Adam22 Online Poker Final Table! $5800 if I win!
I filmed myself running deep in a $55 tournament last weekend with my girlfriend Lena by my side. Check out the video and enjoy!
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    cashplayworld com

  • Mdot 254
    Mdot 254

    I miss the poker content bro!

  • Lil Scars
    Lil Scars

    I don’t have many followers otherwise the wrld would’ve heard of me by now

  • Lil Scars
    Lil Scars

    SoundCloud is in my insta bio

  • Lil Scars
    Lil Scars

    I’m a legend

  • Lil Scars
    Lil Scars

    I have a voice.. the wrld needs to hear it

  • Make it Raine
    Make it Raine

    adam plays pretty solid :)

  • Neekbooty

    Adam I know you been watching hella poker videos lmaoooo

  • Neekbooty

    Hype to see more people playing poker. Should be easy money the next few weeks. See you on blitz boiiiiii

  • Neekbooty

    Fuck ACR

  • Egg on Toast
    Egg on Toast

    I came for the boobs I stayed for the poker

  • Carson Blumke
    Carson Blumke

    Who poker site is this?

    • Manny

      Carson Blumke America’s cardroom

  • do or die
    do or die

    I thought I'm on pornhub right

  • Codeine Crazy
    Codeine Crazy

    That darren dude adam is a pro poker player look him up

  • Kyle t
    Kyle t

    Come play on pokerbros

  • D Ansari
    D Ansari

    FYI: "Darren," Darrenelias at 32:19 is one of the best tournament poker players in the world. You can google him. You should consider invest in a HUD if you play regularly. Its only a couple hundred bucks and tracks all the stats of the players at your table.

  • D Ansari
    D Ansari

    Another tip that from watching the video it seems you havent picked up on is if someone has less than 15-17 bbs and the open rather than shove they have an extremely strong hand. Like KK+ maybe QQ+

  • D Ansari
    D Ansari

    When you 3b at shallower stack depth you wanna use a smaller size to give the appearance that you could still fold to an all in. When you put in over 1/3 your opponents stack you can no longer 3b fold bc you are getting 2:1 if he shoves and any reasonable hand will be a call vs a shoving range of JJ+ and AK or AQ+.

  • D Ansari
    D Ansari

    If you want any easy way to make big improvements to your tournament game download a push fold chart. Just google, "push fold chart or nash push fold chart." It will break down what hands you should call w and shove w based on position and big blinds remaining. Should help you gain a lot of EV.

  • David Humphries
    David Humphries

    bro never heard of your channel. i watch alot of poker and your poker vids got recommended. ill def check u out on twitter.

  • hm?

    imagine using your fork like lena does

  • Alex Lloyd
    Alex Lloyd

    UZload nikki bine condo

  • The Legend Of Jballa
    The Legend Of Jballa

    You have terrible luck with pocket Q's

  • Tim Shaw
    Tim Shaw

    I came for the titties and was shown no titties, sigh. Good score though, I guess.....

  • Tod Tad
    Tod Tad

    Yeaaah time for high class threesome escort

  • Dimitri

    @49:15 "Not that I would ever have any sort of assumptions about anyone because of their ethnicity ever" well said Adam we are all equal

  • JoJoM92

    I have no clue what's going on but it's interesting.

  • tom swider
    tom swider

    Good fold with the Jacks. Let’s get some more poker content! This was awesome

  • michael Lourens
    michael Lourens

    What website is this ?

  • FrankenThingYax

    last time i played on AC i was getting totally cold decked. so i kept folding for what felt like a long time. i was short stacked and desperately needed to double up. then bam, pocket A's. so im like hell yeah ship it. but before i can act the game freezes just long enough to fold my hand. wtf. not that i think one hand is the difference to wining the tournament or making the final table. but the timing just felt awful suspicious like. And if you do win a tournament good luck cashing out. they purposely make it difficult.

  • TheGrind3r X
    TheGrind3r X

    Why was I unsubscribe from the page? I’ve always been a sub... weird

  • Dale Pease
    Dale Pease

    Love these poker videos 👍🏻

  • J Madden
    J Madden

    ACE KING, ugh, the Anna Kournikova hand. The hand where you're insanely good looking, also being very talented at your craft, end up being ranked in the top 10 alive for most of your career, won multiple Grand Slam Titles in Doubles, Then you married Enrique Iglesias, had multiple beautiful babies. Yeah , Anna Kournikova hand is not bad, neither is Ace King. I'll take AK any day lol.


    nice fold with the jacks mate. but that also reminds you that there's still a big percent of gamble in poker :)

  • poker bruh
    poker bruh

    "I got all in AK v 44 and my AK didn't hold up" bruh you can't "hold" if you're not ahead...Good Luck!

