the El Toro 20 Stair is GONE
the legendary El Toro stair set is gone. today i discuss some of the history behind this spot and

  • teezy91 20
    teezy91 20

    RIP El Toro

  • Loadatat

    feel sorry for Chris Joslin not being able to properly land that treflip

  • Jay Muzquiz
    Jay Muzquiz

    There's a school over here in East Side San Jose with not one but 3 of these exact same staircases and they have never been attempted. The name of rhe school is Joseph George Middle School. One of the 3 staircases lands on soft grass for them BMX riders, and theres no security guard at all.

  • theseekerfour DSC
    theseekerfour DSC

    Didn’t they just make adjustments to it

  • Niko Kääpä
    Niko Kääpä

    30 years? Heath lipslid it in 1998 (The End, Birdhouse) and that is the first time this was documented as far as I know. And that's a little more than 20 years. Still a long time coming, I'm giving you that.

  • PossessedCuber

    It’s not gone they are renovating it

  • Brian Moore
    Brian Moore

    I kicked flipped ELTORO @adam22 and broke my ankle

  • Pheldon Shilatzke
    Pheldon Shilatzke


  • Teddy David
    Teddy David

    That sucks! They should have tore down the absolutely worthless school that teaches everything, except what you will actually need to know to have a good and successful and significant life and left the epic stairs...

  • kevin beecher
    kevin beecher


  • Cody Kelly
    Cody Kelly

    Melon22 internets busiest podcaster.

  • joblessalex

    Is it back yet?

  • Matt Zanoni
    Matt Zanoni

    rip el toro :(

  • Alan Perez
    Alan Perez

    I never got to make it to el toro 😭

  • Bryan Howell
    Bryan Howell

    I thought they where just redoing the concrete

  • Sam Reed
    Sam Reed

    Nope its the same rn.. It looks the same but there are some indentations before and after the stairs... not anymore now a gate

  • Chewy Bacca
    Chewy Bacca

    Dude RIP El Toro. The sickest clip i've seen is Ryan Decenzo trying to hardflip it, and really almost stuck it. I've seen that rail in person, and it's completely absurd to even ALMOST do it lol

  • Brayan 0_0
    Brayan 0_0

    When u live on el toro and watchin this looool

    • CronicYouth

      Yuuup, I live less than 50 yards from Cherry Park so I know the feels my dude.

  • Swrvv

    I've recently been digging deep into the old no jumper vlogs/ OSS Videos. It's crazy how successful Adam has become, it's like just yesterday he was vlogging with John Hicks in his crazy BMX meet ups. It also shocks me how many new fans of Adam don't even know how big he was in the BMX scene.

  • janaapun s
    janaapun s

    no it’s not

  • MSkR PhARO
    MSkR PhARO

    RIP Toro ..

  • Dillon Doan
    Dillon Doan

    That’s my school

  • El tomy
    El tomy

    *El toro skate* pls

  • Tyler Bartlett
    Tyler Bartlett

    There’s more stairs to the right side lmao just go on that one

  • Tyler Bartlett
    Tyler Bartlett

    That’s my high school lmao

  • Chris Maw
    Chris Maw

    Everyone it's not gone like the Carlsbad gap just new stairs stop crying

  • Cesar Ortiz
    Cesar Ortiz

    I go there, it was just remodeled

  • Mr. Cartoonist
    Mr. Cartoonist

    I walked up and down this damn staircase for 4 years and took it for granted rip

    • CronicYouth

      Only went for my senior year (07)

    • 4pfFlip

      Mr. Cartoonist I did for 2 😭

  • Rune A.
    Rune A.

    Love park and that big stairset in barcelona i'd say are bigger.

  • A Small Loan Of One Million Dollars
    A Small Loan Of One Million Dollars

    Hollywood high is quite iconic I think

  • Ky G
    Ky G


  • Nydnarb

    Adam looking like a fired cop

  • Brandon Rothwell
    Brandon Rothwell

    All I got to say is the guy who jumped off the roof and got the last trick on that stair set Legend I always said I would give 20% of my skateboarding skill just to have 10% of bike riding skills BMX is fucking sick shout out to Garrett Burns and the little devil team

  • Mike Brewer
    Mike Brewer

    he called that video clickbait and its his fucking video hahahahaha

  • Jordinho Charles
    Jordinho Charles

    R.I.P :(

  • Corvette_Jake

    Shit was a damn national monument!

  • Larrea MMA
    Larrea MMA

    Lol except the fact it’s still there and actually better than ever

  • Jose orozco
    Jose orozco

    Gap it

  • TwigzMso

    Scooter front flipped it 😯

  • swankHD

    I’m not even in the BMX or skate scene and knowing they’re changing el toro kinda hits home. Just like when they tore up the Carlsbad gap

  • Finn Singh
    Finn Singh

    bring back bmx content

  • BignattyBrubz hue
    BignattyBrubz hue

    Is there not a set exactly the same on the other side?

  • SombreroMaster

    Indian school ditches, ABQ..

  • William Gamboa games!!
    William Gamboa games!!

