Da Baby Beats & Humiliates Hater at the LV Store - Adam22 Reacts
Da Baby got into a hilarious and viral incident at the mall and it was all captured on Instagram. I take a look at the footage and give my opinion. Enjoy!

  • Reagan Black
    Reagan Black

    They added this shit into a music video DaBaby made lmfaooo

  • Biggerbadderbabes

    What the hell DID happen in that like 10 second gap where dude ended up on the ground with his pants down? Does his security team purposely go around trying to rip the pants off DaBaby's Enemies !?!?

  • KD

    Adam wtf you doin?????

  • Kendal Stroble
    Kendal Stroble

    Yeah to be fair he doesn’t look like he got his ass beat at all

  • Maulana Harrod
    Maulana Harrod

    As I’m rolling up my blunt😂

  • lee hightshoe
    lee hightshoe

    What's the Beat in the background???

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill

    DaBaby interview ?

  • Ebonie Latisha
    Ebonie Latisha

    Damn He obsessed wit Dababy

  • ChuCho The Ace
    ChuCho The Ace

    Summary: Cam talks shit to Dababy, says to dababy (beside him) while he’s live on insta that dababy is acting tough but won’t fight, Cam moves further in the store and closer to store management, Cam throws a punch at Dababy, Cam wakes up bloody on the ground without his pants on outside Louis v. Dababy stands over Cam and mocks him. Cam goes on social media to tell the world Dababy and his crew don’t hit hard enough and he’s still “pretty” then says he has no problems with Dababy and he wishes him well. Cam goes back to Louis v surrounded with security on social media and taunts Dababy, Cam goes on social media again to call Dababy a cop.. somehow lots of ppl decide to follow this guy on instagram? 😂😂😂

  • J&C 1477
    J&C 1477

    He just got humiliated lol

  • Niko. exe
    Niko. exe

    Yall fuking posers. Even when you get a photo or make a video I see ppl start acting not like themselves. thats not real. This guy deserved to be kicked. He was with pants down and now acting like a big fish with all that fake attitude.

  • Lol Sofake
    Lol Sofake

    Stop smoking

  • Joonas Hannila
    Joonas Hannila

    I like Baby. Now, I very rarely like any of these new so called "rappers" but I like how Baby stands his ground. And to be fair, that other guy was the big mouth here, and even threw the first punch.

  • Connor Wacker
    Connor Wacker

    "Beating the breaks" ima use that😂

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia

    Adam's eyes looked like fucking tomatoes 😂

  • Warren Gore_The Goriest Gamecat
    Warren Gore_The Goriest Gamecat

    Shoutout North Carolina!! And thank God for Dababy and j Cole cuz all we had before was Petey Pablo

  • drunkgorilla

    Whys everybody Lil these days?

  • butifly

    one thing that guy was really scared before his hit, and he hitted like a rat

  • Justo Chinchilla
    Justo Chinchilla

    Everyone is hard till real shit pop off. Don't forget, pop off when it's real. #littlekidshit

  • bob smith
    bob smith

    Adam don't front like you weren't DYING TO GO TO RUPAUL DRAG-CON

  • El Dios
    El Dios

    Hahahahah how his pants come offf 😂😂😂

  • Thomas.Collica

    That nigga dead ass recoded that shit before he went into the store 😂😂

  • Bryce Akwo
    Bryce Akwo

    Nigga said 2 niggas jumped him but he cappin cause if u look closely dababys Homie was carrying his bag and his jewellery and stuff ,he was wearing a white basketball jersey

  • Riley Abercrombie
    Riley Abercrombie

    The guy he killed in Walmart tried to snatch the chain and I think the gun was legal but I do get what he was saying about poppin the guy idk interesting

  • D'MYA b
    D'MYA b

    1:36 adams like fuck the vid lets spark a wood lmaooooo

  • D'MYA b
    D'MYA b

    lol naw dababy did get hella hits and kicks in then the crew finished it off while dababy was clowning and shit i was there shit was hilarious

  • quianna smith
    quianna smith

    Is this dude no jumper?

  • GBRL

    goes back to the louis store to get his gay ass belt...

  • William Smith
    William Smith

    Hey dude...if U LOOK CLOSELY the right side of his nostril is flared out n swollen....and also... could have baby set this all up 2 boost his street credit?

  • Marquiste Nance
    Marquiste Nance

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  • Hype Goonther
    Hype Goonther

    DaBaby is up right now thats why everyone is on him

  • Hype Goonther
    Hype Goonther

    He dropped banns on a lawyer that's why he got away with😂🔥🔥💪💸💸💸

  • Bruhdb9000

    Adam was high af

  • ya boy
    ya boy

    They had beef for months now 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

  • Andrew Holman
    Andrew Holman

    Looks fake

  • the culture
    the culture

    He makes a career out of getting beat up by dababy

  • Double Vision Demetri
    Double Vision Demetri

    Nice mishka cap

  • Mikahl Lawless
    Mikahl Lawless

    Funny how I was more interested in Adam lighting and smoking that blunt then the footage of the fight in the store lol

  • John Carnahan
    John Carnahan

    Did anyone else see IDONTKNOWJEFFERY S Instagram got hacked from some crazy feminists because of his vulgar music lyrics

  • Matej Krstevski
    Matej Krstevski

    pro tip don’t these high you look like brandon fraser crying

  • Rob Ode
    Rob Ode

    Hey all media is good media, in regards to the lupaul dragthing.in respone to da baby, these people are crazy trying to start shit constantly, people must like risking getting shot

  • Angel James
    Angel James

    What is the guy insta that got beat up

  • Delroy Stewart
    Delroy Stewart

    They beat the respect into him😂😭

  • Z



    anyone else just watching for the background music

  • chris martinez
    chris martinez

    At this point he just crying about it deep down in his heart ya face ain’t gotta show the pain the pain is in ya heart 😂🤣 you got da baby and you got cry baby 😭

  • FADE2maWAY

    Dude shouldn't have been talking shit, but DaBaby gona end up getting shot up, jumping everybody

  • Jhase M. Gist
    Jhase M. Gist

    He just known around Charlotte I’m from here.