  • Deshaun Woods
    Deshaun Woods

    I’m playing live on a cash game with U we chopped with a 10s lol

  • Shady Pyramid Inc.
    Shady Pyramid Inc.

    come play @ pokerstars

  • El Joey
    El Joey

    All right, if I'm going to be honest in this comment I will start off on a positive note. Overall when it comes to the whole video I rather did enjoy it was entertaining. With that being said I do have to point out that I agree with the very first comment I saw that didn't require me to scroll down through to find about the thumbnail you used for this video. Adam, come on dawg, Bro you've provided enough quality content to not have to bring yourself down and use clickbait like thumbnails like these bulshit fake prank UZload content channels. With that being said regarding the actual content of this video there's a few questions I have and suggestions I have if you decide to upload another video of playing online poker. For starters explain how many people are in the tournament, with the initial buying was, what the grand prize total will be at the final table and runner-up winnings, and how many times exactly you did buy in because it seemed like it was a few times. Also if you're going to show a few steps in the process of a hand let it play out to watch instead of a jump-cut to the next hand. In conclusion which I highly doubt you're going to read anyways, as far as that final hand goes I have the same mindset word for word thought for thought as you did. You lost on a good hand so it's not like he beat you rather than you lost to him. Anyways thanks for the video that entertain me for almost an hour during this fucking miserable quarantine we're all going through.

  • Cody John Arnold
    Cody John Arnold

    lol i knocked you out the other day

  • Farah

    Just wondering: if y’all don’t believe in God what do you believe in? I genuinely wanna hear what your guys’ beliefs are maybe on the next Q&A or podcast? I always find it interesting to hear what other people’s take on life is.

    • AholicKnight

      money and hoes

  • Frank Sab
    Frank Sab

    Adam the type of guy to say anything just to get a quick buck I mean check out this Snapchat news page. I respected you but you can accept both my left and right nut 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ronnie 5151
    Ronnie 5151

    I love how Adams avatar looks exactly like the leader of north Korea lol

  • xxplosive

    Kerp it coming Adam, great commentary

  • Long live CA
    Long live CA

    Actually decent plays given that you are still new at the game, but you have to learn correct bet sizing pre and post flop instead of just shoving everytime

    • Long live CA
      Long live CA

      @influentialdetour seems like it

    • influentialdetour

      Long live CA he is not new

  • Aussie


  • Da Visionairy
    Da Visionairy

    What website or app can you play poker for real cash

  • Chad Mourawed
    Chad Mourawed

    What site is this? Anyone know?

  • detroit red wings
    detroit red wings

    ACR is a joke.

  • Marzena Wawozny
    Marzena Wawozny

    had no idea you were into POKER . im playing on ignition casino . $15 evyday at 7:15pm GTD 18,888 usually goes to between 35-45k wit around 6k up top .

  • UhhKeanan

    I don’t know shit about poker but I’m gonna watch this anyways 😂

  • Squid Six-Nine
    Squid Six-Nine

    I’m sorry Adam, but there were some dumb moves here buddy.

  • Hector Rojas
    Hector Rojas

    Who else got clickbated hard asf to?!?!

  • kev docks
    kev docks

    Gambling is bad

  • K Bux
    K Bux

    Online poker is so stressful, addictive, and time consuming.

  • Christian B
    Christian B

    What poker site?

  • Southside Royal
    Southside Royal

    ChipRobber84 somebody send me something had a bad run 😷

  • Liam Browne
    Liam Browne

    Do more poker vids!! this is fire

  • Frenzy Guy
    Frenzy Guy

    Is it better than GlobalPoker? GlobalPoker is rigged in a way, majority of the time I go all in with pocket pair, I lose to an Ace on a river from someone that have more chips than me

    • Frenzy Guy
      Frenzy Guy

      bang bang I been playing poker for about 2 to 3 years now and GlobalPoker for 1 year, I know not to go all in with a pocket pair of JJ in GlobalPoker, but I have no choice because someone that have a lot more chips than me go all in with something like a Q7 and win everything on a flop or river, let face it, people with less chips near the end of the tournament should already call it a lost unless they get lucky with their pocket pair in GlobalPoker, I won some money also, but it not going to change my opinion about it being somewhat rigged

    • bang bang
      bang bang

      no poker sites are rigged, what are you talking about? lol

  • Welven Da Great
    Welven Da Great

    Isnt pokerstars banned in the us?

  • Johnny059er

    I’m Quite surprised, you actually know the game well...

  • Tanner Taylor
    Tanner Taylor

    I’m pretty bad at poker but like, most these plays were fucking terrible lol

  • Friend Built
    Friend Built

    Damn I didn’t know you played cards now I’m a bigger fan. I’m upinsmoke303 in America’s card room. I like betonlie better

  • Mohammed Farid
    Mohammed Farid

    Going all in every hand. Nice!

