my Aaron Carter Interview went Viral... What did I really think?
Aaron Carter came on the show and let loose. Check his interview here:

  • Dan Williamson
    Dan Williamson

    WTF bro

  • Kaykeybear

    “.....buying subs and followers is a monopoly” Nope....that’s NOT what monopoly means. Aaron Carter is a douche canoe.

  • Richard Robinson
    Richard Robinson

    Man it’s hard to believe nick carter could abuse this guy like wtf? He was a backstreet boy bro

  • Heliana Banes
    Heliana Banes

    It's not sort of an ethical problem, in my opinion, it quite a huge ethical problem. I def understand that it's good entertainment, but he is still a person and clearly something is wrong with him and he needs help not to be patronized on an interview only to be made fun of publicly afterwards. It sucks and if it was you, you wouldn't want people to take advantage of your mental health prpblems.

  • downtown gutter
    downtown gutter

    This is how rylee discovered yuri

  • downtown gutter
    downtown gutter

    This is how rylee discovered yuri

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh

    The boy is on meth. Typical meth behavior. He needs an intervention, he wont stop without help.

  • Thumbelina Nadya
    Thumbelina Nadya

    I found out aaron carter interview recently on global news youtube..he was so normal..down to earth and really well spoken..i feel sad when i watched him on your podcast..why dont you invite nick carter?

  • Maybach

    300k is viral ? kome on blood you kud do better

  • Jessica Girl
    Jessica Girl

    He's so astonished that the term troll is actually named after a troll... Like what??? Well yeah... That's the point genius

  • cherry 1785
    cherry 1785

    I really l appreciate you! I'm not @ all hating on Aaron,I feel sorry for him, I understand addiction & first hand I do.However,my opinion is that he def lives in his brothers shadow. He definitely does want attention.. but shit he is agervating tbh damn! Ok ☮️ but admit It's crazy as hell.. I was cringing@ all his issues&making up weird ass shit, he died for 3 days, is a black belt& just insane shit.So peace!

  • ZombieHands

    he was probably all Addied out.

  • Keri Lee
    Keri Lee

    Where in hell is said interview I have to see it

  • Colter The Ripper
    Colter The Ripper

    Obviously it went viral. It was an interview with Aaron. He's the biggest thing going right now. Check Google.

  • cynjim88

    The Kim K buying subs....I think or at least I took it as “Kim didn’t do it”....meaning someone on her team did it...such a manager

  • lola patrol
    lola patrol

    You let him insult you, man.

  • steven knuckles
    steven knuckles

    One treatment and it is a last line of treatment for this kind of tweakery = Electric Convulsive Shock Therapy and I am serious about it. ECT is not for everybody but I believe it is for people that are that deep into drugs like meth & having manic episodes and the medications just do not work anymore.

  • Mary Cook Moore
    Mary Cook Moore

    Wow this is was over a year ago and Aaron is the maybe even worse.

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M

    It’s crazy to see him like this. A lot of ppl liked him when I was younger

  • curtis pulliam
    curtis pulliam

    perfect ed sheeran

  • Christina Vandewarker
    Christina Vandewarker

    I really don't get why Adam is kinda trying to make excuses for AC 🤷 He's lied about almost everything in every interview he's done. He's a POS druggie who begs his so called "fans" for donos. Then he got drunk on live screaming about that he wants his fake ass chain back lmfao what a loser, sorry not sorry.

  • Lauren Deane
    Lauren Deane


  • tripl3 thr333
    tripl3 thr333

    I feel like Aaron killed his sister and dad with drugs

  • Natalie Moreno
    Natalie Moreno

    Lawd plz don't encourage him to do more face tats 🤣🤣

  • Amanda Boyens
    Amanda Boyens

    Love you and Lena!! :) #nojumper4life

    • Jessica Girl
      Jessica Girl


  • AC 777
    AC 777

    I think Adam was a bit cruel mental health issues are not entertainment leave the guy alone

  • Dre Don't leave us like that
    Dre Don't leave us like that

    If him and his bodyguards okayed the interview he's a adult

  • Soul Secrets
    Soul Secrets

    Mental illness full stop

  • yun weez
    yun weez

    we need a 2020 video

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey

    We love Yuri

  • Raisa Cherry
    Raisa Cherry

    He sucks! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bus Town BC
    Bus Town BC

    You just read the net worth and you dont know how to push back?? Maybe ask him about his net worth for a start lol...even though wiki is never accurate it gives you a starting point...