  • FuZe Poison
    FuZe Poison

    Ain’t see dababy throw one punch in the video tho probably was just his security

  • Nite-Webcrawler

    Idc how he looks he still got beat up at da end of da day why even bother bouncing back on social media n act like he never got hurt i think he’s gaining clout off of him which is sad n pathetic

  • ØSwoley _
    ØSwoley _


  • Savage TV
    Savage TV

    Can I get flwed out to smoke wit you Adam

  • Siya

    You look so fuckin high, goddamn

  • Andrei Gaina
    Andrei Gaina

    Fucking snitch ass wow

  • zylum gaming
    zylum gaming

    “Unprofessional” lmfao how about honest? 🤦‍♂️

  • FerretBarret

    Scared of what?

  • Nophucks Togive
    Nophucks Togive

    Man dis nigga tried to get sum clout got his azz whopped now he mad. Dats da while story, highkey he accomplished his goal cause nobody heard bout bruh till now

  • Mater 4 The Toes
    Mater 4 The Toes

    Adam roasting that blunt with that crack lighter

  • Danny

    Bruh he got pumped for 200😂 had the man lookin lost on the floor😂

  • Ruiz Guzman
    Ruiz Guzman

    He didn't wanna hurt him he just wanted to hurt his feelings 🚬

  • Scg 650
    Scg 650

    lickin his top lip to keep the blood from comin 💀💀 upper lip already look swollen

  • BokeyNigel

    The guy that dababy beat up kissed you... Like to undo!

  • Brian

    hahaha he didnt get a beating he got a few licks and that was that.

  • Official Papi Cholo Beats
    Official Papi Cholo Beats

    Dog two clout chasers in the video you decide who, if you wanna see what everybody saw (including those who made this vid) just watch in on Da Baby's Ig will take you 2 mins not 10 mins with 10 mins of speculation

  • Tony Flame
    Tony Flame

    Wats that instrumental in the background?

  • Rye

    Adam is highschool incarnate

  • Josiah Deck
    Josiah Deck

    This dude a goofy.

  • Josiah Deck
    Josiah Deck

    Watch the footage again. U can see baby’s shirt in the mix with him hooping his ass. He had one friend with him. The baby cold comes him solo

  • cheesy1nacho

    God damn people lie so much

  • CarolinaChris 26
    CarolinaChris 26

    He better be glad he had clean underwear on that day

  • Dennis Painter
    Dennis Painter

    Why does this matter at all.

  • PaigePlex


  • KingSiah 510
    KingSiah 510

    Dude sounds bipolar as shit lmao

  • Dana Levine
    Dana Levine

    Dababy really got them hands fr fr solo dolo coulda killed him if he wanted with hands.

  • Kandy Xclout
    Kandy Xclout

    thattt boyyyyy kills

  • quail

    im tha truth!

  • Cameron

    8:21 wow just straight up snitchin 🤦🏼‍♂️ mans a clown

  • NotNutty

    "Bitch its Da Baby what ya heard about him"

  • Teelaire

    Yeah. Real pretty. After you woke up, pulled your pants up, changed your shirt and spent 20 minutes wiping the blood off your face. Gettin knocked da fuck out doesnt leave marks every time. Kanye broke his jaw and was just a lil swolen. Couldnt tell besides the wires holdin his face together

  • criv45

    Adam you sick fuck 😂

  • bando banks
    bando banks

    White people dont do this ignorant shit just us smfh

  • LiL 13
    LiL 13

    Lil Jon Jon😂, bitch ass man pull up on da baby and get his ass beat but still talk shit?! Just wait dawg just wait

  • dregmoney

    Whole right side of his face swole yo lip busted nd u had get rid of the bloody shirt ......

  • OfficialGinoMusic

    Da baby 👶 🍼 da Truth

  • Tyrone

    He still got his ass beat

  • Vape Naysh Yall
    Vape Naysh Yall

    He needs jail

  • OG Henderson
    OG Henderson

    yea fuck da baby he a bitch i hate that nigga and his music is wack asf catch a 1v1 lame ass nigga on crip if i ever see that nigga he gonna get it

  • Kennedy S
    Kennedy S

    Adam dont even need to smoke he’s whiteboy

  • Saving Souls Ministries
    Saving Souls Ministries

    adam looks sickly

  • mandre p
    mandre p

    He wants a check lol

  • Rod-Drick

    This man is an example of ignorant ass nigga sorry had to say it

  • dead acc
    dead acc

    Best fight of the year: DaBaby vs ABG Neal


      This should be top comment

  • Kobi West
    Kobi West

    lol is he fr.. sayin he spending money at the Louie store but he only buying a belt 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Cruz John
    Cruz John

    Tupac is fuckin trash

  • ANDR3 M4XS0N
    ANDR3 M4XS0N

    My nigga da baby head looking like a coffee bean 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • DarkSagan

    Louie V gonna stop fucking with niggas.

  • Fathom Arts
    Fathom Arts

    It’s called body shots

  • Basquiat_The_Creator

    The LV store security confirmed he got jumped on, aint no fair fight

  • Nick Kautz
    Nick Kautz

    Life: 1882723894 Being a tough guy: Still 0

  • sauceboss

    Smoke more on cam