YG Exposes Skinnyfromthe9! T Pain and Riley Reid????
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  • Mexiveli Da Don
    Mexiveli Da Don

    Skinnyfromthe9 Ft. Kelsey Lynn, Mexiveli, D-Swish & Rubee Stone - Seperate Ways "New 2020" Click Link Below uzload.info/fun/hHdonovXj2t3s3k/video

  • The ?¿?????
    The ?¿?????

    Young boy is not influential he's a goddamn fucking idiot dude all y'all talk about his drugs and fucking bullshit tech nine's fucking influential man

  • The ?¿?????
    The ?¿?????

    Nigguh you are and eyeliner bro

  • Danny aka TORN
    Danny aka TORN

    I know I'm late AF to this but I need that shirt and can't fkn find one holla at ya boy! #nojumper #rileyreid

  • Robert Sugrue
    Robert Sugrue

    Skinny was never believable enough to warrant an exposure

  • James Dean
    James Dean

    i really like this channel. Theres my comment. Hope it helps. I do watch all your stuff by the way on my days off i spend hours trawling through old interviews and the vlogs and all the interesting stuff damn i wish my life was that exciting. Peace

  • B Taylor
    B Taylor

    No one : Adam still having eyeliner on from coachella

  • jsjjsjjsh jskksjjsj
    jsjjsjjsh jskksjjsj

    fuck you adam hater on skinnyfromthe9

  • Mage 1
    Mage 1

    Beat in the beginning?

  • mitchell bliss
    mitchell bliss

    Adam why u be hatin in skinny?? You the one who gave him the interview when he needed to clear his name about that whole kidnapping shit? You be hatin, clownin on him haha

  • Justin Soto
    Justin Soto

    If you from Coachella you know there’s hella crips here

  • Rickety Cricket
    Rickety Cricket

    Bruh why does cardi b laugh sound exactly like those electronic witches white people put up for Halloween


    YG don't get play on the east coast

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh

    Ive never been able to get into youngboy whats a couple killer songs? Ima try again

  • Aaron Lopez
    Aaron Lopez

    Adam22 got the herpes 🤣😂🤣

  • Quincy Grim
    Quincy Grim

    Adam lowkey tryin to pimp Riley Reid. He wants a cut of that $$$. Good for you Adam, always grindin

  • Cosmos00

    yg lame

  • Tommy Traina
    Tommy Traina

    you claim to hate skinny yet you give him so much attention

  • Chuck Sawdy
    Chuck Sawdy

    A day late, a hair follicle short.

  • charlottegm27

    I live in Charlotte not too far from the campus waka recently performed at I didn't personally hear about waka being targeted although I did hear they arrested a shooter with a glock and over a 100 rounds loaded in xtendos he shot at students injuring 6 and killing 2 like you say all details are still unclear because the story is still in development

  • Carson B
    Carson B

    Cardi’s reaction is too good.

  • A Dank Coder - Memes
    A Dank Coder - Memes

    PornHub Recommended: *T Pain smashes step sister Riley Reid*



  • Dre T
    Dre T

    I’m from the Coachella valley and let me just say the actual city of Coachella ain’t friendly it’s the valleys hood. Someone has even died on my best friends porch once.


    Yo Adam That was NLE Choppah not NBA yung boy ... .juu herd


    Earl is a fucking GOAT

  • UncleJu NobodyLikesJu
    UncleJu NobodyLikesJu

    If anybody reading this rides with skinny please walk in traffic blind folded

  • UncleJu NobodyLikesJu
    UncleJu NobodyLikesJu

    Skinny is a cornball always was and forever will be

  • Don Dolla
    Don Dolla

    Earl made her start twerkin demonic ass bitch nigga disrespectin that mans religion

  • gerson reyes
    gerson reyes

    6:47 there was a mistake editing ???

  • xNOxKILLx Gaming
    xNOxKILLx Gaming

    Adam22 said only broke people listened to nba youngboy

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Yg always act jealous of other niggas who make more money than him🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Allreeason OTLA
    Allreeason OTLA

    I could only watch these videos drunk or high p

  • Franky Conti
    Franky Conti

    Buy dat merch

  • Leo

    Restock the riley reid shirt please

  • tyleryesfaxx

    Carl T-shirt sucks anyway

  • Jakefromda 804
    Jakefromda 804

    Make them in hoodies I’ll prolly cop dat then

  • lefthandcigg 425
    lefthandcigg 425

    There’s a recent pic of skinnyfromthe9 wearing a no jumper hoodie.

  • Patty P
    Patty P

    Goddamn cardi ugly af

  • Tommy Johnny
    Tommy Johnny

    This dude barely even smoke weed yo he just chasing dick ten years younger then he is

  • NatanReddy

    7:12 proof *positive*

  • Tasha Harris
    Tasha Harris

    Coolest podcast in the mf world. Good job Adam !!!!

  • b reit
    b reit


  • Max Fisher
    Max Fisher

    All yo vids are like a big ass waste of time

  • Tic Tok
    Tic Tok

    Cardi B is only reacting like that because Nikki isnt a boy and she cannot drug him and rape him.