  • The duh ScRIP Shunn
    The duh ScRIP Shunn

    I think its bullshit on Adam's part. Your really shaming people with mental illness ??? And he will NEVER reach a level like Aaron Carter has. So jokes on you Jack !

  • Steelo ATL
    Steelo ATL

    He’s on meth in my opinion. He’s def tweaked or having a definite delusional crisis of some kind

  • Talia Jay
    Talia Jay

    He really wore than bronze ap. 10000% fake

  • Shiller Hiller
    Shiller Hiller

    He was so disrespectful-he thought he was being cool being a jerk but he looked like a tool


    I can feel a Aaron Carter & Tekashi69 collaboration on the way 😂🤣🤣

  • Brittany Lynn
    Brittany Lynn

    im with you 500 percent Adam, shit sounds wacky as fuck

  • Matt Hale
    Matt Hale

    4:44 he started givin 0 zero shits about what that dude was saying. Least that's what it looked like to me 😆

  • YungLoWkfrmtheDub

    that shit is not poppin😂

  • Daniel Rosic
    Daniel Rosic

    Adam, love your content, but please pronounce "etcetera" correctly, since you use that word so much! It's "ets" rather than "eks." Anyway not tryna be an asshole, keep doin what you do. Except that ;)

  • ro bijl
    ro bijl

    stop giving this guy attentions

  • Silent Majority
    Silent Majority

    BRITNEY is Laughing at him!!

  • Unkonv3ntional

    When he said he was a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt I wanted to headbutt my monitor. I know you weren't there to call him out, but I could tell how bad you wanted to at that point. I know 115 lb female 2 stripe white belts that would tie him in a knot.

  • Nathan Jedrej
    Nathan Jedrej

    This aaron carter chap reminds me of aldridge prior the hopeless liar, from viz comic.

  • William Spearshake
    William Spearshake

    Yuri is too sweet and innocent to realize that you can be HIGH AS FUCK on stimulants and still speak properly, and Aaron Carter was 100% high as fuck on speed or Meth for that interview AND the one where he almost slapped Adam. The one where he rolls up with his 40 year old clout-chasing girlfriend who looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter...I think that’s the only one where he wasn’t flying off something.

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott

    They're is always 3 sides to an argument, one side, the others side and the truth

  • Dizz Dizz
    Dizz Dizz

    Adam you hit it on the head... it’s drug induced mania. And I think it’s Adderal. I’m a recovering (hardcore) addict so hear me out lol.... Also fuck off “cocaine”... what coke head do you know that never gets up once for over an hour. Fousey “allowed” people to interview him and do documentaries because he was manic and thought that he had found the reason to life OF COURSE he wanted to be filmed. He was feeling better than he’d ever felt. That’s what mania is. As for Aaron... See, it happens with a lot of people.... where they convince themselves they aren’t a drug addict bc Dr. Feelgood gave him those drugs, and we found out that was true about him on the doctors as Adam said. He kept saying he was sober and then tested positive for like 20 drugs. The reason I think he’s on adderal is because a LOT of people, especially young boys who are millennials, were diagnosed with ADD or ADHD as kids, and I’m not saying it’s wrong.... but what I am saying is that those same boys, then grow up and if they’re drug addicts, even if they get off other pills, and even if they shouldn’t be taking anything mind altering (ESPECIALLY something that works instantly like a drug like adderal that you can abuse and use for a fix) they say, “but I’ve always had ADD”. The thing is, someone like him should be on a time release pill if he did have ADHD because clearly the uppers are either not agreeing with him (maybe he has another mental illness) or he’s abusing them. There IS the possibility that he’s mainly just manic, but I sincerely think he’s on adderal and that’s why he’s telling himself he’s sober. As for how much is his real, asshole personality though... who knows? Cause look, he is a child star, he very easily could be an asshole.... but NO ONE acts how he was acting when they’re just totally sane and sober. No one. As for his brother... he’s an admitted recovering drug and alcohol addict but he’s sober and like has a wife and kids and shit. Nick has even tried to help him get sober but then gave up when Aaron started being threatening to him and his family. Aaron is just manic and taking little things and letting his mind run wild. He’s not in the same reality we are. Cause people change, but he definitely used to be able to talk logically and make sense, even if he was a little odd. Look up an older interview of him. Also I’m sorry but I gotta say that if Adams friend here have friends who “switch from topic to topic” and act just like Aaron, that’s not “just their personality”. They’re either abusing an upper and you don’t know it, or, very possibly could have bipolar disorder or a manic disorder. Especially in LA where there are a lot of creative artists (bipolar is common in really creative people... just a fact). I’m not saying they need medication or whatever, but I’m saying like..... mania isn’t a personality trait. There’s a distinct difference between someone who’s talkative and maybe a little all over the place, and someone who’s literally manic like how Aaron was. Just FLYING from subject to subject and making little sense, paranoid, totally in a dream world.