  • Gabriel Flores
    Gabriel Flores

    Not a bad jam with AQs Nice content

  • Alex Kejmar
    Alex Kejmar

    I would of folded the J's to bra

  • Ryan Oberle
    Ryan Oberle

    i love watching the sun rise and sun set in this video LOL

  • royce wells
    royce wells

    37:40 that shit hurt me 😧

  • royce wells
    royce wells

    37:40 that shit hurt me 😧

  • Ricardo Martinez
    Ricardo Martinez

    Im not going to lie adam...when i clicked on the video i expected you to not know anything about poker.i was wrong mad props..awsome to see people play this site. You need some plo in here to man..

    • Ricardo Martinez
      Ricardo Martinez

      Americas card room

    • Ricardo Martinez
      Ricardo Martinez

      @adam22 its a fun fun game bro once i went plo i never went back..i play cash games. not sure how tournament plo plays. But i enjoy watching the plo rathole on acr. My name is pottheflop on acr.

    • adam22

      I gotta learn plo!

  • insolent

    Am I allowed to play for real money on this app if I live in Cali?

    • adam22

      Yup just use code nojumper

  • Ron Williams
    Ron Williams

    You made the right move... that was THE spot.

  • brandon smith
    brandon smith

    can’t mess with zenchen...

  • LAZ E
    LAZ E

    GG bro great runs. Well played. AQ is for sure fine to be getting it in with HU

  • LAZ E
    LAZ E

    Good run in the 215. Unlucky to run into ak gg. You play good bro. Good consistent logical decisions is the 🔑 to 📈

  • LAZ E
    LAZ E

    Sub 30bb with queens is 100% a shove pre homie. Unlucky run out.

  • LAZ E
    LAZ E

    Should always be shoving kk there lol nhnh

  • LAZ E
    LAZ E

    Should be 5 bet jamming the AK v the queens. As played you can fold flop to that bet

  • Brandon Cosme
    Brandon Cosme


  • LAZ E
    LAZ E

    Good fold w the 44. Easy fold for 20+bb shove from those positions

  • LAZ E
    LAZ E

    Jacks might be too good to fold there. First two players in only have 10bb. Guy can easily be iso shoving 66+ AJ suited+

  • LAZ E
    LAZ E

    The hand where you have AQos Your open is good. 3 off 33bb from btn is generally gonna be value heavy (you have a lot of chips to call 3 bets so at his stack size he is not incentivized to attack your opens) plus I’d imagine since you’ve mostly showed down aces he doesn’t have reason to believe you’re playing insanely loose all of a sudden. You could 4 bet shove AQ but if you are it’s as a re steal. Best case scenario when he calls is he has 10s or jacks. Imo flat is fine but oop (out of position) you’re gonna end up check folding a lot of flops. To balance flatting w aq you’ll have to flat aces and kings at some frequency to make sure you aren’t face up and easily exploitable in 3bet pots when oop. Love the poker runs bro! 📈

  • Scott Patterson
    Scott Patterson

    Good fold with the Jacks. Correct play in that situ.

  • Drew Cooper
    Drew Cooper

    15:00 that fold was the best move for the situation. Most GTO play

  • 7___k

    I would’ve bluffed too since he could’ve been watching

  • vlogginbert

    what site is he using?

  • Bork_on_my_spork

    My chips are on the baby

  • Skirt Skrtt
    Skirt Skrtt

    start a poker channel Adam

  • Ben Thomasson
    Ben Thomasson

    Can someone please tell me what platform is safe to play online poker?!

  • TonyFX

    the amount of ace pairs you got makes me realize just how shitty my luck really is

    • adam22

      It’s like 8 hours of footage 6 tabling compressed down to 50 minutes.

  • MAG09

    Bro could you please put you face cam in another position and the sound cloud thing as well. Its nice to see what position you're in and how many people are left. Thanks bro,

  • drewie123

    Easy fold with the jacks.

  • My uncle Touches me
    My uncle Touches me

    I’m glad you switched to ACR!!!

  • Joaquin Campos
    Joaquin Campos

    I actually love this content

  • TooSekc

    Saying “one time” every time sorta goes against the phrase 😂😂 love the poker vids though, keep up the work

  • Ohio State Cavs
    Ohio State Cavs

    You got money to blow buttttt Adam you go all in entirely to much when you have a nice stack of chips. You played too loose with A9, and your small pairs when you could have just called the raise to see what happens and could easily just fold and lose a small amount of chips. When you folded the JACKS i couldn't believe it after you called many other all ins with a worse hand. Just Slow down a little bit and good luck. You should get some lessons for real from one of your poker buddies that makes real money doing it....You have common sense so it would be easy learn so much in a short amount of time... Good luck!

  • Piazzo32

    you gonna talk about Chynna?

  • Pacreincarn8ed

    Bro what website is this been looking for real money poker online in America for ever

  • Duck_Poppa

    You can now click your chip stack and they added the BIG BLIND option. If you like that better

  • Dr J
    Dr J

    That boy went all in on pocket 2 😭🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Dr J
      Dr J

      Pez high risk high reward type of deal

    • Pez

      With his stack size and in this tourney, not a bad play

  • Liq

    Adam don’t know dick about poker