marter when they die, and the No Jumper content lately is absolutely terrible. There’s no original members in the vlogs and the interviews only get like 10-30K views. You’re on the way out Adam RIP

  • igod trilla
    igod trilla

    Its been a week Adam wya ?

  • steelokey

    bro i fuckin love you bro thank you for being such an inspirational supportive person, im on house arrest rn and with all these deaths recently its super depressing and i struggle with addiction in my family. you're honestly a good role model and a lot of people don't see passed your past.

  • Dave mckelvey
    Dave mckelvey

    Bunch of talentless sound cloud junkies and sluts

    • Joh66y

      Imagine having to talk down about the dead damn your life must be so pathetic 😂

  • Faye Smith
    Faye Smith

    When are you gonna make more vlogs dude you used to be so authentic now you don’t Even vlog anymore ..??🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    • PeaPool

      Not vloging makes him unauthentic? He is clearly busy

  • Wem Oz
    Wem Oz

    I didn’t know em but R.I.P Sketchy, we losing so many people maine and it’s sad but we gotta str8en our culture soon cause dis is horrible tu hear 👾💯‼️.

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside

    R.I.P Jacob 💖

  • Boogiefudge

    Rip sketchy sketch wit tha tiger skins

  • Xavier

    This nigga Adam upload schedule is bunz asf

  • Torrance Roc
    Torrance Roc

  • Jenny BK
    Jenny BK

    Adam you're the dude for the maturity and intelligence to tell these kids, they're gonna do what they gonna do but they need better influences man.