  • bussa bus
    bussa bus

    Anyone hear this kid talk on the Lou Pearlman documentary, he's the only one denying he was molested and you can tell he's clearly lying. Truly a shame

  • Brian Kehinde
    Brian Kehinde

    Carter's in therapy for that fucked up gray matter of his, right? It ain't workin'.

  • Kung fu Benny
    Kung fu Benny

    The face tat is dumb but Adam is the last person that should be talking about facetats lol. And yes, I know it’s for peep but still

  • Tater TOT
    Tater TOT

    10:58 Just cause mainstream media does something doesn’t mean it’s ethical or right.

  • Josh C. Landers
    Josh C. Landers

    People want u to call him out on his bullshit. He's clearly a 100% sociopath and schizophrenic dbag. He's clearly pissed off and holding a grudge at 32 years old because he didn't get a free ride off his brother who DID work his off and because he was bullied. Who hasn't been bullied to some extent? This guy is always the victim. He never does anything wrong and it's everyone else's fault. He's insecure. He's not being honest with himself about EVERYTHING, not just drugs. U need to start calling these people out on this bullshit. U push back by asking questions to catch them in a lie.

  • lul lex
    lul lex

    He was disrespectful as hell coming on your podcast

  • lul lex
    lul lex

    Adam you honestly should’ve socked him up

  • max edwards
    max edwards

    I don’t think he’s a drug addict I just think he’s a compulsive liar and a narcissist.

  • Megan Conn
    Megan Conn

    I know you 2 are trying to level the banter but I 1000% disagree with most everything the kid with glasses said (I'm so sorry I don't know his name, not trying to be rude). To continue to enable his serious, blatantly obvious mental health issues by always offering an excuse like, you know people like that, maybe it's just his personality is not going to help him. It is going to further cripple him. Everyone needs to stop engaging with him, and I mean cut off ALL communication, and set a precedent that until he gets help no correspondence will be happening because no one can help Aaron want it. Only Aaron can make that decision. It's hard but there is nothing we can do but raise his rock bottom as opposed to hitting the very real rock bottom of death. We're gonna wish we took things like that face tattoo a little more seriously.

  • Diana vargas
    Diana vargas

    Nick was saying he didn’t think that KIM was behind that, maybe it was whoever runs her account

  • iwantme1234

    I must have been living under a rock. This is my first time watching this

  • Brooks Orlando
    Brooks Orlando

    I actually believe he wasn't using drugs (besides weed) in the podcast..what we saw is schizophrenia in the aftermath of drug use/past trauma

  • Dustin McCaulley
    Dustin McCaulley

    Yea I think. Forhead and maybe tip of the nose tat would be dope lmao fuck ya #greatguy

  • Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago
    Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago

    Aaron equals habitual liar.

  • Isaac Wismer
    Isaac Wismer

    But if Aaron's the biggest thing in music is adam not in music

  • Theresa Zackary
    Theresa Zackary

    Did he actually give you that chain? If so, did you sell it?

  • Homie Tokesalot
    Homie Tokesalot

    Yuri should start his own youtube channel.

  • Gata Andersen
    Gata Andersen

    I have been eyeing the I'm all about you video thumbnail for awhile, I actually remembered the song but AC is such a douche and vile person.He is alienating everyone including those who might enjoy his previous music as a kid. One thing for sure is he ain't no big artist now or before when he was a kid. He needs to get over himself! Too much drama from just one person, must be hell living with him.