  • Mousepïg


  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor

    Editing ass

  • Mason Baeni
    Mason Baeni


  • iиstean Ф
    iиstean Ф

    I watch the cast a lot and I’ve noticed every time you bring up something cringe you do a weirdly awkward shoulder arm shrug and you look like smeagol all I can think is my PreCIoUs

  • D Y
    D Y

    Skinnyfromthe9s career took a shit

  • David Tunnell
    David Tunnell

    Adam tha beat u have playing while u do this shit rides so krazy what’s tha instrumental

  • farrarkp

    love the vids but man better camera or audio would go long ways

  • Yung Supreme
    Yung Supreme

    Glad to see your stocking your Boy friend on insta.


    Nba youngboy running like those dreams where you cant run fast

  • Kevin Cherry
    Kevin Cherry

    I like Riley... but Jesus she’s a fucking trash bag.. she has no respect for herself

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper

    Damn adam you still aint hit a million subs

  • Shadom Da Kid
    Shadom Da Kid

    Keep snitching lock up the neighborhood murderer

  • Prod By 86
    Prod By 86

    That shirt is fire

  • DruPac -
    DruPac -

    And they say her and Beyoncé got paid the same amount. I didn’t hear Beyoncé say he equipment wasn’t working 😂🤣

  • west beats
    west beats

    i met tpains wifes dad

  • Andre Quinones
    Andre Quinones

    Adam 22 want you to buy his shirt while obviously coked up

  • Martin 392
    Martin 392

    Just call NBAs fans broke boys next time 😂

  • ryan golden
    ryan golden

    Bro let’s be real skinny didn’t need to have anybody expose him EVERYBODY KNOW HES A FRAUD AND HE PUSSY cmon Adam


    nicki and cardi are butt ass ugly lmao

  • King Zero Zurkio 0999
    King Zero Zurkio 0999

    dont abandon us!

  • Brought To The Light
    Brought To The Light

    She Fucked Pump , Adam , And Xan . She Tryna Get Some From T She A Clout Chaser

  • Janice Ulaayu Angnatuk
    Janice Ulaayu Angnatuk

    *Skinny from the ninth island*

  • Claudia Claudia
    Claudia Claudia

    Adam44 loves the Kids

  • Henri Youlden
    Henri Youlden

    I miss the old adam

  • SirMag

    Wait did he say she fucked lil pump?😂😂 That's like. Statutory and shit lmao

  • Rashad Rahiem
    Rashad Rahiem

    Adam 22 look like he been sniffing mad white ....that good life

    • Chris

      👃👃👃 yaa he been going in

  • I am Alpha
    I am Alpha

    4:00 look at his eye's!!!!!😬😬😬😬 This ain't normal

  • saSQUId

    weren’t u friends with skinny before? so fake lmao

  • Miko Swavey
    Miko Swavey

    @nojumper 💯

  • concerned citizen
    concerned citizen

    shut up adam you lefty

  • dave thomp888
    dave thomp888

    Get em YG get em Skinny a fat bitch and he knows it he got his ass beat in a restaurant and didn’t do shit fuck skinny fuck 69

  • Charlie Judy
    Charlie Judy

    I love earl

  • Capper Courage
    Capper Courage

    Nascar Aloe is up next

  • Alex Ojeda
    Alex Ojeda

    Who else loves the new Adam 22 vids shit is so live!!!

  • jninijk jnmkjk
    jninijk jnmkjk

    Wtf are taking about with that youngboy shit?

  • Brenikki Floyd
    Brenikki Floyd

    I heard NBA Youngboy was running around at one of his performances - not the mall. Didn't you notice the mic in his hand? Also, what's the tea going down over in country music or maybe heavy metal? Why is your focus only hip hop culture? #exploitless

  • 9er Empire
    9er Empire

    Coachella or Indio aren’t nice !!!! It’s just that you guys are protected within the boundaries of fest... I’m from Coachella and shit pops up all the time here

  • LustTimeMachine

    I Love Donald Trump!

  • Switzy

    I miss the old Adam look.

  • Andrew

    Make bigger sized shirts clown

  • ramen runnin
    ramen runnin

    if riley was naked them shirts would be selllin out in 10 mins

  • ELdrip noob
    ELdrip noob

    Adam is such a Bitch grow up already you love to pick on someone who just wants to do good

  • Forbidden

    Sup dood

  • big dope smoker
    big dope smoker


  • bbygoshi _
    bbygoshi _

    I’m waiting for Adam to just kiss skinny already

  • Zer0Spinn

    When it comes to Nicki... well. As a rapper I understand that trying to rap when you don't hear yourself/the beat clearly/on time... it kind of sounds like your having a stroke.

  • Dylan Shook
    Dylan Shook

    whats this camera quality yo..

  • Laura a
    Laura a

    I’m a snitch lmao I talk to the cops fr fr 😂😂😂 LMAO THEY KNO ALL THE DRUG DEALERZ IN MY HOOD CUZ OF ME

  • Laura a
    Laura a


  • Jfigueroa43

    Yg irrelevant. He just wants clout

  • Real Nigga Ruben
    Real Nigga Ruben

    Who's YG tough, Never heard of him cuz I only listen to shyt that relevant

  • Rex

    Nobody: Adam 22: Walka Flocka was actually a target of a shooting Also Adam 22: We don't know if he was actually the target...

  • Your mums Box
    Your mums Box

    Adam is the easter bunny

  • TheBossandroyalty

    that wasnt Cardi it was her evil genius alter ego Evil Genius Bardi

  • Fvjr214 /
    Fvjr214 /

    Skinny9 is a clown fraud!!

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