    That are rebuilding it it’s not gone it’s coming back

  • alt lasso
    alt lasso

    don nyugen/nuge ollie’s it early 2000’s which was the first trick down on it i think

  • Nick Wancho
    Nick Wancho

    they are putting it back in just re doing the steps

  • JgTV

    Doesn’t el toro have two stair sets

  • Foe

    Im pretty sure they're just rebuilding it though right?

  • Brian Breen
    Brian Breen

    No matter what they do, someone’s finna go down it in someway

    • Alex Schreiber
      Alex Schreiber

      Exactly, you can never stop skaters

  • James Thay
    James Thay

    even tho it was a scooter. gotta give props to the guy that backflipped it

  • Dirty Cletus Productions
    Dirty Cletus Productions


  • Corn Pop
    Corn Pop

    R.I.P El Torro

  • Tim S ts
    Tim S ts

    Dam who’s the snapper in the mustache no joke sorry Adam ,,lol

  • Buttery Skater
    Buttery Skater

    Hollywood 16 is pretty up there too.

  • Faris

    Jaws kick flip Indy was the gnarliest And that scouter kid who did a backflip

  • Faris

    It’s backkkkk

  • Mohammad Ahmed-Ali
    Mohammad Ahmed-Ali

    Forever remember Brandon's face

  • Mason Michael
    Mason Michael

    What about the scooter that backfliped it?

  • daburrito da
    daburrito da

    Lmao its back already

    • daburrito da
      daburrito da

      And its exactly the same

  • Majlo T
    Majlo T

    Dude this is no longer your platform, go hang out with that leany-ass kids on your podcast

  • Nyxie

    Lmao, graduated from this school in 2015

  • Nifi

    Hollywood High Would also be another popular spot

  • Nicholas Newman
    Nicholas Newman

    No dumbass they rebuilt it

  • panda bro
    panda bro

    Such a shame no one else will do el Toro 30 years and now ruin that just stupid

  • biggs _
    biggs _

    rip to the woodward mega to

  • Derf Gerps
    Derf Gerps

    Loved this

  • Sam

    "and i guesse the scooter world too" haha fuck outta here scoots

  • MangoSprite

    thank god they just put in stairs the other day

  • Kingofthegames


  • TRSPtv

    You don't even ride anymore old man what do you know and no they are not getting rid of it do some research

  • RUME

    Augie says you punch like a redheaded 3 year old girl.

  • Shitbag Heman
    Shitbag Heman

    Good thing I hard flipped it a couple times.

  • That one guy
    That one guy

    Magicarp is turning into a double set

  • xystumpy

    El Toro the most gnarly only behind the Lyon 25. Rip to both.

  • Dj LoS
    Dj LoS

    aye adam give my artist a listen your fuk with him lets get a bag Nite1080P

  • dizzy_days

    just search Ali Boulala Lyon, on youtube

  • Squidward Tennisballs
    Squidward Tennisballs

    @adam22 Poser, go back to posting soundcloud rapper of the week or whatever.

  • Lategod Dammit
    Lategod Dammit

    Adam looking like adolf22

  • Bogdan Afteni
    Bogdan Afteni

  • Bogdan Afteni
    Bogdan Afteni

    There’s a video in which I can see the actual suspension compressing


    Dylan is crazy.


    cool post homie.

  • Larry Mee
    Larry Mee

    CARLSBAD GAP! How could you forget that spot?

  • Jesusfishboy

    Damn. I live down the street from el toro in lake forest. Crazy adam 22 talking about it


    rip adam's beard.

  • H20

    Wtf like broo I haven’t even got the chance to skate the spot yet

  • Gregory Brown
    Gregory Brown

    React to the guy who hit the dirt of the roof of the school on a mtb

    • Gregory Brown
      Gregory Brown

      Lol just saw he reacted typical 😂

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith

    I guess we still have the lyon 25 stair 🤷‍♂️

    • CronicYouth

      With the cobblestone/pavers (w/e you wanna call them) at the bottom on Lyon, plus the fact that it's in FRANCE lets me state with confidence that it won't even get 5 - 10% of attempts that El Toro got...

  • R€L

    adam look like a neo nazi

  • Michael Rhodes
    Michael Rhodes

    I’d say Love Park was just as iconic as well as many others! But it still fucking sucks watching these legendary spots disappear!!! SMH🖕🏼🤬

  • Psyrecx

    His rear wheel off the roof made so much noise. I thought he either KO'd his rear suspension, hub, or back wheel.

  • NiCe_tRy I_WoNT_LiE
    NiCe_tRy I_WoNT_LiE

    @Garrett Ginner HAHAHA

  • iDoQuack

    the backflip was awesome down those stairs

  • Sheepsleepdeep

    They put the 20 back in! Only thing is now its skate stopped like Wilshire 15.

  • Aaron Ceravolo
    Aaron Ceravolo

    karls bad gap was on El toros level

  • Doctor Faustus
    Doctor Faustus

    Already being rebuilt.....

  • T Taylor
    T Taylor

    Dante Hutchinson backflipped it on a scooter

  • Mr S
    Mr S

    Adam “ the chomo “ 22

  • Kawawish Madrid
    Kawawish Madrid