  • Visual Imagery
    Visual Imagery

    Uri here commenting, it's my name also lol

  • matt keese
    matt keese

    This kid sounds good with Adam. Good chemistry

  • TheHookUP

    Im with o Boy talking next to you @Adam22 not Drugs its just how he is. he a good person . #MuchRespect @Arroncarter

  • Nick Patterson
    Nick Patterson

    We need vlad to interview him vlad don’t put up wit shit joe Rogan would have shut that shit down too

  • Ray Ramos
    Ray Ramos


  • Ray Ramos
    Ray Ramos


  • Braden Bart
    Braden Bart

    Meth Forshure

  • Christina Davies
    Christina Davies

    Not sure who dudebis sitting with Adam is nice. But he’s an idiot. 😬🤷🏼‍♀️He’s super incorrect with everything he says about Aaron not being high on something.

  • Spare Tire
    Spare Tire

    Who fucking cares.... there are a lot more important issues then a rich fukboy tweaker...

  • Joseph Bratcher
    Joseph Bratcher

    Of course it went viral.. people love to watch things burn... lol

  • William Foged
    William Foged

    No clue who he was untill you brought him on

  • magicVAMPIRE løver13
    magicVAMPIRE løver13

    Tell Aaron to get more tats on his face....he'll do it 🤭BET lmao

  • mush room
    mush room

    What did i really think cause im so fake and such a pussy i cant tell aaron carter to his face 😂

  • Leo Licursi
    Leo Licursi

    They should jail him..

  • Leo Licursi
    Leo Licursi

    Lying bastard

  • R0y89

    Duster gang all day!

  • maria gomez
    maria gomez

    So do you guys exploit people with mental health issues to get viewers? What was the entire point of his interview?

  • Tom G
    Tom G

    Maybe he’s seeking validation through fame like when he was a kid. Poor lad.

  • FLOJOtube

    @adam22 points out how he doesn’t know WHY Aaron Carter got his jaw busted.... WHY DIDNT YOU ASK HIM????? ADAM - The interviews you do ARENT INTERVIEWS... you’re TOO WORRIED about pushing the limits even a bit and hardly ever ask the questions that people want to hear.. ASK!!!!! What can go wrong??? The person DECLINES????

  • Marcus Cleghorne
    Marcus Cleghorne

    Its all about the he said she said bull sh*t! LOL

  • Marcus Cleghorne
    Marcus Cleghorne

    Cocaine is a helluva drug! Rick James.

  • Everyman Media
    Everyman Media

    Aaron Carter lied so many times 😂 if you watch the last couple interviews he tells totally different versions of stories.

  • El gran regreso del consejero Rojo'
    El gran regreso del consejero Rojo'

    Its like Amy Winehouse. everybody make fan and earn some money about someone who its about to die. are people blind? lack of love to help? Aaron carter has been under bulling since he was a kid. by everyone. till you help to kill him.

  • Don Dooley
    Don Dooley

    when he says hes the biggest thing, i think, he thinks he is justin bieber

  • EyJo Beats
    EyJo Beats

    you can't call someone sober when he could of done crack the night before or consumes meth on a daily bases it affects you even when you are not high.

  • Thomas Hovgaard
    Thomas Hovgaard

    Biggest thing in music? I cant name one song

  • Kia Orana
    Kia Orana

    Great video, it’s nice to hear your thoughts after the fact. I would be blown away interviewing him too. It would take a minute to digest let alone sift through what happened, not to mention your thoughts/feelings about it too. Out of this world. My hope is he seeks help.

  • WhatWillieThinks

    I feel like he wishes he was Justin Bieber

  • Melissa B
    Melissa B

    It was really great to hear Adam thought about the ethical implications of that interview. I thought he was just an asshole but no. I’m now a fan.

  • Turbo Flamez
    Turbo Flamez

    Please don't tell me it was Adam who told this clown he should do livestreaming!?

  • Jason Torrens
    Jason Torrens

    The dude is just an idiotic fucking tool. Don't waste sympathy on him.

  • mig selv
    mig selv

    Can anybody please send the link to the interview Aaron carter and Logan Paul? I can't find it so if someone could help please.👍👍

  • Janet R.
    Janet R.

    He’s the biggest thing on social media because of his behavior. He’s a asshole! I watched him on Marriage Bootcamp and he acted “normal”. He’s begging for donos (donations) on every video AND they’re sending him their allowances. He’s definitely a strange dude. Very arrogant and bitter.

  • Nikki L
    Nikki L

    Look up videos from him from a few years ago when he was sober. He is on drugs there is no way he is not.